Life Onboard Serenity: To Londinium and Beyond!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006 5:49 PM


Previously on board Serenity:

And one recent thread!

It's been a very strange trip, my freinds. I feel as though I've been asleep for a week, entangled in a Blue Sun Room thread, and thinking I was a blond on another ship where Wolf and Kaylee suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
But NOW -
We start FRESH and NEW!

Fear not!
Here is the rundown, and all you really need to know to be a part of this thread.

We are on our way to Londinium with half a load of beef. We've finished one job and got some cashy money, and will finish the other on Londinium.

Ertia's in the infirmary for a few more hours yet.
Pain was hanging out with her, but may have gone to his bunk.

Wolf and Kaylee apparently were on the Polyhemus, but that seems to be remedied now.

13 was chatting with JR and Fly in the cargo bay.

Shipscat is probably on the kitchen counter since nobody put away the rest of the gumbo.

Are we ready to rock and roll?
crosses fingers, and prays as she hits the submit button.


Thursday, June 22, 2006 7:06 PM


yay,*sing-song voice* I'm the first to post

*chases shipscat away from the gumbo*

down kitty, if you want some all you have to do is ask

shipscat: Meow

that's good enough

*gets a bowl and puts some gumbo in it*

here ya go

*sets bowl on floor*
-try it out, I dare you

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Thursday, June 22, 2006 8:15 PM


*As Pain and Ertia finished their gumbo, Pain took and hels out the tray for Ertia to put their empty bowls and glases on it. Pain smiled at her as he left and headed upstairs to the galley. He saw Guy sitting at the table eating some gumbo and says*

Pretty good stuff ain't it?

*Guy says as he swallows some gumbo down*

Sure is, you make it?

*Pain shook his head as he placed the tray and it's contents into the sink and said*

Nope I'm afraid the cook was JR this time.

*Guy nods and says*

Kinda would explain the hot peppers.

*Pain chuckles and says as he heads for his bunk*

Yep that guy sure does love his peppers. Well if'n anyone needs me I'll be in my bunk cleanin' some firearms.

*Guy says as Pain heads out the door*

You mean Ertia ain't going to be joining you?

*Pain stops at his bunk's hatch and says*

'Fraid not doctor's orders.

*Before Guy could reply Pain opened the hatch and climbed down into his bunk, closing the hatch behind him.*

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Friday, June 23, 2006 12:07 AM


*finishes his food, puts his bowl in the sink and announces*

well I'm gonna go clean my 1 gun, I think I need more
-try it out, I dare you

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Friday, June 23, 2006 5:37 AM


In the Infirmary, Ertia coaxes Simon into letting her take a shower. Coming back, she feels so much better, just very tired.

Simon seems distracted as he takes her vitals. "Heart rate is still elevated, but that's to be expected. Everything else looks fine. I'd like to run one more dose of oral iodide."

"Sure. Uh, Simon? You okay?" Ertia holds out her hand for the capsules.

"Yes, of course." But he doesn't meet her eye, and his voice is cool, distracted.

"Simon? Look at me." The doctor finally raises his head and meets her eye.

Something smolders deep in his gaze; a sorrow and an anger. Finally Ertia catches on. "Something's happened with Kaylee? Did you two fight?"

"Ah. No. We didn't even talk. She's hanging out with that hot-shot pilot all the time."

"Wolf?" Ertia stares in disbelief, but Simon's silence is all she needs to confirm it. "Oh, Simon, I'm sure she's just fascinated. You know how much she likes meeting new people, getting to know them, and stuff! You need to talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel."

"Yes. Perhaps." Simon turns down the lights and walks to the door, "Get some rest. When you wake up, you'll be good as new."

Ertia closes her eyes, feeling the familiar hum of Serenity surround her, warming her up inside.

For the first time in a very long time, she was home.


Friday, June 23, 2006 6:21 AM


Location: Pain's Bunk

*Pain sat at his desk cleaning one of his new toys he bought on Persephone. In front of him was one of the FN P90 SMG's he bought. It currently was disassembled on top of his desk. Pain studied where all the parts went and how they functioned. Pain grinned and started to clean and inspect each part.*

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Friday, June 23, 2006 10:54 AM


I've bumped and I can't get up.

*Pain reassembled his SMG and hung it on one of the hooks on the wall. He sighed and walked over to the vid screen, turned it on, and started to type a few numbers on a secure channel. Pain waited as the screen flickered and his uncle came online. Mr. Cameron smiled and said*

Ah if'n it ain't my favorite nephew in the 'verse. How may I help you?

