Vera [part 5]
Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Another warning for adult stuff. Final part of the story of Jayne and Vera...and Vera!


Present: PART FIVE

Since then Jayne had seen more than his fair share of life; learnt some lessons, got laid a few times and accepted the role of paid gun aboard Serenity. Inara moved with more of Vera's fluid grace, plus she was gorgeous. He couldn't help but look at her, even though he knew she wouldn't touch him while she held a torch for Mal. Kaylee had slightly more of Vera's earthiness, River was even more limber, Zoe was mentally stronger. Vera had the right balance of all of those traits plus the star bonus, the hots for Jayne. He reckoned she'd like the crew - might flirt a bit with Mal to wind him up, compare stitching techniques with Simon. Jayne wished she could have met Wash and Book too, they'd have got on well with his law-bending feisty lady. There it was again; that feeling that there was a belonging thing going on between them; not that they'd said anything and probably never would.

Mal's voice came through the testosterone fog of remembrance in Jayne's mind. "Did you hear that?" "Hungh?" Sometimes being a bit slow on the uptake saved his bacon. Mal just sighed, "I *said*; after we steal the gold from the governor on Lammas, I thought we'd have layover for a few days and a re-stock on Beltane. I understand you know it from a while statues this time?" Jayne grinned, "Nah. No statues - I hope! Someone who'll give us a warm welcome on account of me." Mal's eyes narrowed, "No ex-partners with a grudge or contraband dumped on mudders?" "No mudders! Plenty of Maori and the sheriff's a ... friend." "Don't need to hide you from the law, do I?" Jayne's grin widened, "From her? You'll be lucky! She can smell me comin'!" "That's a powerful disturbin' thought. You're not gonna end up in jail, are you?" "Jail? Hell, no!" He turned away and added, in an eager mutter, "Handcuffs if I'm very, very lucky!" He went to his bunk to oil and polish Vera one more time.

So here they were; his first visit back to see the flesh and blood Vera and Jayne was on a high mixture of testosterone and expectation, pacing up and down near Serenity's cargo bay flap. She'd got the message all right; said there'd be a friendly reception and now that it came to it, there was part of Jayne Cobb that was as nervous as hell. He was chewing on his cigar without smoking it, "She said she'd be here, Mal." "Hmm. Dust blowin' up over yonder..." Mal pointed. Jayne tried to hide his eager grin and almost won, "That'll be her!" Kaylee sidled closer to Simon, "Aww; he's sweet on her!" "Am not!" Jayne whirled, trying to hide his eagerness with anger. River cocked her head, "The one with man parts is expectant. So is she. She wants him." Jayne tried to glower.

A flying mule skidded to a halt nearby in a cloud of dust, holding several big Maori and a tall lady, wearing brown pants and shirt, displaying a sheriff badge on her chest. She had long brown hair swept back in a ponytail. She got out of the transport, pulled off her goggles and grinned right at Jayne. "Hello stranger!" Jayne felt a whole slew of emotions; pleasure, a surge of major arousal, and some deep, wild and dangerous feelings that he decided not to look at too closely. "Hello again, Vera."

That would start it. It did. Mal turned slightly towards Jayne, "*Vera*?" Jayne covered himself by bringing the gun into his open hands, "Named her after you. She's my very favourite gun." Mal frowned, "Thought you stole it off some guy who came after you?" Jayne shifted uncomfortably, "Might 'a lied 'bout that." Vera was close enough now that he could see the subtle shifts in her otherwise calm and poised demeanour. A flash of surprise, pleasure and her blue eyes darkened with arousal. Her fingers barely brushed the back of one of his hands and every cell in his body responded. That brief interchange said everything he wanted to hear without a word being spoken. 'Wonderful to see you again; thank-you and I'm going to shag you senseless later.'

