Finding Our Way - Chapter 4
Thursday, March 2, 2006

Simon finally gets it right and gives Kaylee a night she will never forget. Simon/Kaylee. NC-17.


Chapter 4

“Wow.” Kaylee stepped into the spacious suite and looked around, her eyes wide as saucers. Never before had she seen such pretty, expensive furnishings. Even Inara’s possessions weren’t so nice.

Simon pushed a few paper bills into the attendant’s hand. “That will be all, thank you.”

“Yes, Sir.” The attendant left, shutting the door silently behind him.

Simon leaned against the wall and watched as Kaylee walked around the room, stopping to touch the ornate wood furniture, the walls, the outrageously large bed. She looked out the balcony window and her breath caught at the lights flickering down below.

“We’re so high up! Gee, Simon, I feel like a princess! Never seen anythin’ so fancy.”

When she turned bright eyes on him, he averted his gaze, afraid to be caught staring at the lovely image she presented framed in the light falling through the balcony door.

She inhaled sharply when she opened the door to the bathing room and Simon made his way quickly over to her, afraid there was something untoward within. A wide smile spread across his face when he realized that she was reacting to the tub big enough for two that was already filled and waiting for them – kept hot by some mysterious invention one rarely saw outside of the Core planets.

Kaylee stepped into the large room, Simon hesitating at her heels. At this angle, he could easily glance down at her beautiful body and not worry about anyone seeing the desire that heated his eyes.

Kaylee whirled excitedly, not realizing he was standing right behind her, and collided with his chest. He immediately reached out to steady her and their eyes met.

Kaylee gulped with a sudden, uncommon, at least for her, nervousness. “This for us?”

“I – uh,” he looked over her shoulder and swallowed nervously. “I believe they think we are – married.”

“Oh.” She turned away from him, trying not to appear too excited at the thought. “Well –“

“Take a bath, Kaylee. You deserve to be pampered. I’ll – I’ll be outside.” Simon took a step backward but she whirled, catching his hands.

Unspoken words passed between them as she held his eyes. She wanted him to stay. “What’s so wrong ‘bout pretendin’?”

Simon swallowed anxiously. If he truly admitted it to himself, he wanted to stay. “It – ah – wouldn’t be –“


She had a way of saying that word that made Simon’s heart constrict. She was right, of course, he was trying to be proper, trying to respect their friendship.

Kaylee pulled him into the room and the door nicked shut, the slowly lapping water against the sides of the oversized tub the only sound in the room

“I – uh, go head, I’ll wait for you out –“ he released her hands and turned around, reaching for the closed door.

Just as Simon’s hand touched the handle, Kaylee reached around him, her fingers staying his hand. She glanced back at the large tub, her eyes twinkling. “It’s big enough for two.”

Simon swallowed nervously and as much as he felt he should go, there was nothing he wanted more than to stay. When Kaylee turned him slightly and his eyes met hers, he knew he would stay – whatever the repercussions in the morning. He wanted this and so did she.

Kaylee stepped away and began to unfasten the brightly patterned silk dress, but a hook caught in the back and she turned inquisitive eyes on Simon, who stood still as a post his gaze shifting from her to the wall.

“Help me?” She turned her back to him and trembled when a moment later she could feel his hands reach the offending clasp. She could barely feel the brush of his fingers against her bare skin and as the dress slid down her body. He stepped away from her and returned his gaze to that interesting spot on the wall.

Kaylee reached around him to hang the dress on the back of the door and he turned to look at the delicate silk as she busied herself with the rest of her clothes. His heart beat wildly in his ears as he reached up to reverently brush his fingers across it, Kaylee’s scent clinging to the material. One by one, she hung each garment beside the dress until she was as naked as the day she was born.

With each article of clothing, Simon’s breathing got shallower. He leaned his forehead against the door and stiffened when Kaylee’s hands touched his shoulders. Her breath was hot in his ear and she could feel a tremor race down his back. “You got far too many clothes on, Simon.”

His reply was barely audible. “Yes.”

Kaylee slid her hands over his shoulders and slowly removed his elegant outer coat. After hanging it beside her dress, she wrapped her hands around his waist, over the front of his vest. Her fingers paused at the top button and she flattened one hand over his heart for a moment before pulling each button from its hole and sliding the red material from his shoulders.