*Pain smiled and said*

I wanted to know if you still had that ship docked to yours.

*Mr. Cameron nodded and said*

Yep yep it's still docked. What about it?

*Pain had told his uncle who Dr. Chee really was when his uncle spotted him and Ertia in the Genghis's infirmary. It took his uncle awhile to go over the information in his head before he laughed and gave both of the a huge hug. Pain replied to his uncle*

Ertia wants to know if you could make it look like Dr. Chee went missin' or had an accident.

*Pain's uncle scratched at his beard and said*

I think I can come up with something. Pain?

*Pain raised an eyebrow and said*


*Mr. Cameron smiled and said*

Tell Ertia and Fly I miss them both and I hope to see you three real soon.

*Pain smiled and said*

Will do uncle. Have a nice day.

*Mr. Cameron smiled and replied*

You too son.

*Pain clicked off the com, took out his Ruger Super Redhawk revolver and started to disassemble it.*

Meanwhile somewhere out in the Black

*Pain's uncle told the pilot to retract the outer airlock seal from the GX Class ship that Ertia had used and fire the starboard thrusters. The pilot nodded, flipped a few switches and pressed some buttons. The smaller ship drifted away from the monsterous cargo vessel as the starboard cargo bay hatch opened and a spacesuited figure stood in the opening. As the GX Class Planetary Cruiser drifted a safe distance away, the person in the spacesuit lifted up a long tube a pressed a button on its top. The rocket silently travelled its way to the other ship and blew a good sized hole in the port engine, causing the ship to explode. The spacesuited figured stepped back into the cargo bay and hit the button to close the cargo bay doors. Once the cargo bay doors closed the Genghis continued on it's journey back to Persephone.*

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Friday, June 23, 2006 12:10 PM


(Hump de bump, doop badda, hump de bump, doop bop..)

(I got nuttin, boys and girls.)

(BTW: A little late, but...I'M OLDER THAN BIGWOLF!?? HUHHH??? Making me feel geriatric, youngun!)


Friday, June 23, 2006 12:20 PM


*as he cleans his gun*

I really need more weapons

have to see about something on londinium
-try it out, I dare you

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Friday, June 23, 2006 1:10 PM


My cruiser! YOu din't have to blow it to itsy bitsy pieces! Could 'a just scorched her a little and made it look like Reavers.
Eh...I wasn't using it anymore, but it WAS a sweet machine. And after all, not like I paid for it. Came out of that stolen medicad grant money...

Ertia shakes herself awake. As predicted by the doc, she feels 100% better!

Smiling for real for the first time in what feels like weeks, she heads for the galley, passing Mal on the way up.

"Heya, Captain."

"Hey, Ertia. You feelin' better?"

Surprised at his concern, she nods, "Yeah. Hungry though. How long 'til we reach Station 45?"

"Check with Wash, but about two hours. I reckon we can turn the crew loose on the station for a bit, give everyone a chance to shop and what-not what with Pain's uncle paying us." Mal gives her a once over glance, "You sure you're good for what needs doing?"

"Yah, Captain. 99.9%."

"Take Zoe with you to the reg office, just in case."

"Right. Did you happen to see where Pain got off to?"

She could swear he rolled his eyes as he gestured to the bunks, and can't keep the grin from her face. "Thanks!"

Food? or Pain?

As if there's an option! Happily she skips down the corridor and raps on Pain's bunk...


Friday, June 23, 2006 1:18 PM


*Pain hears someone knock on his door. He finishes assembling his revolver, hits the com button and says*

Yeah who is it?

*Ertia replies over the com*

It's me Pain. Can I come in?

*Pain grins and says*

You sure can.

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Friday, June 23, 2006 2:26 PM


Noting the Ruger in his hand, Ertia hesitates on the ladder, "Uh, you aren't still mad at me are you?"

Pain laughs and flips the gun around, handing it to her, "Nah. Just looking it over."

It has a nice weight in her hand, but just like every gun she's ever held, it feels cold and dark. Like death. She hands it back quickly. "It's pretty."

He sets it down and turns back to her. She barely comes to his shoulder, he's so tall. One of the things she likes about him. "Pain, I got something to say, so just... hear me out, 'kay?"

Pain's smile fades and he sits down on his bunk, "I'm listening. Gotta few things to say myself."

Ertia paces back and forth, sorting out her words. "I'm not good at trusting people, letting them in. And I kept sayin' what we had was just for fun, but being apart... that gave me time to think."

