Life Onboard Serenity: Doin' the Splits

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 9:44 AM


Life Onboard Serenity: Doin' the Splits

This is a role-play chain-story! Everyone can play, anyone can post. Come on in, we don't bite! At least, not without permission...

Previously on board Serenity:

And our latest adventure-

This one refused to summarize nicely! SOOOOOOOOOOO---
In which-
Fly did some healing. 13 started to become a little more human, disposing of his wrist blades, and his pants pistol (Sorry, I still LOVE that moment from the old thread). Fly helped him apply some new experimental skin that she and Simon developed. 13 also destroyed a priceless piece of ancient Earth-That-Was technology- something called a Gayme Bouy?

Pain's Uncle Bob showed up with a cargo ship to help make the meat delivery, and offered a pretty good paying job with a promise of some violence on Beylix as well. (Recover some merchandise being held in a scrapyard by some acquaintenances of Badger - should be a piece of cake, right? hah!) Pain, Zoe and Jayne are going on the Genghis, along with... some other people who are onboard.

JR, Guy, and Wolf are staying on Serenity with Ertia, and seem to be passing around the flu. Fly was undecided last check.

JR and Sybil had a little chat... looks like the sooner we get to Londinium the happier we'll all be. There will be a bath! A real BATH!

So, lets deal some meat, recover some weapons, shed some blood, and generally have a great time! ;)

(Oh...GrimJack! I know you're busy over at
BigDamnVerse (Does that mean she's nekkid? roflmao!) BUT if you are still around somewhere, Simon's unplugging BlueMask from the ventilator as I type. You got a few hours, unless he miraculously recovers brain function.)


Saturday, June 10, 2006 9:57 AM



Originally posted by SameErtia:
Come on in, we don't bite! At least, not without permission...

Oh so NOW I have to ask for permission to bite. *mutters* Geez take the fun out of it why don't you.

*Pain roamed the Genghis's corridors for who knew how long. Pain came to a stop on one of the catwalks overlooking the massive cargo bay. He looked over the railing and watched as Zoe and Jayne checked the crates. He wondered if Fly was going to stay on Serenity or go with him and the others on Genghis. He blew out a sigh, took out the half snuffed cigar, lit it, and pondered his thoughts about Ertia.*

BTW nice thread name.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:24 PM


(OOC Like I said, sorry guys, I've been nursing a bad back)

*Fly decides she is gonna stay on Serenity. God she could use a mini vacation after all that has been said and done. She makes her way to 13's bunk*

13? *she wraps on the hatch*

"Don't forget to call him "Sir." He likes that."


Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:57 PM


"Everyone onboard who's staying?" Mal asked over the intercom, and waited for a response.

"Think so, Captain." Book answered from the cargo bay, "You can tell the Genghis they're free to fly."

Ertia listens to the exchange and moves to the front of the shuttle to watch the huge ship disconnect. It's a marvel, and she's guessing that somewhere Kaylee has her nose pressed to a window, looking out as well.

In the Infirmary

Simon stands by the masked man, checking his vitals one more time. He hears Shepherd Book enter quietly behind him, and turns, a frown on his face.

"It's time, son." Book says kindly, "You've done all you can."

"I know. I just thought maybe..." Simon shakes his head and turns back. With swift fingers he turns of the ventilator, and tilts the head back, sliding the vent tube free. Next, he disconnects the IV, the catheter, and the secondary med line.

The masked man is still, except for a rasping sound as his lungs empty of oxygen. He does not breath in again, and Simon watches the heartrate monitor as it slows, and slows, and finally flatlines.

Book is praying, and now he steps forward, says a prayer for the dead. Then he looks to Simon for permission, and when Simon nods, he reaches out slowly and removes the cloth mask from the dead mans face.

They both look for a long time. If it is Jack is is not Jack as they knew him. His face is laced with scars, as though he'd taken a faceful of shrapnel. Torn, broken, a mask of a man they once might have known.

Book lays a hand briefly on Simon's shoulder, and moves away, "I'll tell the captain it's done."



Saturday, June 10, 2006 2:25 PM


Meanwhile onboard Genghis......

*Pain felt the two ships seperate as they both went their seperate ways. Pain looked down from the catwalk and saw Zoe and Jayne talking. Down in the cargo bay Jayne said to Zoe*

I don't know Zoe I still ain't trustin' of Pain's uncle.

*Zoe who was sitting on one of the crates said*

Jayne if something weren't right we'd be dead by now.

*They continue to talk amongst themselves as Pain watches. He's was still going over in his head what the voice in his head told him, when his uncle said from behind him*

Pain are you ok son? You look like you've got somethin' on your mind.

*Pain shakes his head, turns around and says*

No I'm fine. Where's the infirmary?

*Pain shows his uncle his broken arm as his uncle says*

It's just through the last corridor on the right. Come on I'll show you.

*Jayne looks up and sees Pain and his uncle walk across the catwalk. He says to Zoe*

Am I the only one who thinks there's somethin' goin' on with Pain. He's been seemin' a mite distant lately.

*Zoe looks up too and says*

Yeah he has been kind of distant since we've came onboard. I'll have a talk with him later. Let's check these crates again.

*Jayne grunts as the two of them once again check the crates.*

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 5:23 PM



Originally posted by flywithmecaptn:
(OOC Like I said, sorry guys, I've been nursing a bad back)

Oh, Fly I know exactly what you're going thru. Have you tried heat and cold pads? Also, when my back hurts (I have some troublesome discs), I lay face down, across a couple of pillows, with my waistline over the pillows, until my knees and nose can touch the floor. Try that, it might work.

Everyone dies alone.


Saturday, June 10, 2006 7:40 PM


Over the com:

"Crew, this is the Captain. We'll be landing on Beylix at 1200 hours tomorrow. I want everyone ready to discuss the plan over breakfast."

There's a long pause, "Since we're short-handed, Ertia, Simon, you're on dinner crew tonight. Fly, JR, you're clean-up."

Another long pause, a long suffering sigh, and a frustrated huff, "And Wash says if Wolf wouldn't mind taking a turn flying, he'd like some sleep."

Another pause. "And... if Zoe happened to tell anybody the combination to the bridge cabinet before she left, I'd most surely appreciate the numbers."


