BOOK OF DAYS SERIES: #22. "A Special Day"
Friday, March 31, 2006

It’s a special day – but, as usual, things don’t go as planned. And Simon considers sedating the entire ship so he and Kaylee can have more than a few moments alone. Simon/Kaylee. Some Mal/Inara. NC-17. 22nd story in a series.


Title: A Special Day Rating: NC-17 Synopsis: It’s a special day – but, as usual, things don’t go as planned. And Simon considers sedating the entire ship so he and Kaylee can have more than a few moments alone. Timeline: Takes place 1 year after Serenity, the movie. Notes: Next part of a series beginning with : And So It Begins, Kiss Me, Coming Together, Tell Me, What’s Proper?, Tears ,Peekaboo, Impatient, Waking Up is Hard to Do, The Talk, I See You, Exhaustion,.Moving Day, Celebration, Surprise , Vacation, Reunion, Manipulation, Baby Talk, First Time for Everything, The Way It Is, A Special Day Disclaimer: This story is not meant to infringe on the copyright of any person or company related to the trademarked characters and situations depicted in the Serenity movie or Firefly series. I make no money from this. Only done for fun – and a desperate craving to have more stories told about this wonderful ‘verse Joss Whedon created.


“Please tell me you have no intention of going back on your word.” Inara followed Mal into the galley and stood close while he readied his breakfast.

“I’m fair sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Inara was well trained in many arts, and she could see through his lie with ease. “Simon and Kaylee. You know what I’m talking about Mal.”

Mal tilted his head and thought for a moment. “Hmm, nope. It’s not coming.”

Inara batted at his arm. “Mal, today is a special day for them. Please give them a few hours of peace.”

“A special –“ Mal scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, the anniversary of the first time Kaylee laid the stuffy doc. Yeah, real special.”

Inara shook her head and sighed. “You don’t have a romantic bone in your body.”

Mal turned to her and gazed down into her lovely eyes. “Sure I do.”

Inara took a step closer to him and rested gentle fingers on his wrist. “I’d like to see it sometime.” For a moment, Inara considered leaning in, pressing her mouth to his but the sound of someone clearing their throat behind them, caused the Companion to reconsider.

Inara could see the annoyance written all over Mal’s face as he glanced up and frowned.

“What can we do ya for, doc?”

Simon tried, mostly successfully to hide a small grin. “I’m – ah, sorry to interrupt. I need to speak with Inara.”

“’Sokay. We’re done here. Got work needs done today.” Mal turned away just a little too quickly for it to be believed and made his way back toward the bridge.

Inara shook her head and gave a short chuckle as she approached Simon.

“I’m sorry.” Simon apologized.

Inara dismissed his apology with a wave of her hand. “Don’t worry about it. Mal has apparently switched places with you in the last year.”

Simon grinned. Knowing exactly what she meant. His confidence in his relationship with Kaylee had grown while Mal and Inara seemed unable to break out of the circling and growling at one another cycle. Or perhaps they already had and were just keeping the rest of the crew guessing as to the true nature of their relationship.

Inara brought him out of the pleasant thoughts with a hand on his arm. “So what can I do for you?”

Simon’s eyes flickered for a moment before asking, “might we speak in private?”

Inara smiled at him and nodded, thinking he looked a bit nervous this morning.


Kaylee rolled over to find the bed she normally shared with Simon curiously empty. With a frown, she slipped out of bed and dressed slowly, hoping that maybe he had just gone out for a moment. But after ten minutes, she decided that maybe he was actually busy.

As she slid open the door to their room, she ran into River. Not an odd thing on such a small ship, but she rarely saw the young pilot before lunch. Especially, now that she had moved out of her bunk and into Simon’s. The younger girl had been given a bunk of her own – Kaylee’s – and seemed to be much happier now that she could get a good night’s sleep.

“I know a secret,” River sing-songed with a happy smile as she flitted past the confused mechanic.

“An you’re not gonna share?” Kaylee called after the younger girl but she disappeared around the corner before Kaylee could catch her. She’d lived around River long enough to know that when the younger girl got that tone to her voice, it usually had something to do with her brother; and embarrassing him.