He just nods, but she can tell he wants to interrupt her. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she puts her hand over his where it rests on his thigh.

She doesn't meet his eye as she says, "I don't have much to offer you, and we are very different people. I don't know how long this will last, or if I might be making a big mistake."

When he starts to speak, she holds up her hand, "I'm a escaped convict, Pain. I'm on the run, and just trying to stay ahead of the game. I loved someone once, and he died because of it. Because of me. That's why I ran. I got scared. Scared of losing you, of losing Serenity. But I'm back. I want to give this trusting thing a try."

"I'm willing to ride this thing as far as it can go, if you're willing to ride it with me."

She waits for his answer, not meeting his gaze.


Friday, June 23, 2006 2:35 PM


*Pain looked down at Ertia and said*

I'll be right at your side babe. Even through the thick of things I'll be there for you.

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Friday, June 23, 2006 2:40 PM


In seconds, Ertia was on the bunk, her arms around Pain's neck, burying her tearfilled eyes against his shoulder as she straddled him.

As soon as she was sure she wouldn't embarrass herself by bursting into tears, she pulled back, and whispered, "Kiss me."

My Dear Readers, What happened next in Pain's Bunk is best kept for the eyes of those 18 and Over. Perhaps one day, we shall let you read it!


Friday, June 23, 2006 3:50 PM


THANK YOU!!!!, finally it's just left implied,which is good enough for me

also,I got nothin'
-try it out, I dare you

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Friday, June 23, 2006 4:22 PM


(Makes me think of Andrew. Weird.)


(ALEXIS/WESLEY: Circling!)


Friday, June 23, 2006 4:22 PM


I'd like to read the dirty version. Could you PM me the dirty version. Please? You don't have to if you don't want to.

*Ertia and Pain's bodies were sheened in sweat. Pain smiled at Ertia and said*

So was it as good for you as it was for me?

*Ertia smiled, kissed Pain and said*

You know it baby.

*Pain smiled as they laid in his bed, cuddling.*

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Friday, June 23, 2006 4:41 PM


Over the shipwide com:

"This is the captain speaking."

Ertia groans, burying her head into the pillow.

"We'll be coming up on Fueling Station 45 in about ten minutes. Y'all got two hours to get whatever shopping, playing and partying done ya need to. Anybody not back on this ship by 1600 gets left."

Pain sighs, nuzzling at Ertia's neck, "Suppose that means you gotta get to work."

"Argh!" She pushes to her feet, reaches for her t-shirt where it's still hanging draped over the butt of a rifle. "How long until we get to Londinium and can have a real vacation?"

"Not long. Got a few errands to do myself. Maybe take Guy and 13 out gun-shopping. If Jayne comes along we aughta be able to intimidate some really good prices out of those over-priced Station marketers."

Ertia winks as she climbs up the ladder, "Just stay out of trouble!"

right, the Un-expidited Version of the P & E Activities will appear on my personal website shortly!


Friday, June 23, 2006 5:03 PM


Ok then

*Pain got up and said*

Well I'll try but you know Jayne. Always gotta be startin' a fight.

Ertia smiled and said*

Uh huh like you don't either?

*Pain looked up and said*

Hey that was one...ok it was a dozen times but the last one was to protect your very attractive butt. And the rest of your attractive body as well.

*Ertia smiled and shook her head. She said to Pain before leaving*

Well just try to come back without any holes in your body ok?

*Pain smiled and said as Ertia left*

I'll try babe.

*Pain dressed himself, strapped on the shoulder holster with his Ruger revolver in it, strapped on the leg holster with his HK pistol and loaded up the mag pouches with some magazines. He climbed out of his bunk and made his way to the cargo bay.*

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Friday, June 23, 2006 5:44 PM


The Naughty Bits
CAUTION: This page contains adult material. If you are not over the age of consent, please do not click the link!

dang, i need another shower after writing that!

Ertia hums happily as she makes her way to the cargo bay to meet up with Zoe and plan their job.
Pretty simple, really. Go by the Fed office and register the ship, go to the fueling bay and fetch the shuttle. Easy-Peasy!

From the happy smirk on Zoe's face, it looks like she made pretty good use of the hours in the black as well. It was gonna be a SHINY DAY!


Friday, June 23, 2006 6:56 PM


Whoa....good story. I think I'll have to take a cold shower as well.

*Pain entered the cargo bay with Guy and 13. He was telling them about what his plans were once onboard the Station. Guy and 13 nodded as Guy said*

So you really think you and Jayne can get some good deals on weaponry?