Saturday, June 10, 2006 8:58 PM


Onboard the Genghis........

*Pain stepped into the infirmary and asked the doc*

Would you by any chance have somethin' that might make my arm heal faster?

*The middle aged man looked at Pain's broken arm and said*

Ah I'll see what I can find.

*The doc rummaged through drawers and cabinets before finding a small bottle of bluish green liquid. He grabbed a syringe and walked over to Pain. The doc inserted the needle into the bottle and pulled on the plunger of the syringe. Pain looked at the medicine in the bottle and said*

Uh doc you care to explain to me what that stuff is befrore you stick me?

*The doc said in a calm voice*

It's a healing agent named Polyglausteron it'll mend your broken arm at twice the rate of normal mending meds.

*The doc injects the solution into Pain's arm and says*

There you go. You'll feel a slight burning sensation but that's normal. Now I insist you eat a healthy meal before bedtime. The medicine works best when you've eaten.

*Pain smiles and says*

Well I can't argue with that.

*Pain heads to the galley as the cook's voice booms over the com*

Dinner will be served in ten minutes.

*Pain smiles again as he enters the galley and wonders what the evenings' meal is going to be. Ten minutes pass as everyone files into the galley and sit at the two tables off to the right. Most of the crew from Serenity sit next to each other, Pain being the only one sitting next to his uncle. The tables brim with food and Jayne can't help but drool. The cook says to everyone*

Ok folks dig in.

*Jayne speaks up*

Now that sound like a plan.

*Laughter fills the galley as the sounds of eighteen people scoop food onto their plates and dig in. Bob says to Zoe, Jayne, and the other Serenity transplants*

So you folks alright with the passenger dorms you've been assigned?

*Zoe and the former HC crewmember nod their heads as they take another bite of food. Jayne says*

Kinda sterile for my taste.

*Bob answers*

Well this is a cargo vessel and not a luxury liner. You'll make do.

*Jayne shrugs and says before digging into some bao*

Yeah whatever.

*Bob turns to Pain and whispers*

He ain't a very chipper fella is he?

*Pain shakes his head, takes a sip of tea, and says*

He's only chipper when he's around a willin' woman.

*Pain's uncle chuckles as everyone continues eating, the various conversations filling the air.*

Twenty minutes later.....

*After everyone had put their plates, cups, and utensils into the ADWD (Automated Dish Washer and Dryer), they each went their seperate ways. Pain was about to head to his bunk when Zoe placed a firm hand on his shoulder. He turned around as she said*

Pain is there something bothering you? You've been kinda distant lately and seeing as how you're part of Mal's crew that could be dangerous.

*Pain looked into Zoe's eyes and said*

Maybe there is. Why should I tell you?

*Zoe replies*

Well seeing as I am the acting Captain when we're on away missions without the Captain. If you don't tell me what is eating at you, I will make you wash Jayne's laundry for a month.

*Zoe smiled at that last part as Pain swallowed and said*

Alright alright I tell you. I'd rather run naked through a pack of Reavers than touch Jayne's laundry.

*Zoe chuckled at Pain's remark. Hell even she wouldn't want to handle Jayne's laundry. She listened as Pain continued*

Well I think I'm startin' to have feelin's for Ertia.

*Zoe nods and says*

Go on.

*Pain replies*

Well I thought it was just some fun sexin' goin' on between us two, but after the last time I don't know.

*Zoe says to Pain*

Well just tell her how you feel I'm sure she'll understand.

*Pain replies*

Yeah maybe. Look I'm goin' to bed can we not talk about this?

*Zoe says to Pain*

Whatever you say Pain.

*They both head off in seperate ways. Pain reaches his bunk after a few minutes of contemplating. He opens the hatch, climbs down, and closes the hatch. He takes out the holster, lays it on the desk, and proceeds to strip off his clothes. He climbs into bed, turns off the light, lies down, and wonders what Ertia is thinking, before he falls asleep.*

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 9:24 PM


*goes into galley to get some tea*


OoC: internet is still wierd, but I figured I should post something on the new thread, still workin' out the problem, don't kill me, okay?
-try it out, I dare you


Sunday, June 11, 2006 2:23 AM



Originally posted by JRC:

Originally posted by flywithmecaptn:
(OOC Like I said, sorry guys, I've been nursing a bad back)

Oh, Fly I know exactly what you're going thru. Have you tried heat and cold pads? Also, when my back hurts (I have some troublesome discs), I lay face down, across a couple of pillows, with my waistline over the pillows, until my knees and nose can touch the floor. Try that, it might work.[/i

WOW,,,great advice with the pillows..I'm gonna try it....We've had rain for the past month...I think the damp finally got to my old bones, LOLOL Got some meds...doing ok,,,,,got the heating pad! Thanks JR

"Don't forget to call him "Sir." He likes that."


Sunday, June 11, 2006 5:12 AM


The Genghis has an autowasher??? What the heck did I stay on Serenity for?!?!
Take it easy, Fly! Light stretches, and what everyone else said. Meds are GOOOD!

In the Galley, both Ertia and Simon are distracted. Simon is an indifferent cook on the best of days, and Ertia, normally inspired, is completely out of ideas.

"Here. Just chop up this protien," She hands the standard ration to Simon, "And we'll layer it with these potatos, and some onions. I think we've got some powdered milk and some cheesey around here. Casserole Surprise."

Simon frowns, "Surprise is that even we don't know what we're putting in it."

Ertia sees Guy stumble in sneezing. "Oh! You poor thing! Here, take some tea. And we've got some orange juice mix around here somewhere if you just give me a minute."

"Vitamin C and colds is a myth." Simon speaks up, "There is no scientific evidence that it aids in healing."

"Drink the juice anyway, Guy." Ertia flashes Simon a glare, "It's good for you."

"Yer cranky." Guy takes the juice and tea and sits down.

"I am NOT!" Ertia growls.

"Yeessss." Simon says slowly, "You are."

"Well! You're morose. Guy is sick! What kind of company do you think YOU are!" Ertia fights back, slamming the knife she's using down on the counter.

"The BlueMask is dead." Simon replies quietly, raising his head to meet her gaze, letting her see the depths of his turmoil within them.

