should they continue making firefly?

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Monday, July 31, 2006 2:34 PM



I'm really not into playing the 'Joss said' game, but... The author has specifically stated that he had a lot more stories to tell in this universe, with these characters. If anyone's interested, said he...

I am.

I've seen that quote before, but I've never been quite sure when he said it, or in what context. Do you know when it was that he said it? I've always sort of assumed that he said it after Firefly was cancelled but before Serenity was greenlighted. But I realize I may be totally wrong in this assumption. And even if he did say it post-Serenity, I'm not sure that that still holds as true now that he's got several new movie projects on his plate.

I'm not challenging you on the quote, though. Nor was I saying, in my first post, that if Joss announced that he'd be bringing all 9 (or even the remaining 7) BDHs back to the small screen in weekly doses that I would say no thank you. If Joss wants to do it, I'll be there with my fellow Browncoats, loyally watching each week. My point is just that, if we're asking the "should" question, I personally think that returning the original crew to the original format is probably the weakest of all options.


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Monday, July 31, 2006 2:55 PM



I couldn't tell you specifically the interview in which he says it, but I saw a video interview with Joss (he is seated in front of a backdrop, as at a Con signing table) after the release and subsequent truncated theatrical run of "Serenity". He was urging folks to continue to purchase the DVD -- the sales of which were promising, so I'm thinking this was maybe January or February of this year (2006).

He specifically said he had "a lot" more stories to tell with "these characters", but that it was up to Universal and the fans, whether or not he got the chance to tell them.

I'm just thinking that, less than a year removed from the premier of "Serenity" in theaters -- and only this month premiering on movie subscription channels -- it's a little premature to pull the plug on the respirator, just yet.

Between now and the end of Serenity's run on TNT (USA?), Universal will do a final tally and decide whether or not to revisit the 'verse. ...And in what format.

Vivendi-Universal own Universal Pictures, SciFi Channel and NBC. Put us on Wednesdays at 9PM Central (after "American Idolatry" airs on F*x) on NBC, and I'm happier than a pig in slop...



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Monday, July 31, 2006 3:09 PM


I'm actually glad to hear that quote is more recent.

Though, even giving Joss his wish for a format to tell more stories with these characters, I would favor more movies (or video games -- have I mentioned video games? ) over a return to network tv.

That said... For some reason I was thinking that a return to a tv series would mean a return to Fox. If it was a new take on the show, on NBC (or SciFi, or USA, or whatever), that could be something entirely different.

In the end, I'll leave the decision up to Joss, as much as it can be, and up to The Powers That Be, as much as it needs to be. Farbeit for me to thwart the Will of Joss.


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Monday, July 31, 2006 5:14 PM


Entirely pointy.

Condescend much?

Keep watching.


Monday, July 31, 2006 5:33 PM


For those interested in re-visiting an effort to get the show back on the air, see the thread


As for my 2 cents on this, I didn't read every single post before coming down here to post. A number of people posted that they didn't think the same chemistry would exist with two of the characters dead.

REMEMBER that the movie takes place approximately 6 months after the last episode of the TV season (according to estimates I've seen).

A LOT can happen in 6 months!

I think the best thing they could do with Firefly would be to make season 2 fill in the time between "Objects in Space" and the movie... visiting the how and why behind Book ending up in Haven, how Inara came to leave Serenity to train new Companions, and how they met Mr. Universe. In addition, it would give Joss the ability to explain what happened to the "2-by-2, hands of blue" guys... which could segway nicely into why the Alliance needed to send in an Operative in the movie! It's set up so beautifully it's AWESOME!

There are plenty of ways to do that, giving us a full season with Wash and a bit more time with Book and Inara. It could document the continued difficulties between Kaylee and Simon, frictions between Jayne and River, romantic stress between Mal and Inara...

Ah, I've got chills just thinking of the many possibilities!

There's no need to make season 2 start after the movie. Let's fill in the holes between season 1 and the movie first.

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Monday, July 31, 2006 5:38 PM


Should they?

YES YES YES, are you getting it, YES!!!!! More Firefly would rock.

However, would they? That all depends on if anyone will be willing to make it. We need money, and we need a channel or a movie studio to support this.

But with what you're saying about keeping it classic, don't worry. Joss did a great job with Serenity, and while most obsessive (not obsessive.... lovable) fans agree that Serenity, while fantastic, wasn't as good as a weekly TV series, Joss would probably make a new series or movie WONDERFUL. *bows down to Serenity movie poster*

~A message from Serenyty~


Monday, July 31, 2006 6:07 PM


To everyone who insists that the show could not go on without Wash I must ask you,

Does everyone who loved someone die when they do? No. We often wish we could, think "why couldn't it have been me instead?" (or Jayne, you know, whatever) But we don't die. The charecters wouldn't fall apart and die just because Wash died. But how would thye act? How will things be with him gone? With the alliance in outright war with them? What happens next? We don't know. I for one want to.

If Zoe's anything like me, when she looses the one she loved she'll turn suicidal, but she probebly isn't. Who knows? Part of the hurt of loosing someone is wanting to remember them and fearing you won't be able to, and the other part if being afraid you'll never forget, and the hurt will go on forever.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006 12:14 AM



Yours is a good point, and one to which I ascribe as well -- and I'd bet you a nickel Joss Whedon does too.

