Quickies 4: Captured
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Kaylee's been a tease. Jayne gets even.


Disclaimer: Not mine, no money. Thanks to Jacqui for beta, to Rion for being challenging.

Premise: Written in response to a challenge from Rion to write a set of sexual encounters between Jayne and Kaylee, limiting each to a single page of text – in other words, “quickies”. When you live on a space ship with seven other folks, privacy comes at a premium and creativity is an asset.

When: Set in the weeks immediately following my series Waited Long Enough. Needless to say, NC17/R

Quickies 4: Captured It's late. Jayne's back in his bunk, gettin' ready for bed. He strips off his T-shirt and tosses it into the pile of dirty clothes in the corner, gives his chest a good scratch and catches wind of that faint, unmistakable scent of a woman, specifically, his woman. His woman that he's not had a chance to touch for a couple of weeks.

Sweet Kaylee… he thinks fondly, then, What in the ruttin' 'verse did that lil' gal hand me? He sticks his hand down into his pocket an' pulls out the soft bundle and unrolls it. "Lao-tyen boo! That damned little tease!" The little slip of pink satin is still damp and his body's response immediate.

"Cao!" he growls, inhalin' Kaylee's essence.

He reverently lays her panties across his pillow and unbuckles his boots, pulls them an' his socks off, strips off his pants. He's hard as a gun barrel.

"You just wait, Miss Kaylee. Two can play this game!" He rummages around in his locker an' finds a small capture rig, checks the power level and pops in a new image chip, then carries it over to his bunk.

The aroused merc stacks a munition storage box on the foot of his bunk an' sets the capture rig on that, pointin' it toward the head of his bed. He punches the time delay switch, picks up Kaylee's gift and carefully lays down, nudging the capture rig so it's aimed right at his crotch.

The green light flashes and he's live. "This little show's for you, Kaylee-girl. Just a little way of sayin' thanks for your present." He rubs the silky fabric against his cheek, then against his stony cock. "Mmm, feels good. Almost good as you do. Smells mighty sweet, too." His voice is thick with arousal.

He's not a shy man, especially not with her, an' he strokes himself and fondles his balls all the while flashin' that rakish grin at the lens of the capture. He stretches out the show for a good twenty minutes until the yellow light on the capture rig indicates it's runnin' out of power.

"If you was over here in my bunk, I'd give this to ya personally…" A couple of final strokes an' he cums generously all over his taut, muscled belly, then laughs hard as the capture rig goes dead.

The next morning he's in the galley, pouring a mug of coffee, when Kaylee comes in. He pours her one, too, an' leans over so he can whisper to her, "Thanks for the little present ya gave me. Got one for you, too, ya little minx." He palms her the capture chip. "I'd suggest you don't watch it in a public place, if ya get my drift…"


Tuesday, March 7, 2006 8:47 AM


Can't breathe...must have more...soon!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 4:56 PM


I haven't commented on these so far, but that ain't because I haven't been reading... and re-reading...

Ai ya!

THIS is how they're gonna get caught, isn't it? I can just imagine the rest of the crew's reaction if'n'when they view that capture. ;P That'll be an interesting day.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 3:00 AM


Oooh, what a revenge! Can I see? Please?

Sunday, April 16, 2006 9:19 AM


just think what would happen if mr. universe got a hold of that capture...


Monday, September 11, 2006 5:18 AM



Um...inspiring <G>. I want a copy too <BEG>.



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