BOOK OF DAYS SERIES: #17. "Reunion - Part II (of IV)"
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

River is happy to see her parents. Simon is not. Kaylee is distraught and Gabriel Tam makes an announcement that upsets Simon. Continuation of 17th story in a series.


Simon frowned at Kaylee and found himself instead watching the reunion of his sister with his parents with detached ease. He never thought he would ever come back to this world. It was no longer his home. He’d come to terms with that fact. He never even hoped to see his parents again. He was worried about Kaylee but they’d discussed this visit over the weeks it had taken them to reach Osiris. She wasn’t happy that he was leaving, even for a few days, but she also refused to come with him the multiple times he’d asked. Her reaction to him now only perplexed him further, like there was something bubbling beneath the surface that she didn’t want to discuss. Jayne and Zoe were nearly invisible as they stood to the side, hidden among crates, watching for any sign of trouble.

“Go,” Kaylee encouraged Simon forward and stepped back with Inara, watching, waiting to see the reunion between father and son. She knew Simon had been dreading this but she knew, somehow, that it would go better than he expected.

Simon hesitantly approached his parents, appraising them as they no doubt had done him the moment the ramp had lowered.

River stood encased in her father’s arms, smiling like any normal girl reunited with her family after so many years away.

Regan stepped forward and reached for her son and it was all he could do not to flinch away from her touch. But the woman pressed on and soon her cool, shaking hand slid across Simon’s cheek. And then she was hugging him desperately, murmuring how happy she was to see him.

Simon allowed himself to relax in his mother’s embrace, allowed himself to take small comfort that his parents apparently truly did love him, and wanted to see him. But their betrayal and refusal to trust him had come at a tremendous price. He wasn’t sure he would ever be able to forgive them.

After a few tearful moments, Regan released her son and stepped back to look at him.

“Life out there has changed you.” Gabriel said, his eyes sweeping across Simon’s body, first noting the lack of proper clothing.

“You didn’t expect it to?” Simon found himself automatically on the defensive, a habit to which he had grown accustomed during the year before he’d disappeared.

“Of course I did.” Gabriel smiled awkwardly. He was as nervous as Simon. “But no matter, we will go shopping tomorrow. You’ve both still got clothes in your rooms.”

“River’s won’t fit any longer.” Simon couldn’t believe they hadn’t noticed River was considerably bigger than the last time they’d seen her. He grit his teeth. He needed to be nicer. It was just so very hard. These people had abandoned him, and his sister, when they were needed the most. Simon didn’t figure he would ever be able to suppress completely the anger that surged through his veins as they smiled and greeted their children as if they had been on an extended school trip.

“Then we’ll get you something new on the way home,” Regan was saying. She reached out to trail her hand over River’s hair.

“I like my clothes,” River smiled, her eyes darting toward Kaylee and Inara – from whom she had borrowed her current, if somewhat limited, wardrobe.

“Well, you’ll need more.” Regan added with an uncertain smile, clearly wanting to replace the clothing.

Mal noticed Simon’s agitation and started down the ramp, giving the younger man a reason to break the intense stare with his father. He could see Simon relax as he approached.

Simon reached out to Mal. “Captain Reynolds, my father, Gabriel and my mother, Regan.”

Regan took his hand immediately in both of hers. “Thank you for helping them, keeping them safe.”

“Weren’t no trouble.”

“Of course it wasn’t,” Gabriel said, his voice wary. “That’s why you want to be paid for their safe return.”

Simon spoke before Mal got a word out. “I asked you to pay him. For all he has done for us, the danger he has put his crew through to protect us, it’s the least this family can do.”

Gabriel reached into a pristinely cut suit pocket and pulled out an envelope. “I trust this will be sufficient?”

Mal took the offered envelope with some measure of hesitation. “I don’t reckon I know what he asked ya for.”

“It’s all there. And your docking fees have been paid for a week.” Gabriel added. “You have business here that necessitates your stay?”