Mal's lips twitched, deciding to let the other shoe drop, "And you wanted to exchange your gun, named after this classy looking lady, for a night with Saffron." Vera's eyes flicked back to Jayne's, piercingly, cold as ice. He was in deep, deep trouble now. He felt his shoulders hunch protectively, "It had been a long time and she had this wild red hair and...other things... Found out she was a liar and a thief some time later." Vera turned her attention back to the captain, "Malcolm Reynolds." "Ma'am. Vera." Mal tried to keep a straight face and very nearly succeeded. The rest of the crew were enjoying Jayne's discomfort behind Mal and he was aware of it. Vera nodded, ignoring the body language and held out her hand to Zoe, "Pleased to meet you, Zoe Washburne. Jayne told me... I'm so sorry for your loss." Zoe just nodded. Vera went over to Simon and Kaylee, introducing herself. River cocked her head the other way, "Bounty hunter; making us welcome..." Vera gently placed a hand on River's shoulder, "River. Pleased to meet you." "She speaks the truth. You are welcome and safe here." Vera chuckled, "I should hope so, since I'm more or less in charge around here!" She turned and favoured Jayne with another hard stare, "It's truly good to see you, and in one piece, but we are going to have *words* later."

Zoe's lips curved upwards and Mal barely bit back a smirk. They both valued Jayne's contribution, but it was almost like divine justice to see him put in his place. And by a woman that Jayne obviously had some undefined feelings for, who was brave and sassy enough to deal it out to him.They walked off the ramp. Mal flicked the ramp shut and locked it when it had closed. "It's not going anywhere, I promise. Hori and Cliff will be checking on it and some of the wild-living Maori will guard it." Mal turned towards Vera and caught the sight of the two guys now standing behind her who were even bigger than Jayne. Hori stepped forward, "It's true, eh? There are three pairs of extra eyes watching us and the ship. They're a different iwi from Cliff and me, but they will guard the ship, I promise." Mal paused, judging Hori, then nodded curtly, "Okay; let's go have some R&R." There was a second mule attached behind the first one. Hori and Cliff quickly freed it, then Vera jumped in and motioned the Serenity crew to join her. "Mal, you sit beside me and tell me what you need and what you might have to trade as we go into town."

Jayne realised this was deliberate. He'd slighted Vera and she was making him pay. He decided to keep his mouth shut, but his mind was grumbling and making pathetic excuses to itself. Mal began, "I guess we could do with food; pretty much always have a powerful need to eat." Vera steered the mule and smiled, "You'll get a full Maori hongi tonight for free with plenty of beer and whisky to wash it down!" "That's powerful kind of you..." "It's the Maori way; we entertain visitors." "'We'? Don't mean to be personal, but you're a mite paler than those guys, Vera." "One of their iwi, their clan, was my lover a while back and they accepted me as one of their own and as pretty much equivelant to his widow when he died." "And...Jayne?" "He helped me bring in some bad guys and see that justice was done." "Jayne?!!? Justice?!!?" Mal turned, almost disbelieving. Vera grinned, "He was under duress - at least to begin with. He came here, ignorant of Maori law and ventured into the painted desert which is tapu to non-Maori in search of the thousands of gems littering the desert sand." Mal smiled, understanding, "And he got caught red-handed." "Yes, and I was lenient to him because he's an off-worlder and didn't know. He did us proud, helped catch the bad guys, gave evidence against them and stayed here for some R&R afterwards." "He's not always the most trustworthy person..." "I have my ways, Mal." "Looking at you, I can guess that you do; the kind of ways that would be a powerful influence on Jayne. His fighting skills are pretty much second to none." "I know; he earned that Callahan off me, trust me." "Last time Jayne was any kind of 'hero' that I know of, they'd built a statue to him and everythin'." Vera's grin widened, "Oh, you *have* to tell me that story!" Mal leaned into her ear, "There's a song as well; 'The Hero of Canton'." Vera laughed out loud as they swung into Hine Moa and stopped outside the town hall.

Jayne trailed at the rear as they entered the town hall. He saw Vera say something to Mal. A group of Maori came out in ceremonial costume. Jayne had heard about this formal greeting, but missed witnessing it last time. One of the other big guys came out with a stick and challenged Mal, placing a small twig with leaves on the floor at Mal's feet. Vera had obviously primed Mal, because he picked it up. There was some thigh slapping and nodding, then a song in Maori; after that everything suddenly became very informal and much handshaking took place. Jayne noticed that all the Maori greeted River particularly warmly, and some of the guys he'd met last time gave him bear hugs that threatened to squeeze the air from his body.

