Finding Our Way - Chapter 5
Friday, March 3, 2006

Simon and Kaylee continue their first night together. NC-17


There is a plot in just takes a while to get to it...they need to get the fun stuff over with before all the angst starts... :)


Chapter 5

Sometime in the night, Kaylee woke, warm and comfortable and held tightly Simon’s arms. She lifted her head, smiling widely as lamps they’d forgotten to extinguish burned low, casting dancing images across the wall and their skin.

She trailed a finger down his chest, along the interplay of muscles she’d never known he even possessed and was rewarded with a soft, sleepy sigh. She leaned up to press her mouth to his as his eyes snapped open and shifted down to her, a mix of wonder and surprise lighting them.

She could feel his body tense and then relax when his sleep-addled mind recalled where he was – and whom he was with.

Her name slipped reverently from his mouth as he raised his hand to her hair, slid it over the silky softness and cupped her cheek.

“Simon.” Her eyes searched his for any regret. Much to her excitement, she found none, only a – a twinkle of something – hesitation, excitement, desire – something.

When he wordlessly drew her closer and pressed his lips to hers, she decided it was definitely desire. She melted into his arms and felt again the firm evidence of his desire pressing against her thighs. She wiggled against him, drawing a shocked gasp from his mouth, and chuckled.

“Kaylee – I –“

“Don’t even tell me you regret it. I might have to murder you in your sleep.”

He chuckled low and drew her closer. “Not at all. I –“

“Stop talkin’ Simon. You’re not too good at that.”

Simon grinned sheepishly. “The awkwardness has – ah, lessoned considerably after tonight, I think.” He pressed gentle kisses to the corner of her mouth, his lips trailing a heated path along her neck to her ear. A sudden thought occurred to him and he trailed his fingertips over her bare arms. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you how beautiful you looked tonight. River – well, she looked almost normal in her dress, dancing, I – I was just so distracted –”

“Don’ have ta explain, Simon.” She snuggled closer and arched her neck, giving his mouth easier access.

“I do. After – I hurt you by being so inattentive. Inara – well, she set me straight. She was right. I felt so guilty not telling you how beautiful you were. You – don’t need to wear silk to be beautiful.” His warm mouth moving gently against her skin sent tremors of desire straight to her core. “I looked for you but you’d disappeared. Then River wanted to dance again – and again.” His low chuckle reverberated through her body and she couldn’t remember anything feeling so good. “I couldn’t deny her. She was just so happy.”

Kaylee slid one hand into his hair, letting the strands slip through her fingers. “I know, Simon. I know. You two looked so good out there. Like you belonged in that world. Well, yeah, I guess you do. I – well, I don’t. Am not so fancy. Don’t know the steps.”

He began to pull the leftover pins from her hair. Mussed as it was, they were difficult to find. “You did fine.”

“Only because I was dancin’ with you.” Her eyes fluttered closed at the feel of his hands in her hair.

“I only know what I’m doing because River needed a partner to practice her lessons.”

Kaylee giggled and for a moment Simon why. “What –“

“Oh, I can just picture it. All grown up Simon having to dance with his little sister.”

Simon smiled into her hair. “It was a bit awkward.”

Kaylee wiggled against him again, and the fingers trailing along his muscular chest slowly brushed across his closest nipple, which hardened instantly at her touch.

“Kaylee –“

“I’m not tired anymore.” She wiggled again and was rewarded with a sharp hiss from between his lips. “And – neither are you.”

“Are you sure you want to –“

Kaylee shushed him with a kiss that told him just how sure she was.


Early the next morning, she woke to sunlight falling through the open balcony curtains. Kaylee stretched like a cat, slow and languid, against the surprisingly firm body currently serving as a very comfortable pillow. She smiled warmly down at Simon as she watched him sleep, thinking that he had never looked so swai. His hair was quite tousled and fell over his forehead, and long dark eyelashes rested against his cheek.

When she tilted her head and pressed her lips to his neck, he inhaled sharply and those beautiful blue eyes, that had drawn her in like a moth to a flame from the first moment she’d met him, fluttered open.

He simply stared at her, as if for all his intelligence he didn’t know what to say waking up and finding her naked in his arms. But to his credit, he didn’t say a word. His hands simply slid along her back and up her arms, finally coming to a stop cupping her cheeks in his hands. His eyes searched hers, for permission, for a sign that she didn’t regret what had transpired the night before.

Kaylee simply let him draw her head to his and sighed against his mouth as he slowly, softly, pressed his lips to hers. After a few moments, the simple, gentle kiss turned passionate, and Kaylee pushed off the sheet that covered them and straddled his hips.

Simon’s eyes widened when he quickly realized her intent. He tilted his head to the table beside the bed to look for the local time. “We have to –“

“The note said ten.” She rubbed her hips against him suggestively. “It’s barely seven now.”

“You’re not –“

“Tired? Sore?” Her eyes twinkled but her body all but glowed. “Not yet but I will be.” She leaned over and gave him a swift kiss. Her heart fluttered when he gave her the widest, happiest smile she had ever seen.

“Well then.” He trailed long fingers down her arms and over her stomach. “I was raised never to keep a lady waiting.”

“Such a gentleman.” Kaylee leaned into his caress and shivered as his soft, gentle hands slid up her abdomen to cup her firm breasts.

