Child sacrifice by Sandy Hook Church of Satan, Newtown is world HQ of Church of Satan

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 9:16 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Sacrificed Teacher, Victoria Soto. Note the distinguished
gentleman behind her flashing a Satanic gang sign.

Facebook funeral page for Victoia Soto posted

Update: Joo Michael Moore wants to see invisible photos from Sandy Hook massacre to ban all guns in USA


What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?
If you would like to recieve an official information packet on our Church of Satan outpost in Connecticut, (AKA Church of Tiamat) or if you have questions, write to:
Curtis M. LeBlanc []
PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470

Welcome to the Church of Satan Newtown, CT. That's right. After their San Francisco headquarters (HQ of Bohemian Club); P.O. Box 210666, San Francisco, CA 94121; the recruiting central is P.O. Box 3184, Newtown CT. The representative is Curtis M. LeBlanc who resides on West Street in Newtown. As the information goes, his E-mail address is That is even more scary.

Note the two youngest children are also doing the Baphomet hand sign. Sacrificing your first born is an honor.

I’m just playing the “Devil’s Advocate” here, but theoretically, what if, the coven in Newtown was approached to participate in “something big” that would ensure that they, and theirs, would hold an honored place not only in this world, but in Hell? If the Illuminati NWO wants to “get our guns”, it might not only require a dramatic event to trigger an emotional response from the general public, but a large, and highly prized sacrifice, to trigger the desired response from the “Powers That Be”. What is Black Magik? Getting demons and devils to trigger events for you from behind the scenes, in exchange for your Soul (or the Souls of those sacrificed).

It has understood that Mr. LeBlanc's domicile on West Street is a short drive to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Would the followers of Satan traverse the woods in red capes or hoods as the Grimm's fairy tale doodle implied? The map below outlines the route. You travel along Route 6, of course, until it turns into Route 816. I say that because it is a play on 666. 8+1 is nine which can be flipped to 6. The Route is called Church Hill Road. It leads directly to Sandy Hook.

Where the twilight shines to those who know their history is Church Hill Road. Your first inkling is to connect it to Winston Churchill, but there was another. He was Marlborough Churchill. He was a Colonel in the U.S. Army in WWI. He was head of American intelligence in the post war era. He was instrumental in setting up a police state surveillance grid in the 'homeland' that rivaled any. It is the twilight clue that this was an homegrown intelligence blackop. I am not alone in my surmise. Douglas J. Hagmann was interviewed on the Alex Jones show Thursday. He quoted sources in the Dept. of Homeland security that stated there would be another school shooting.

Adam Lanza is being revealed as a practicing Satanist. Should we be surprised? He had a devil worshipping page inscribed with 'DEVIL.' Is it any wonder his computer hard drive was smashed? It would easily blaze a trail to many respectable Satanists who infest corporate media and the government. It would be the red flag to the red cape of the occult.

Netizens are pointing out that the Parker family seems to be the only one revealed to the public at large. They highlight in these photos that even the children make the devil's horns. There are allegations Mr. Parker was acting while being interviewed by the media. En route to the microphone he was captured smiling from ear to ear. Then as the camera was turned on, he started his emotional speech. Who would smile after their child was murdered save and except Satan himself.


Former classmate reveals school gunman had ‘online devil worshiping page’

The Sandy Hook gunman worshiped the devil and had an online page dedicated to Satan, a former classmate revealed, as his childhood barber recalls Adam Lanza never spoke and would stare at the floor every time he had his hair cut.

Lanza’s worshiping page had the word ‘Devil’ written in red, Gothic-style letters against a black background, Trevor L. Todd told The National Enquirer, something which he said was ‘weird’ and ‘gave him the chills’.

The FBI are trying to piece together his smashed up hard drive to see if his online footprint will reveal any motive for the killing, but they strongly believe he made use of devil-worshiping and suicide sites and boasted of his murder plans on message forums.

Adam Lanza’s childhood barber Bob Skuba revealed today that Nancy Lanza stopped bringing her son in for haircuts a few years ago so he thought he had moved away from the area. He told CNN that Adam would never speak or even look at him any time he came in for a cut, which was every six weeks for years.

‘It’s just weird that I actually touched him. I’d tried to joke with him,’ Skuba said. ‘He wouldn’t even look at me. He would just be looking down at the tiles the whole time.

‘I wish I would have killed him then. Or he should have killed himself a long time ago. He would have saved us all the trouble. ‘I should have slit and stabbed him by accident. It would have been a lot better for those people.’

Cutting Adam Lanza’s hair ‘was a very long half an hour. It was a very uncomfortable situation’, stylist Diane Harty said. She said that she never heard his voice even once and that Nancy, a divorcee, also hardly spoke – only to tell Adam what to do as he would not listen to anyone else.

It also emerged today that the chief medical examiner in the massacre is enlisting the help of a geneticist to see if they can find a biological motive behind why the ‘troubled genius’ shot dead 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.

Dr H. Wayne Carver says he wants to know if there is any identifiable disease associated with the behavior of the shooter, especially as Asperger’s syndrome – which Adam is thought to have suffered from – is not associated with violent behavior.

‘I’m exploring with the department of genetics what might be possible, if anything is possible,’ Dr Carver said. ‘Is there any identifiable disease associated with this behavior?’

He is also awaiting toxicology results.

Sandy Hook Christian church funerals: Do these look like American cops to you?



What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?

The Church of Satan was founded by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, April 30th
1966 c.e. It was the first church based on the celebration of carnal
indulgences and pursuit of material happiness and success. (In
contrast to "spiritual enlightenment" and union with "God"). It was
literally meant as an eye-opener for those who would choose to cast
out false morality and blind faith, so to see with their own eyes and
think with their own minds, so that the human race could grow more
aware of itself rather than being clouded in self-righteous,
hypocritical deceit.