Life. Death. That was life in the Black. No two ways about it. Simon was used to having some control over life and death.

Suddenly, her own worries don't seem so big. "I'm sorry, Doc. I know it's not much comfort, but I know you did your best."

He nods, and she falls silent, finishing the casserole and tossing it into the oven to heat.

From the kitchen table echoes another round of "AChooooooo! AChooooo!"


Sunday, June 11, 2006 6:25 AM


*Not being able to find 13 she heads to the galley*

Hey Ertia, Simon.....Guy you OK?
Ertia: Nah he's got a cold *she answers before he can*
Fly: Oh no.....Where's the OJ and Vitamin C.
*Simon just looks at her then Ertia. Ertia gives him the "Mythe or not, can't hurt look" Simon proceeds to fill Fly in on BlueMasks death.
She pours some OJ and sits at the table just staring for a bit.
Fly: Oh, I see. I'm sorry to hear it....You did all you could Doc. Huh - Anyone see 13?
*Everone answers no* Tried out that experimental skin on him I was just wonderin' how it took.
Simon: You did
Fly: Yeah,,,looks like it will take fine as long as he doesn't play with it. You OK Ertia? You look a little, well.....Oh,,,,right. You wanna talk about it Ertia? Maybe later? Ertia?

"Don't forget to call him "Sir." He likes that."


Sunday, June 11, 2006 7:05 AM


"Huh? What?" Ertia looks up from the counter top that she's already wiped down twice. "No, I'm okay."

The three stare at her as though she's lost her mind, and Simon clears his throat in negation.

"Fine! I'm fine. Just stressed a bit, is all. We've got that job tomorrow, and I still haven't finished the surveillance." She doesn't mention that she hadn't finished the surveillance because she was too distracted to concentrate. "And we wouldn't even have to do the job if I could have gotten us the gorram reg codes."

"Nobody blames you." Simon pours himself a cup of tea and sits at the table.

"He's right." Fly agrees. "Wasn't your fault that cruiser made us before we blew it up."

Ertia shakes her head, "Thanks for sayin."

But it's clear that she still blames herself, and that there is something deeper bugging her than just a missing ten digit reg-code.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 7:37 AM


Yes the Genghis has an autowasher. You kind of need one on a big cargo vessel.

On the Genghis.....

*Pain was woken up by the voice of the ship's pilot. He shook his head as the pilot repeated*

We'll be arriving at our destination at 1300 today.

*Pain thought to himself as he got out of bed and got dressed*

Cargo ships this big aren't supposed to be this fast.

*Pain's arm was doing a lot better as he stuck the holstered pistol in his waist band and climbed up out his bunk. The smell of food from the galley attracted him like a moth to an open flame. As he entered the galley he could see that half of the crew were up along with his and they were all digging into some mighty fine grub. Pain walked over to the table where Jayne and Zoe were sitting and sat down. He scooped some food onto the plate in front of him and poured some cider into his glass. Pain thought to himself as he shooveled some scrambled egg substitute into his mouth*

Gorram this cook must be a machine to cook food this good. Hell I'm surprised Mal hasn't hired one.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006 9:58 AM


Simon announces dinner over the com. "This is Simon. There's food on the table."

Ertia scoops some casserole into her bowl and grabs a leftover biscuit from breakfast. She made too much food, she notes absently as she eats. Too used to having Jayne and Pain eating for three of the rest of them.

It seems quiet, too quiet, what without Jayne stomping, and with Guy sick and Wash sleeping, and 13 seemed to be missing entirely.

She fills a bowl and takes it up to Wolf at the helm, who seems to be playing some kind of game with the tracking system, bouncing signals around the ship.

He takes the bowl with a smile, "Like a scatter drop, see. I bounce our signal everywhere, and anybody looking can't see where it's really coming from."

"Cool!" She's impressed, but turns back to the kitchen. Unable to rest, she sets up her cortex link up in the corner and continues watching the security feeds from Beylix.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 11:24 AM


Refresh my memory: Where is the Genghis supposed to go and is it supposed to rendezvous w/ Serenity there or somewhere else?

*The morning had gone by quickly. It was already lunchtime and Pain wasn't even hungry. Pain chuckled and thought to himself*

Poor Cook, probably havin' to beat Jayne off with a stick, there was so much food around.

*Pain had made his way to the engine room and spotted the mechanic, a scruffy fella, with shaggy hair, who wore a mechanic's jumpsuit and had a fair amount of grease on him. The guy spotted Pain and said*

Aw ya must be Pain. Yer uncle talks 'bout ya all the time. How can I help ya?

*Pain is a little shocked but says*

I's wonderin' how you got this ship to move so fast. Cargo vessels such as these ain't supposed to move fast.

*The mechanic smiles and says*

Aw but they do when ya switch out their engines with ones from an Independent Blockade Runner. Yer uncle's a pretty smart man fer a boss. Found 'em durin' a salvage mission.

*Pain takes in the information and says*

Yeah no kiddin'. Man I'm sure glad the mechanic on the boat I'm employed on isn't here, she'd never wanna leave.

*Pain and the mechanic both share a laugh and Pain says*

Well it's been nice talkin' to you.

*The mechanic replies as Pain leaves*

Aye the same here.

*Pain wanders the ship a bit longer, his mind a million miles away.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Sunday, June 11, 2006 3:15 PM


Genghis is headed for New Canaan to deliver half the cargo of dried processed beef. She'll meet up with Serenity in the Black, outside the Beylix quadrant, after we've retrieved the weapons being held by Badger's acquaintance a the scrapyard.
And speakin o' which...

Ertia wakes with a start, her forehead creased from the edge of the table. Shaking her head, disoriented, she realizes the Captain is standing over her.

"Thought you were takin' Pain's bunk while he was gone."

"Huh? Yeah..." Ertia looks around the galley blearily, "I was just finishing the surveillance."

"With yer eyes closed."

Thinking fast, she taps her earpiece, "Listening to the feed."

"While snoring."

"No! I don't... uh..."

"You wanna tell me what's going on?" Mal stands over her, arms crossed. "Fly's worried, Simon's worried... saw you nearly walk right over the top a'Zoe this mornin'."