Kaylee grinned happily, wondering what River was planning to announce, probably in public, that could embarrass her brother this time. She had to admit she was looking forward to whatever River had in mind. Especially, since Simon hadn’t been in bed when she woke up this morning – on today of all days.

She wandered toward the infirmary but he wasn’t there either. Giving up on finding him for now, Kaylee made her way to Inara’s shuttle, hoping to learn more about River’s little secret. The younger girl had joined in whenever they found the time to get together and have a girl’s night and it amazed Kaylee at what a beautiful, outgoing personality the younger Tam had. So very different from her quiet, reserved brother. Or, well, as Kaylee reflected with a happy smile, how he used to be before she’d gotten her hands on him. He still had a ways to go, but after a year, she’d done a right good job of breaking those proper Core manners out of her man.

Kaylee stopped outside of the shuttle when she heard Simon’s voice thanking Inara for something. She hesitated outside eavesdropping but he stepped out of the shuttle moments later, shocked to see Kaylee standing outside.

“Kaylee!” Simon bent and kissed her thoroughly, hoping she wouldn’t notice his nervous surprise at finding her lingering outside the shuttle.

It worked. She lost herself in his soft lips and the intoxicatingly passionate kiss. “Hi sweetie.” Kaylee leaned against his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Where were you this morning? Wanted to spend the mornin’ celebratin’”

He slipped the covered needle and vial of medication into his pocket. There was no need for Kaylee to notice that he’d been administering Inara’s monthly contraceptive so early in the morning. Even on such a small ship where everyone pretty much knew everyone else’s business, there was such a thing as doctor/patient confidentiality. “Oh – I’m sorry. I – had some things that needed my attention first thing.”

At her disappointed look he kissed her again and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

She pouted. “Have to wait all day?”

Simon guided her, with a hand flattened at the base of her spine, down the steps and back toward their room. “Well, if you can wait for a few minutes, we can start a bit early.”

“Been a year since we been together, Cap’n said he’d give us the mornin’ alone.”

Simon chuckled and wrapped an arm around her waist. “I’m sure he doesn’t remember saying that. He was rather drunk at the time and you dragged the promise out of him by threatening to tamper with the temperature gauge in his bunk.”

“He wouldn’t freeze, he’d have ‘Nara to warm him.” Her eyes twinkled mischievously. “’Sides, I got a capture of it so he can’t go back on his word.” Kaylee’s bright eyes and wide smile were infectious and he found it very difficult to resist her for another minute. But, he had one thing he needed to do before he could spend the rest of the morning showing her just how much he loved her.


Simon had it all planned. A nice, romantic morning, kissing and cuddling, giving her the gift he had prepared. But, as fate would have it, the moment he and Kaylee had found that moment alone, Mal, Zoe and Jayne had returned from their job riddled with bullet holes.

Kaylee had hurried to the engine room to make sure nothing happened during the quick take-off, River was at the helm and Jayne, Zoe and Mal were all seated in various portions of the infirmary, waiting on treatment. Inara hovered outside, wanting to make sure everyone was okay.

“Ow!” Jayne slapped at Simon’s hands as they set his broken ankle.

“Don’t leave me alone to do my work and I’ll break the other one,” Simon scowled at the larger man. The two men had been getting along better in the last few months but Simon was more than willing to risk the bigger man’s fury by threatening him. Jayne could be worse than a fidgeting child when he was hurt. And he had interrupted his romantic morning with Kaylee.

Jayne’s eyes fluttered closed as Simon injected him with a painkiller. “There, now stop complaining.”

After hours of setting and wrapping sprained and broken bones and stitching and disinfecting multiple lacerations, Simon left the infirmary weary. Jayne was asleep, thanks to the drugs, Mal and Zoe had been well enough to be released under their own power. Inara, curiously, had come to take Mal back to her shuttle – he’d rest more comfortably there, she’d said. Everyone just gave her a strange look and laughed behind her back once they’d gone. Simon sank into the couch and pushed his hands through his hair as he yawned.

“Hi honey!” Kaylee bounced over to him and settled as close to him as physically possible without actually being in his lap.

Simon grinned at the bubbly woman in his arms and tilted his head up when she leaned down and kissed him. “So much for an anniversary, huh?”

