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Saturday, January 7, 2006 7:08 PM


The movie took off from where the series ended. Joss obviously wanted to create closure. The major cliffhange left by the series was"what is the deal with River?" Myself--I loved seeing River get to kick some serious ass. As far as killing off wash and Book--JW knew it was a feature film--and his last chance--there would be no sequel. He had to make it interesting for people who'd never seen the series--like me.


Saturday, January 7, 2006 7:26 PM



Originally posted by Wastegate13:
So no one likes my Macross theory?

Yeah, I liked it. In fact this would be a Joss kind of thing to do (imo)

Characters grow, people grow, at least I hope to the powers that be that all this agony I slog through pays off in actual growth! Sometimes growth means going through rough periods where you seem to be out of character when you:
are angrier and more unreasonable than usual (Mal),
pick up a weapon that was in your trunk on Serenity (Inara), stab Mal with a syringe and punch him in the face (Simon)
shoot a weapon (Kaylee and Simon)
check to see if everyone is strapped in when the ship is in freefall (Jayne)
put your brother's lights out (River)
kill people by shooting down a ship (Book)
move beyond the line seeking revenge (Zoe)
...because some force to be reckoned with presses you into a corner.

All ideas of the inherent differences between series/movies aside, Joss stories are never tame and predictable, which is part of what makes his work so remarkable. He'll do things every one of us disagrees with in the interest of telling a great story. This is easeir to accept with a fait accompli, so it gives me at least a little joy that some of y'all are still ranting about how much you hate the things Joss did in the movie. It means you perceive FF as a living creation, and not at all a deal dead and done. I don't see much bitching about the things people didn't like about, say, Jaynesville.

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Saturday, January 7, 2006 7:31 PM


I hate to tall ya this, but you are reading way way too freaken much into this here thing. You didn't like the movie fine got no prob with that. A bunch of examps though either I don't follow or see. Having seen both series and movie, actually saw the movie first loved it and brought me rest of way in to verse. As to your question of the Reavers heres a question for ya, have you ever heard of a battle called Mogadishu (sp?) ie Black Hawk down. How do you think the Somalie's brought down those Choppers? The milita that the Warlord had as his army/body guards were hyped up on drugs. When the op went down, they were at the height of the drug induced effects also a local Weapons bizzar was 2-3 blocks away. Thus we have ancient and modern day versions of the Reavers(refering to how much they are feared). Having them opporate a ship is not much of a strech or be able to patch up a ship. How do you think the civilizations/groups that practiced canabalism survived for the time that they did? There must have been something there huh. As to craft maybe they bought it in between. Remember the movie is supposed to take place a couple of months after the last episode. Thus in that time they could have stole,bought or some how gotten it. Its funny for everyone of your questions here I have at least one or more answers that work for me. Anyways hope you would take another look at it. To me your not enjoying the movie as it is and instead just nitpicking it to death. zannen ne. Everything is a dance, should try it sometime. Even in a sword fight were the intent is to spill the other guys blood, its still a dance (I should know since I do Japanese fencing Kendo)Trust me you ain't seen dancing yet till ya see what I and other people even more talented can do with it.
mata, Ookami yori

Surren have some interesting thoughts going on here.
Dancen?? Try Dancen when your facing a boy intent on spilling your blood w/ two blades and you only got one!


Sunday, January 8, 2006 6:39 AM



Originally posted by niskaandebert:
Joss obviously wanted to create closure. The major cliffhange left by the series was"what is the deal with River?"

I also felt that one of the big questions from the series is WTF is up with those Reavers?
I LOVED the resolution of the Reaver question...
I thought that that was amazing,
and totally believable (governments today wouldn't hesitate to try that on us...if they could only figure out a way...)


Really, what did you want, a movie with no tension or climax? A long re-make of Train Job but with an extended campfire scene?

actually what I would have REALLY liked is a movie like 'My Dinner with Andre' only having it be our BDHs sitting around a table, eating a good meal, and talking for two solid hours...
written by Joss that would have been great...
can't you just see it?



Sunday, January 8, 2006 6:45 PM



Re: "Sometimes growth means going through rough periods where you seem to be out of character...." ff.

