Vera [part 1]
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

How Jayne got his gun and why he gave it that name!


Jayne was in his bunk, polishing Vera. It was going to be several days before they got to the next landfall and he needed something to do. He'd done physical workout - several times a day - completed his share of the chores and now there wasn't much of anything to do until supper time. He closed his eyes and his mouth drifted into a slow smile as he remembered...


The planet Beltane. Red dust, cactus. A relatively small habitable landmass, about the size of Australia-that-was, set in a huge emerald sea sprinkled with coral atolls and two ice caps at the poles. Pretty in a starkly beautful way, with luxuriously painted deserts, a giant waterfall that made Niagara look like a trickle, fierce lightning storms. And one major settlement called Hine Moa. Jayne had gone there on the promise of gems in the desert and been caught red-handed, digging where it was taboo. He was pretty big by most guys' standards, but the two dark-skinned fellas who dragged him into town were bigger. Turned out they were descended from Maori warriors, way back. He caught muttered threats of punishment and wondered who the Mr Big was round here. Firm hands flung him in the dust.

Jayne saw shoes first. Black, suede, feminine,with a heel. His eyebrows flicked slightly, then rose even higher when he saw the black fishnet stockings. Especially as they were on a fine pair of pale female legs. Not that having women in charge was that unusual, he just hadn't expected it here. His gaze rose higher to a dark red bustle, black and dark red corset, very fine curves and the face, currently mostly in shadow. Right on the decolletage - and it was a lovely one, he had to tell himself - a sheriff's badge twinkled. He also heard the unmistakeable sound of several guns and rifles being cocked and stayed very still.

He tried for charm, "Ma'am?" "Jayne Cobb?" Jayne bit back a groan of lust. There was something in the crisp schoolmarm tones that went right from his ears to his libido. Her being built like a dream on legs didn't hurt any either. He tried smiling a little wider, "Yes, Ma'am." "You know I have to punish you." Jayne had a sudden, very vivid and completely unrepeatable vision of exactly how he'd like her to 'punish' him, involving handcuffs and a heap of whipped cream, but he kept that to himself. "Yes, Ma'am." "I hope that isn't the full extent of your verbal skills?" He couldn't resist. His grin went to cocky, "No, Ma'am!" She chuckled, low and dirty, "Oh; wise guy, hmmm? The regular punishment for digging in the sacred parts of the desert is either transportation to one of the polar regions or letting the tribal elders skin you alive." "I could be useful to you, Ma'am." "So my deputies have informed me; pretty good in a fight, impressive set of guns and other concealed weapons. Mercenary?" "Yes, Ma'am, sometimes."

"Yes, and new to this planet by all accounts. As an off-worlder, you would not necessarily know that parts of the painted desert are off-limits to Pakeha, white folks like you and me. So, why were you looking for gems - and please tell the truth, otherwise you are dead where you lie." "I'm after a Callahan, Ma'am. Beautiful piece of work - huge, black, shiny, telescopic sites, laser precision - the whole bells and whistles. A thing of beauty and a joy forever. I was hopin' I might get enough gems to at least put down a deposit on one of the babies." The lady sheriff considered, "That's some gun you're after, Jayne Cobb." "Wanna be the best there is, Ma'am. I can shoot the hairs off a gooseberry, but that gun...she's almost worth sellin' your soul to have." "I'm aware of the gun's reputation. Tell you what; I'm going to ask a favour of you. No funny business or double dealing, or the two Maori who brought you in *will* skin you alive. You help me nail the nasty rapacious pirate who is crippling our fishing fleet and I'll give you a substantial reward. Is that a deal?" She spat in her hand and held it out at waist height.

Jayne felt the guns retreat a tad and rose to his feet very slowly and cautiously. He was a red-bloodied man who enjoyed women a whole lot and couldn't help himself; his eyes took in the very fine view as he stood up. He clocked a tiny garter pistol at the top of the lady's thighs. Deceptive things often as not, frequently loaded with expanding bullets or nerve gas shots. Then it was counting the black bows up the front, a very careful lingering glance at the reasonably lush cleavage and then...

Blue eyes met an almost glacial returning stare. Jayne almost stopped breathing; this lady had breeding and class. Not exactly beautiful; stunning would be closer to it. Tall, long waisted, strong chin, nice mouth, those striking blue eyes and long brown hair piled up into a bun on her head. 'Way outta your league, Jayne Cobb.' He tried to keep that in mind whilst his libido drooled eagerly. He spat in his own hand, feeling somewhat like a country hick in front of a princess, "It's a deal." She shook his hand firmly, "Vera Samuels." He frowned slightly, "I've heard of a Samuel Vera; one of the greatest sharpshooters in the galaxy. Was a bounty hunter 'bout ten years back; formidable in a firefight...then he disappeared. Any kin of yours?" A wide smile which just reached her eyes, "I'm glad my reputation survives...if somewhat mangled." Jayne made a strangled noise, "But he was a guy...and you're all woman!" His eyes couldn't help themselves, that cleavage was like a magnet. They dropped in admiration. "So you've noticed; but I'm the same person. Don't even *think* about it." "Can't help it; I'm a-thinkin' already, Vera." He dragged his gaze away and back up to her face. Her tone became even more icy, "Thank-you for your candour. Just remember you don't stand a chance, Jayne Cobb." "Don't need tellin' more 'n once, Vera." She nodded briskly, accepting his words, "Very well; follow me..." She turned and Jayne got the final coup de grace - the lushest, most deliciously rounded and provocative tush it had ever been his pleasure to view. He bit his lip, hard, trying to distract himself from severe arousal, then followed, very carefully. Vera's posse were watching his every move. ***