Ertia rubs her eyes, brushes back her hair from her face, thinking, "Captain, you ever wanted something, real bad, but knew the second you had it that it wasn't a good idea?"

"Zoe and Wash'll tell ya that all my best ideas weren't good ideas." Mal sits opposite her, "You talkin' about Pain?"

"Yes. No. I mean..not so much."

"Which is it? 'cause yes and no don't carry exactly the same meaning."

"This." Ertia waves her hand over the galley.

"The table? It ain't your table. It's my table." Mal deliberately miscontrues her words, trying to get a smile out of her.

"Serenity." She meets the Captain's eyes at last, "I love it here. I love the crew, even you. I feel like a make a difference here."

"But?" Mal tilts his head and waits.

"I can't trust it." Seeing his eyes narrow, she tries to explain, her words tumbling over themselves, "I can't trust it not to leave me. What if I never get that damned reg code? What if I get arrested again? Think I'll be able to withstand interrogation all over again? I won't. You know I won't! I'll squak like a chicken! And Pain..."

"Shipboard romances are trouble, mei mei." Mal sighs, "But Pain ain't the sort to give up on something easy."

"And that's part of the problem, too." She swallows down the lump in her throat, "I screwed up last time! I got caught. And someone I loved got caught with me. He died in prison, because of me. Because I let him get close! And everyone else turned their backs, blamed me. My friends, my family. And I ..."

"You think we'd turn our backs on you." Mal finishes quietly, "You're afraid of losin' something the minute you finally got your hands on it."

"Yeah." Her voice is a barren whisper, an admission of what she couldn't even say aloud.

"Well..." Mal says queitly, "Losin' things is a part of life. But you go through life never having anything worth losin', then you might as well not be livin' at all."

Mal stands up, reaches over and flips off her screen. "Go to bed, Ertia. We got a job tomorrow and it don't look like a cake-walk."


But as Mal leaves, she doesn't get up, instead laying her head on her arms, and thinking over his words.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 3:59 PM


Ertia looks up with bleary eyes, seeing the person she least expected to see.

"Whatcha up to, Bot-Boy? Run a diagnostic, break things?"

"I'm done with breaking things. I have things to say."

As Ertia lowers her head, nodding in resignation, 13 says with startling severity, "You will listen."

"You can't go through this life always looking behind your back, trying to find the catch for something great. You get handed things like loving friends, a relatively steady job, love...these things, you just have to accept them as what they are."

"Gifts. You aren't living on borrowed time, life isn't waiting to pounce and tear you up; you just *are*, a cog in the machine."

He continues:

"I went through life as the hunter, the killer. Turning myself into stone so all the disappointment could never touch me. It worked. I became something even less human than what I am now. Then I ended up here. Found some people who cared, who'd talk to me with no judgment or fear. In all that time, I was always suspecting her motives, analyzing for some hidden agenda. There wasn't one. It wasn't some dark, anti-13 conspiracy, it was just her, trying to break through the stone."

Ertia's head perks up. "Who might this 'her' be, exactly?"

13's face remains neutral. "Nobody. Jeez, when did I say that? STOP ATTACKING ME!!"

The robot flees, face flushing.


13, First Mate of the 'Heart of Haven'
and Honorary Forsaken


Sunday, June 11, 2006 4:17 PM


Onboard the Genghis.....

*The pilots voice came over the com*

Sorry folks I misread the arrival date on the wave. We land on New Canaan at 1300 tomorrow.

*There's a series of moans from some of the crew, but then again the pilot wasn't known for being good at reading. Pain was relaxing in the cargo bay talking with his uncle. Jayne was looking over an assault rifle with one of his uncle's gunhands, Zoe was off somewhere and the other crew member was in their room sleeping. Pain said to his uncle*

So does your pilot always misread information from the Cortex?

*Bob puffs some smoke from his cigar and says*

Eh only when there's new people onboard. I've been meaning to replace her but she's a damn fine pilot. She can land this behemoth like noone's business.

*Pain nods as he takes a sip of some coffee. He thought to himself*

One more day til I get to see Ertia. Should I tell her how I feel about her or wait?

*Pain ponders that thought for a minute when his uncle places an arm on him and says*

Pain? Pain? Son are you listening?

*Pain shakes his head, turns to his uncle and says*

Huh? Yeah yeah what were you sayin'?

*Bob repeats himself*

I said how are you holdin' up. You look like you were zonin' out. Is this about that girl who was with you yesterday? What was her name?

*Pain sighs and says*

Her name's Ertia uncle and yes I have been thinkin' of her, more now than ever.

*Pain's uncle nods and says*

Tell me more son.

*Pain takes a sip of coffee and says*

Well I thought we're just havin' fun with each other no emotional involvement, just some sexin' from time to time. I didn't know I was havin' feelin's for her until after we had sex in the shower. I don't know if I should tell her how I feel or not.

*Bob slaps Pain's back and says*

Aw yes this happened with you and Fly if'n I remember right.

*Pain's uncle tells Pain about the first time Pain had told his family he was in love with Fly. After the ten minute recollection Bob says to his nephew*

Look son you're carryin' a lot of weight on your shoulders, best you tell her how you feel about her sooner than later. You'll feel a lot better later...well unless she doesn't share the same feelin's.

*Bob gets up and says to Pain*

Go get some sleep son. We can talk more in the mornin'.

*Pain gets up, nods and says*

Yeah I'll take you up on that.

*Bob smiles at his nephew as he heads out to do something. Pain yawns and makes his way to his bunk. Once in his bunk Pain flops into bed, too sleepy to undress or turn off the light.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Sunday, June 11, 2006 6:12 PM



Originally posted by 13:

13's face remains neutral. "Nobody. Jeez, when did I say that? STOP ATTACKING ME!!"

The robot flees, face flushing.

Ertia watches him go, shaking her head. When did he start making sense? Of course, not entirely making sense... attacking him? She chuckles a little as she stands up and stretches.

Ertia knows she won't sleep now, and puts on fresh coffee and refills the tea kettle before heading down to the cargo bay. With Jayne and Pain gone, the weight set sits empty and alone and she manages to remove the heavy weights the men prefer, and slap on the smallest they had.