Kaylee leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his ear and she smiled as she felt the tremor race down his spine. She hung the vest beside her dress and returned her hands to his crisp white shirt, making faster work of those fastenings than she had with the vest. It was hung quickly beside her dress and then she returned her fingers to his back, tracing the outline of muscle she found there.

Simon’s hands still hung limp at his sides but when her fingers slid around his waist and reached for the fastenings of his pants, he covered them and turned around, smoldering eyes meeting hers. “You’re sure?” His voice was a mere whisper and he was afraid he wouldn’t hear her answer over the thudding of his heart.

Kaylee felt a tremor of excited anticipation race down her spine when those blue, blue eyes settled on her. She’d never seen such intensity in his gaze before, not ever, and it made her knees go weak. “Been wantin’ this a long time, Simon.”

He held her hands gently within his own, his thumb brushing gently across her wrist. Accepting her answer, he guided her fingers back to the waistband of his pants, a silent invitation to continue. She stared at his lithely muscled chest as her fingers made quick work of the fastenings.

His eyes held hers when she hooked her fingers into the material and slid it all down his hips at once, taking pants and undergarments at the same time. He kicked off his shoes with ease and stepped out of the pool of material at his feet.

Unable to resist the urge, she glanced down at him, at the well-toned body he had allowed her to uncover. She licked her lips and took his hand, leading him to the oversized tub. With a playful smile, she turned and stepped into the water, sighing contentedly as it lapped at her skin. She sank slowly into the warm liquid, conscious of his eyes on her as she did so. Smiling excitedly, she grabbed the sponge that seemed as big as her head and held it up; dripping wet.

Before she could shift her eyes toward him, he slid in behind her, sinking into the water with a heavy sigh. When he plucked the sponge out of her hands, she arched her head to pout at him. But he trailed the back of his free hand down her neck and lifted her chin, barely brushing his mouth against hers. His lips traveled across her cheek to her neck to lightly suck on the smooth skin where it met her shoulder. As his teeth grazed the soft skin a tremble raced through her and she leaned back against his chest, sighing wistfully.

Soft, gentle lips pressed slow, lingering kisses along her neck, traveling slowly upward. “We can’t go back,” he whispered hotly against the delicate curve of her ear. “Not after this.” He closed his eyes, praying to any God that would listen that she did not want to stop.

The slight incline of her head was all he received as a response. She could feel him press against her back, firm and ready and it took all the restraint she possessed not to turn around and reach for him.

Permission to continue granted, he poured a generous amount of soap into the sponge and began to brush it over her skin slowly, languidly, cleaning her. She didn’t even notice when he’d abandoned the sponge and dipped his fingers lower, teasing her with the lightest caress.

Kaylee arched her hips against his exploring fingers as his others slid beneath her chin and turned her mouth to meet his. The kiss was light, gentle, teasing, his teeth nipping slowly at her bottom lip. But when his mouth finally covered hers in an excited expression of his true feelings, his fingers pierced her, mimicking the movement of his tongue as it slid between her lips.

Her body was wound so tightly, she knew if he touched just the right spot she would break. She waited with tense anticipation, her body trembling. It had been so long. But he knew, and withdrew his hand before giving her the release she so desperately craved. When his mouth released hers and his fingers slid away, she mewled softly. A wide smile touched his lips and a surge of purely male satisfaction rushed through him at her reaction.

“I think – that we should get out –“

The water sloshed inside of the large tub but never escaped its porcelain walls as she turned suddenly and knelt between his submerged legs. “I haven’t washed you yet.” Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she reached for the sponge.

“I don’t think I –“

She held the sponge up over his shoulder and squeezed. The water rained down over him and followed the line of muscle rippling across his chest. When the sponge touched his skin, he trembled, despite the warmth of the water.

“I can’t take –“

“I could. So will you. ” She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his chest, effectively silencing his protest.

His head lolled back as her lips traveled down his torso, stopping briefly while her tongue darted out to flick each nipple, before continuing to where the remainder of his body was covered by suddenly cool water. But she was not deterred and simply released the sponge and continued her exploration with her hands instead of her mouth.