He sounded disappointed and Kaylee hurried to kiss him again. “Well, everyone’s all patched up, right?”

“I had to knock Jayne out or I’d have killed him on my table, but, yes, for the most part, everyone is fine.”

Kaylee giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Well, then, we have some time now.”

“Not really.” Simon sighed as he glanced toward the infirmary. “I need to keep an eye on Jayne. With my luck the big brute will come to and pull out his stitches or wrench some body part that isn’t broken yet.”

“Well, we can cuddle on the couch then.”

Simon grinned at her continuous ability to find some good in every situation. He wrapped his arms around her waist and didn’t resist when she slid into his lap and kissed him soundly.

She rubbed her hips suggestively against his and giggled when he groaned against her mouth and unconsciously returned the pressure. “How ‘bout you speak to me like ya did to Madame Ming, sweetie, you know how riled up I get when ya do.”

Simon’s hands flattened against her lower back and pressed her body down against his. He did know how she enjoyed him speaking in another language for the evening. He was strangely proud that she hadn’t even let herself get too flustered when the old woman continued to convince him that he needed two wives. Simon hadn’t dared to tell the woman that he can Kaylee weren’t married.

It had been an immense relief to leave that particular job behind; even more so when they’d gotten back to the ship. Kaylee’d practically ripped all his clothing off right there in the cargo bay when they’d returned. He could still see the surprised look on Mal’s face and hear the older man’s disgusted groan as Kaylee dragged him to their bunk as fast as her legs could carry her.

Simon grinned against Kaylee’s mouth and started speaking against her ear, a satisfied smile spreading across his face as Kaylee’s body trembled around him.


Simon had it all planned – again. He’d even called up to Kaylee to see if she would be done with her repairs soon. With all the checkups done, everyone settled into their beds for the night – well most everyone –, the infirmary resembling its former pristine appearance, and hopefully, Serenity in perfect working order, Simon and Kaylee could salvage what was left of their anniversary.

Simon paced the room for a few minutes before grumbling to himself. He’d wanted this day to be special and it had been anything but. He briefly considered going to the engine room and offering to help but he was always a hindrance when he was there helping and he wanted her to be done quickly.

He pulled out his data pad and opened up a piece of medical text he’d downloaded off the Cortex a few days ago and hadn’t had the chance to read. This would distract him until Kaylee arrived.

He hadn’t anticipated it taking her so long and before he knew it, he found his eyes drooping with exhaustion, and then he was sound asleep, lying awkwardly across their bed. He woke up to Kaylee’s pretty face leaning over him and her soft, wet lips pressing against his.

“Kaylee!” Simon sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Go se, I fell asleep!”

She took the data pad out of his hand and set it on the floor.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed. “I’m sorry, I wanted to –“

She silenced him with a kiss, draping herself onto his lap. “The day’s almost over, Simon and we ain’t celebrated at all.”

“Well I was – thinking about that –“ Simon tried to speak as she kissed him, but her hands were in his hair, her body pressed so close, he was finding it hard to think.

“Time for doin’ not thinkin’, honey.” Kaylee pressed him back onto the bed and straddled his hips, smiling happily when he groaned. She nimbly unfastened his shirt and pulled it from his pants, baring his chest.

She licked her lips and with a feral gleam in her eyes rolled her hips against his, delighting in the feel of him swelling between them.

“Kaylee –“ Simon reached up to hold her waist but when her hands came down over his and guided them into lifting her top over her head, he forgot what he was going to say.

As they kissed, he cupped her breasts, brushing his thumbs over the pebbled nipples and marveling at the way they hardened at the slightest touch.

Her hands worked on the fastenings of his pants and soon her hand was slipping between the folds of material to tease and caress him.

They worked quickly to divest themselves of their clothing and soon Kaylee had him pinned to the bed, straddling him, her eyes dancing with excitement. When she lowered herself onto him, they both groaned.

Simon held her hips, as if she needed any guidance in how to complete the act after a year of being with him.