She'll get in a little workout and a shower before breakfast, and then the job would take over, and there would be no time to think dark thoughts. But the dark thoughts remain as she lifts, and they begin to shift into something... something frightening, something deep and dark.

She drops the barbell back into the cradle and heads for the Bridge. Wash is alone with his precious stars, and she says his name softly, "Wash?"

"Oh, heya, E. Can't sleep either? I'm not used to sleeping without Zoe. Things seem kind of empty without her."

"Wash, how long 'till we get to Beylix?"

"Aughta land around 1200 tomorrow."

"How far are we from New Canaan?"

"New Canaan. It's there." He points to the screen. "And that's Boros there."

"And what's that?"

"Fueling Station 45."

"So we're passing between Boros and the fueling station right now?"

"That's right."

"Hmmm... That's kinda cool. Stars are sure pretty from up here." She says casually, waiting until Wash looks back out at the sky before studying the screen again, Well, I'd better rest. Night, Wash."


It takes only moments for her to gather her things from Pain's bunk, with a stop at the engine room. One last stop in the galley, to leave the printouts of the surveillance work, the scrapyard at Beylix, and her notes on the warehoue where the weapons are being kept laid out on the table.

Silently, she slips past Fly's bunk, and across the cat walk.

Glancing back at the empty cargo bay, she takes a deep breath. Last chance. She squeezes the strap of her shoulder bag.

Tears bite at the back of her eyes, but she swallows it back. She whispers to herself the hackers code for going into hiding, for being not found. "No rad. 404"

Then she slides the shuttle hatch closed, settles into the pilots chair and runs the start-up sequence.

"Shuttle 2?" Wash's voice comes over the com as she disconnects from the bay. "Shuttle 2? Who the hell....?"

She doesn't touch the com, just whispers again, "No rad. 404, baby. No rad."

As the shuttle powers away from Serenity, tears sting her eyes, but she shakes them away. It's time to fly, Kitten.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 8:41 PM


GAH! Wha? You leaving Sam? You know Mal ain't gonna like havin' a one of his shuttles missin'.

On Serenity......

*Wash bites his lip as he thinks to himself*

Cap ain't gonna like this.

*He hits the com button, directs the feed to Mal's room and says*

Uh sir I hope I ain't disturbing you but Shuttle #2 just left Serenity.

*Mal wakes up and says*

Ta ma de!

*He turns the lights on, walks over to the com, presses the button and says*

Wash you mind repeatin' what you said?

*Wash replies*

Shuttle #2 it left Serenity not too long ago.

*Mal responds to Wash in a not to happy mood*

Alright wake everyone up and have them meet in the galley. Whoever's not here is gonna be in serious trouble when we find them.

*Wash says over the shipwide P.A.*

Attention everyone the Captain has called a mandatory meeting in the galley. You have ten minutes to get dressed and get to the galley.

*Mal clicks off the com, opens his hatch, and steps out of his bunk. Wash turns around, sees Mal and says*

Um that might be a bit of a problem. Whoever took the shuttle scrabbled the tracking signal. We have no way of knowing where the shuttle's headed.

*Mal slams his fist into the door. He knew only one other person who could do that. He muttered under his breath*


*As he said that everyone still on board (with the exception of Guy and Wolf of course) walked into the galley. They were all talking amonst themselves as Mal walked in. Everyone quieted as Mal said*

May I have your attention please. Someone has taken Shuttle #2 and I have reason to believe it was Ertia.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:51 AM


"Captain?" Kaylee pushed the stack of papers on the table towards him, her eyes wide and her lower lip worried between her teeth.

Mal looked down-

Over the edge of the diagram lay a scrap of old cargo manifest, scribbled over with Ertia's scrawl.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.

If you don't hear from me, then I failed.
In which case, the shuttle will be parked at Fueling Station 45. Or blown to hell and gone.

Just get the job done. Didn't do all that work for nothin'.

I'm sorry.


ps- I did mention the dogs, right? BIG ONES! WITH TEETH!

"Huh." Mal drops the paper back to the table, then slides it over to Fly.

"Only way out of the woods is through them." River's soft voice pipes up from the doorway. "She can't see far enough yet."


Monday, June 12, 2006 6:31 AM


Grrr- photobucket keeps resizing the image! GRRRR!
Round Black Circles- Security camera feeds
Purple Boxes- Guard stations with fingerprint check.
10 guards on the fence at all times
20 men working in warehouse and office at any given time

red circled crates are the stolen munitions.

Pain, you know Ertia loves you. She's just seen Thelma and Louise a few too many times, is all...


Monday, June 12, 2006 6:51 AM


Gorram site logged me out. Well ok then. Just so she knows, Pain won't be in a good mood for awhile, but I'm sure he'll understand.

*Fly looks over the layout as Kaylee says, her voice cracking*

Are we gonna tell Pain she left?

*Mal sighed and said*

Well I've givin' that some consideration. Best we tell Zoe first, perhaps she can tell him in a calmish manner.

*Wash nods and heads to the bridge, punches the numbers for the Genghis. The pilots face flickers onto the screen as she says*

Ni hao. What's the purpose of this wave?

*Wash replies*

Uh yeah I need to contact a Zoe Washburne please. She's my wife and she's onboard your ship.

*The pilot taps on a few keys on the keyboard and says*

Oh right you must be the pilot on Serenity. Hold please while I transfer your wave.

*Wash waits while the pilot of the Genghis taps a few more keys. A short moment later Zoe's face appears on the screen, her eyes still blurry from waking up early. She says to her husband*

You better have a good reason for waking me up this early dear.

*Wash replies*

Uh I would count this as a good reason lamby toes. Ertia just took off in Shuttle #2. She left some paperwork on the table that included the layout to the scrapyard on Beylix.

*Wash continues to tell Zoe what happened. She says back a little more awake now*

And you want me to tell Pain this? You know he ain't going to take this well.

*Wash replies*

Could you possibly tell him in a way that won't put him in an angry killing mood?

*Zoe repsonds*

Honey we're talking about Pain here. I'd have to have him strapped to the cargo bay wall and injected with enough tranqs to kill a horse, in order to tell him.

