BOOK OF DAYS SERIES: #27. "Friends and Enemies"
Thursday, April 6, 2006

Inara, Simon and Kaylee leave Serenity while Mal and company pick up some unexpected guests. Simon/Kaylee. Mal/Inara. 27th story in a series.


Title: Friends and Enemies Rating: PG Synopsis: Inara, Simon and Kaylee leave Serenity while Mal and company pick up some unexpected guests. Timeline: Takes place 15 months after Serenity, the movie. Notes: Next part of a series beginning with : And So It Begins, Kiss Me, Coming Together, Tell Me, What’s Proper?, Tears , Peekaboo, Impatient, Waking Up is Hard to Do, The Talk, I See You, Exhaustion,.Moving Day, Celebration, Surprise , Vacation, Reunion, Manipulation, Baby Talk, A First Time for Everything, The Way It Is, A Special Day, Girl Talk, The Gift, Breaking It In, Making Plans, Friends and Enemies Disclaimer: This story is not meant to infringe on the copyright of any person or company related to the trademarked characters and situations depicted in the Serenity movie or Firefly series. I make no money from this. Only done for fun - and a desperate craving to have more stories told about this wonderful ‘verse Joss Whedon created.


“Don’t think I should be leavin’,” Kaylee said as she sat on the edge of the bed, pulling on her boots.

“Mal wants us to spend a few weeks on Paquin finishing the preparations for the wedding. And he has one last job to complete.” Simon lounged lazily in bed watching his fiancé dress.

“What if somethin’ goes wrong? An’ he needs ta leave fast, or someone gets hurt?” Kaylee’s fear shown in her eyes and Simon pushed himself out of bed and embraced her tightly.

“He assured us the job isn’t dangerous.”

“He’s always sayin’ that. And when he does, he comes back with a new scar.” She pouted.

Simon tilted her chin up and kissed her gently. “Do you think he would risk you tanning his hide for missing your wedding?”

Kaylee giggled, despite herself and leaned into his arms. “I suppose you’re right.”

His eyes twinkled. “I always am.”

“Oh, that is not so, Simon Tam.” Kaylee pulled herself out of his arms and reached down to swat him with a nearby pillow.


“Don’t appreciate the business, we can find someone else,” Badger leered at Mal through the viewscreen.

“I don’t be appreciatin’ your trickery.”

Badger shrugged. “Didn’t know Ming only dealt with those who speak her language.”

Mal didn’t believe him. Nor did Zoe, who stood to his right, listening in on the conversation. “You always know everything about your client’s cargo.”

“Not always.”

“Never again, Badger. Dong ma?” Mal’s eyes narrowed as he met Badger’s.

“Right then, I’ll just give the jobs to someone else.”

“We’re already goin’ to be right busy this next month, please do. We’ll contact ya when we’re ready for another job.” Mal severed the connection with a disgusted look and Badger turned to another viewscreen to his right.

“Well, this - complicates matters.” A familiar foreign voice drawled.

“Not to worry, Sir.” Badger said somewhat nervously. This man had a reputation for mutilating those that didn’t complete the jobs for which they were hired. Badger didn’t want to end up like all the others. “It just delays your plan, don’t put a stop to it.”

“See that it doesn’t.”


“I have a secret,” River sing-songed as she skipped past Kaylee and Simon coming out of their bunk, carrying bags for their stay on Paquin.

“Just once I’d like to know something before you do!” Simon called after her.

River’s voice floated around his ears and he glanced around the room to find the source. “Never happen!”

Kaylee giggled and took Simon’s hand. “Come on, sweetie. Let’s leave her to her secrets. She’ll never tell us anyway.”

“Oh yes she will,” Simon scowled at the wall. “When it will most embarrass me.”

Kaylee’s grin widened. “She ain’t done that in -“ She counted the number of days and shrugged. “Well -,” she winced. “A week.”

“Exactly. I’m due.”

Kaylee led Simon around the ship to say their goodbyes, before finally reaching Inara’s shuttle. The Companion smiled as she greeted them at its door.

“All ready?”

Kaylee bounced with excitement. “I keep thinkin’ I’m forgetting somethin’.”

“Whatever else you need will be provided for you.” Inara stepped aside so they could enter.

As Simon and Kaylee settled themselves for the short ride planetside, Inara readied the shuttle for takeoff.

“We’ll reach atmo in five minutes,” Mal’s voice came clearly through the speaker. “You’ll be clear to disembark then.”

“Thank you, Mal. We’ll see you in a few weeks.”

“Take care of lil’ Kaylee, Inara.” His voice held a warmth that was palpable and Inara had this feeling everyone was standing behind her laughing at the way she longingly looked at the speaker.

The Companion turned around to find Kaylee in Simon’s lap on the couch, kissing him quite thoroughly.

“I’m sure we don’t have to worry on that subject, Mal.” It was easy for anyone listening in to tell that she was smiling.

“Already kissin’, huh?”

Inara could picture him rolling his eyes and smiled wistfully at the longing in his voice.

“Kaylee’s a bit excited.”

“I would never have guessed the way she bopped around here this morning, huggin’ and kissin’ everyone.”

Inara chuckled.

“She even hugged Jayne and kissed Jayne and I think Simon was too stunned to even speak. Jayne too.” Mal laughed and Inara trembled as the sound reverberated down her spine. “First woman he’s hugged in years he aint had to pay for’s my guess.”

Inara rolled her eyes. “Oh Mal. You’re as bad as -“

“Me?” River’s amused voice came over the com.

“Simon would say there is no one worse.” Inara grinned.

“As it should be. I am his little sister.”