"Are you going to be all day, polishin' that thing?" Mal's voice jerked him back from red dust memories to the steely metal interior of 'Serenity'. "'S'called Vera," he retorted sullenly. "Don't much care what it's called, there are potatoes waitin' to be scrubbed." Jayne frowned, sighed, put Vera back in her hidey hole and trudged to the galley. He hadn't been much of a cook in the past; homemade beer, grog, biscuits, the odd critter he'd caught and skinned for supper, maybe fish now and again. Since joining this crew, he'd learned and learned fast. Even fixed up his own personal still for liquor. He grinned as he dealt with the potatoes. It was so automatic these days he could let his mind wander, and it did. Back to a surprisingly clean and neat sheriff's office and an ice-queen sheriff who liked dressing as a show-girl, back in the days before he'd met Marco.

*** Vera motioned him to sit down opposite her while she perched behind the desk of her small but reasonably clean office. "Have you got any bags?" "I think your Maori guys have my backpack. Spare weapons, change of clothes, lock picks, bed roll; stuff like that." "They won't take anything belonging to you, unless you are unfortunate enough to die, when all bets are off. It'll come with us to my ship." "You own a ship?" Vera shrugged elegantly, "Small one, pretty good motor. Useful for chasing smugglers and the like." "How long's it likely to take?"

Vera grinned suddenly and her face was transformed from icy to someone who might just harbour naughty thoughts now and again, "Itching to get off this rock already?" Jayne blinked as his libido notched up a few inches, "Not exactly...but I'm a bit of a tumbleweed. Follow the best deal and cash which can easily be got." Her smile dimmed somewhat, "I can understand that; was like it myself once. Found this place, a Maori lover, a steady income and kinda settled in." Jayne's hopes melted, "One of those big guys yours?" She laughed, "No. Part of his iwi, his clan. Maaka died a few years back, shot in a gun battle." "I'm sorry." He wasn't, exactly, but it was the right thing to say. "Got the bastard who nailed him, though. The Maori dealt with him in the old way." "Guessing that was painful." "Yes." "Good." Vera nodded, "Well, you can bunk here tonight, tomorrow we'll be off. I'm hoping the job won't take more than a week or two. If we capture him, you may be asked to testify; if he's still alive that is." "'Kay."

[Reasonable feedback might speed the writing of part 2!]


Tuesday, January 3, 2006 10:21 AM


Shiny-ness!! I enjoy how you get into Jayne's head and watch the conflicting lusts (Woman vs. gun). Only to spice it up when he is actually drooling over an professional icon (sharpshooter) as well as a goddess to boot!
Something tells me Jayne will work his magic and get his hands on Vera (insert all permutations here).

Keep up the great work,

Keep flyin',


Tuesday, January 3, 2006 11:53 AM


Mmm, I love the different stories that are coming out about why "Vera" is "Vera" I have my own personal theory o' course but this is turning out to be a brilliant piece, keep up the great work!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006 1:00 PM


It's a beautifully constructed story so far. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I think the characters and ideas you've created are fascinating, as well as your take on Jayne.

Friday, January 6, 2006 8:56 AM


vera's one cool lady, i like her style.


Wednesday, May 3, 2006 12:54 PM


very shiny. can't what to read pt 2.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 9:57 PM


Oh, I am so glad you mentioned far it has more than caught my attention. Have to retire to tomorrow but you can count on me reading more tomorrow. I love that you put in the Maori---love the Maori! Jayne, you caught so very well...and Vera seems more than a good match for him.

Monday, October 9, 2006 5:16 AM


Hiya Vera. First off, I'm loving how you described Australia-that-was. Smiling at the beauty in words.

And Honey? You rock at humor and sex in combo. I'm lol-ing at Jayne's first glimpse of the sheriff and their first few sentences exchanged. "Jayne had a sudden, very vivid and completely unrepeatable vision of exactly how he'd like her to 'punish' him, involving handcuffs and a heap of whipped cream, but he kept that to himself." Oh yeah.

Am liking the bringing Jayne back to the present, and yeah, I'll just BET he was wanting to be polishing his other gun...""Are you going to be all day, polishin' that thing?" Mal's voice jerked him back from red dust memories to the steely metal interior of 'Serenity'."

Nice foreshadowing, "... back in the days before he'd met Marco."

Okay, lastly, LOVING Jayne being not quite sorry Vera's lover died, but said it anyhow, it being the "right thing to say." You do right good by our Boy, Vera. And I'm quite picky in whom I say that to.

Will read and feedback more of this gem of a story as soon as my load lets me get there. I hope it'll be soon 'cause this is too good to let lay. Thanks for a great read!


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