*Wash says*

But you will do it, right sweety?

*Zoe smiles and says*

Yes husband I will.

*She clicks off the vid screen and thinks to herself*

Well this is turning out to be a fun trip.

*Wash turns off the vid screen, walks into the galley and says*

Well I told Zoe what happened. She'll try to tell Pain what's happened, but I don't know how well he's gonna take it.

*Fly says while looking over the Beylix scrapyard layout*

Well he probably won't be in a good mood. I'm sure Ertia didn't leave to hurt his feelin's but knowing Pain, he ain't goin' to be in a good mood for awhile.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 8:06 AM


Onboard the Genghis.......

*Pain slammed his fist on the table as Zoe told him what happened*

What! What do you mean she left!

*Zoe placed her and on gun as she said to Pain*

Wash said she took the #2 shuttle. Didn't say why she took it.

*Zoe looked down at Jayne who was on the ground clutching his nose. She continued to say to Pain as she stepped over Jayne*

That doesn't mean she left because of you. She probably had some good reasons....

*Pain cut her off as he said*

Did those reasons involve not leavin' me a note.

*Pain paced back and forth, he wasn't in the mood for talking. Zoe knew that and said*

Look Pain just calm down. I'm sure she'll return and explain herself in good time.

*Pain's anger was getting the best of him. He said to Zoe*


*He stormed off to his room leaving Zoe, Jayne, and everyone who walked in at the time to stew a bit. Jayne finally spoke up from his position on the floor*

Someone wanna get the doc, I think Pain broke my nose.

Hours later......

*Pain hadn't left his room or answered any of the calls he got. He was sitting on his bed thinking to himself. The voice in the back of his head said*

Well that went well. You busted a fellow crew member's nose in a fit of anger. You must be feeling like the top dog now.

*Pain muttered under his breath*

Shut up and let me think.

*The voice replied*

About what? Who you're going to hit next? Why not just take it out on Ertia if and when she comes back?

*Pain ground his teeth and said*

I'd never do that and you know it. I'm sure she has her reasons, they just didn't involve tellin' me. Now back off and let me think.

*The voice chuckled and said*

Whatever Pain don't say I told you so.

*Pain ignored the voice as he layed there on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering why she left. He didn't even bother to hear the pilot say over the P.A.*

We'll be landing at New Canaan in five hours people.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 9:23 AM


In Shuttle 2:

Ertia checks her vid screen, and scrambles her cortex link before making connections, setting up her plans.

'you left them.' The voice in the back of her mind whispers to her, 'you flew away and left them.'

"Captain knows I'm go se in a firefight." She argued back aloud, talking to the passing stars, "I did my job. They've got everything they need."

'and Pain? what about him?'

A momentary memory from deep in the past, a flash of dark hair, dancing black eyes: Dead eyes staring back at her from the prison security feed.

She shakes her head, "Pain's better off. He deserves someone strong. Someone more like him. Someone like Fly."

'he wants you.'

"Then he's a gorram fool!" Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she gauged her distance to the nearest planet, and estimated her fuel.

'only fool I see is the one running away.'

Pointedly she starts to sing, drowning out the voice...
"Take me out to the Black,
Tell 'em I ain't comin' back..."

Onboard Serenity

In the galley, the others are quiet. Mal is clearly frustrated, but he pulls himself together. "The girl is a chameleon and the Black is a big place. No point lookin' now, when we've got the job to do."

Everyone else nods, and Mal looks around, "We're landing on Beylix in four hours. Let's get fed, get planned, and get armed up."

Shipscat leaps lightly to the top of the table, sniffing at the diagram before turning around and asking the one question that nobody had yet considered. "Mrrrwooooowwww?"

Kaylee looks at the cat, then back at Mal, tranlating succinctly, "Who's cooking breakfast?"


Monday, June 12, 2006 10:13 AM


*Pain had managed to leave his room. He walked around the various corridors, feeling a mix of anger, depression, and sadness. Noone bothered him after he broke Jayne's nose. He passed by the machine shop that had been converted into a gym. he stood there for what seemed an eternity, his mind was going in different directions. Various thoughts raced through his mind*

Should I go after her, knowin' full well my chances of findin' her are slim to none? Should I cut my losses and move on? Would it've made a difference if'n I stayed on Serenity?

*There was a myriad of thoughts going through his head as he walked into the gym and sat down on a weight bench. He knew he wouldn't be able to use any weights until his arm completely healed. Pain sat there staring at the floor. A tear had started to fall down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it away. His mind flashed to his gun, the image of him cocking the hammer, pointing the gun to his temple, and pulling the trigger played through his mind. He shook his head and said to himself*

No ruttin' way. I ain't takin' the cowards way out.

*Pain breathed in deeply and let out a sigh. He said to himself*

Alright I gotta stop thinkin' like this. She's gone and there's nothin' I can do 'bout it. Best I pull myself together. Ok we got a couple of hours til we land on New Canaan. Better go help with the crates.

*Pain stood up, composed himself as best he could and headed for the cargo bay. He focused his thoughts on the job at hand rather than the girl he loved and probably lost forever.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 10:18 AM


You realize Jayne's probably gonna break your jaw or somethin' now?

I'm hopin' Fly, 13, Guy and Wolf will jump in here and do some posting!


Monday, June 12, 2006 10:23 AM


Yeah I know probably deserve it too. I do hope the others post something as well. Kinda makes the thread move faster.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 10:29 AM


yay! I shall fullfil part of that hope, 'cause my internets workin' again

*wakes up the next day feelin better than he's felt in ages, climbs out of his bunk and dicides to take a stroll around Serenity, and maybe make Simon eat his words, just for fun*
-try it out, I dare you


Monday, June 12, 2006 1:18 PM


Mal passes Guy in the corridor, "Guy! You're up?"

"Yah, feeling all right." Guy starts to answer but Mal cuts him off.

"We land on Beylix in 3 hours, and I need every able body I got. Get gunned up and ready to go."


Monday, June 12, 2006 1:24 PM


The news of Ertia's disappearance didn't set well with the whole crew, but at the moment, nothing could be done. The galley had been quiet, until Shipscat woke them all up. Kaylee's question about breakfast got J.R. to thinking. "You know what? It's my turn. We all need some get up and go, so I don't wanna be hearing ANY complaining 'bout the food being too hot!"