Satanists are driven to be leaders; they are strong and ambitious
individuals who are masters of the world and of themselves. Our
movement will enlighten those who act as predators, seeking material
rewards and victories as their needs meet. Likewise, it will leave
passive, non-thinkers to be enslaved in an increasingly demanding
world that they would naturally have to face regardlessly.

We do not favor trends or popular fanaticism because we can observe
for ourselves how those who partake in such behaviors are constantly
proven to fall into a mediocre category; always needing to be given
detailed instructions on how they should conduct themselves and how to
think. Television is their God. Satanists are above that. We
represent the minority of free-thinkers and innovators who constantly
pop-up in history as leaders, inventors, and "wise-men" of their time.

Obviously there are many calling themselves Satanists these days who
cannot and will not ever meet this standard. Satanism is a religion
enshrouded in mystery, and the arcane aspects of it are indeed to our
advantage. However, this sparks a temptation many times in the worst
candidates for our elitist movement, a temptation to try joining our
ranks and then consequently suffering their own folly while thinking
that they are receiving worthwhile attention. One of the most
unmistakable ways to recognize a pseudo-Satanist is that they commonly
make a self-initiated claim to the position of "Priest", "Magister" or
"Magus" long before the subject is suited or capable of handling such
a role. These labels represent a high-rank within our meritocracy,
and they cannot be misused. The pseudo-Satanist will aspire to this
position usually without any experience, credentials, reputation or
talent. A real Satanist doesn't concern himself with becoming a
Priest. A real Satanist pursues happiness and success, and if they
are fortunate enough to be ordained by the Church of Satan, then so be
it. Other wise, there are many other achievements to aspire to in
life and Satanists in various occupations are just as respected for
their own victories.

The Church of Satan was, is, and will always be the first above-ground
organization ever established in the name of a religion called
Satanism. It is advisable to check with any resources or persons what
their feelings are for the Church of Satan and the work of Anton LaVey
before accepting their authority. There is more inaccurate
information on the internet, and in other resources, about Satanism
than there is accurate information, and that is probably going to
remain a reality for a while, until real Satanists have achieved
enough momentum to overpower the reign of falsities, as we most
certainly will. Since we let everyone stand or fall on their own
merit, we don't get directly in their way. However, we do not tolerate
unqualified, self-ordained spokespersons and never will, so this
information is an important way of filtering them out. Real Satanists
will never become the majority. This is not a world with many leaders
and only a couple of followers. Nature's ineffable logic has never
made it that way for quite valid reasons.

The principles of the Satanic Bible, and the Satanic movement of the
Church of Satan DO NOT condone: neo-nazism, racism, child sacrifice,
animal sacrifice, child molestation, mandatory sex orgies, kidnapping,
or illegal drugs. All of these things either consist of or are in
themselves exemplatory of compulsive, irrational behavior which is not
desirable for the healthy lifestyle of Satanism. Let Christians who
don't know what to do with themselves out of abnormal self-denial and
neurosis abuse their altar boys - we don't need them anymore!

Church of Satan: PO Box 210666 San Francisco, CA 94121

If you would like to recieve an official information packet on our
Church of Satan outpost in Connecticut, (AKA Church of Tiamat) or if
you have questions, write to:

Curtis M. LeBlanc []

PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470

"The Oath of Fealty I bind my blood in Satan's hands, All this that lieth betwixt my hands To thee, the Beast, and thy control, I pledge me; body, mind, and soul. Pledge I swear to work my Work abhorred, Careless of all but one reward, The pleasure of the Devil our Lord."
—Aleister "The Beast 666" Crowley 33° Grand Inspector General Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and Frater Superior Baphomet XI°, SATANIC EXTRACTS

"But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."
—Aleister Crowley, MAGICK in Theory and Practice


Parker girl makes Satanic handsign with Obama at Sandy Hook


Wednesday, January 2, 2013 10:04 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Three shooters involved in Sandy Hook carnage

video interview:

A specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law said that there were three shooters at Sandy Hook massacre that left 26 people, including 20 children, dead.

“The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was the work of three. I say again three shooters. It’s possible that Adam Lanza was one of those three, although there is some doubt about that. Some people within the intelligence community don’t accept… I think he was involved,” Michael Shrimpton told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Tuesday.

On Dec. 14, Adam Lanza, 20, killed himself after he shot his mother and then slaughtered 20 first graders and six school staffers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in one of the worst school shootings in American history.

A family spokesman confirmed that Adam's father, Peter, claimed his son's body and that "private arrangements" for burial took place over the weekend

State Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver had said Sunday that the body of the gunman in the shooting had been claimed sometime last week. Lanza's burial site is being kept secret.

Carver has ruled Lanza's death a suicide but he is awaiting results of toxicology tests before completing the case.

See also:

White House wins fight to keep Obama's killings of Americans secret - A federal judge issued a 75-page ruling on Wednesday that declares that the US Justice Department does not have a legal obligation to explain the rationale behind killing Americans with targeted drone strikes.


Thursday, January 3, 2013 8:38 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!


Thursday, January 3, 2013 9:00 AM


-.-. ..- -- / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- . / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - .- . / . .-. .- - --..-- / - ..- -- / ... --- .-.. .. / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- ... / .... .- -... . ..- -. -


Thursday, January 3, 2013 4:43 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker serial killer says I LOVE YOU SATAN:

Howard Stern Show loves Satan:

Luciferian loves Satan:

Kurt Cobain loves Satan twice as much:

Billionaire Bono loves Satan:

Mousekateer Britney Spears loves Satan then carved 666 on her forheat in blood:

Dave Navarro loves Satan then married porn star Carmen Electra:

Apple Computers loves Satan so much they made Satan's apple its logo:

Jack Danials loves Satan:

McDonalds loves Satan by killing millions of customers:

Modles love Satan's All-Seeing Eye:

Photog Terry Richardson loves Satan and rapes models with Obama:

Tila Tequila loves Satan twice with her split personality possessed by the Devil:

Drew Barrymore loves Satan many times:

Jew Jack Black loves Satan:

Robert De Niro loves Satan and hookers:

Dick loves Satan:

Jackass loves Satan:

Matthew and Texas love Satan:

Justin Beaver loves Satan and dick:

Kevin Spacey loves Satan and Dick:

Jackass Stev-o loves Satan and buttchugging:

Meryl Streep loves Satan:

Jew Keifer Sutherland loves Satan and jailhouse dick:

Tennessean Quinton Tarrentino loves Satan and torture:

They all love the Texas Longhorns:

She must have meant Texas Longhorns, er, Santa:


Thursday, January 3, 2013 9:26 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Current police officer commander points out Sandy Hook psyop fakery to ban all guns:

The SGT asks did Adam Lanza die 3 years ago, since nobody has seen or talked to him, not even his brother and father?

Fake 'victims' that did not die at Sandy Hook, as confessed in Operation Northwoods:

Funny how Obama brings dead victims back to life!

Too bad he can't do that with drone strikes.



December 16, 2012

Department of Emergency Services &
Public Protection
Connecticut State Police
Public Information Office
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Additionally, “anyone who harasses or threatens the victims, victims’ families or witnesses of these horrific crimes, or who, in any manner interferes with the ongoing state or federal investigations will be referred for state and/or federal prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law. Harassment not only includes in-person contact, but also contact via the internet, social media, and telephone.” Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and MySpace. Harassment or interfering includes, but is not limited to, making claims of your involvement in the crime or making claims that hinder the advancement of the investigation.


Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook School. Adam Lanza was at the school one day before (working there installing the school's computer network) -- but all video evidence is missing:

Obama says the only reason he ran for president in 2012 was 'to have men with guns around him and his daughter at all times" -- to hell with everybody else:

US cops say OBAMA IS A CRIMINAL WHO MURDERED OVER 200 PEOPLE in Operation Fast & Furious by giving 20,000 guns to the Mexican mafia in a false flag attack on the 2nd Amendment, plus laughing Parker father says Emily "IS" alive and he's teaching his 'dead kid' Portuguese (so they can flee to Brazil with his 'dead' daughter) and HE IS "RAISING MONEY FOR EMILY" WHO DOES NOT NEED MONEY IF SHE'S REALLY "DEAD":

CNN's British MI6 faggot Piers Morgan says he "wants to suck on Ted Nugent's machine gun":

"About the whole no guns thing -- I'm not so sure I feel as strongly about it as you do."
-Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises


Thursday, January 3, 2013 11:33 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Sacrificed Teacher, Victoria Soto. Note the creepy old man behind her flashing a Satanic gang sign

Facebook funeral page for Victoia Soto posted FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE SANDY HOOK SHOOTING:

'Replacement' FB funeral page for Victoria Soto 'after' the 'shootings':

Hitler disarmed Germany by staging false flag sniper attacks at German radio stations by shooting patsy prisoners dressed as Polish soldiers.


Friday, January 4, 2013 5:54 AM


-.-. ..- -- / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- . / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - .- . / . .-. .- - --..-- / - ..- -- / ... --- .-.. .. / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- ... / .... .- -... . ..- -. -

Have you been a shock attention whore your whole life or is this a rather recent trend for you?


Saturday, January 5, 2013 9:00 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Laughing father of 'dead' girl wants your money:


Saturday, January 5, 2013 9:11 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

THE MIRACLE OF SANDY HOOK! Old Sandy Hook School closed forever, new "Sandy Hook" School illegally opens in another county in another district without any public debate or tax revenue.

Forget about preserving the crime scene, there's no way students and teachers can be allowed to see the total lack of bullet holes at Old Sandy Hook School!


Saturday, January 5, 2013 9:16 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!


Originally posted by ARLO:
Have you been a shock attention whore your whole life or is this a rather recent trend for you?

Are you intellectually capable of formulating an intelligent response to this:


Hitler disarmed Germany by staging false flag sniper attacks at German radio stations by shooting patsy prisoners dressed as Polish soldiers.

To Push Gun Control, Obama Releases Photo of Himself During Sandy Hook

Obama Takes a First Step on Gun Control After Sandy Hook

QUESTION: "Was Sandy Hook an Inside Job by Obama?"
ANSWER: "This question has been deleted"


"We need to brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way."
-US attorney general Eric Holder, Operation Fast and Furious, CSPAN2

Just tell yourself it's a Joss Whedon TV show, not a nutbag in the White House!


Saturday, January 5, 2013 2:07 PM


America loves a winner!


"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." - Socrates

" I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. "


Saturday, January 5, 2013 8:39 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Handgun owner Joe Biden is the guy who killed his wife and kids with a loaded CAR, named his kids BOW HUNTER, and sends his son to Iraq kill women and children with a loaded GUN:

Boston Mayor: Vice President Biden “Guaranteed” Gun Control Reform BEFORE Sandy Hook Shooting

A leading gun control advocate who co-chairs a national committee with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that the Vice President, Joe Biden, personally promised him that Obama will pass sweeping firearms reforms by the end of the month.

Boston Mayor, Thomas M. Menino, co-chair of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organisation, told reporters at the City Hall that Biden had “guaranteed” him that far reaching gun control measures would be quickly implemented in 2013.

“He said, ‘Tommy, I guarantee you, we’ll get it done by the end of January,’” Menino said, adding that Biden had telephoned him several times to discuss gun control over the past two months.

“They’re going to get it done.” Menino said, intimating that Biden had made promises to him before the latest school shooting had even occurred.

Menino has spent most of his time hospitalized since October with a range of ailments. It was this ongoing illness that seemingly prompted the calls from Biden.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns organisation group has lobbied Obama to introduce broad gun reform measures since his election in 2008. The group, consisting of around 500 mayors nationwide, has called for further empowering the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to crack down on the proliferation of firearms.