*Pain smirks and says*

Hell yeah we will. Just make sure you let me and Jayne do the hagglin'.

*Pain spots Ertia and Zoe talking and says as walks over to Ertia*

Mornin' ladies.

*Pain smiled, kissed Ertia, and whispered to her*

That was fun baby. Kinda like to have some more fun once we're done at the Station.

*Ertia smiles as Pain stands behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kisses her neck. She says to him*

Well I think you know the answer to that already.

*Zoe sees the marks on Pain's neck and says*

Well I see you two have been reconciling your ways.

*Pain smiles and says*

You can call it that.

*Zoe continues*

Well just don't let it fog your mind up while we're on the Station. Clear?

*Pain let go of Ertia and said*

I won't Zoe. So where's Jayne ain't he supposed to be here?

*Right on cue Jayne enters the cargo bay eating some rice from a bowl. He grunts out*

Keep yer pants on Pain. Jus' had to get me somethin' to eat.

*Ertia smirks at Jayne's comment as Pain replies*

You're always eatin' Jayne. I'm suprised you haven't ate the entire supply in the pantry.

*Jayne says with a mouthful of rice*

Yer jus' as bad as me.

*Pain replies*

Yeah well....

*Zoe cuts Pain off and says to both men*

Alright enough bickering you two. Jayne you're with Pain. You two take 13 and Guy to get some weapons. Try not to get yourselves into any trouble or I'll make sure the Captain makes you two clean out the septic system.

*Pain looks at Jayne and says*

Oh alright.

*Jayne grunts, turns to 13 and Guy who were standing in a corner and says*

Alright ya two are with me and Pain. Let us do the talkin', barterin', and the intimidatin'. Y'all just try not to cause any trouble dong ma?

*Pain looks at Ertia with a cocked eyebrow as Guy and 13 talk with Jayne. Ertia seemed to know what Pain was thinking and said*

I know Pain. I know.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:04 AM


"Guns?" 13 gulps. "I'm just fine without them, Jayne."

"Yer gonna get a weapon, boy, else Fly'll tear ya up worse than those dogs. Need something better to protect yerself than your own hands."

"But I'm a bad shot!"

Jayne snorts, while 13 continues.

"I'm serious! Once, we were gopher hunting with .22s, and we had to kinda finish off a stray rabbit...anyway, point-blank, barrel-to-the-head, I miss, and end up throwing dirt in my eyes!"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 6:42 AM


sorry, I think I went to my lil' sisters link and posted on the wrong place, oops.

*wolf is in the bridge when simon walks in for a word.*

wolf" hey, how are you dude?"

simon" im ok, now about kaylee..."

wolf" you don't mess around do ya?"

simon" not as such no, anyway i would just like to be clear where you stand."

wolf" uh-huh, i thought it would be somethin' like that. well, i'll start at the begining. i come from the same town as little kay, our familiys do alot of buissness, er.. how can i put this, um.. ah, i know, we were alot like pain and ertia if you get my drift."

*simon get look of disgust on his face, clearly not pleased.*

wolf" yeah, anyway, we were gonna marry, but i got drafted to the alliance army, i switched to the good ole' independants and everybody thought i got took by reavers, which i stuk with coz its good fer cover."

*simon nods he can see how it could be useful, remembering ariel.*

wolf" next time i saw her was on a security podcast, so i tracked her down and snuck onto the ship using some advise from a bounty hunter i found floating through space with little to no air."

simon" so thats how you got on, is the bounty hunter still alive?"

*wolf flexes his bionic arm and slides out his copyright breaching blades.*

wolf" not after i learned what he threatend kaylee with."

simon" fair enough."

*wolf slides the blades back in*

wolf" anyway, why do you wanna know?"

simon" i, er.. "

wolf" oh, ok, well, im afraid im gonna have to go with what feels right, unlss of course, you are, well, steady?"

simon" well, no but.."

wolf" ok then, you know where i stand, now, was that all or is there anythin' else?"

simon" no thats all."

wolf" good."

*wolf walks out of the bridge leaving simon with a botherd look on his face, wolf walkes up to mal.*

wolf" hey, could i buy any chance go on planet and reload my shot?"

mal" go for it!"

*wolf walks past the captain and leavs the ship, his poket jingaling with ammo money.*


Saturday, June 24, 2006 6:43 AM


Mal gives Zoe some last minute instructions while Ertia goes over the paperwork one more time, muttering to herself, "I'm Jean Telter, of the cargo class ship, Whedon, here to reregister. I'm Jean Telter, of the cargo class ship Whedon, here to re..."