“We’ll be back before you can miss us.” The tone in Mal’s voice changed and Inara smiled at his attempt to keep the Reader from sensing their familiarity. It didn’t work, of course, but Inara would leave Mal with his happy little delusions for a while longer.

“Not possible, Mal,” Inara answered before flipping off the Com. She called over her shoulder to the couple still engaged in a furiously passionate lip-lock. “Hold on back there, we’re a go for launch.”


River turned to Mal and shook her head before settling into the co-pilots seat. “You boob.”

Mal stared at her but said nothing. He knew she was right. He set a course trajectory and River fine-tuned it, making sure it would get them to their destination and back again with just enough time to spare.

Mal flipped on the on the cortex and prepared to send a wave.

“Why not just surprise them?” River asked. “The wave will take at least a day to reach them.”

Mal sighed. Did he have to explain everything he did to the sometimes infuriating genius? “Because I want to give them time to prepare rather than just show up and say ‘Your kid’s gettin’ hitched. Let’s go.’”

River grinned. “That would be funny.”

Mal shook his head. “Only you would think so.”


“It’s so pretty here, ‘Nara!” Kaylee was a bubble of enthusiasm as Inara smiled. The couple sat in a well-tended garden surrounded by the most fragrant of flowers and a small brook that tracked lazily through the trimmed lawn.

“Isn’t it?” Inara met Simon’s eyes over Kaylee’s shoulder as she hugged the younger girl. She hadn’t seen Simon so relaxed in a long while and for a moment she thought she could see a sadness in his gaze but it was so fleeting, Inara wondered if she hadn’t imagined it.

“Are you all settled?” Inara asked Simon stood and draped his arm around Kaylee’s hips.

Kaylee’s eyes widened again. “The room’s as big as the cargo bay!”

“They seemed adamant about giving us separate rooms.”

Inara could detect the disgust in Simon’s voice and she chuckled. “Well tradition - ”

Simon cocked his head at her as Kaylee kissed his cheek and then giggled. “Yeah, that won’t work well.”

Inara smiled at the couple who, even after a year, couldn’t keep their hands off one another. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Unless they don’t mind us sneaking around in the middle of the night, it might be a good idea.” Simon’s smile grew as he tightened his arm around Kaylee’s hips.

“Oh, you’ll find there is always someone up at all hours.” Inara led them into the wing that they, and the rest of the wedding party would be staying. “Now, lets go over the type of flowers you would like and Kaylee needs to be measured and we need to discuss fabrics.” She looked up at Simon. “You absolutely cannot be here for that.”

Simon held up his hands. “I am quite aware.” He glanced down at a beaming Kaylee. “My life has been threatened if I see the dress before the ceremony.”

Inara grinned as she turned to Simon. “You need to be measured as well.”

Simon simply nodded.

“With only two weeks before the wedding, will it all be done in time?” Kaylee’s wide, expressive eyes held a certain nervousness that she tried desperately to hide.

“Oh, mei mei. Clothing for even more formal events have been made in less time. Don’t worry.”


Over the next two weeks, Kaylee was fitted in a specially designed gown that perfectly suited her energetic personality while still retaining the elegance and tradition of the ceremony to which it would be worn.

Simon was also fitted in an elegantly tailored traditional suite and robe. He could only fidget nervously as he was measured and he was grateful Kaylee was not there to tease.

As tradition dictated, the couple could not wear the garments until the wedding day, which made Kaylee all manner of nervous.

One night, as she lay happily ensconced in Simon’s arms, she giggled over the possibility of the dress not fitting and having to walk up the isle in her underthings.

Simon simply laughed and told her they could get married naked in a desert and it would be the most beautiful ceremony in the ‘verse, and her the most beautiful bride.



Thursday, April 6, 2006 5:26 AM



New stories make me happy. Even if something ominous is going to happen. That is making me increasingly worried, if that's any indication of how much of a life I have.

Simon was exceptionally sweet in this one. I wuv love him.

Thursday, April 6, 2006 5:44 AM


Bad men plotting-check
Inara and Mal plotting-check
Great big happy wedding approaching-check
I just love your stories! I can't wait to see what you write next!!! Post soon, cause this one was such a teaser!

Thursday, April 6, 2006 8:29 AM


badger's such a gorram... hundan! and other nasty chinese names

anyways everything was so shiny and cool. Can't wait to see that dress on Kaylee, gods know it'll be perty

Thursday, April 6, 2006 10:18 AM


Yeah! I loved this lead up - but why wouldn't the dress fit Kaylee? Does she know something we don't, like maybe she's expecting?

This was a great run up to the actual wedding day! Can't wait for more!

Thursday, April 6, 2006 11:14 AM


>Yeah! I loved this lead up - but why wouldn't the dress fit Kaylee? Does she know something we don't, like maybe she's expecting?

No. She's not expecting. She was just concerned that a dress couldn't be hand made in a short two week timeframe.

>That is making me increasingly worried

Good :)

Thursday, April 6, 2006 1:11 PM


Oh Lord....I guessing the wedding's gonna be affected by Badger and Niska (familiar sounding foreign voice...hmmm, now who could that be?) trying to mess with Mal & Co. Guess they haven't learnt their lessons yet, huh?


And you have to love the Mal/Inara dynamic right now....less physical but no less poignant than Simon and Kaylee's relationship:)


Thursday, April 6, 2006 5:08 PM


Yay! MORE!

Friday, April 7, 2006 7:15 AM


weeee i just had this image of niska in kaylee's wedding dress playing the kazoo like he was in that song... hehehe this story's great

Thursday, April 13, 2006 4:09 AM


That last line was so...awww

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 6:17 AM


Another short and sweet one, and I imagine Inara will be doing some sneaking around when Mal gets there.


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