River Tam ... She knows.
Sunday, January 29, 2006

What can I say? It's River Tam; she awesome... and she knows. She's even elegant, sitting there in that chair. How does she do it? :) And those eyes! Man, those eyes! If I didn't have a picture to upload, I'd be lost in them, right now.



Sunday, January 29, 2006 12:14 PM


....o...kay......can you say....obsession? I mean somin' about that is just down right unsetlin'.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:36 PM


Imagine a needle stuck in your head...ooouch!!!!! Sorrowful eyes.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:53 PM


Damrod, yeah, that must hurt. In the movie, you get a good scare in that transition scene when "Miss Sisko" sticks that needle in her head (the teacher who says: "bai-tuo, an-jing-eedyen!" : "We will enjoy your silence now!").

Did you see that 'blooper', though, (on the retail DVD), where that tube-thingy fell off during this shot? That was funny, though. :)

Monday, January 30, 2006 2:06 AM


This is great work!

Saturday, February 11, 2006 4:16 AM


Hey, Anonymous. :)

Glad to see you made it back!

And thank you, intensely, for those precious Summer Glau links; you really made my day with those. :) *beaming with happiness* Is there ever a way to get enough of her, I wonder?

Actually, I'm really glad you're back. When I saw that announcement, I immediately thought: "Well, now Anonymous will no longer have access to the board." And it really downright shucks that they deleted all your entries. :( At any rate, I have not forgotten your kind words, of course; those are laid up, deep within the heart, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. :)

As choosing a name for yourself here, am hearing you correctly when you say you already know a name, but will not pick it yet, because someone else may like it too, and want it for him/herself first?

If so, I hope you reconsider. :) As I always say: "Love yourself as you love your neighhbors." Seriously; if you like a name, that you've choosen for yourself, and can identify with, go for it, and "claim" it for yourself. You will then have done nothing but collected on your own creativity and sense of self.

As for my "artwork" (ahem), I think the moonbrain is really me, actually. People are so incredibly gifted here, I'm gonna lay off making some "art" for a while, until I actually grew me some artistic talent. :) Still, the above one, sigh, she has such beautiful eyes, doesn't she? Yep; there's beauty a'plenty there. :)

Anyways, soon you'll have your own account, and then you can count on me, you willing, to come visit you at your corner of the Verse. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:37 AM


Hey Asarian! This is Drace, I wasn't sure where else to put this, but I just wanted to tell you how much your response to liberty in tranquility meant to me. I don't consider myself to be a poet either LOL! I just write from the heart. You left such a beautiful and touching post though that I really really wanted to thank you. I have a bit of a River obsession too, and your things are just gorgeous! Thank you again! You can't take the sky from me!

Sunday, February 12, 2006 12:43 PM


DONT MAKE FUN OF RIVERFANS JACK!!!!! Asa I think its wonderful. This is one obsession I can put up with. at least its put to good use =) *has temper tantrum* AND IF JACK HAS A PROBLEM WITH IT ILL DEAL WITH HIM PERSONALLY! >.<!!!


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"He takes so much looking after."
The title really says it all. This is River, deeply happy for her brother and the way things turned out. This is "I'm all right." at its finest hour.

N.B. A improved redo of an earlier work. I removed the text balloon, and significantly cleaned up the 'embrace' scene and various other small changes and fixes.

P.S. Right-click and 'save' to get the original-size image.

Going Dark
"Going Dark" tells the story of Kaylee getting shot. Like an eclipsed sun, there's Dobson's bullet, frozem in mid air, as 'seen' by Kaylee, who walks into the cargo bay at the wrong time. I accentuated Kaylee's stomach wound, but it's the only graphic element in the entire image. In fact, most everything else is purposely opposite to bad stuff; it's all dream-like, sweet, with pretty flowers, butterflies, and even one of River's pink elephants shows up for the occasion (from the unshot episode 'Dead or Alive'). No nightmares for Kaylee, no bad conscience visiting upon her, no worries even: you just gotta have faith in people, yourself included. (Extended Commentary below)

A Hot Summer Night
in the same vein as piratenews has been posting.

Twilight Fancies
Kaylee, half passed out, drifting in and out to a faerie-like dream land. It's a bit different. And it's a bit shippy (but in an unsullied way: just some harmless swooning on the part of our fav' mechanic). Not an overly complex image. But I played a lot with the lighting, and I'm now fair content with the the dream-state like properties it's breathing. After all these years, it really does get harder creating new and undone themes. All-in-all, I set out what I wanted to do.

The Firefly / Mass Effect Comic!
A while back, playing Mass Effect, I suddenly got this hilarious idea for a Mass Effect comic, based on Firefly! :) So, I proudly present to you The Firefly / Mass Effect Comic! It's basically Mass Effect pictures with Firefly text! Of course, to get the full experience, you gots to be familiar with Mass Effect. See below for all episodes.

"Dear and fluffy Lord," The Interview
After the BSR went down, last year, I also lost my very first fanvid. I'm still liking it, though; so, here it's back (Extended Commentary below).

RESTORATION PROJECT, Item Nr. 5 -- "Time to wake up!"
This was originally a very simple image. Still is. :) But right after first posting it, I suddenly realized I could do something else with it: I could overlay a silhouette of "River looking at Mal", from the end of the BDM, at the near exact edge of where her hairline meets her face. See for the idea. Also, the purple title above the middle text (Evanescence) had thrown the image off-balance a bit. So, to restore equilibrium, I added a faint purple text underneath, saying "I love my Captain." All non-shippy, of course (more like the hero worship we talked about earlier today). Original Text below.

RESTORATION PROJECT, Item Nr. 4 -- "Noah's Ark is a problem."
In the ongoing spirit of "If you can't do something artistic, redo something artistic," I redid this River piece. Made around the same time of "I can win this!", the blending was not perfect yet. I especially had to redo the blending on the front of her dress, which was way too transparent near the edge. I didn't have the original layered version any more, so I had grab a new still and figure out what scaling factor I had initually used. But it's really much better now, IMHO. (Original Text below)

RESTORATION PROJECT, Item Nr. 3 -- "I can win this!"
One of my earliest works; from my "Now I'm learning about blending." phase. :) It was our very own PhoenixRose who, soon thereafter, taught me various shiny blending/blurring techniques, I significantly cleaned up the marble, as well as the background that had all manner of background noise in the black: great for Out of Gas, but for art, not so much. :) (Original Text below)

RESTORATION PROJECT, Item Nr. 2 -- "I didn't think you'd come for me."
Most like my second best work. :) Apart from rounding up the usual suspects, such as transparency errors, this picture differs from the one I originally posted at, in that I edited out Simon's hand on the elevator door, and smoothed out the area where the window post and the River-in-elevator-shaft meet. (Original Text below)