"Yo, Jean!" Mal's voice interrupts her and she gives him an embarrassed grin, "You two have any problems, you send word back here to Wash and then hightail it to the shuttle and meet us back in space. Not losing my shuttle because of a registry problem. Dong ma?"

"Understood sir." Ertia glances to Zoe who grins and leads the way off the ship. Almost instantly they're surrounded by the fuel and oil scented air of a station docking bay. "Registry office is down a level."

"And then," Zoe says with a wicked a grin, "I want to hit a shop, something selling pretty things."

Ertia gives the warrior a surprised look, "Didn't think you were the shiny clothes sort, Zoe."

"Not. But my hubby kind of likes 'em." The woman grins again, and Ertia returns it.

"Right, work, then shopping! I think I've still got a few creds left in Dr. Chee's accounts..."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 6:53 AM


At the Very Same Time, on Persephone: A Dark Alley, Midnight...

Ari spits rudely into the dust, chewing a toothpick ragged. Impatiently and nervously, his boot taps against the ground. Brown eyes darting back and forth, his haggard, once-handsome face is pulled into anxious fear. The sound of turning wheels down the alley causes him to nearly draw his pistol, but he holsters it as he sees what is causing the sound.

He sighs in relief as a rickshaw pulls up, driven by a gangly, roughskin thirteen-year old.

"Jesus, about time," Ari mutters as he climbs into the rickshaw. "Thought I'd-"

Ari's sentence is interrupted by a low, rattling chuckle from behind him, a dark and stained voice of cruelty and fury.

"Really thought you'd lost me, didn't you?" Orphan says, smiling cruelly.

Before Ari could move, Orphan calmly raised a silenced pistol and shot the rickshaw driver in the temple, spraying spurts of gray matter, blood, and irregular chunks of bone across the wall. The boy drops to the dusty, nightblack ground, eyes unknowing.

Struggling to draw his pistol, Ari muffles a scream as Orphan shoots the boy, walking towards the terrified rogue.

Orphan snatched the weapon from Ari, striking him with the barrel, casting the gun aside. Fingers lacing around the High Charity gunner, Orphan brutally snaps his neck.

"Captain?" A booming, emotionless voice sounds from up the alley. A dark, hulking golem of a man steps from the shadows, unaffected by the two vicious deaths he had just witnessed.

"Com-wave Luc," Orphan called to his first mate, "Reacquire Serenity's position, and call the outfits stationed on the Borders. "Just one more left."


Moi Passepartout


Saturday, June 24, 2006 6:57 AM


*wolf walked away from the ship and looked for the ammo shop.*


simon" *sigh*"

simon thought" damn hotshot pilot, i hate compotition."

hey there azi, you joinin' the good ship serenity?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 6:58 AM


*Pain said to 13, Guy, and Jayne*

Alright we're here. Jayne try not to start any fights this time. I kinda would like to not be in a holdin' cell.

*Jayne grunts and says*

I ain't makin' no promises.

*Pain sees Fly and JR walk into the cargo bay and says*

So you two have any plans onboard the Fuelin' Station?

*Fly smiles and says*

I think I'll be helpin' JR with some shoppin'.

*Pain shrugged and said*

Have fun.

*He turned back to 13, Guy, and Jayne and said*

Now let's go get some guns shall we?

*Jayne replied as the three men and the bot boy left the cargo bay*

'Bout time. Thought ya was jus' gonna flap yer mouth off there.

*Pain sarcastically chuckled and said*

Ha ha Jayne that was so funny I forgot to laugh.

*Guy and 13 look at each other and shook their heads. Guy thought to himself*

Haven't even stepped into the Station and already those two are bickering.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 7:04 AM


(OoC: Nobody tell Bigwolf who Ari is. I wanna see if he'll figure it out himself. Possibly through some thread links?)

13 turns to Fly, looking slightly uncomfortable and...jealous?

"You're going with JR?" She nods slowly, bemused.

"Oh. Alright...then...well, I just thought you'd..." he shrugs, and slaps his knees. "Whatever. Go shop."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 10:01 AM


My lips are sealed

*Pain was at a display terminal looking at where all the gun shops were and which one's were closest. Pain touched the screen and a larger view of the third floor popped up. At the far left hand corner was a gun shop called "Chang's Gun Emporium". Pain tapped a few buttons and saw some numbers scroll up showing where on the third floor Chang's was and the distance from where they were at. He turned to the others and said*

Alright folks looks like are first stop is at Chang's Gun Emporium.

