"Serenity's Crescendo" (A Firefly themed poem)

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Monday, June 29, 2015 6:33 AM


"Serenity's Crescendo"
By Patrick M. Shutt (EphPhaThaINC)

Hands of blue,
two by two.
Stained with red,
and full of dread.

Gorram independent reinforcements tucking tail as they flee,
stealing serenity's faith from me.

And the captain,
oh my captain.
Will you ever reclaim the King lost in the sky?

Nightingale's healing hand,
surgeon steady and vigilant ready.

Simple minded, practical guided,
Vera's happy avenging enforcer.
May you have our backs
even if your heart's encased in platinum and gold.

Lost to the black,
Wondering in the nothingness that is The Verse,
Your past burned,
and turned to dust.

Riding along and alone like a leaf on the wind
soaring high and free.

Oh Companion's soul,
won't you say a little secret prayer for me?

Perhaps one day
may you be like the Shepard and believe.

In the meantime,
honored browncoat pride,
shiny bright,
may you be showered in love from your Mei-Mei tonight.

And you never know,
when the sun arises on your face in the morning,
Yesterday's scoundrel could very well become...
today's BIG DAMN HERO.

But no matter what,
We just...
We must...
We trust in her to keep us flying on.

Carry on,
Carry on,
Carry on.


© Patrick M. Shutt,

The following poem was written late last night when I was sitting at work.

This poem was written and inspired by the cult famed but short lived Joss Whedon show Firefly and of course it's movie span off Serenity. I know that these are movies based quotes, but this was inspired by the cast and how each stanza/verse features a member of the Serenity crew.

1) River Tamm
2) Captain Mal Reynolds
3) Everybody except for Mal
4) Simon Tamm
5) Jayne
6) Chorus (everybody)
7) Wash
8) Inara
9) Shepard Book
10) Kaylie
11) Zoe
12 & 13) (Chorus) everybody

My idea for this poem is to not only touch and feature the cast of Firefly/Serenity but if and should it would be read out loud or something that it would have highs and lows and then everybody chime in at designated stanzas and so forth.

I hope that you all enjoy this and get what I was attempting to do. I can understand if this might feel a little rough so I welcome feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions to help tighten this up and make it better. God bless you all. I appreciate all of your support and feedback. Love you.






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