Among their recommendations has been a call to allow ATF agents greater discretion to conduct criminal investigations and background checks at gun shows. “Criminal activity endemic to some gun shows goes unchecked” the group noted in a 2009 report.

“I understand the second amendment, the right to bear arms. But I don’t understand how young kids should be able to get guns,” Menino said.

The Mayor added that Obama now has “no excuse not to pass strong (gun reform) legislation,” given that he no longer has to worry about getting re-elected.

“It’s time to get this moving and moving quickly,” Menino said. “Let’s do it now.”

Earlier this week, an Obama administration official told The Huffington Post, that the president plans to quickly push for new gun control measures beginning this month:

The official, who spoke about legislative plans only on condition of anonymity, said that coming standoffs over deficit reduction are unlikely to drain momentum from other priorities. The White House plans to push forward quickly, not just on immigration reform but gun control laws as well. menino_veep_promised_him_fast_action_gun_control reform_n_2398507.html
- reform-before-sandy-hook-shooting/ content/article/2009/10/02/AR2009100205150_2.html


Sunday, January 6, 2013 10:01 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Black mayor Corey Booker pays $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors:

Obama says he'll never ban guns (and will stop torture, close Gitmo, end all wars, balance the budget):

America's covert drone war killed 168 children in Pakistan


Monday, January 7, 2013 9:26 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Traffic jam after 'trffic accident' kills Dark Knight Rises prop master Scott Getzinger from Newtown CT

Newtown man dies in Stamford accident

Staff reports
Stamford Advocate
April 7, 2012

STAMFORD, CONN. -- A 46-year-old Newtown man who worked behind the scenes on numerous blockbuster films was killed in a head-on accident on the Merritt Parkway Friday evening.

Scott Getzinger, a property master who provided props for more than 25 films, including "Spider-Man," "Independence Day," "The Truman Show" and the upcoming "Men in Black III" and "The Dark Knight Rises," died at Stamford Hospital after sustaining severe injuries.


Scott Getzinger (1965–2012)

Getzinger suffered multiple broken bones, but was described as conscious and alert after being cut out of the 2002 Ford F-150 pickup truck he was driving. State police initially characterized his injuries as non-life threatening.

The accident was reported at 7:02 p.m. when a 1999 Lexus RX300 driven by Alexandra Orteig, 18, of New Canaan lost control while traveling south on the parkway near Exit 36 and spun around, striking the center median guardrail and crossing over the highway into the northbound lanes.

Getzinger was driving northbound in the right-hand lane when the Lexus SUV slammed head-on crushing the front-end of his truck.

Orteig and a 17-year-old passenger also from New Canaan were also taken to Stamford Hospital. Orteig was admitted overnight and released Saturday. The passenger was not admitted to the hospital.

The accident shut down both sides of the parkway in Stamford for about 90 minutes as volunteer firefighters from Turn of River Fire Department worked to cut Getzinger out of the truck and paramedics attended to all three victims.

State police said the accident is under investigation and no charges have been filed.

Getzinger's family declined to comment.


Batman Prop Master Died In Newtown, Connecticut 8 Months Prior To School Massacre Under Mysterious Conditions

According to Master Propsman’s Scott Gettzinger’s IMDB page, his date of birth was December 30th, 1965. He was born in Branford, Connecticut. He died on April 7th, 2012. He lived, and died, in Newtown, Connecticut after a car accident. State police initially classified his injuries as non-life-threatening.

Scott’s nickname was Goober. Scott was the Property Master on many movies, coincidentally, he was also the Property Master for The Dark Knight Rises. What is the Property Master responsible for? From Wikipedia:

The property master is an artistic and organizational employee in a film, television or theatrical production who is responsible for purchasing, acquiring and/or manufacturing any props needed for a production. The property master also works with other members of the production managing the physical appearance of the stage or set, for example they might work with the script supervisorto maintain set continuity. The property master is on staff during preproduction, develops the stylistic concept of the physical production, then continues on as a member of the physical shooting/production crew.

His biography in 2012/2013 alone was stunning:

Blood Ties (property master) (post-production)
2013 Masters of Sex (TV movie) (property master) (post-production)
2012 The Dark Knight Rises (property master: New York)
2012 Men in Black 3 (property master: New York)

One bloggers theory on the entire Sandy Hook school shootings goes something like this: “They essentially hijacked a town and flooded it with actors! There are multiple levels at work here… On one level they will create a new headline for the noose… GUN CONTROL…. On the other hand… The dark energies FEED off your FALSE PRAYERS! If children did die and people did pray then those prayers help to heal all. But if there were no actual murders… ALL THAT ENERGY IS FED TO THEM!!!”

Was it really all a ‘big production’? If so, is that why they killed off the prop master, after it had been all planned out, props acquired? Scott Getzinger worked as the prop master for The Dark Knight Rises. He lived and died in Newtown, Connecticut. Coincidence?




Tuesday, January 8, 2013 3:51 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Sandy Hook School Shooting Tribute Video UPLOADED 1 MONTH BEFORE Sandy Hook School 'Massacre' ---

Selling Operation Northwoods false-flag 'terrorist massacres' as Standard Operating Procedure for the US Govt:

SANDY HOOK school shooting predicted in Dark Knight Rises

Sandy Hook Timeline

Sandy Hook False Flag Massacre by Israeli Mossad, Sandy Hook resident in Satanic Illuminati Collins bloodline wrote Hunger Games in Sandy Hook with 22 kids murdered by ritual sacrifice

No dead bodies in Sandy Hook School photos

Professor says Sandy Hook 'Massacre' was a fake psyop by Obama using 'crisis actors'

'Dead' Sandy Hook 'victim' Jesse Lewis partied with Obama after Sandy Hook 'Massacre'

Omama and Biden's Gun Ban Task Force cop has son convicted of school shooting with cop's gun

Woman raped in Victim Disarmament Zone jailed for 'perjury' wins $1.5-million from filthy pigs, buys bullets, Congress redefines rape as faggot buttsex

"We need to brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way."
-US attorney general Eric Holder, Operation Fast and Furious, CSPAN2


Thursday, January 10, 2013 8:14 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!