*Pain turned back, looked at the time display, turned back to the others and said*

Looks like we got six hours to do our shoppin', so why don't we go do that then?

*Guy, 13, and Jayne nodded as Pain downloaded the directions to his data pad. He looked at the data pad and said*

Everyone follow me.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 11:17 AM


damnit! well, i know it mus have something to do with orphan, who killed xlll, hmm, it appers some ink surfing is in order!


Saturday, June 24, 2006 11:36 AM


*Chang's Gun Emporium!!*

13 snorts at the flaring neon sign. "Catchy name."

The quartet of 13, Guy, Pain and Jayne make their way into the store, which is mostly empty except for several seedy merc types.

"13, me an' Guy'll go see about some guns. Jayne, keep your com on."

13 doesn't register these words, his mouth wide and eyes bright with infatuation. Pain, noticing his un-attention, waves two fingers in front of his face. When that does nothing, he follows 13's eyes to the object of his desire.

A long, white rapier is safeguarded in a locked plexiglas case. 13 approaches Chang, and says:

"How much for the Pemier?"

"Ah, noticed that, did you? Picked up this trinket at an Alliance auction. Apprehended from a corrupt officer."

Chang takes the sword from its case, and 13's eyes hungrily trace the blade.

"Reinforced L-steel, sharkskin handle. The basket guard will do you well in a duel. Slightly imbalanced, on account of the gemmed pommel. I'd say...well, only cash'll buy this item, on account of its restricted nature."

"Its only a rapier. That doesn't warrant a restriction."

"Yeah, but this just isn't *any* rapier. It can do...this." Chang depresses the 'gem' in the pommel, and the blade retracts into the handle. "Collapsible."

Even before Chang says 'collapsible,' 13 is pulling up the leg of his pants. Plucking at a black mole, his calf springs open to reveal a wad of cash. Hurriedly, 13 shoves it at Chang.

"And get me a nice scabbard, would you?"

"Of course, sir. And I can throw in a pair of kama as a bonus."

"That'd be great."

Meanwhile, Just Eight Hours From the Fuelling Station...

"Just got a wave from the Dying Angel. We're to hire out every merc we can find. Contract 'em for..." the thin-faced man squints at a piece of paper in his hand, "all Firefly class ships. This one'll have carbon scoring, take out identification. Also, its got a special mark on the hull."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 11:59 AM


After purchasing the fine, collapsible Pemier sword, 13 decides to shop by himself. Telling Pain this, the merc consents.

Walking out of the Emporium, 13 is approached by a small, cunning-looking man wearing a burgundy overcoat and silver-laced clogs. He looks 13 up and down, and says:

"Hey, kid, you look like you could use a French Hen to tide you over."

"Whats a French Hen?" 13 scratches his head at this unfamiliar term.

The man smiles.


Saturday, June 24, 2006 12:16 PM


ok, so, when you blew up the high charity, ertia shot him, and he came onboard, then i got bored and skipped a few and now he's on persephonie.

*wolf finnaly found the ammo shop, as he saw the neon sign*

wolf" oooh, changs gun emporium, sounds good."

*wolf walked in and saw the others.*

wolf" hey guys."

pain" hey."

*wolf looks around and see's various revolvers, automatics, explosives and blades.*

wolf" hey chang. got any ammo for a 366 model rapid fire shotgun?"

chang" absolutly, how much ya need?"

wolf" lots, ooh nice sword 13."

13" thanks"

*as wolf looks around the store.*

wolf" hey, how much for the katana and sai's?"

chang" 3400 creds"

wolf" damn!"

*wolf starts mumbling and hands over the cash.*
*as he takes the wepons and conceals them about his person and he walks out a man comes running down the street being followed by the alliance patrol.*

random crimanal" arrrgh!"

*wolf slides out his blades and holds out his arm, the man runs by and is decapitated by wolfs outstreched claws*

*wolf appers not to notice.*

wolf" yeah take that... oh !"

*the alliance chases after him as the others walk back to the ship.*

jayne" toldya i wouldn't get inta trouble."

pain" well someone had to didn't they. *sigh* "

*they board the ship just as jr and fly step in.*

fly" we ready to go?"

jr" just a mo."

*wolf runs onto the ship and jumps passed distressed passers by.*

wolf" FLY DAMNIT!!! FLY!!!"

*he jumps screaming through the closing doors.



Saturday, June 24, 2006 1:27 PM


LOL! Due to my stupid computer at home having problems again. I'll be using the ones at the library. Hopefully my computer will be fixed sometime tomorrow afternoon.

