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Saturday, December 9, 2006 8:23 AM


As I'm writing this, it's early Saturday morning and I'm sitting in the Burbank airport waiting for my flight home from the glorious fiasco that was Flanvention 2.

By now I'm sure you've read all the gory details -- the Booster Events meltdown, and the way the California Browncoats stood up and pulled together a whole series of miracles. I won't go through the details again. There's still one miracle to come, and I don't even know what it is (though by the time this is posted you probably do).

Instead, I'll just mention a few things that stand out in my memory and will be with me for a long time. First and foremost, I want to describe the incredible behavior of the Browncoats who got to California only to discover that Flan had fallen apart. Take any group of five hundred random souls, tell them they'd been screwed out of an event they'd been anticipating eagerly for a whole year, leave them stranded far from home with little to no chance of recovering the money they scrimped and saved to get there. What would you expect to happen? Anger? Threats? Violence? Yeah, me too.

There was not a single hint of anything remotely approaching that from your fellow Browncoats. Disappointment and bitterness, sure. But the overwhelming spirit was more like: Hey, I came all this way to have fun with my fellow 'Coats, and gorramnit, no ruttin' purplebelly nonsense is gonna stop me!

Right from the start, the California BCs (north and south) swung into action. You really, really should have seen it. At 5:00 PM (pacific time) we all heard the bad news. By 7:00 there had been an announcement that the Backup Bash was being organized. And before 9:00, Adam Baldwin walked through the doors and sent our spirits through the roof.

There is absolutely no way to give enough props to our Big Damn Heroes. They were under no obligation to show up at all, once BE pulled the plug. Yet here they were, with no expectation of compensation or reward other than the eternal love and gratitude of us Flans. Adam and Mark Shepherd on Thursday night, then Jonathan Woodward, Mark, Christina, Alan, and the Cap'n himself on Friday, were amazingly patient with the thronging crowds of ecstatic Browncoats. If you weren't there, you just can't imagine how patient, good-spirited, and well, just plain nice they were. Here's an example: Christina brought along a date... and it was their first date. I felt sorry for the guy, though he seemed to take it in stride. But it must have been tough to have scored a date with Miss Hendricks only to have to share her with several hundred crazy 'Coats.

I was shocked and awed to see Alan there. Of all the BDHs, he was probably the least likely to show -- he'd canceled his guest appearance a month before due to work commitments. Yet there he was, claiming he'd got a couple unexpected days off. I hope the truant officer doesn't find him!

Extra special props go to the Bedlam Bards. They were the first guests to promise to come, whether or not the con went off as planned. Come they did, driving across country on their own dime, and (rumor has it) sacking out in their van since they had no hotel rooms. But they were there, ready to play at the drop of a hat, greeting Adam with a chorus of "Hero of Canton" as he walked in the door. They also played a long concert on Friday afternoon, providing great entertainment during an empty stretch. Anybody who really wants to support the Backup Bash should consider buying their "On the Drift" CD, and help the Bards live their dream.

To my friends back home, I apologize for not posting daily reports as promised. I ran into a couple snags, one of which is a personal health issue (I'll spare you the details) that made me decide to come home early, though I knew there would be an announcement about the Backup Bash activities and I would be missing some of the 'Coaty fun today. I'll be relying on those left behind to find out about the big secret Bash, but I'm leaving with some awesome memories. I renewed acquaintences with many who I'd met at last year's Flan, met many others who I knew online (so sorry I missed you, FollowMal! That was almost worse than losing the Flan), and shared the thrill of seeing our Big Damn Heroes again.

Finally, I want to extend a whole lot of 'Coaty love and thanks to the many Browncoats who weren't attending, yet donated their hard-earned creds to the Cali'Coats effort to put on the Backup Bash. You're all Big Damn Heroes now, your own selves. I hope posts like mine are some small repayment.

I'll probably have more to say later, especially as I managed to get a few minutes' face time with Adam to ask him a specific question about his notes on the Pilot Episode script. There's an interesting answer, and it's not what I expected.

Overall, I'm left with only one overriding impression, and it was best expressed in a couple lines from "Apollo 13". This could have been the Browncoats' worst disaster. Instead, I believe it was our finest hour. We're just too gorramn pretty to die!

I'm pointin' right at it!


Saturday, December 9, 2006 8:28 AM


Thanks for that, Doncoat. Glad to know you had a good time in the end. There's still a lot to say about Booster and refunds, but I'm not touching that subject until people get back.