"Trained Players and Actors Making It Real. Helping schools and first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films. A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver's leading professional actors studio. Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places. The actors’ stage acting experience, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary American theater, enables them to "stay in character" throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios. The actors regularly rehearse scenarios involving the Incident Command System and crisis communications, and appear in interactive training films produced in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D. Producers Jennifer McCray Rincon and John Simmons formed the group to demonstrate emerging security technologies, help first responders visualize life-saving procedures, and assist trainers in delivering superior hands-on crisis response training. For example, with a large shopping center, the producers review all security camera views and design dramatic scenes specifically for existing camera angles, robotic camera sweeps, and manually-controlled camera moves. The actors can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall. Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites. We are outraged by Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy's deliberate promotion of rumor and innuendo to link Crisis Actors to the Sandy Hook shootings of December 14, 2012. We do not engage our actors in any real-world crisis events, and none of our performances may be presented at any time as a real-world event. James Tracy's so-called research is copied almost verbatim from a tightly-connected group of hate blogs and YouTube channels that use only one another as sources. From the thousands of comments of these sites' devoted followers, one thing is clear. They are nothing but thrill-seekers using any pretext to vent their irrational hate against the Sandy Hook community and a nation of mourners."

Professor says Sandy Hook 'Massacre' was a fake psyop by Obama using 'crisis actors'


Thursday, January 10, 2013 8:38 AM


-.-. ..- -- / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- . / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - .- . / . .-. .- - --..-- / - ..- -- / ... --- .-.. .. / .--. .-. --- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. - / -.-. .- - .- .--. ..- .-.. - .- ... / .... .- -... . ..- -. -

I think you and Jim Tracy have a lot in common and would get along famously.

sincerely, 1933


Thursday, January 10, 2013 9:30 AM


Gettin' old, but still a hippie at heart...

Geez, and here I thought this might be an actual THREAD...y'know, with discussions and stuff. Turns out it's only PN responding to HIMSELF endlessly, with his usual asinine graphics--some the same ones we've seen over and over and over, ad nauseum, for ages.

Have you been a shock attention whore your whole life or is this a rather recent trend for you?

What I wonder about is how in HELL he can supposedly make money off this shit, when he must spend an enormous amount of time seeking it out and posting it in such volumes.

I wish someone would get him some help...or just distract him away from HERE at least! He's on a real roll lately--isn't there somewhere else he needs to post all this ?

Tit for tat got us where we are today. If we want to be grownups, we need to resist the ugliness. If we each did, this would be a better reflection on Firefly and a more welcome place. I will try.


Friday, January 11, 2013 5:47 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Kosher homo Commie Operative Nikovich2


Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist

by H. Michael Sweeney
Spring/Summer 2003

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary 'attack the messenger' ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as 'kooks', 'right-wing', 'liberal', 'left-wing', 'terrorists', 'conspiracy buffs', 'radicals', 'militia', 'racists', 'religious fanatics', 'sexual deviates', and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

6. Hit and Run. In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer. This works extremely well in Internet and letters-to-the-editor environments where a steady stream of new identities can be called upon without having to explain criticism, reasoning -- simply make an accusation or other attack, never discussing issues, and never answering any subsequent response, for that would dignify the opponent's viewpoint.

9. Play Dumb. No matter what evidence or logical argument is offered, avoid discussing issues except with denials they have any credibility, make any sense, provide any proof, contain or make a point, have logic, or support a conclusion. Mix well for maximum effect.

17. Change the subject. Usually in connection with one of the other ploys listed here, find a way to side-track the discussion with abrasive or controversial comments in hopes of turning attention to a new, more manageable topic. This works especially well with companions who can 'argue' with you over the new topic and polarize the discussion arena in order to avoid discussing more key issues.

18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can't do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how 'sensitive they are to criticism.'

Examples & response:

'Conspiracy Theories' COINTELPRO thesis by Obama Czar
Obama's Kosher Czar Cass Sunstein demands false-flag domestic terrorism to blame patriot patsies

Wikileaks CIA Psywar introduced by kosher Cass Sundstein: No Serious Derogatory Information about US, UK, Israel

Cabinet Office's Behavioural Insight Team copies Obama's Jew Czar Cass Sundstein eugenics model of infiltration, forced sterilization via the water supply and false flag terrorism

“After years of secretly monitoring the public, we were astounded so many people would willingly publicize where they live, their religious and political views, an alphabetized list of all their friends, personal emails addresses, phone numbers, hundreds of photos of themselves, and even status updates about what they were doing moment to moment. It is truly a dream come true for the CIA.”
-Deputy CIA Director Christopher Sarinsky

Noah Shachtman at Danger Room finds a 2006 report written for U.S. Special Operations Command that suggests ways the military should deal with the blogosphere. One suggestion is for the military to hire bloggers to “pass the U.S. message“: Information strategists can consider clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers or other persons of prominence…to pass the U.S. message. … On the other hand, such operations can have a blowback effect, as witnessed by the public reaction following revelations that the U.S. military had paid journalists to publish stories in the Iraqi press under their own names. People do not like to be deceived, and the price of being exposed is lost credibility and trust. An alternative strategy is to “make” a blog and blogger. The process of boosting the blog to a position of influence could take some time, however, and depending on the person running the blog, may impose a significant educational burden, in terms of cultural and linguistic training before the blog could be put online to any useful effect. Still, there are people in the military today who like to blog.

