Odyssey to Ariel: Of omens and Eyebrows
Sunday, March 19, 2006

I told you, heres the 'dark and creepifying' chapter. First signs, and Simon gets some, Kaylee gets more than she bargained for. Very, VERY R, for graphic violence and a bit a lovin' *wink wink*. ( more flashbacks, its a pain in the ass to write!) Comments 'preciated, as usual.


A raised eyebrow. Just one delicately raised eyebrow was all it had taken to get him hard. Just that one little gesture was all it had taken to get them on the way to their shared bunk. Now, Simon lay on top of her, sheathed into her, part of her. She groaned as he pushed deeper, deeper... Her eyes fluttered as she felt herself coming closer. Closer... Simon had situated himself on her, latched on to that particular part of her neck that drove her crazy when he kissed it, right where neck meets shoulder. He kissed it lovingly. He nipped it a little. It came so naturally when he just nipped her sensitive skin a little bit harder, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her. She loved it so much, what could it hurt to just bite it lightly? He did, and she gasped a bit harder, just enough to put her on the edge of orgasm. He worked into her just a little deeper, just enough... She gasped alittle harder. She was so close that he could feel it... They hadn't much time. He decided that it couldn't hurt her more than it it would help her...He bit into her sensitive flesh. His incisor, his canine tooth, broke the skin. A little blood pooled around the break. He licked it off, even as Kaylee gasped out his name. "SIMON!!!" Delicious. He licked the blood until it stoped coming. Red life stuck to his lips and teeth staining them red with a little bit of her. It stoped flowing from the wound. No, he must have more! He bit again, harder still, drawing more of the essence of his love and lover. She gasped again, but this time it was of pain. And though it pained him so, he quickly dragged himself out of her, a look of horror on his face. "Oh God, Kaylee! I'm sorry, did I hurt you?!?! Here, let me-" She placed a finger to his lips. "Its nothin'. Really," she said to his still incredulous look. "You jus' got caried away, is all. I'm fine, Simon." "Okay." But he still bowed his head in shame. But what she didn't see was he licking his lips, cleaning off his teeth, just so he could get every last tasty morsel down his throat. Delicious. *** Mark Chang was not having a good day. He had just gotten off a wave with his benefactors. In no uncertain terms, they had told him that the deal was off. Serenity had escaped, and with it her Crew. So that meant no second pay. But what really worried Chang was that a free Serenity meant a very angry crew of Serenity. Which meant that they could put two and two together and figure out that he had set them up. Which meant some rather large people with guns out after him, which wasn't very good at all, to anyone in the 'verse. Period. His fears were well founded, actually. Because, the door to his luxury suite (well, as luxurious as could be found on Boros, anyway) burst inward. The two guards that were outside were slumped to the ground, blood streaming out of two identical wounds on their stupid heads. Dolts. And in came said angry crew. One very large man with an equally large gun, a smaller-but-still-bigger-than-Chang-Tall man with a pistol, and a large woman that had a sawed off shotgun. The smaller man put the pistol to his head while the other one looked to the entrance. "Now, you're a gonna answer some a our simple questions, or I'll-" "Let me, sir." The Amazon stepped up, and Mal stepped down. Instead of threatening his head, she took the more direct approach of sticking her gun right into his crotch. See, most men'll think a whole lot faster with a sawed-off snuggling real close to their balls. And Mark was one of those types. "Who put you up to this?" Zoes voice was low and menacing. To punctuate this, she jabbed her gun, hard, which sent a rather unpleasent sensation up his body. "It was the Alliance, I swear it. Two guys, they wore suits, glasses, and blue gloves!" "Right answer. Now, how did it take for you to sell them your soul?" "I...ah...Seventy mil credits...?" Both of the men whistled. The women just jabbed him harder. "Fine, now-" Out of the corner, the brute said, "And wheres our pay?" "If its pay you want, then I can get ya some. Riches beyond you're wildest dreams, what I paid you was nothing to-" The women, Zoe, she jabbed him again, harder than last time. "One last question. How will you repay for the life you took?" "I...Wha'? Wait, someone died?" "Yeah, a kid not Seventeen years, and your greed killed him when he saved us from a trap. How you gonna repay his sister, whos lost everything she ever had?" "I...he was just some stupid kid, isn't my fault he died!" Zoe looked at him a moment. "Wrong answer." She pulled the trigger, lead balls ripping through Changs most intimate parts, leaving him curled up ina ball, not even able to whimper. *** Inara and Kaylee sat across from one another, sipping tea across a table, in a ceremony they were used to, having done dozens of times. Inara drained the last from her cup, then smiled at Kaylee. "So, how goes your Doctor?" A dreamy look crossed Kaylees face. "Oh, its wonderful, 'Nara. Hes so much more'n I ever imagened. And...I think I'm finally startin' ta get some a that Core outta him." "Well, how so. Come on, don't leave me in the dark!" "Well...he bit me. During sex. He just got a lil' too...overexcited, I think." She showed Inara where her Simon had marked her. Inara reached across the ornamental table and hugged her. "This is just wonderful, mei-mei." Kaylee smiled her trademark smile. "Sheh-sheh, Inara. goes you'n the Cap'n?" "Oh, its going, alright. Um, what do you think of Cassandra." Mayhaps the wrong subject, but it was better than the last one. Kaylees smile faded like someone had just killed her favorite hamster. That lying, cheating bitch. If she wanted her Simon, she'd have to go through her first. No way she was EVER gonna be a part of this ship, or a part of her Doctor. "Shes fine." "Your face doesn't say that, dear. You hate her, which is something that just isn't you." "Oh, I know, 'Nara. But, you shoulda seen that look she gave him. It was MY look, hell, I coulda patented it, if I had wanted ta. It was that look I'da been givin' Simon for eight months straight! And then SHE goes an' gives it to him!" Eleven days from Ptah back to Boros, and Kaylee could name hundreds of times that that hwoon danh had given Simon that look. First time that Kaylee had been actually thankful for Simons ignorance about looks from girls. "That cunt..." "Kaylee!" Inara was shocked, and rightly so. "Oops. Musta said that out loud..." Inara started laughing. *** Abulurd was lounging about inside the shuttle when they came back. Mal looked he didn't have the energy to curse his existance. He stepped out as soon as the ramp was lowered. Mal looked a bit surprised, and even more so when the former operative had his sword strapped to his back. After a week of intensive care, he had gotten back on track, but not without first going through all their plasma. "Mal, I believe that I'm disembarking here." "Oh, really. Then you won't be able to enjoy our fine hospitality any more." "Your sarcasm isn't neede on me, Mal. I know I've been an unwanted burden, and I'm sorry that I put this upon you. I never knew that you would be on Ptah as well. I'm glad I could help you out, but I know that I've done more harm to you all than could be repayed in a thousand lifetimes. So, I will leave here, catch a ride to to somewhere, and continue hurting the Alliance cause. But, at least a little good has come of this: Two more operatives are dead, and it takes a full decade to train an operative to my standard. So they will feel this. Goodbye, Mal."The self-proclaimed monster held out his hand. Grudgingly, Mal took it. Weren't like he could say the guy was totally evil. Well, he could say he was a humorless bastard that will be tormented by demons until he was well dead, and that would be true. Abulurd turned on his heel and marched out into the busy Boros street, not looking back.


Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:40 AM


Uh oh. Getting worried now. I'm all for a little fun, rough sex but....uh...he's liking the taste of blood which means....oy, I hope I'm wrong.

Kaylee's jealousy is nicely done. Simon ignorant of Cassandra's eyeing him - heh, how - Simon.

Yes, nice dark chapter. But break up Simon and Kaylee and I'll find a way to hunt you down :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:45 AM


Don't worry overmuch, 'kay? I am a Silee nut, afterall (and self a proclaimed one as well). As it is, I think I'll make ya'll squirm a bit more, just for 'peace, prosperity, and sadism'. Love your work by the way, Leiasky

Monday, March 20, 2006 12:48 AM


I was surprised when Zoe pulled the trigger, but not half as surprised as that two-timing Allicance loving piece of *fei hua* who sold them out. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, March 20, 2006 3:58 AM


Whoa tough Zoe! I'm so wondering what's up with Simon though!

Kaylee shows Inara a bite mark and Inara congratulates her.. too funny!

Monday, March 20, 2006 9:52 AM


>Don't worry overmuch, 'kay? I am a Silee nut, afterall (and self a proclaimed one as well).

*exhales a long, relieved breath*

>As it is, I think I'll make ya'll squirm a bit more, just for 'peace, prosperity, and sadism'.

Hate you. No, really. LOL

No, its ok, when I get around to working on my long fic again (yes, a new one), I'll be sure to remember that everyone loves cliffhanger chapter endings.... :P

Monday, March 20, 2006 10:03 AM


'Course they do! Its very good to love and hate a guy for a bit. Oh, and Mal4prez, check out Going On, part 5, to find out 'bout Simon. LOL!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006 10:13 AM


Oh, Inara congratulated Kaylee about getting Simon to loosen up, not get bit.


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