A Modest Proposal to the Firefly world

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Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:07 AM


I'm back from medical, financial, and personal emergencies just long enough to ask each of the interesting folks who post here, Ali and Phaedra and Hawkmoth and Guildsister among many others, to consider a challenge:

National Novel Writing Month.

From 11/1 to 11/30, a contest with yourself--to write a 50,000 word novel in those thirty days--is hosted at

No fees to enter. No one sees your work unless you want them to see it. No rights given away--you're the only owner the project has, and your rights are only to your wirds...Joss owns the 'Verse. No prize money. No judgments about how "good" your project is. Just a really, really cool thing: You've finished a novel by writing 1700 words a day. And yes, fanfic is okay on this site, because no ownership representations are made by anyone but you, to your own words.

Firefly fandom is a small and clubby world compared to, say, Star Trek fandom or even Stargate fandom. I love it, and I love the amazing what-ifs y'all each gift me with in my periodic visite to view your creative posts. Let's all start growing more writers to take up the cudgels of deconstructing and reconstructing our special shshared resource: the 'Verse.

If anyone decides to take up this challenge, from Samarkand to San Antonio to St. Tropez, I'd like to suggest that the words "Firefly" appear in the location with or without geogrpahical identity so it's easy to find the subject.

A modest proposal, made with eager anticipation by
Richard (NaNo name "Mudge the Expendable")






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