Everyone dies alone.


Monday, June 12, 2006 2:05 PM



We land on Beylix in 3 hours, and I need every able body I got. Get gunned up and ready to go."

-try it out, I dare you


Monday, June 12, 2006 2:17 PM


Location: Cargo Bay of the Genghis

*Pain had managed to pull off the facade that he was fine. He even managed to crack a smile when one of the crew told a joke, but deep down inside he knew he missed her. He pushed one of the crates next to the pile that Zoe had made. Jayne was in the corner, his nose in a splint. He eyed Pain as the other man started on another crate. Jayne made his way over to Pain, he thought to himself*

Gorram big crybaby's gonna pay fer breakin' my nose.

*Jayne laid one hand on Pain's shoulder and when Pain turned around, his face met Jayne's fist. The force of the punch had caught Pain by surprise as he stumbled back a ways before coming to a stop. Pain put his hand under his nose, brought it up and saw the blood from his nose on his hand. Jayne grinned and said*

Now we're even.

*At that the anger in Pain rose as he bunched up his fist and charged Jayne. The fight between the two merc's brought in a pretty good sized crowd. Some of the Genghis's crew were rooting for either Pain or Jayne, some even started taking bets as to which one would win. Jayne felt a rib crack as Pain landed a roundhouse kick to his chest. Jayne retaliated by catching Pain by the waist and ramming his back into the wall of the cargo bay. Pain was about to grab a chain and wrap around Jayne's neck when two three shot burst rang out. The two men stopped, looked up and saw Pain's uncle leveling an automatic rifle at the both of them. Pain's uncle said to the two of them as the roar of the crowd faded*

If'n one of you lays another hand on another you'll be knowin' what it's like to have you're blood boilin' outta your ears.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 3:31 PM


"OK, let's see what we got here," JR says. He finds some cumin, garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce, red chili powder, onions, cilantro, and potatoes, but only two jalapeƱos. "Damn, what happened to all the jalapeenos?? Betcha Jayne or even Pain been's eatin' 'em like candy," he says. JR also finds some of the frozen pork in the freezer. "Aahhhh, nothing like pork chops and eggs, even if they aren't chops." He starts to pan-fry the pork, while in another pan he browns the garlic and onions. He flips all the pork a second time, then adds onions and the potatoes. In the second pan, he breaks about a dozen eggs, mixed with one jalapeƱo and tomatoes and tomato sauce, cilantro, chili powder and some of the hot sauce left over in a small bottle. "Yea, this outta do it. 'Mi Madre's Hot Sauce of Death.' Right, we'll see 'bout that." When the pans are emptied of the finished food, JR starts to cooking all over again with more pork and another dozen eggs. In about 30 minutes, the food is done. He walks over to the com, presses the ship-wide button and says, "OK, y'all!! Food's done. Come and git it! 13, get ur shiny metal ass up here too. Time to put some hair on your chest."

Everyone dies alone.


Monday, June 12, 2006 3:42 PM


*Heads to the gallye.....that smell, that smell,,,,omg,,,,omg,,,,,that smells,,,,,,,sooooooooooooo that Cumin?*

Hey god that smells soooo good....*She picks something out of the pan and eats it*.......Whoa.....nice touch

"Don't forget to call him "Sir." He likes that."


Monday, June 12, 2006 3:58 PM


As 13 cannot smell, even when he was human, he is unaware of the goings-on in the galley. He does know, however, when Ertia left, what time, and where to. But, he remains silent as he steps into the galley, knowing that Ertia has to make the decisions herself.

"So, anything I can do, besides get shot in three hours?" He remains standing in the doorway, and remembers that dull knocking earlier.

"Fly, couldn't answer earlier. I was a little-


pre-occupied. What did you want?"


13, First Mate of the 'Heart of Haven'
and Honorary Forsaken


Monday, June 12, 2006 4:00 PM


Meanwhile in the cargo bay of the Genghis.......

*With rifle still aimed at the two merc's Pain's uncle says to some of his men*

Rico, Farley escort these men to their bunks and stand guard for the rest of the trip. Two of the men standing down in the cargo bay move toward Pain and Jayne, weapons drawn. They order the two merc's to walk to their rooms. Pain and Jayne comply and start walking to their respective bunks, closely followed from behind by an armed gunman. Pain's uncle says to the man escorting Pain*

Rico halt for a sec I wanna talk to my nephew.

*Rico complies as both men watch Bob take a cargo platform down to the cargo bay floor and walk over to them. Once he was at Pain's side he said to Pain*

Pain I know what your goin' through but gettin' all bent out of shape and fightin' with your fellow crew member on my ship, I will not abide. So until you can control your temper you'll stay in your bunk dong ma?

*Pain sighs and nods as his uncle says*

Good. Rico you may proceed to escort him to his bunk.

*Rico grunts and gestures Pain to resume walking. They make it to Pain's bunk and Rico says*

If you need anything just hit the com button. I'll be outside.

*Pain nods and opens the door to his bunk. He climbs down and starts to pace around the room as the hatch closes. He thinks to himself*

Why did she have to leave gorrammit?

*The voice in the back of his head says*

Because she's scared.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 4:08 PM


(Trust me, Pain. DO NOT listen to the scary voice. Repeat: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE SCARY VOICE. That's how people DIE!!)

(Trust me on this one, pal. Same goes for you, Ertia, if you're listening.)


13, First Mate of the 'Heart of Haven'
and Honorary Forsaken


Monday, June 12, 2006 4:09 PM


*after they all get their food they sit at the table*

Fly: JR we really have our hands full with this job
JR: I know
Fly: You think Ertia will be back
JR: Not before we have to pull this job
Fly: I realize that, I think
JR: You know that the weapons are all stocked
Fly: Yeah I know everything in stock,,,,I packed it myself when Pain and I were unloading. You think Pain knows by now
JR: Dunno
Fly: Gosh, this is gonna kill him. We should have never split the team. He has Jayne and Zoe. Two of our best shot not to mention Pain himself.
JR: Yeah I know,,,Hey, wait...I ain't so bad
Fly: No, I know, I didn't mean....I just mean that....
JR: Nah, I know what you meant.
Fly: JR, we have really got to pull this team together ifn' we are gonna get this job done
JR: I know,,,,can I eat first
Fly: Sure. 13.....I just wanted to see how the skin was taking *She reaches out to him.....Well now,,,,,,look at that....Damn,,,,looks really good,,,,you look really good *She moves her hand over his face* I see you have been following my oders.....*she tilts her head down to inspect him further,,,,she goes to open his shirt...He grabs her hand....She looks at him...It's fine 13....It's fine....I'll look lattah......She returns to eating* You are helping me clean 13.....