He wrapped one arm around her hips and pulled her toward him. “I try to be,” he murmured before his tongue darted out to lick one already firm nipple.

“How ‘bout we forget those proper manners for right now?” She arched her back and closed her eyes as his mouth closed around her, tugging gently at the firm bud. She lifted her hips and grasped him, stroking steadily down his length and delighting in the velvety feel of him swelling beneath her touch.

If he had intended to respond, all thoughts were driven out of his mind when she positioned him at her wet heat and sank down onto his hips, driving him straight into her.

He gasped. She gasped. They moved together; as one, as it should be. She leaned over him, her breasts dangling in front of his mouth and he needed no invitation to wrap his arms around her back and pull her down to him.

He nibbled and sucked and nuzzled the firm mounds as she rolled her hips against him, driving him deep. After a time, she sat up and smiled down at him, at his flushed face and passion-darkened eyes. Her whole body throbbed as she watched him beneath her, seemingly unbelievable that they were here, now, together.

Gently, he instructed her to lean backward over his legs, balancing what weight she could on one hand palm down beside his knee on the bed. She could still move in this position, still undulate her hips against his, but as she delightfully discovered, he had a different motive for spreading her in such a way.

When his fingers slid between them and brushed across her aching clit, her hips arched so sharply against his that he gasped at how deeply the motion buried him inside her. One finger joined his rigid length as his thumb rested on that sensitive nub, brushing lightly. He teased her with his gentle touch, until she could no longer stand the pressure.

The hand gripping his as it held her waist let go and she slid her fingers between them, pushing down on his where they lightly, teasingly touched her.

His mouth opened and his eyes widened as she wordlessly showed him how she wanted him to touch her, how hard to apply the pressure and what motion she preferred. He swelled and pulsed, aroused at the very sight.

His eyes darkened, glazed as she worked herself into a heaving, panting mass of flesh, he was certain intending to drive him mad with desire. “God, Kaylee, show me. Show me what you want, how you –“ he groaned as she rolled her hips against him, driving him deep. At the same time she pressed their fingers against her swollen nub and he could feel the tremor begin from deep within her core to soon encompass her entire body. She trembled above him, squeezing him tightly and he held her as she rode out wave after wave of passion that left her weak and boneless in its wake.

She collapsed into his arms and he held her until her body stopped shaking. When she recovered, she noticed the firm length of him still buried within and shifted her weight, drawing a soft sigh from his lips. “Someone’s not finished.” She grinned into his eyes when she lifted her head.

He trailed the back of his hand down her cheek before folding it beneath her chin and bringing her mouth to his. They touched, barely, and she could feel his hot breath as he turned his head and kissed the corner of her mouth. The kiss traveled, as she noticed it often did, along her jaw line and down her neck, to that one place that made her tremble every time his lips touched it. He bathed her neck with his tongue, before closing his warm, went mouth over the soft skin, sucking lightly, causing gooseflesh to pebble her skin.

“Simon –“ Kaylee breathed, feeling him pulse within her, stretching and arousing her again.

“I’m getting there.” He wrapped his arms around her hips and rolled them over, skillfully never sliding out of her, until she was lying on her back beneath him.

She reached up to him, wanting to touch him, but he leaned away and glanced down, watching with some degree of embarrassment, where their bodies were joined. He reached out and brushed his fingers against her, causing her to gasp sharply. Her eyes crossed when he lifted one of her legs and braced it against his chest while beginning to thrust slowly.

The position, his oh so wonderful fingers and his slow, languid thrusts brought her to the brink again but just as her body tensed he stopped touching her. She groaned and reached for him catching his hand as he lifted it from her leg.

Their fingers laced together as the intensity of his thrusts increased. She panted beneath him, trembling as he moved within her. Their eyes locked and he leaned forward as far as the leg braced against his chest would allow, and then pulled back. Again and again he did this, and soon Kaylee was squirming beneath him. He brought their joined hands to his lips and she pushed her fingers into his mouth. He sucked them in time with each thrust while his now free hand dropped between them to fondle her.

Kaylee whimpered as he brought her close, oh so close. When his thumb pushed and rubbed and circled against her, she tensed and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her release thundered through her trembling body and she cried out his name. She blindly reached for him, feeling the familiar surge within her and she gasped as she felt him groan above her, filling her as he thrust one last time.

Simon pressed a kiss to her ankle, removed her leg and collapsed onto his side, drawing her into his arms as he struggled to control his ragged breathing.

“Wode tian, Simon. That was good.” Kaylee snuggled into his arms and pressed a kiss to his damp chest.

“You are good, Kaylee.” He pressed his lips to her temple and closed his eyes as exhaustion overcame them.



Friday, March 3, 2006 6:08 AM


Oh. My. GUH.

Can't really manage anything more coherent than I LOVE this fic.

Friday, March 3, 2006 9:06 AM


Wow! I can only offer monosyllabic responses at this point! Can't wait to read your next post, but I am fearing the angst!!! No, no angst is good. Great Job!

Friday, March 3, 2006 9:25 AM


Good GOD!!! That was just great. Props!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 4:25 PM


Again GUH

Friday, May 26, 2006 2:45 AM


*“Tired? Sore?” Her eyes twinkled but her body all but glowed. “Not yet but I will be.” She leaned over and gave him a swift kiss. Her heart fluttered when he gave her the widest, happiest smile she had ever seen.*

Mmmmmm, the good kind of hurt.


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