Eventually they all sat in one of the smaller council rooms with a selection of tea or beer and some cakes. "So, Mal," Vera began, "We didn't quite get to discussing your provision needs." Mal's eyes held a subtle twinkle, "No, Vera; we ventured into other territory conversation-wise," his face sobered slightly, "Food, as I think I said; tins and dried stuff mainly. Fuel for 'Serenity'. Cleaning stuff; for us and the ship. A hot bath or shower all round might be appealin'." "Sounds reasonable. What can you trade?" "Simon here's a doctor; Kaylee knows enough about engines'd fill a 'cyclopedia, Inara's a companion, Zoe's an ex-soldier and an excellent gun hand. I'm more or less the same; open to haul big stuff for you off-world if any of you needs it." Vera nodded, "I've got a launch - Jayne knows it - the engine's definitely taken a turn for the worse recently. It's come in handy chasing pirates and smugglers." Jayne butted in, "That's what I was doin'; chasing pirates!" He tried an easy grin, but it came out wrong. Vera carried on, practically ignoring him, "Don't know of anyone needs a doctor, but you're welcome to ask. There's two towns this side of things; us and Auckers. There's a couple of farmsteads and hamlets a thousand-odd miles away across to the north west, and that's about it. A tribe of wild Maori live out in the boohai. This land has desert across much of it; just like Australia-that-was, but hotter and drier. We usually call our home Oz, even though the 'verse name is Beltane, for the planet and this landmass." "Seems like we can do business." "Yes, Mal; seems like we can." She spat in her hand and Jayne was transported back several years to when she'd done that to him. Mal spat in his hand and he and Vera shook on the deal.

Vera Took time to get reasonably friendly with the crew, then she showed them to their rooms in the modest guest house and bar across the street. Jayne found he'd been given a single room. "Vera?" She gave him a significant look, "You're in the dog-house, Jayne." "I said there'd be likely to be other women..." Kaylee piped up, "You had sex with Vera?" Jayne's ears turned red. "Not disputing that, Jayne," Vera said, deciding to cut Kaylee's remark out of the conversation for now, "The rest is kinda private, 'less you want to get naked, right now, in public," she turned to Kaylee, "Yes, we had sex; quite a lot of good sex, but that's kinda between Jayne and me, hmm?" Jayne's ears started to glow a deeper red. Kaylee grinned, ignoring the frisson in her usual bouncy way, "Jayne does good sex?!" Vera grinned at her, "I can see that sex is important on your list of priorities; Jayne said as much in his letters! And yes, Jayne does exceptional sex, speaking personally." "Simon does jing-tsai sex as well!" Simon went whiter with embarassment, "Kaylee!" Jayne decided to try to regain some high ground, "Never thought a guy that stiff'd have it in him!" Kaylee grinned cheekily, "'Stiff' is kinda important!" Simon gasped in shock and pulled her into their bedroom, slamming the door behind them. Vera turned back to Jayne with a smile still on her face, "There's things I need to make *very* clear to you, privately; and yes, you have to be naked. Then we'll see how things go, okay?" "Okay," he answered, grudgingly; although the thought of him being naked did raise some hopes that Vera might be naked as well soon afterwards. He reached a hand towards her, not quite touching her, "Missed you, Vera." "Noted. Missed you too. Unless you want to sight-see around here some more, the hangi will be over in the gardens behind this pub at about seven tonight until late. Come down when you can smell lamb cooking!"