*Mal looks at Pain and Jayne. Pain looks at Jayne then at Mal and says*

Hey we managed to stay out of trouble!

*Mal just gives the two mercs a look as Guy says*

Um I think Wolf decapitated some guy being chased by Feds. I guess the Feds didn't like it.

*Mal mutters something in Chinese, walks over to the com, presses the talk button says*

Wash contact your wife and tell her and Ertia to take the shuttle and meet us once we're out of atmo.

*Wash replies over the com*

You got it sir.

*Mal clicks off the com and storms off to the bridge in a huff.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 1:33 PM


13 stumbles into the ship, eyes wide and knees weak.

"THAT'S a French Hen?! Damn!"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:11 PM


Ertia carefully went over the paperwork with the Registry officer, signing here and there, and making sure the magnetic codes worked.

Zoe discretely tapped the center of her back, and she glanced up and over her shoulder. Zoe's thumb jerked towards the door.

"Well, if that's everything?"

"It is. Safe flying." The registry officer handed Ertia the codes and she smiled as she turned to follow Zoe who was already heading for the door.

On the promenade, the problem instantly became apparent. Sirens were blaring on every level of the space station, and Alliance soldiers ran this way and that.

"We're to get the shuttle and join the others in space." Zoe frowned, and Ertia followed her train of thought as they passed a dozen shops selling pretty clothes and trinkets.

No shopping today. What the hell had happened now? Recovering the shuttle proved to be no problem at all and it was fully fueled and ready to go.

Zoe ran the start up sequence while Ertia hacked into the Cortex and changed the registry codes for Serenity.

"Zoe? Does it seem to you like we're always on the run?"

The warrior woman glanced back with a grin as she charged the shuttle out of the docking bay and towards the coordinates Wash was beaming her. "Well, beats standing still, I suppose."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:32 PM


Meanwhile, Orbiting Londinium Space Station..

"Sir! Just got a transcript from a comp-plant!"

The thin merc snatched the length of paper, grinning as he studied it.

"Alliance action, eh? This is good...let the Alliance take the Firefly. After the crew's apprehended, we'll get a mole to bring the crew to Orphan."

"By the way, how soon is he gonna get here?"

"Three hours, minimum."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:36 PM


Londinium space station? Or Fueling Station 45? This mean we aren't gonna be able to finish the job, and meet up with Sybil?
French hens! ;)


Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:42 PM


(Don't rightly know myself. Orphan and his boys are quite the confused lot, bumbling and such.)

(Yeah, I likes my French hens.)

(Although what would a French rooster be? ;)


Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:47 PM


Hey my computer loaded with no stupid "Windows Protection Error" YAY!

*Pain sat on a crate in the cargo bay amd thought to himself*

That went well. I hope Ertia and Zoe are alright.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:08 PM


Yay, Pain!
And okay, 13, I won't worry about it! I'll just figure if Orphan actually manages to stumble over us, we'll deal with him like we deal with all nasty creepy crawly buggy sorts who go around killin' folks I already tried darn hard to miss!

"Serenity, this is Shuttle 2. We are two sectares from you, and coming in for docking." Zoe's voice is crisp; professional.

"Lamby-toes! Glad you could join us! Opening dock-lock now!" Wash's voice is anything but professional.

Ertia watches as Zoe drops the shuttle into it's cradle, coordinating with Wash in a movement that they've done at least a thousand times before. They could do it without a word, she realizes. So in sync with each other that they know each others moves, each reaction.

The shuttle locks with a jolt and Zoe switches off the engine, turning to catch Ertia's musing smile.

"What are you smiling at?"

Ertia can't find the words to tell Zoe how beautiful she and Wash are together, how envious she is of that easy comraderie. So she just grins, "Glad we're home! I'm starved!"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:16 PM


"Speaking of...actually, not speaking of anything relevant at all..."

13 tosses Ertia the sheathed Pemier, folding his arms in glowing happiness.

"What do you think? Heard from Pain you used to be in a guild, or something like that."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:25 PM


Ertia slides the weapon from it's sheath, her eyes gleaming in the sheen of the metal. "Oh, 13, this is beautiful!"

Her voice is reverent as she slips her hand around the hilt. "The jeweling throws it a little off balance, but that's easily compensated for. It's... wow."

After a few shadow-feints, she re-sheaths it and hands it back to 13. "How much that set you back? It's amazing!"

"Worth every bit." 13 answers as Pain comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist.