"Mindwar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war. In its strategic context, mindwar must reach out to friends, enemies and neutrals alike across the globe. through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth. These media are, of course, the electronic media—television and radio. State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world."
-U.S. Army, "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory", by accused pedophile Lt Col Michael Aquino founder of the Temple of Set and member of the Church of Satan, authr of "The Church of Satan"

"Information strategists can consider clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers or other persons of prominence… to pass the U.S. message. In this way, the U.S. can overleap the entrenched inequalities and make use of preexisting intellectual and social capital. Sometimes numbers can be effective; hiring a block of bloggers to verbally attack a specific person or promote a specific message may be worth considering. Hacking the site and subtly changing the messages and data—merely a few words or phrases—may be sufficient to begin destroying the blogger’s credibility with the audience."
US Special Operations Command, Joint Special Operations University, "Blogs and Military Information Strategy"

10 Tips for Viral Marketers from a Military Propaganda Manual for Rumor Targets: "The successful propaganda rumor is self-propelling in a high degree, retains its original content with a minimum of distortion, and confirms to strategic requirements."

Pentagon calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

Washington Post: U.S. Information Warfare Operation Takes Down Website Used to Plan Attacks on Americans Inside Iraq; The Website Was Set Up and Run by CIA

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
-Edward Bernays (grandson of Dr Sigmund Freud), US Creel Commission, "Propaganda" (1928)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
—William Colby, Director CIA, assassinated 60,000 people via CIA Death Squads in Vietnam Wars with Phoenix Project ("drowned" in a suspicious "canoe crash" while cooking dinner in Washington DC, during Congressional Hearings and court testimony about CIA's MKULTRA Project Monarch kidnapping, rape, torture and snuff kiddie porn perped by CIA and homo pedophile narcoterror kingpin traitor George Bush Sr)

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
-William Casey, CIA Director (first staff meeting with Reagan/Bush in 1981)

"Half of writing history is hiding the truth."
-Mal, STM

"It means an Operative... That's trouble you've not known.... They'll come at you sideways. That's how They think, that's how They move. Sidle up with a smile. Hit you where you're weak. That sort of man is hard. Kills and never asks why."
-Shepherd Book (Alliance Operative, retired, in fear of assassination by Alliance "to keep his official secrets secret"), STM

"It's worse than you know."
-The Operative (Commie MI6/CIA), STM
"It usually is."
-Mal, STM

"I don't murder children."
-Mal, STM
"I do, if I have to. I'm a monster. What I do is evil. I have no allusions about that but it must be done. You will never understand how...
-The Operative (Commie MI6/CIA), STM

The Operatives get burned out murdering children, so every now and then Uncle Scam lets them simulate a wargame of murdering little children, justto make them fell better about themselves and not go totally bonkers insane.

No blood or dead bodies at Sandy Hook School

Colonel James Fetzer US Marine Corps: Sandy Hook Is a Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op”

"I'm surprised that there is something that PN and I can finally agree on."


Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:15 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Sandy Hook bicycle resident "shot" in Batman movie massacre, now works for jew billionaire Mayor Bloomberg to ban all guns in USA (bonus: how to fake severe injuries on face):

Newtown Town Clerk Seeks to Block Access To Sandy Hook "Death Certificates"

Turns out the Sandy Hook school was closed several weeks before the "shooting" -- thus there were no classes for kids to be shot in. Which explains why the new school was "approved" without any public meeting or vote, and the old school is being demolished.

Or I will shoot you!

Pregnant Woman Body-Slammed, Hog-Tied By California Police Over Cell Phone Use In Car Wins $250,000 Settlement – Disturbing Video Footage:


Friday, February 22, 2013 1:24 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

"JOYFUL" SANDY HOOK CIA agent Stephen Barton worked for the president of USA, did TV ads for billionaire mayor Bloomberg to ban legal guns in USA, IS NOW WORKING IN RUSSIA after being SHOT 25 TIMES in the Batman Dark Knight Movie Massacre!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: thepaulstalservice for this brilliant video!


This is NOT RANDOM people! Stephen is well prepared for his part in this hoax w/ multiple college degrees: Russian Language (CIA), Literature, Culture; International Relations and Economics! He: Assisted the Chief Of Staff by gathering background information & doing detailed research on 911 (so has a relationship w/ the CIA & Gov't), & he was editor & member of the the government's Interactive Peer THEATER TROUPE working with school kids so has an interest & experience in ACTING!


Theater Troupe/Peer Education Project


The Theater Troupe/Peer Education Project (TTPEP) aims to prevent substance use and other unhealthy behaviors among school-aged youth through peer education. Participants, usually youth of middle school age, are presented with an interactive theatrical performance, followed by two workshops. The performance is conducted by a troupe of high school students who have been recruited and trained in the areas of theater, health, and peer education. The aim of the performance is to increase the audience members' knowledge of social norms; modify their attitudes, beliefs, and intentions about substance use; and provide them with peer refusal skills. The performance begins with a skit in which troupe members act out situations involving peer pressure, social acceptance, and substance use, as well as responses to these situations. Troupe members remain in character for a question-and-answer session with the audience to discuss their characters' histories and portrayals of the various situations in the skit. In the final component of the performance, the troupe members, now out of character, facilitate a peer discussion on the issues. At the end of the performance, audience members receive information about substances, including the prevalence of use by school-aged youth.

Within 1-2 weeks of the theatrical performance, a "reality" workshop is held, during which recovering young adults share their personal stories and answer questions from participants. One week after the reality workshop, a skill-building workshop is held to reinforce what participants learned through the performance and the first workshop. Participants also identify overt and covert pressures to use substances, learn about resistance skills through educational activities, and practice these skills through role-playing exercises.

Although TTPEP has been provided primarily to students in urban middle schools, it also has been provided at elementary and high schools and in residential centers, detention facilities, and other settings. In the study reviewed for this summary, the intervention was provided to 7th graders.