Jayne saw Vera from his window later, giving some of the crew a brief guided tour and then letting them explore Hine Moa for themselves. Simon and Kaylee came out of their room after a couple of hours and Jayne guessed she'd dragged the doctor down to the docks to look at Vera's launch engine. He unpacked the little he'd brought, checked all his guns and other weapons and then decided to hit the bar. Part of him was tempted to get wasted, but the tiny sensible side of his brain realised that might really anger Vera. So he got slowly mellow and was just about comfortably relaxed when it came time for the hangi. Vera was already there, wearing a dress that would stop traffic dead in most of the 'verse. Red, clingy and enhancing her bust, rounded rear and legs to spectacular effect. A pair of stappy heeled sandals on her feet. Jayne's mouth went dry and his groin tightened. He was no expert on the matter of ladies' underwear; if it was red or black and lacy his hormones appreciated it, he knew how to remove most types of lingerie one-handed; but he couldn't see with the scoop at the back, the serious cleavage and the split up the leg how she could be wearing any undies at all. His libido got really quite excited at *that* thought. Cliff came up to him and interrupted him drooling and steaming with lust quietly to himself.

"Bro'; good to see you again!" Jayne managed to tear his eyes off Vera with an effort, "You too!" "That Zoe's *spectacular*, eh!" "Mebbe; not my type. We lost her husband Wash - the jing-tsia pilot got himself ruttin' skewered just as we were going to get the message out. Damn shame." "So, she's in mourning?" "Yeah; looks fierce an' all, but she loved Wash. God knows why, but she did." Cliff sighed, "So I wouldn't stand a chance, eh?" Jayne shrugged, "Can't tell. Zoe might be lonesome 'bout now. Might slap you down somethin' fierce, though." "Thanks!"

Cliff was about to move on, but Jayne caught his arm, "Any pointers for gettin' back on Vera's good side?" Cliff shook his head, grinning, "What did you do, you crazy hwoon dahn?" Jayne left out the exceptional sex part, but cut to the chase about the gun and how he'd once tried to trade it for another woman. Cliff sucked in his breath, "Oooh, you're gonna pay for that, eh. It's a first offence, so you might have more wiggle room. You've basically insulted Vera." "By thinkin' of sleepin' with Saffron?" "No, no, no. Vera's got a healthy libido; might not use it much here on Beltane, but she has off-world 'recreation' fairly regularly. She wouldn't expect you to live like a monk if she's not around, eh." "You know that we..that I..that we...?!!" Jayne thought he'd been really discreet, for once. Cliff grinned, "The look in her eyes for at least couple of months after you left? Oh, yes; we - those of us who know Vera well - knew jolly well that you'd pleasured her most thoroughly." Jayne grinned, "Well, damn!" Cliff chuckled, "I'd apologise, and apologise again and take your punishment like a man." Jayne flicked his eyes over to Vera and the way she was poured into that red dress. Wearing that, she certainly could bring a man to breaking point if she put her mind to it.

He had a couple of large helpings of the lamb from the hangi pit washed down with ale and salad. Maori who knew him greeted him from time to time. Vera stayed out of his way until live music started drifting across the park. Suddenly she was there, tapping his shoulder. "Dance with me?" Jayne made a face, "Don't dance; I look like a windmill gone mad." "Jayne; it wasn't really a request, more a requirement. Anyway, I'll signal them to play something slow and you can sorta walk, holding me, to music. Will that do?" Jayne gathered her in his arms and tried very hard not to look at her cleavage,"'Kay. I'm sorry, Vera." "I'd guessed. Thank-you." Jayne moved a little stiffly, even though he was enjoying Vera's nearness at last, "Tryin' not to ruttin' step on your toes." She smiled gently, "You're doing fine." Jayne managed to relax a little and began to move in time to the music, "So; this talk...?" Vera put her head on his shoulder, "Later, Jayne. Enjoy the moment."