Kaylee’s hands rested on his chest, her fingers twitching as he slid into her, stretching, filling her until a soft gasp escaped her parted lips. She began to move, rising and falling on him with growing urgency. She’d spent all day looking forward to this. They’d even planned to spend the entire morning in bed. Captain had promised them some time alone. But, of course, something went wrong like it always did. Now it really wasn’t their anniversary anymore and they hadn’t spent a moment of it in one another’s arms.

Well, Kaylee was gonna correct that and sex her man within an inch of his life. She didn’t think he would have any objections. “Been wantin’ ta do this all day.”

Simon could only nod, his eyes darkening with arousal as she continued to roll her hips against his, driving him as deep as he could possibly go.

Kaylee looked down at him with a happy smile. “Was hopin’ you’d be in the mood when I finished.”

“I’ll always be in the mood for you,” Simon gasped as she leaned over him, her breasts brushing against his chest, her hands sliding into his hair.

Kaylee giggled playfully. “Yeah, you’re easy.”

Simon laughed and wrapped his arms around her backside pulling her tighter against him. They kissed passionately, tongues dancing against one another, tasting, sucking, but they froze when a knock sounded from outside their door.

“Doc? Am hurtin’ here, need somethin’ for the pain.”

Simon’s groan was swallowed by Kaylee’s mouth and he squeezed his eyes shut, hoping Jayne would go away. But, it was just not to be and the injured man continued to knock.

Simon dragged his mouth from Kaylee’s with a muffled groan. “Jayne, you can go to the infirmary and get whatever pain medicine you need!”

Kaylee moved above him, not missing a beat, rising and falling so slowly that he felt every tight inch as his length slid into her.

“What kind? I’m in pain here, doc!” came the pitiful wail from the other side of the door.

Simon grunted as Kaylee leaned over him, dangling her breasts in front of his face in a wordless invitation he could not refuse. He took one firm nipple into his mouth and tugged gently, murmuring, “You’re going to be in pain all right if I have to get out of this bed to give you medicine.”

Kaylee giggled and tugged his silky hair through her fingers, delighting in the feel of his warm, wet mouth sucking urgently on her as if he was a starving babe.


Simon grunted and leaned his head back into the pillow, gasping as Kaylee clenched him tightly, determined to make him cry out. “Kaylee –“

“Ifin’ he knows we’re busy maybe he’ll go away.”

‘Ah – no – he’ll just press his ear to the – door and listen,” Simon panted, his eyes rolling back into his head when she reached between them and drew her fingers down his hardness. “God! Kaylee!” he groaned and gasped for air as Jayne continued to knock.

Suddenly, the sound stopped and both Kaylee and Simon heaved a huge breath, wondering what had happened.

“I’ll give him the medicine, Simon!” came River’s happy, sing-songy voice.

Jayne grunted in annoyance and they could clearly hear him saying something about not trusting the crazy moonbrain to give him medication of any kind.

“God, I owe her.” Simon grunted as he clutched Kaylee.

“Many times over.” Kaylee kissed him again, tongue thrusting into his mouth.

“Yes.” Simon’s fingers tightened around her hips, drawing her closer, harder against him.

When she rose, he slid a hand between them, flicking his thumb over her swollen clit and causing her hips to jerk sharply against his, driving him deeper. He slipped a finger into her, stretching her further, as he felt the beginnings of her release trembling through her body.

Kaylee whimpered above him and moved her hips more urgently against his, squeezing her eyes shut as the pressure beneath his fingers swelled to a near painful intensity. Suddenly, she jerked above him and cried out, her orgasm ripping through her and leaving her muttering incoherently against Simon’s chest.

He cradled her in his arms and groaned as her body rippled around him.

“Oh, Simon. Wow,” Kaylee whispered against his damp chest. When she glanced up at him, her eyes were bright, gleaming in the dim light. Suddenly, she pushed herself off him intending to taste him, but he caught her arms and rolled her over. Her smile sent waves of desire coursing through his blood and he sank between her thighs and into her in one swift motion.

She lifted her hips to meet him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her hands around his shoulders. The short, sharp movements told her he was close and as he lowered his head to kiss her, his body stiffened and for a moment time stood still.

And then that long, long moment was over and he was pulsing hotly inside her, groaning his own release into her mouth. He collapsed for a moment and she took his weight with no complaint. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close, reveling delightedly in the feel of his heart racing against hers.

