My Name Is... Reaver...
Saturday, April 29, 2006

A: Yes, this another Reaver Fic. B: Yes, this actually DOES have something to do with my BDS. C: No, it does not have anything to do with My Name Is... Demon..., besides the name. D: Feedback welcome. E: No, I am not like this in general... usually. Less than usually. Almost never. Enjoy the ensuing creepifying shiny-ish-ness


My name is Jack Dunham. I don't remember much now, not since... the cold. But I do remember when it happened, and a little bit after that. Me, my wife Jenny, and our little girl Molly were on a modified cargo ship, along with fifteen other families, bound to a newly terraformed moon, called Ptah. Three days out of port... they were sighted. Within ten minutes of us seeing them, the borded us. It was a slaughter. You think its bad to see the bodies after they leave? It's worse to watch. I love you, Jenny. I love you, Molly. They took me. I expected them to kill me in that horrible way that they did with the rest of us. They didn't. They made me watch as they... they... if I think about, when I can, even now, I still shiver. I tried to close my eyes. They held them open, scratching my face with long, cruel nails.. For hours upon dreadful hours, it seems, they made me watch. It wasn't mindless, I learned. it was cold, cruel, calculating. They stripped away every drop of blood they could from the veins of their victims. I watched as they killed my baby girl. I love you Molly. And then it was my turn. I love you Jenny. I love you Molly. My name is Jack Dunham. I tried to resist it, I really did. But, by the time they gave me...her... it was so cold. Like ice running through my very veins. They gave me a knife. The cold made my will weak. They gave me the last person alive. Jenny. I love you Jenny. I killed her, raped her, laughed as she screamed my name in terror and betrayal. I bathed in her blood, ate her bloody flesh, clothed myself in her skin. I did it because of the cold. The cold made me do it. The cold is me *** My name is... is... Jack... Dunham. Jack Dunham. It is cold in the black. So cold. So cold that I used my knife (something is yours only when it gives you warmth) to warm. My knife, my only true friend. It is so cold. I opened up my cheeks, and they bled for me. My cheeks, my friends. My blood. My wonderful, wonderous, fantastic, lovingly warm blood. But, all too soon, it was cold again. So we went out again. Hunting. *** My name Jack... Jack something. Sixteen families. Sixteen families were aboard the ship we boarded. We bled them dry, bathed in their blood, ate their flesh, used their bloody skin for clothing. I love you Jenny. i love you Molly. Always so cold. SOmeone is always screaming. Sometimes, its me. My face is scarred, radiation burns spill over my body. I have spilled blood. So much blood. Some of it was my own. I didn't do it on purpose. THe cold made me do it. The cold made me do it. The cold is everything. The cold is me. I love you Jenny. I love you Molly. My name is... is... is... it doesn't matter. My name is... Reaver.


Saturday, April 29, 2006 5:46 AM



Creepy. Excellent... but creepy.

Saturday, April 29, 2006 8:03 AM




Saturday, April 29, 2006 2:00 PM


Very creepy. I imagine its Jack that calls out to Simon for help in your series?

Saturday, April 29, 2006 10:01 PM


Whoa....this is some creepy stuff here, Alliethorn7;)


Thursday, August 3, 2006 4:20 PM


hoo, scary as hell, very scary


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