And he fucking teaches English and law in RUSSIA while bicycling from Sandy Hook to Colorado to watch a Batman Massacre movie!!!!


Stephen Barton, Dark Knight Movie Massacre victim from Sandy Hook

2012–2013 Fulbright Scholar in Russia
Greater New York City Area International Affairs

Join LinkedIn and access Stephen Barton’s full profile.

As a LinkedIn member, you'll join 200 million other professionals who are sharing connections, ideas, and opportunities. And it's free! You'll also be able to:
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View Full Profile

Stephen Barton's Overview
Past Campus Campaign Coordinator at Teach for America
President at Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Beta Epsilon Chapter
Co-Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity - Syracuse University

see all
Education Syracuse University
Davis School of Russian at Middlebury College
411 connections

Stephen Barton's Experience

Campus Campaign Coordinator

Teach for America

Nonprofit; 1001-5000 employees; Education Management industry

May 2011– May 2012 (1 year 1 month)Syracuse University

• Successfully recruited 32 students to the 2012 teaching corps, the 2nd largest recruitment ever at Syracuse.

• Planned and executed information sessions, class presentations, and publicity campaigns on campus.

• Worked extensively with a SalesLogix database to collect information on 400+ potential candidates gathered from personal networking, presentations, Internet research, etc.


Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Beta Epsilon Chapter

Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Nonprofit Organization Management industry

April 2011– April 2012 (1 year 1 month)Syracuse University

• Chaired weekly meetings of over 70 members and an executive board of 10 members.

• Oversaw risk management at fraternity events.

• Acted as a public liaison between Phi Sigma Pi and the administration and students.

Co-Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity - Syracuse University

November 2010– January 2012 (1 year 3 months)Syracuse University

• Managed a $70,000 fundraising campaign to build a house downtown.

• Allocated approximately $30,000 of student government funds to finance advocacy events, fundraisers, and alternative break trips.

• Presided over a membership body of over 200 students and an executive board of 15 officers.

• Sent over 100 students to various build sites in the southern United States on alternative break trips.

Undergraduate Representative

College of Arts & Sciences Promotion & Tenure Committee

October 2010– April 2011 (7 months)Syracuse University

• Investigated cases on a three-person subcommittee by interviewing faculty and students.

• Distilled reports that often exceeded 200 pages into short summaries.

• Presented subcommittee reports to faculty and the Deans of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Maxwell School during meetings.

President's Office Intern

The National September 11 Memorial

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Nonprofit Organization Management industry

June 2009– August 2009 (3 months)New York City

• Assisted the chief of staff by gathering background information and conducting detailed research on various topics pertaining to 9/11.

• Prepared briefing memoranda and policy proposals for the president, chief of Staff, board members, and mayor.

• Helped prepare the arrangement of victims' names on the memorial.

• Entered victims' information into the memorial names database and helped to verify its accuracy.

• Organized and filed thousands of documents pertaining to the verification of victims' names and personal information by next-of-kin.

Stephen Barton's Skills & Expertise

Canon DSLR Photography

Stephen Barton's Education

Syracuse University

B.A./B.A./B.S., Russian language, literature, and culture; international relations; economics

2008 – 2012

Activities and Societies: Habitat for Humanity, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, e5m Interactive Peer Theater Troupe, Advocacy Center Newsletter, Take Back The Night

Davis School of Russian at Middlebury College


2010 – 2010

• ?????? ?? ?????? ?????; ??????? ?????? "?"

• ? ??? ????????? ?? "????? ??????? ????????????? ????????????."

Activities and Societies: ???? ??????? ??????, ??????????? ???????, ???????????? ????

Stephen Barton's Additional Information

Russian history, culture, and language; international diplomacy; photojournalism
Groups and Associations:
Canon EOS Digital Photography

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Inc.

Remembrance Scholars

Syracuse University Alumni Network

Syracuse University: Study Abroad Alumni

Honors and Awards:
2012-2013 Fulbright Scholar –
Will be teaching English at the Institute for Economics, Management, and Law, in Kazan, Russia.

Syracuse University Coronat Scholar –
Merit-based full scholarship with a yearly stipend and summer funding (has since changed to a tuition-only award).

SU Scholar –
Highest undergraduate academic honor; bestowed to 12 graduating seniors.

2012 Senior Class Marshal –
?warded to 2 seniors from the graduating class on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and service to SU and the greater community.

2012 College of Arts & Sciences Marshal –
Similar criteria for Senior Class Marshal; awarded to 3 seniors from the graduating class of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Remembrance Scholar –
Awarded to 35 seniors in honor of the SU students who perished during the terrorist attack on Pan-Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988.

3rd Place in SU Abroad Photography Contest –
Selected from almost 250 entries.

Srlsy, what ARE the ODDS??? (He's from Southbury, 9 miles from sandy hook. THIS IS the guy who was taken by POLICE CAR to the hospital from the Aurora theater~~How often do you EVER hear of THAT happening? NEVER! So WHY was he given preferential treatment for his buckshot wounds?


Bad CIA cyclist Stephen Barton photographs his Batman ticket minutes before the "Movie Massacre"

Stephen Barton and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent, who graduated together from Pomperaug High School in Connecticut four years ago, dipped the rear wheels of their bicycle tires in the Atlantic Ocean on June 6 and headed out for a 4,500-mile, winding trek across the country.

Stephen Barton had just graduated from Syracuse University, where he was selected to give the student commencement speech. Rodriguez-Torrent had just finished his next-to-last year at Yale University, where he will graduate in 2013 with combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

During a stop in Colorado, more than 2,000 miles into their trip, they decided to catch the opening day of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” They bought tickets for the 12:05 a.m. show on Friday; Barton posted on Instagram a photo of his left hand – in a bicycling glove – holding the movie ticket.

Barton and Rodriguez-Torrent were in their seats near the middle of the Century 16 Theater in Aurora when a gunman opened fire. The shooter killed 12 and wounded 60 more. Barton was struck in the neck and chest with shotgun pellets; Rodriguez-Torrent wasn’t hit.