“God, Kaylee. I love you so much.” Simon panted against her ear. “I – had it all planned. Everything. But – as usual, plans on this ship take a backseat to mayhem and injury.”

“No one died today. It was a good day,” Kaylee answered with a smile against his neck.

“Not good enough,” Simon said and pressed a kiss to her lips before pushing himself off her.

Kaylee pouted at him as he slipped out of her arms and knelt down to remove something from one of the drawers beneath the bed.

When he looked back up at her, he was on his knees. “I wanted this to be perfect but I should have known that nothing will ever turn out the way I plan.” He held a silver band out to her and Kaylee pushed herself up to stare down at him. “I wanted to do this on our anniversary but,” he glanced at the timepiece on the cubby over their heads. “I’m a few hours late.”

“Simon?” Kaylee wasn’t sure what to think as her gaze shifted from his hand to his face and back again.

Simon smiled a bit nervously. This was definitely not going the way he’d planned. “This has been in my family for generations. My – mother gave it to me when we were on Osiris all those months ago. I – I don’t really have anything else to give you; or the money to buy you something special. And – it’s not an engagement ring. It’s a wedding ring. But you can just wear it on your other hand until –“

Kaylee’s voice shook and her eyes widened as his words registered in her mind. “Simon?”

He knew he was babbling. He knew he would never do this right. “I should have asked you long before now. But I wanted to make sure you really wanted me. Wanted to be with a fugitive. I don’t have anything to give you. Nothing that a man should be able to give his wife. And – I wanted to make it special.”

Kaylee was looking at him oddly now, her mouth twisting into an amused smile. She knew he was babbling too.

Simon took a deep breath. “Kaylee, will you marry me?”

Tears dripped out of her eyes as she slid out of bed and into his arms. She buried her face in his neck sobbing against him for a few moments before he slid his hands around her cheeks and drew her head up.

Simon watched her with a somewhat worried look in his intense blue eyes. “Is that a yes?”

Kaylee nodded, tears dripping from her bright, happy eyes. ”Yes, Simon!”

He pulled her against his chest and kissed her soundly, until the need for air forced them to part. He grinned down at her, at them, kneeling naked on their bedroom floor. “Not the most romantic proposal but –“

Kaylee silenced him with a kiss that promised him that it was as perfect as she could ever have dreamed.


The next morning, Kaylee found Inara and River in the dining room sipping tea.

River looked up with a smug smile. “Not a secret anymore.”

Kaylee gaped at the younger girl. “You knew!”

River shrugged. “Of course. Boob of a brother can’t keep anything from me.”

Inara smiled at the exchange between the two. “Knew? Secrets?” She figured it had something to do with the bag Simon had asked her to return to him yesterday morning.

Kaylee held out her right hand and the beautifully polished silver band gleamed in the artificial light. Inara could immediately make out the Chinese symbols for love and commitment etched into the band. She imagined there were others that she couldn’t see as well as a certain inscription on the inside of the band.

“Kaylee!” Inara stood and immediately embraced the mechanic. “Is this what I think it is?”

Mal walked in, glancing curiously toward the women. Jayne hobbled in behind him on crutches.

“Yep!” Kaylee was so energetic that the two men couldn’t help but stand there and blink stupidly as she bounced in Inara’s arms. “It’s a wedding band though. Simon didn’t have an engagement ring so he told me to put it on my other hand and we can change it to the right one at the wedding.”

Mal and Jayne exchanged surprised glances and the both of them opened their mouths to speak but Inara beat them to it.

Inara embraced Kaylee tightly. “I’m so happy for you! It’s about time he asked. It’s been a year. I think the crew had a bet going.”

River frowned. “I wasn’t allowed to play.”

“Play what?” Simon asked as he entered the dining room, his eyes lit with a strange, joyous glow.

“The when’s the gorram doc gonna make an honest woman outta Kaylee, game,” Jayne said as he gingerly seated himself at the table.

Simon rolled his eyes and nodded to Inara. “Ah, yes, well, wise decision. River cheats.”

River pouted at him. “Not my fault you think too loud.” Simon glowered at her. “Then stay out of my head, you little brat.“

River decided a change of subject was in order. “Jayne’s lucky he’s still alive.”

