American Air Power

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I think I seen this way a decades ago from John Lee PirateNews he said the American Army wouldn't be an American Army anymore but AI Corporations and Robot Killer Machines which kill and murder humans...a war between international corporations, Obama/Bush giving awards for bravery to the Terminator drone army, people no longer flying and Bush and Obama's drone army replaces people with Terminator robots

This is where its at now, killing any side in Ukraine

even Iran has arrived

you don't think this stuff will one day arrive at the US-Mexico border?

and no person can see the insanity of war


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Pay attention...


The U.S. Military's Secret Speed Weapon: 90-Knot Super Carriers!


Monday, June 17, 2024 5:07 PM


does Zeihan touch his penis when he posts that crap?

You could have made an interesting thread but now your credibility is lost when you quote that moron selling books
click bait nonsense

That pedophile homosexual Zeihan is almost completely full of shit, he is deeply perverted

are you also going to quote where he says Argentina defeats the British, sinks the Royal Navy ships, blows up their military and wreck of of the British and their Airforce, beats England and destroys London?

Here the psycho Political special-Olympics retard discussing why Putin should ahve just Nuked Ukraine and maybe Israel dropping a few Nukes on Palestine troubles?

Here the pervert Zeihan claims the Far-Reichs are in civil war
is this some sadist fantasy he is posting?

Is his mentor George Friedman working for creepy Hungarian Jews, Euro bankers, or Israel and why does Zeihan go the other way, he keeps posting hype about Turkey and Japan?


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a little criticism in posts but maybe knocking political stupidity

Grit and Morale

This btw is not knocking the USA, as Army, Navy, Marines and Airforce go and now 'Space Force' the USA has the strongest and usually most respected Military on Earth even if it has been used wrong in politically wasteful war in recent years it is still usually greatly respected on the world stage. Mohammedans don't seem to value themselves much and the culture only gets to see a glimpse outside the prison of islam, this has been a political failure mostly and not an Airforce topic.

There is nothing that matches the US capability, Silent Helicopters, Ship Carriers, Drones, only China, Russia, United States can build what is classed as a 5th Generation Fighter, a newest generation Aircraft is expected to have Stealth, High maneuverability, prolonged supersonic cruise, Advanced avionics, eyes situation awareness, plus Multirole capabilities, they have looked at all kinds of new designs Air-to-surface missiles, Bunker busters, Rotary cannons, SAMs, Air to Air missiles, Laser-guided bomb, Planes that brawl and survive hits like the A-10 Warthog, protection of your base General purpose medium machine guns, Aircraft bombers, Transport Cargo Strategic airlifter, Satellites Weather Ballons, Manned Unmanned Drone Surveillance, some experiment UFO looking thing, Jamming electronic Warfare Aircraft, Maritime patrol Aircraft, Armored cars maybe the US Marines and US Army have better stuff, Rescue Helicopter, Nuclear ICBMs the USA will be ahead on all of it.

China is clearly one of the bigger players, they do not seem aggressive but have a constant launch of satellites, they have invested in robotics, they have hyper sonic missiles, devices listening and watching everywhere, they have advanced somewhat fast these past years but I see it more of a situation of Western Stagnation, they have X-projects Space Planes that Russians could only dream of doing

One-on-One probably any Japanese or European would beat Russia but Russia throws a lot of production and bodies into its military. Saudi Arabia is an exmaple of having high tech weapons but very stupid people ruling the country, Israel might be an example of arrogance, Israel although 'superior' and Lebanon hit Israel also suffered lots of Casualties and Losses 2006 Lebanon War.

I would say Russia still ranks high-ish in Airpower, they build most of the other weapons of the world even if Ukraine has exposed their weakness they still have a lot of tech from the ColdWar, the peaks of the 80s and new generation aircraft.
The Russian philosophy has not evolved they treat their people as meat grinders, North Koreans have an antique Airforce but might be able to strike thinking outside the box, on paper South Korea would beat North Korea but Seoul a center of the economy is only a few miles from the 'DPRK' border. When it comes to Fourth Generation or 4th Gen + out there are a lot of Aircraft out there from Russian Soviet MiG-29 or USAF F-16 Falcon, F/A-18 hornets, French Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Chinese Aircraft which might have been copying or got their ideas from Russia or Europe or the USA, the country of Sweden had an impressive arms industry until their latest aircraft started falling from the sky.

some of the next big players the British, French, Germans the Japanese and Italians, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Israel would also be up there as powerful nations, fighting off your own shores, near your backyard, preventing invasion like the Battle of Britain on your home turf and feeling like an Invader or fighting inside another country are two totally different war scenarios.
Some of these smaller European or Asian nations have industries where they build their own stuff.

India, Iran, the issues are Russia gives a lot of its tech to India, its has helped Iranian drones advance, it has also helped North Korea, it has supported Belarus, it is now selling to Latin America, the Middle East, Asia etc.

People looked at Russia's toys in the invasion of Ukraine and were not impressed, France now overtakes Russia as world’s No. 2 arms exporter

on paper the French have a great military

Morale, Grit? in reality France does not fight for long, quitting after round one they always surrender


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