Saturday, December 9, 2006 9:54 AM


Thanks for the great account Doncoat.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Flan last year and was enlightened by the experience. Browncoats are great and we know this by interacting with each other year 'round. But only when I got to meet our Big Damned Heroes in person for the first time did I realize why this fandom is unusually blessed. People rally around those who are like them and Browncoats rallied around the finest group of entertainment people ever assembled. I was completely taken aback by their humanity, warmth and sense togetherness. Being so, I'm not suprised at all by any of these developments. In fact I knew something special would be in the cards. From the heroic efforts of the California Browncoats to the graciousness of our Big Dmaned Heroes.


Saturday, December 9, 2006 10:39 AM



Thanks for the great War Story!

May I post the text of your post over on I could just post a link if you want.


Saturday, December 9, 2006 10:49 AM


By all means, feel free to post either text or link. This experience is one to be shared throughout the community.

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Saturday, December 9, 2006 10:55 AM


Wow, I wasn't able to go, but was gutted for all those Browncoats who did only to have it cancelled - but this is amazing! Our BDH's have truly proved they are an awesome bunch off-screen as well as on!

(and before I forget, a tip of the hat to the California Browncoats too!)

- Shiny. Let's be bad guys.

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Saturday, December 9, 2006 11:06 AM


Thanks for the post Doncoat! I am sorry to here you had to leave early. I am green with envy! I am so glad it worked out for everyone in the end. I am wearing my Browncoat attire this weekend in my own silent support of everyone.



Sunday, December 10, 2006 8:16 AM


glad you had a good friday eev, but really sad that you couldnt stay the next 2 days! :( I hope you are feeling better and your health issue is resolved or at least abeited! Browncoats are the best.


Sunday, December 10, 2006 3:36 PM


Thanks for your concern. My health problem is much better, thanks, and I probably could have managed the extra day and gone to the Backup Bash, but I couldn't be sure of that at the time I changed my flight.

I hope all my Flan friends, old and new, made up for it by having even more fun!

I'm pointin' right at it!


Sunday, December 10, 2006 3:50 PM


Wow, that's a great story Doncoat!
I really wish that I could've gone, it sounds like it was lots of fun!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006 4:25 PM


It's been awesome to read the reports of what has happened. It's amazing how the California Browncoats pulled together the Browncoat Backup Bash. And our BDHs are the BEST.

So sorry to hear that you got sick. Hope you can rest up. I'm eager to hear more about...

DonCoat wrote:
I'll probably have more to say later, especially as I managed to get a few minutes' face time with Adam to ask him a specific question about his notes on the Pilot Episode script. There's an interesting answer, and it's not what I expected.

I love Adam Baldwin. I can't wait to hear what he said.

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Monday, December 11, 2006 9:13 PM


I'll be posting my own stories when I get a moment to breathe, but for now...uh, yeah, what DonCoat said!

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Monday, December 11, 2006 9:51 PM



Thanks for your kind words; it was great meeting you. I wish you good health.

The California BCs were truly heroic, and our BDHs were amazing! I'm sure you've read elsewhere by now about the wonderful things that Claire Kramer, Tim Minear, Johnathon Woodward, Greg Edmonson, Morena Baccarin, Ron Glass, Michael Fairman, Shawna Trpcic, and Camden Toy, as well as several other Whedonverse performers whose names I don't know, did for us. It was incredible.

To set the record straight, we didn't have to sleep in our van, which is good because it's actually a sedan, and it was packed to the gills. On Thursday night, we bunked with several wonderful Browncoats who had extra beds in their rooms; even though we'd never met them before, they offered us their hospitality. On Friday and Saturday nights, we had a room provided by an individual Seattle Browncoat who knew about our situation. Xie-xie, Jei-Jei!

All weekend long, Browncoats showered us with generosity, buying us drinks and food, helping us, giving us presents, contributing to our travel fund, and honoring us with their attention and applause. In some ways, the greatest moment for us came ten minutes after we learned of the cancellation, when we walked into a lobby full of disappointed Browncoats. One of them spotted us and shouted, "Hey, the Bedlam Bards are here! We have celebrities!" The whole lobby shook with the cheering, and we had goosebumps. It was a huge compliment.

Overall, it was a great event. But we should have known it would be--Browncoats aren't the kind to put up with a cancellation . . .


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:30 AM


Hi, Cedric. Glad you found places to crash! I should have known the 'Coats wouldn't leave you out in the... well... warm.

For anyone interested in the story I hinted at concerning the pilot episode script, I started a separate thread about it: "Adam Explains Script Comment".

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