Stephen Barton underwent surgery early Friday morning to remove pellets from his neck and chest, said his brother, David Barton.

“He’s in high spirits,” said David Barton, 27, of New York City, who spoke to his brother by phone. “He’s feeling great, to use his words.”

David Barton said he and his brother didn’t talk about the chaotic scene inside the theater.

Stephen Barton was a triple major in international relations, economics and Russian language. His Twitter profile consists of a quotation from Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.

He was also a Remembrance Scholar, an award that honors the SU students killed in the 1988 airline bombing above Scotland (PAN AM 103 BLOWN UP BY THE CIA ACCORDING TO PAN AM).

Barton planned to teach English in Russia this fall, said Francine D’Amico, an international relations professor at SU and Barton’s academic adviser.

Barton was never a serious cyclist, his brother said.

“This was kind of out of the blue where they had said this is something they wanted to do,” said David Barton. “It was a way to personally prove to themselves they can bike across the country and at the time see the country.

Barton had won a full scholarship to attend SU, and won numerous awards throughout his career, including a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Grant for 2012-2013.

Barton also edited the newsletter of SU’s Advocacy Center, belonged to a peer education theater group, and helped plan the annual Take Back the Night rally against sexual violence, according to SU’s web site.

He now works directly for billionaire jew mayor Bloomberg to ban all guns in USA:


Earlier this year, Stephen Barton was shot 25 times in the face, neck, hand, chest, shoulder and forearm in the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo., during the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. This week, he will take his scars on the national stage.

Barton appears in a 30-second ad produced by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that calls for stricter gun control laws. The ad airs this week in Washington, D.C., and Denver, including a primetime slot before the first presidential debate on Wednesday night, which will be held a few miles from Aurora. “We can’t think of a better time to talk about this,” Barton told The Daily Beast.

Holmes’s shotgun jammed and the gunshots stopped. Barton ran for the back left emergency exit and was quickly transported to the Medical Center of Aurora, where he and another person were the first victims of the attack to arrive at the emergency room. He was taken into surgery and woke up a few hours later.

“I remember the strongest feeling being joy that I had made it through the night,” he said.

Barton decided to defer his Fulbright teaching scholarship in Russia to work for Mayors "for" Illegal Guns (not Mayors AGAINST Illegal Guns).

In the ad, Barton sits in an empty movie theater as pictures of his massive scars flash across the screen. “This past summer in a movie theater in Colorado I was shot in the face and neck,” he says. “But I was lucky. In the next four years, 48,000 Americans won’t be so lucky because they’ll be murdered with guns in the next president’s term.” That figure, an average of the last five years of available data from the Centers for Disease Control, includes mass murders and gang violence, and excludes suicide.

Yeah, most people can still RUN after being shot 25 times!!!! AND SHOOTING VICTIMS OF MASS MURDER ARE ALWAYS "FULL OF JOY" AFTER BEING SHOT 25 TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!

Weeks after being "shot 25 times" LAUGHING SMIRKING Sandy Hook CIA agent Barton appeared in this TV advert for jew mayor Bloomberg to ban all guns in USA, before moving to Russia to work for the CIA:

Sandy Hook CIA agent Stephen Barton in charge of banning guns in USA is now living in jew Commie Russia



Tuesday, March 5, 2013 5:02 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

When someone tells a lie, they usually get caught! In this short video, Emilie Parkers' Aunt, Jill Cottle Garrett, claims that Emilie has big sisters, but the problem is that Emile IS the big sister!

WTF?! Actor 'parents' laughing then faking tears for Sandy Hook press con psyop


Saturday, April 6, 2013 3:39 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!'s not just for low-level govt patsies.

Corrupt judge approves use of 'truth serum' (confession serum) on accused Aurora shooter James "White Muslim Al Qeada" Holmes


Thursday, May 2, 2013 2:55 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Robbie Parker's missing twin brother is a crisis actor in Hollywood


Brett/BK/USA. I'm a below the knee amputee. I play soccer and run track, I'm more involved in track right now training for the 200 and 400m. I have never modeled before but I'm very interested in doing this. I think I have what it takes to become a model.

AMPUTEES IN HOLLYWOOD: We are ready to work with you on your next film project !

Shooting victim's dad Robbie Parker: 'This world is a better place because she was murdered HAHAHA'

Sandy Hook: The Curious Case Of Emilie Parker

Project Censored: Amputee crisis actors at Israeli Boston Marathon bomb drill


Thursday, May 2, 2013 8:16 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

It's perfectly normal for large groups of sheeple to walk in circles during genocidal mass shootings.

In Firefly the Alliance merged the US flag with the flag of Communist China


Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:49 PM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!


22yr Old Activist Charged With Making Threats to State Officials for Investigating Sandy Hook

An independent investigator from New York was arrested for asking state officials questions and discussing the investigation on YouTube. His bail is set at $50,000.

As so called terrorist attacks and mass shootings seem to be happening more frequently, the criminal police state is cracking down on activists exercising their right to free speech , and making ludicrous examples out of clearly innocent people.

Activist Jonathan Reich has been charged with making threats to state officials , particularly medical examiner Wayne Carver, after allegedly calling his office and questioning the official Sandy Hook narrative.

Perhaps more importantly, he posted YouTube videos in which he pointed out Dr. Wayne Carver’s strange behavior and irritability when being asked questions on the day of the shooting. Not only that, but since his arrest, his YouTube account has been suspended.

For independently investigating this event and calling a ‘state official’, he is being charged with making threats to state officials, and his bail is set at $50,000. So when will activists not be locked in cages for unconstitutional laws, in an obvious attempt to silence their contagious objective thinking?

Maybe people putting their right to free speech to good use won’t be locked in cages so often if we spread the word about these incidents.






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