"Don't forget to call him "Sir." He likes that."


Monday, June 12, 2006 4:17 PM



Somewhere in the Black:

Ertia nibbles at the bland protien ration, knowing that there would be a tasty breakfast waiting on Serenity right now, if she were home.

If she were home, they would all be sitting around the table, laughing, and joking, adrenalin running high at the thought of the job ahead.

If she were home, she would be seeing Pain in just a day, feeling his arms around her.

Quickly, she shut down that train of thought. How could she call it home when she didn't belong there?

Suddenly, Ertia is experiencing a moment.

It is that moment when you've not slept, and all of the answers, while still elusive, hang just beyond reach. The glimmer of distant stars is a dark enchantment, and background noise fades so that all that one hears the beating of their own heart.

It is what Earth-That-Was poets called the Moment of Destiny.

There is only one way she can ever go home to Serenity.

She swallows the last of the protien ration, and flips off the auto-pilot. Her destination grows before the screen, and she starts bouncing her signal as she speeds closer, just as she'd seen Wolf do. Little had she known how handy it would be. No rad, literally.

A pair of Alliance patrol boats, in a lazy orbit, and she eyes them, wait for them to see her. They can't. Too small. The cloud-cover is reaching out to her, enveloping the shuttle.

She whoops in euphoria as the shuttle drops blind through the clouds, and she checks the monitors one more time.

For some reason, her mind suddenly clicks with the image of Jayne, standing with his face bloodied, saying, "Girl, why you gotta make me hit him?"

She doesn't know why, but it makes her laugh, a reckless laugh.


Monday, June 12, 2006 4:36 PM


"Yeah, the skins taking pretty well, I think.."

A loud, irritating succession of beeps sound from 13's wrist, and an LED blinks in his fingernail, signalling his nervous system had suffered a strange shock. Why did she have to touch me, he thinks. Make a scene, what with the blinking..

"Sorry, I'll just.." In several moments, he corrects the imbalance, and returns to table.

"Besides, JR, got 'nough hair on my chest. And my ass is not shiny, and only 45% metal. And it's an alloy, too, so...Yeah."

As he eats, JR asks/interrogates 13.

"Any good with a gun, or was it just those Wolverine thingers? Got a pos kill count, cause from what I've seen..." He shakes his head, clicking his tongue.

"What? From what you've seen?" 13's eyes flare slightly, and Fly casts a worried look at the cyborg.

"It's just...I really seem to enjoy playin' the hero, s'all. I mean, chargin' out, jumping to save Fly.."

"So what?"

"Well, like Zoe says: Hero's somebody who gets other people killed. Oughta think about that 'fore Beylix, little buddy."

13 stands up, rigid and tense. "Trust me, once the fighting starts, I'll try to let as many people die as possible. Who's up for some Cokadine? Helps regulate my speech."


13, First Mate of the 'Heart of Haven'
and Honorary Forsaken


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:05 PM


*Pain was looking up at the ceiling when the com buzzed. Pain got up and pressed the button. He said into the com*

Yeah what do you want?

*Rico clicks the com button and says*

The doc's here to check on you, clean any open wounds, fix anything that might be broken.

*Pain hits the com button and says*

Fine send him in.

*Pain clicked off the com as the hatch to his bunk opened and the doc climbed in. The doc said to Pain*

So I see you got yourself into a fight. Can't imagine it did any good for your arm.

*Pain says a little annoyed as the doc goes over him*

Yeah yeah just do your job doc.

*The doc replies*

That's some kind of mouth you got. Your friend was a bit more fiesty, but then again anyone who had to have a broken rib attened to would.

*Pain bites dow on his lower lip, trying to control his anger as the doc finished cleaning up the blood on Pain. The doc says to him*

Well looks like you just had some cuts and bruises nothing major.

*The doc checks Pain's arm and says*

Well the good news is your arm isn't damaged, but I'd refrain from beating people with it for awhile.

*Pain grunts as the doc throws away the bloody rags and says*

Well I'll be going back to the infirmary. Hope you two can keep from killing each other til you two get back on your ship.

*At that the doc leaves as Pain sits back down. His mind was racing through the memories of him and Ertia together. A tear ran down his cheek.*

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:21 PM


OoC: here's a question, when in the Firefly timeline is this ?
-try it out, I dare you


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:26 PM


Well, we know River is a reader, but she's not entirely whole yet. I'd say somewhere after Objects, but prior to Serenity. I think we're kind of in an alternate Universe.


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:31 PM


the reason I ask is if it's before serenity then why not have a Serenity of our own, we don't even have to kill Wash, anyone else with me?
-try it out, I dare you


Monday, June 12, 2006 5:35 PM


I'm sorry. I'm not sure I understand. You want to go create a new Serenity without the canon characters?
Part of the fun for me in this thread is playing with the canon characters. *shrug*


Monday, June 12, 2006 6:24 PM


no, I want to run through Serenity as we are now
canon charecters and us, I thought it was a good idea, and we don't have to kill Wash
-try it out, I dare you


Monday, June 12, 2006 6:34 PM


Ah. You mean actually go through the Pilot Episode story-line?

Ertia, focused on her task, is suddenly reminded of something. She's left in such a hurry.... had she mentioned it? It was in her notes, she was sure, but...

Quickly, she taps out an encoded message, targeted to Serenity, hoping Wash is on the bridge and watching. She puts in a twenty minute dispersal, just in case anyone else is.

"Wash. Remind the Captain.


Monday, June 12, 2006 6:39 PM


no, I mean the movie
-try it out, I dare you






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