First, I offer my sympathies for the loss(es?) you've suffered. I, too, have lost loved ones. Thinking on it, so has JW.

Life goes on. To the point of this thread, life went on after The Battle of Serenity Valley, and I'm sure it would've after Wash and Book's death.

How we deal with death is every bit as important as how we deal with all the other "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" Life hurls at us. Seeing how Zoe copes with her grief, how she changes as she makes her way to its other side, and how the person she has become when she emerges acts/reacts to Life, is a story I would like to see.

How do Simon and Kaylee turn out -- together or apart -- after the first hormonal blush of their romance metabolizes its way through their system? Do they develop a mature pair-bonding relationship, or do they find that they really have nothing in common with one another?

At movie's end, Inara's unsure if she wants to return to her House. Does she decide to retire from 'the life'? Does she enter into an affair of the heart with Mal? How does that work out: For better, or for worse?

And River... Is she stable? Is she still a remote-controlled weapon? Is there a way to finally disarm the ticking time bomb in her head? What course of action do you suppose that might entail?

And then of course, there's Jayne. *sighs and shakes head longsufferingly* Jayne, Jayne, Jayne...

Yup. I reckon the story's "all done", don't you?



To play fair, I've read the entire thread and I didn't see one poster who was of the opinion that there were no more stories to tell. They just seemed to think "the magic" would be gone, which is a different argument altogether. To those folks: I was an original Star Wars fan, and saw them all in theaters, multiple times. They were released in 1977, 1980 and 1983 (per IMDb); three movies, 9 years. That's what happens when you make movies. Time -- and a lot of it -- passes.

I'd prefer to see a series return for Firefly. I believe in the author, and I believe in the actors. Given the breathing room of an hour-per-week format, I think they could regain the chemistry (if they ever lost it in the first place, which is moot) and more importantly, the depth of character we loved so much on Firefly, and missed so much in "Serenity". After all, there's only so much you can do with nine, er, seven characters in a 2-hour movie. Somebody's bound to get left out, dragged along like some curious ragdoll, as the action focuses primarily on others. (Oh, Inara! What are your secrets? What is the damned syringe for?!)

So, I want a multi-year series run. I'd make do with a mini-series (at least 7 hours). I'll take two more movies -- 3 or 4 years apart, each -- if I'm forced to. But there must be -- and I believe in my heart of hearts there will be -- more Firefly. That's a belief I'll carry to my grave, regardless how quixotic that is...

If anyone ever gets around to making a PC game of Firefly, a la, SW KotOR, I'm right at the front of the line to buy it. But that doesn't take the place of Firefly coming back on screen. Playing a Firefly game, frankly, probably makes me want that more, not less...

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006 1:16 AM


There's a lot to read on this thread, so I'll just say that I didn't read it all. My first post to this forum was "What's the Deal with Serenity?". In that post I pretty much said what I see a lot of people in here have said, but I think maybe my mistake was comming right out and saying what I thought instead of putting it as a question to the forum.

I won't go into it all again (I probably typed out about 10 pages worth of posts on that thread), but I really do believe that I had a different vantage point than most Firefly fans did. My brother had told me for years what a great show it was and I just never got around to watching it before. I was never a fan of anything Joss did before and the whole SciFi think for me was pretty much left behind in my childhood, although I do believe that anything we see on any Sci Fi media will eventually make it to market. (Which is why I thought Minority Report was the scariest movie I've ever seen).

That being said, I started watching Firefly and I was mesmerized. I watched the entire season within maybe the course of 5 or 6 days and I couldn't get enough. I had heard several times from my brother about how fans were outraged that Fox killed the show and were trying to get it back on air (a perfectly plausable story, since I was on another blog trying to save Fox's ill fated comedy Arrested Development). So the entire time I watched the show I was confident that it would be back and that I would have new seasons to enjoy. It was unfathomable to me that something this great would not be revived and brought back in full force with an army of Browncoats behind it.....

That's when that movie happened....

I had mixed feelings even going into it in the first place. Kind of sad that there was no more show on the horizon, and knowing that they would have to hollywood it up if they were actually going to show it in theatres. (Not that I think it needed it, but that's what the producers always do). It was everything I feared it would be. It was the end of not only the chemistry between the main characters that we loved on the show, but it was the death of that feeling of being a cowboy in space, with Capn' Mal taking care of himself and his crew, trying to avoid the watchful eye of the Alliance. That can never be the same and the show would never be the same. The fun is gone and Mal won't be able to go anywhere near the Alliance without the feds or bounty hunters looking for his head. If anything, the next movie will have to be more grandeous and we will find ourselves even further from the magic that started it all.

To answer your question, though it pains me, I don't think they should make anymore Firefly.

Maybe you Joss believers are right and he can still make it great. I wouldn't hate it if he made more and I would definately watch it, but I just know that it will never be the same. Serenity killed Firefly.

Treasure the Firefly and don't ever forget the lessons it taught us. The parallels to the world we live in now are striking and we may just find ourselves having to be part of our own Alliance or scrap along the outskirts of civilization just to make it by if we love TRUE freedom.

My best regards to you all.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006 1:55 AM


YES They should do many more episodes or maybe a book or a comic something!!!






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