"Spent half a fortune on it." Pain says with a shake of his head, "Didn't even try to haggle it down!"

"Some things aren't worth haggling for." 13 answers and looking at the sword, Ertia knows he's right.

"So, anybody want to tell me what put the whole station in an uproar while I get a snack?" She doesn't release her grip on Pain's hand as she heads for the galley.


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:39 PM


*Pain noticed Ertia's grip on his hand but didn't say anything about it. Pain cleared his throat and said*

Well from what Guy said Wolf decapitated some guy runnin' from the Feds. The Feds didn't take to kindly to that, hence the chasin' and the hurry to leave.

*Ertia takes in the information as she released Pain's hand and opened the pantry*

Where's Wolf now?

*Pain shrugged and said*

Dunno probably in his bunk or gettin' yelled at by Mal.

*Pain relized he hadn't let go of Ertia's waist but he didn't care.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:41 PM


13 belts his Pemier, answering, "I think it involved Wolf and claws." He shrugs. "Couldn't be worse than what I did on Zenith."

"Oh, and I got some complimentary kama too. Balanced for throwing."


Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:55 PM


"More claws?" Ertia looks in disbelief at the other two men. Shaking her head, she realizes she either has to release Pain's hand or gnaw through the wrapper of the protien ration in her hand.

Hunger wins and she lets go long enough to get the package open. As she gnaws on it, she starts digging for meal food for the rest of the crew.

"Paprika chicken and rice?" She asks the others as she starts pulling out ingredients, and thawing the chicken. "This is the last of the chicken that Sybil gave us.
So you boys pick up anything else interesting on your shopping trip?"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:06 PM


"What the HELL is THAT!?" JR screams as 13 reveals what he bought on his French Hen oddysey.

"The guy said it was some kind of genetic experiment."

"Jesus, is that a THIRD shoulder?!"

River peeks over the staring crewmembers, saying, "It seems to be a living horror mural."

The things tongue flickers out, dripping a viscous green fluid.

"Good God! Put it away!"

13 moves to close the box, when the thing jumps out lithely, and sprints away, a strange rattling giggle emanating from its irregular, toothy mouth.

The crew listen to a crashing of metal panes, and Mal's angry, "Sonofabitch!"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:16 PM


*Pain lets go of Ertia and watches as 13 runs after the thing from the box. He turns to Ertia and says*

Well I would've gotten you somethin' but the whole gettin' chased thing kinda prevented that. Oh and the chicken sounds good.

*Pain smiled and continued to say as everyone except for him and Ertia ran after 13*

Now how long would it take to cook that chicken?

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:27 PM


Ertia shakes her head, "Huh? Oh, 'bout twenty minutes. But I ain't gonna rest until they find that thing! What the hell was that? That was... disgusting!"

Mal storms through, stomps up to the bridge, slamming the doors so hard they bounce.

"Great. Just when he was in a good mood again." Pain sighs as Ertia puts on the rice to steam.

There's a chaotic cry of "Catch it!" followed by "It's in the Ducts!"

"I'm gonna run the Botboy through with his own sword if I find that thing anywhere near me again!" Ertia groans, even as she leans back into Pain's supportive arms. "We have anything left to drink on this boat?"


Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:32 PM


(Would that be a..FRENCH HEN?? Or rooster, if that's your thing.)

Finally catching the twisted, frog/chameleon/rooster/bunny/hellpuppy, 13 hoists it by the tail as a horrified Mal stares gape-mouthed at the creature, which seems to be flashing muddy, bored colors.

"Sorry, Mal. Thought little Dani here wouldn't get loose."

"D..D-D-Dani? You named it?"

"Well, yeah. It is a pet, after all."

"PET?! Looks more like my worst nightmare mixed with Jayne's after-supper surprise!"

Dani leaps nimbly from 13 as Shipscat saunters in. Dani hisses phlegm-filled aggression at the cat, while the furry rascal extends it claws.

"Dani, no. Go play in the cargo bay!"

Surprisingly, the little monster takes his orders, and bounds for the cargo bay.


Orphan cracked his knuckles, hands shaking with anticipation. It was almost time. Just send one of Greham's old t-beam shuttles and 13 was as good as dead...

"Sir, we're one hour from Serenity, although Luc can cut it in half if we take an extra four burns."

"Do it. I can't risk losing his trail."

The mammoth first mate Glenn nods, leaving the captain in his cabin.

Orphan walks over to his cot, a slim katana racked over the head of the bed. He draws it slowly, eyes half-closed as the ringing sound echoes through his cabin.






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