It was several dances later when Vera let Jayne walk her to the sheriff's office. She held out her hand, "Time for the reckoning, Jayne." He nodded and swallowed, following her inside. Vera closed the door and put on the light, "Okay, big guy, strip." "Naked?" "As the day you came crying." Jayne shucked off his boots and socks, then quickly threw off the rest of his clothes. Vera came closer and cupped his balls in her right hand. Jayne swallowed, "Kinda hopin' you won't hurt me too much." He was particularly skittish since River had damned near tried to unman him in that bar. "I gave you my word on that, last time. Just want to be sure I have your full and undivided attention." Jayne nodded slowly, "Okay. I was really pleased when you said you'd named the Callahan after me. I mean, really, *really* pleased. Pleased enough to plan to shag you senseless. Then in almost the next breath I found out you'd tried to trade the gun for a woman. It was like you'd slapped me in the face." "Don't hit women," Jayne protested, "'Less they're ruttin' evil." "I'll put it another way. You're hungry and someone puts a nice big pile of tasty food in front of you. You get maybe a mouthful or two of the best vittals you've had in a long while and someone else takes it away." Jayne's little-boy-lost expression said everything, "*Now* we're communicating. I *really* don't mind about the other women you might have sex with, as long as they're clean and willing, the rest is up to you. But trading 'my' gun for a was like you'd tried to trade me, understand? And as sure as I'm standing here holding your complete attention, if I hear you've traded - or tried to trade - that gun for another woman, unless it's me, you'll surely be trading my future company and favours along with it. Got that?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Vera giggled, "You can still call me Vera!" Jayne tried a winning smile, "Can I touch or kiss you yet?" Vera cupped his face in her free left hand, "Soon. I'm still in the driving seat, okay?" She snuck a quick kiss which gave Jayne a taste of what he wanted. It wasn't enough, but it would do. Her right hand trailed upwards and around something a bit higher up on Jayne's body that was getting pretty riled up and raring to go. Jayne moaned with pleasure and frustration, "Tah ma duh! You planning on torturin' me to death?" Vera had possibly the cheekiest, naughtiest grin ever on her face. She began to sing, "Jayne, the man they call Jayne..." He groaned, "They told ya 'bout Canton." He wasn't quite sure how he was able to talk coherently with her hand where it was. "Indeed. Mal, Kaylee and Zoe were most descriptive. I thought it was about time for another verse, hmm? 'He came to a planet where the dust was all red; chased after the pirates until they was dead; then pleasured the sheriff all week in her bed; he's a hot, sexy wan nao, ain't hard to explain; the hero of Beltane, the man they call Jayne.'" Jayne moaned, with pleasure this time, "Dammit Vera, you're driving me crazy!" "Just a little longer, Jayne."

Vera unpinned her hair with her left hand and then loosened the straps on that red dress. It pooled around her ankles on the floor and revealed that she was indeed wearing no underwear. She stood there in just her heeled sandles looking like an adult rated entertainment advert. "Wuh de ma! I had hopes of helpin' you outta that *very* nice dress." Vera smiled, "Another time when we go dancing, Jayne. Now it's come to my attention I haven't yet thanked you properly for naming that favourite gun of yours after me." "Where your hand is now is pretty damn fine thanks!" Vera chuckled, "Gonna kiss it all better, Jayne." She began kissing down his chest. Her mouth travelled swiftly to where her right hand was. "Ohh, God...Vera!" Jayne felt his knees began to buckle, "Promise to keep you *very* happy on a regular basis..." Vera did something with her tongue that should come with a severe health warning to all straight men in the 'verse, "Hot damn!! Make that very, *very*, *extremely* happy, Vera!" He gently cupped her head in his hands, then his mind surrendered to pure pleasure.

THE END (for now)


Friday, May 5, 2006 6:53 AM


I liked this series. Very entertaining! I think you need an epilogue, though, so write more.


Monday, May 15, 2006 6:13 AM


I'll try <G>. Hafta wait for the plot muses to show up.

Just a thought/query... Mal sometimes makes Jayne back down (and I'm thinking Jayne would have the physical advantage if he tried hard enough, though it'd be a tough fight). So, Jayne backs down and we accept that coz Mal's Cappy. So, what's wrong with there being one lady in the 'verse who gets to Jayne in all the right ways and has him...well *almost* where she wants him? Didn't rule out him getting his own back another time <BEG>.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:38 AM


Well, the muses have started whispering again, so there will be more <G>. Jayne starts by getting some payback - in a very pleasurable way <BEG>. Things outside the bedroom with the rest of the crew will go boom later, 'kay?



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