“He does.” Simon answered yet again. He would wait until they were home to tell his parents that they would not be remaining. There was no need to get into it now. He glanced up toward the top of the ramp and motioned to Kaylee and Inara. “Two other members of Serenity’s crew. The Companion Inara Serra and Kaylee Frye, my –“

“Ships mechanic,” Kaylee interrupted by holding out her hand.

“I see,” Gabriel’s eyes swept over Kaylee before settling on Inara. “A registered Companion on a vessel such as this? Very intriguing.”

“Serenity’s the sweetest thing flyin’,” Kaylee added with a bubbly smile and lowered her hand when she realized Gabriel had no intention of taking it.

“Yes – I – see.” Gabriel clearly did not share Kaylee’s opinion of the ship. He turned to his family and indicated a nearby transport. “Shall we go? Our hovercraft is waiting.”

Kaylee’s smiled dimmed a bit as Regan, River and Gabriel stepped toward the waiting vehicle.

Simon took Kaylee’s hands and squeezed them gently. “We’ll be back,” he assured, then bent to kiss her.

But Kaylee tilted her head so that his lips brushed her cheek instead. She ignored the hurt look in his eyes and stepped back, giving him a shaky smile.


Simon’s eyes narrowed, clearly caught between wanting to know what was going on with Kaylee and needing to go with his parents – to be there to protect River. As he opened his mouth to ask her what was wrong, his father’s voice echoed impatiently in the cargo bay.


Simon reluctantly turned to his family, looking back at Serenity every few steps until he was securely seated in the hovercraft. He pressed his fingers to the window and smiled at Kaylee, who simply raised her hand to wave goodbye.

Only when the craft took Simon and River away, did Kaylee allow the tears to creep down her cheeks. Inara pulled the distraught girl into her arms and hugged her tight. “They’ll be back, Kaylee.”

“I got a bad feelin’ they won’t.”

Inara glanced down at her mei mei. “Why didn’t you let Simon introduce you? He wanted to.”

Kaylee couldn’t meet Inara’s eyes. “Ain’t from his world. They wouldn’t want to know me an Simon was together.”

“Simon obviously wanted them to know.” Inara’s voice was warm and comforting.

“Be better if they didn’t.” Kaylee said sadly.

“Better for who? You? Simon? His parents?” Inara asked, truly confused.

“Everyone.” Kaylee turned and walked toward the passenger dorms, leaving Inara staring after her.


“Your rooms have been prepared. Dinner will be at its usual time and we will go shopping to replace these rags you call clothes first thing in the morning.” Gabriel removed his robe and offered it to the doorman.

“Welcome home Master Simon, Miss River.”

“Ah – thank you,” Simon smiled politely at the man who had been employed by the family ever since he could remember.

“I want to go – “

But River was interrupted by her father as he ushered them into the large, spacious sitting room. “Later, later, I have some news.”

Simon raised a curious eyebrow as his father moved to the brandy decanter and poured three glasses. Simon took the glass offered to him with some measure of hesitation.

River frowned when she wasn’t offered one but then smiled as she waited for her father’s announcement. She knew what it was, of course, and she knew Simon’s reaction wasn’t going to be what her parents hoped.


“I spoke with the board at Capitol City General.”

Simon sank into a chair and took a long, long sip of brandy. He had a sinking feeling he wasn’t going to like this.

“They’ve agreed to re-hire you. And at the current position and salary you had when you left.”

Simon blinked in disbelief. “Father –“

“Isn’t that wonderful, Simon?” Regan sat beside him and patted his leg.

Simon shook his head and exchanged a look with River, who was twirling her hair and smiling at him.

“I – you spoke with them?” Simon’s voice held a bit of wonder mixed with disbelief.

“Of course.” Gabriel smiled that self-satisfying smile that Simon so despised.

Simon’s brows drew together. How could his father tell someone that he’d returned? Didn’t he know how dangerous that could be? “And no one happened to care that I am a wanted fugitive?”

Gabriel discounted Simon’s concern with a wave of his hand. “Oh, that warrant hasn’t been reissued in months.”

“Nor has it been rescinded.”

“They know a good doctor when they see one. And they loved your work, your dedication.” Gabriel smiled proudly at his son.