Jayne stared at her, incredulous "I ain't done nothin' recently!"

River clucked her tongue at Jayne. "Interrupted them at the wrong moment."

Mal and Inara exchanged a look that spoke volumes. Luckily, no one noticed.

Simon groaned when he realized to which moment she was referring. "After a day full of interruptions I was tempted to sedate the entire ship so we could have some peace and quiet."

Inara laughed. "Now that would have been a sight to see."

Jayne glanced over at Kaylee’s hand, which Inara was still holding. “He really ask ya?”

Kaylee whirled around and thrust her hand into Jayne’s line of sight, her face beaming. “Yep!”

Mal leaned over to get a better look at the ring carefully avoiding the small smile Inara gave him.

River leaned against her big brother, giving him a proud smile. “About time.”

Simon scowled down at her. “Don’t start.”

“Plan less, do more.” River nodded as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

Simon sighed. “It’s ingrained in me, River. I’m sure I’ll never change.”

“Changed a lot already,” River looked up at him and he was stunned to see tears in her big brown eyes. “For the better.”

Simon leaned his forehead against hers and hugged her tight. “We all have.”

River’s small smile disappeared as she buried her face into her brother’s chest. “Will change some more soon,” she whispered, but he didn’t hear her over Kaylee’s excited squeals and everyone’s congratulatory chatter.



Friday, March 31, 2006 8:07 AM


First comes love, then comes marriage... then comes Simon and Kaylee with a baby carriage?

They will make beautiful babies!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006 8:49 AM


>First comes love, then comes marriage... then comes Simon and Kaylee with a baby carriage?

Not - quite - exactly like that. . .

Friday, March 31, 2006 9:38 AM


Goddamn I love ya! you actually made me all teary eyed with the proposal!

Friday, March 31, 2006 10:49 AM


This is great! You know the smut is my favorite, but I'm glad that Simon finally got the courage to ask her. And of course, I'm THRILLED she said yes!

Your Mal and Inara keeps getting better, but I really want to see you explore their budding relationship more. You can do it!

Friday, March 31, 2006 10:49 AM


I meant to say "you know the smut is NOT my favorite ..." OOPS! :o)

Friday, March 31, 2006 11:46 AM


marriage -> baby
baby -> marriage

I'll take either please!

Friday, March 31, 2006 12:07 PM


Yay for marriage!!! At least they are engaged now before they have their

Friday, March 31, 2006 12:15 PM


Thank God! Simon finally gets to what he should have done in the movie...propose to Kaylee!

Great job here, Leiasky...though I have to agree with TamSibling about more M/I relationship stuff;)


Friday, March 31, 2006 12:23 PM


I'm stretching my writing abilities with what little Mal/Inara are already in the fics! It's been REALLY hard to write them, though I LOVE them as a couple. Go figure!

. . . though, you M/I fans will all be happy to know (or not when you read what happens) that they will feature almost as much as Simon and Kaylee in future stories in the series.

Friday, March 31, 2006 2:34 PM


Oh just wonderful! Lovely myth - Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, March 31, 2006 5:36 PM


> So it'll be baby, then marriage? lol

Uhm, well - yes and no.

Cryptic enough?

Good :)

Friday, March 31, 2006 7:03 PM


>So it'll be baby AND marriage at the same time? That's just...hmmmm.

Hmm. At the same time? Nope.

>I believe that might possibly kill Simon.

Simon and killing does come into play MUCH later, yes.

Monday, April 3, 2006 6:53 PM


The proposal....AWWWW! I love that Simon is all babbly (yes, that is a word)! And Kaylee all weepy, AWWWWWW( okay I 've done enough of the awww, but it's so AWWWW!!!)

Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:39 AM


Yay I love weddings. Drinks all around.

Monday, April 24, 2006 1:14 PM


Very well written. I was picturing each and every character as I read your words.

Anymore Ch.s coming soon?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 1:44 AM


"with a feral gleam in her eyes"

feral, good word for a horny Kaylee.

Proposing after mind-blowing sex, interesting.

“The when’s the gorram doc gonna make an honest woman outta Kaylee, game,”

LOL very good Jayne line.

mmmmm @ River's role in all of this.


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