Simon’s lips parted and he drew air into his lungs sharply as her fingers traced the length of him and groaned low when one hand closed around him, stroking slowly. He’d wanted this – her, for so long, and now the moment was upon him, he wasn’t sure why he had ever waited.

A happy smile curled her lips as she felt him throb in her hand, firm and ready. As much as she wanted to drag out the torture, feel him, explore him, she couldn’t wait. She wanted him so badly, wanted to feel him inside her, stretching and piercing. So when she stood suddenly, releasing her soft grip, his eyes snapped open.

She looked like a goddess standing over him, water dripping down her smooth body in glowing rivulets. He was mesmerized for a long moment until synapses fired in his brain, urging him to move. He pushed himself to his feet and helped her out of the tub, reaching for a large plush towel with which he could dry her.

Even the air that hit him as they stepped out of the water was not enough to cool the raging desire burning through his blood. He wrapped the towel around her shoulders and used its ends to dry her body. When he felt she was dry enough, he removed the towel and stepped back to admire her, a small, nervous smile playing at the corner of his lips.

She opened her mouth to protest but closed it when his stepping away gave her a full view of his magnificent body in return. When she turned and threw open the door, he reached for her, drawing her against his solid chest and into his arms.

His worried eyes scanned her face before she smiled and pressed her fingers to his lips. “No goin’ back.”

Simon shook his head, scooped her into his arms and walked to the large bed waiting in another room within the suite. As he lay her down atop the plushest blanket she had ever felt, Kaylee reached for him, needing to feel his hands, his mouth, his warmth.

The wordless invitation was not lost as he knelt on the bed, between the legs she parted invitingly before him.

When their bodies touched, hard against soft, Kaylee impatiently wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him closer. She could feel him press against her now and it took every ounce of restraint she possessed not to reach down and join them.

Thankfully, he felt the urgency as strongly as she, and shifted his hips so that he was positioned at the proper angle. When he leaned over and captured her mouth, his hands slid to her hips, lifting them to meet his first, hard thrust.

They gasped into one another’s mouths as months of tense longing was sated in that one, fluid motion. He moved. She moved. They moved as one; rocking, rejoicing, remembering their dreams as their bodies moved together, straining, arching sharply, driving them toward a rapidly approaching end.

She knew it would be this way their first time and so did he. But that knowledge did nothing to diminish their enjoyment of the act as their hearts beat frantically in unison. The tension spread through their bodies, coiling so tightly they were sure it would hurt when it finally snapped.

Kaylee tightened her legs around him and arched her hips, feeling the pressure build to an almost painful intensity. When his hips rolled upward, hard and fast, her hands clutched his shoulders and she cried out her release into his soft, warm mouth.

When her body trembled around him, her muscles clenched and tightened, he was lost. With one last, hard thrust, he tore his mouth from hers and buried his face in her neck, crying out her name with a long, low groan.

“Wode tian, Kaylee,” he breathed, his body trembling as he spilled himself inside her. “Meili, Kaylee.” He pressed urgent kisses along her neck as she arched against him, sliding her hands into his dark, damp hair.

There was no need for words; they didn’t think they had the energy to even voice them. After a tension-filled evening, a bath filled with so much energy that one could have been electrocuted in the watching, and a coming together that left them both spent, words could come later.

Simon rolled onto his back, bringing her with him, and caught his fingers in her hair. He sighed deeply, sleepily, when she rubbed her cheek against his chest.

Their eyes fluttered closed and sleep came swiftly, everything forgotten in the wake of post-coital bliss.



Thursday, March 2, 2006 5:27 PM




Well...that was...very worth the wait. Very hot and romantic. More soon?

Friday, March 3, 2006 12:58 AM


Oh my goodness! Came home from work and there was this little gem waiting for me to read! No turning back-YAY! Can't wait to read more!!! And I concur with FB-very romantic!:D

Friday, March 3, 2006 5:49 AM


>Seconding the GUH!!! WOW! I hope you make this a looooong series :D

It's pretty darn long. 107 pages in Word... which is the longest I've ever written. Enjoy the romance now, 'cause the angst is a comin' :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 4:15 PM


That was great, it was all romantic and happy. Which means something bad is about to happen. Oh well.

Friday, May 26, 2006 2:33 AM


Very shiny Leia, wonderfully written.


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