“I’ve changed, Father.” Simon shook his head. He needed to tell them, now, before they planned out the entire rest of his life, and River’s. He alternated looking at his mother and father. “We – we don’t plan to stay. We’re only here to visit.”

River frowned but she let her brother say what he’d been planning to say ever since they’d left Serenity.

“What?” Regan asked, not quite understanding.

“That’s why Captain Reynolds and the crew are staying for the week. We’re only here for a week.”

“What?!” Gabriel stood and stared down at his son. “This is a joke.”

“I’m afraid not, Father.”

“Why?” Regan breathed. She looked like a rug had just been swept out from beneath her feet.

River knelt on the floor and slipped her tiny hand into her mother’s. She could feel the older woman’s heart breaking. “I’ll stay here with you, mom.”

“You will both be staying.” Gabriel scowled at his son. “Do you know what I went through to get you that position?”

“You didn’t ask me,” Simon said stubbornly. “How could you even begin to assume what I would want to do when I got back here?”

Gabriel shook his head. “We’re not going to argue about this now. Your rooms have been prepared. I assume it’s been a long time since you had nice, warm, comforting showers.”

“Yes, yes,” Regan said with a shaky smile. “Go wash up. It’s near dinner time. We can discuss this later.”

“We have to have this conversation sometime, Father, because by the end of the week, we will be gone.” Simon left his glass on a nearby table and walked out, River’s eyes following him sadly.

“He’s not happy. Doesn’t want to choose.” River looked around at the familiar furnishings and shivered though the room was nice and warm. “Doesn’t know the choice has already been made for him.”



Wednesday, March 22, 2006 6:51 AM


yikes - good story!

I have this sneaking suspicion that 4 parts is just not gonna be enough, so I'll start exerting the pressure already... MORE MORE MORE!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 6:52 AM


Choice has already been made for him? What is going on here?! Of course, I knew the Tams would be pressuring both Simon and River to stay. I am curious as to why River wants to stay! I know you love to torture us by only posting one day at a time, so I will patiently wait for tomorrow, but I am so intrigued!!! Excellent Job!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 7:41 AM


The tension in the pit of my stomach is making me almost nausea. How can you do this to me? To us? To all the Kaylee/Simon shippers?

Why can't River see that her parents are the devil incarnate? - Oops, did I just write that? I was really thinking it!

Post, post like the wind! I'm very anxious.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 9:34 AM


Ooooo, tension and angst. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 10:43 AM


>Why can't River see that her parents are the devil incarnate? - Oops, did I just write that? I was really thinking it!

LOL!! that's the most fantastic thing i've ever heard.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 12:09 PM


Ge, shucks, and other comments. Whos the one gonna pull Kaylee and Simon apart now, huh? Still a great fic, though. "But if you pull Simon and Kaylee apart, I will find a way to hunt you down" Now, where have I heard that before...?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 12:37 PM


>I have this sneaking suspicion that 4 parts is just not gonna be enough, so I'll start exerting the pressure already... MORE MORE MORE!!!

You're kinda right. It's 4 parts and an epilogue.

> I am curious as to why River wants to stay!

You'll find out in the epilogue why she wanted to stay.

>Ooooo, tension and angst. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Down a very bloody road, I assure you . . .

Alliethorn7 - hah! I said that to you about your current fic. . .

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 12:43 PM



I know you, they won't be apart forever.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 1:40 PM


Oh dear, looks like Simon is going to need a Big Damn Rescue because I don't think Gabriel has any intention of letting him return to Serenity. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 7:32 PM


Another excellent chapter of this saga, Leiasky....can't wait for the next part.

And I too would like to know why River would want to stay unless it relates to Kaylee's lack of desire to have Gabriel and Regan know about her relationship to Simon...cuz that would mean Kaylee's gonna do something silly...right?


Friday, March 24, 2006 6:42 PM



Monday, May 22, 2006 6:54 AM


I think you write all of the characters very well in all of your stories, especially Gabriel in this one.

Choice has been made for him? Interesting way to end it.


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