You have remarkable insight and a fine manner of expressing yourself. You see things that bounce off my subconscious, and I find myself asking, "Why didn't I see that?"


Sunday, January 8, 2006 7:18 PM



Originally posted by adlai:
one more thing. look at this

Thanks for he link. Excellent article.

I haven't read all through the flurry of responses here, and I'm not sure I agree with every point you make, but I share your disappointment with the movie. If you have the DVD I'd watch a couple more times. It does get better, and there's still some of Whedon's great writing squeezed in there, but much of it was left out to make room for pointless action sequences. (Gotta keep the short attention span crowd from drifting - look at the monkey, look at the monkey!).

I think you'll find quite a lot of the fans left on the board are more interested in making excuses for the film rather than just admitting it wasn't all that great and considering why. I've actually come to like the movie and even found a few scenes within it that hit that magical place the series nailed so consistently. The final exchange between Mal and River is particularly reminiscent of the Firefly. But overall, while it's a good action/sci-fi movie on its own, it's pretty disappointing as a follow up to such a great series.

The most popular excuse is it HAD to be that way because it's a MOVIE. I don't buy that at all. It has to be that way if you insist on it being a fast paced action movie, but I don't get why that was the logical choice. It certainly wasn't what made the series so good.


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Sunday, January 8, 2006 7:56 PM



Originally posted by liminalosity:
In fact this would be a Joss kind of thing to do (imo)

This response is going to include a bit of what you might call a spoiler. But it's a spoiler that I use to ease my cold empty about Wash.

Another 'Joss thing' he mentioned in one of his commentaries in Buffy - no one really ever dies in his world. So I d*** well expect to see all of them again. Or I'm gonna be irritable and hard to light.

It's interesting to see how identity gets formed around texts/sports/nation/etc. By critiquing a movie in which emotion has been invested, it can become a personal attack, rather than a discussion of ideas. I'm glad to see everyone left the napalm in the cargo bay. It doesn't really smell like victory...


Sunday, January 8, 2006 8:04 PM


ack! this message board, and Firefly have taken over my life for the past week! I'm starved for a 2nd season!!

I'm sad that Book and Wash are dead. Wash was mainly comic relief... but Book's death is unforgivable, mainly because it kills off the thread of exploring his past. And yes, they are forever dead... Buffy after all was about supernatural demons and such. Of course, there is always clones...

Watching Serenity again, I've grown accustommed to it. And on balance it is better than most new Hollywood movies that I've seen recently (I've found that tv serials are vastly more satisfying than movies). Still, from an objective POV it's not as good as Firefly, and I don't like all the changes though I've accepted them.

This is going to be my last post in a long time (need to get back to real life!), I guess making me a "troll". Anyways, g'luck browncoats, I'm on your side :)


Sunday, January 8, 2006 8:36 PM



Originally posted by Ruxton:
You have remarkable insight and a fine manner of expressing yourself. You see things that bounce off my subconscious, and I find myself asking, "Why didn't I see that?"

Thanks, Rux. That was a swell thing to write.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006 8:36 PM


OK... i have to say i some what agree with you, i love the show but i would rather the movie would not have happend. that instead we got another seasson worth of the show that was not so rushed, so sloppy. but it was not all bad, it gave some of the characters more depth and it gave us more info on the world... i just think it could have been done better. If character were going to die i don't mind much as long as they go in a better fashion, something not so weak. but as for 'Inara' (NOT 'Enora' or how ever you spelled it.) she is a companion suposedly train in many arts even combat, tough not as traind as most other might be, any way to get to the point i think the inscens thing was silly, and they made her seem like she could not fight when she should have done a bit better (but not much.) She should have picked up a sword or knives we all know she was good at that. any way, to the point i think its shiny we got a movie i am thankful for it but it could have been better, i expected better. The movie had plenty of holes and i missed the western feel of it and you are so right simon was off in the movie (in janes town he could not lie to a mudder, in the movie he infiltrated a high security facility!) any way i think its nice to have it just for referance as in where joss might have taken the world but i myself would not bye the DvD unless there was the chanse of getting a new seasson or even a 2nd movie.

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