My Shiny new Christmas Ornament!
Sunday, December 4, 2005

Since we decorated our tree today, my hubby gave me this early Christmas present!! Ain't it Shiny!!



Sunday, December 4, 2005 4:29 PM


Oh, you have one of the good husbands!

Sunday, December 4, 2005 4:33 PM


Don't I know it!!! I should post the picture of him I have of when he let me dress him up like Mal... gotta love a man who'll do that for his wife!!! He feeds my obsession very nicely...

Sunday, December 4, 2005 6:44 PM


Ha ha ha 2X2! I have a pic of my husband dressed as Mal too! Hmmmm...

Monday, December 5, 2005 6:08 AM


when i grow up, i want a hubby as smart as yours...
i saw the serenity decoration and squealed, then i went left...and saw the powerpuff. oh, well...


Monday, December 5, 2005 11:41 AM


Bellona - Hey!! Leave my powerpuff girls outta this! :o) There's nothing wrong with a (nearly) 34 year old liking the Power Puff Girls <grin> The hubby gave me those too, two years ago...

( - The ornament was purchased at one of the cafe press shops, accessed through this site somewhere he says, so you should be able to find it...

Hey slayer730 - hehehe <grin>

Monday, December 5, 2005 2:34 PM


For those of you what is looking for them, it came from TCM's Shop...

Here is the direct link to the ornermaents.

He had the BEST stuff anf he REALLY puts a lot of effort into everything you'll want it all... So look at it all.

Monday, December 5, 2005 2:41 PM


Mmm...take her out to the green...

And yeah, thanks Wiccy! That ornament and so many more are available at my store!

And remember folks, I do try and accomodate requests!

I am glad you like it, 2x2, it was one of my first designs!


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Serenity Nesting dolls
I thought I'd share a picture of the Serenity Nesting Dolls I painted up for the auction at Toronto's Can't Stop the Serenity screening this Saturday, June 18th. Painted with love :)

Mal's Pistol - Wilco Resin Reproduction
I finally completed my Wilco version of Mal's Pistol, and Byte wanted to see a picture, so here it is. I carved the grips from apple wood, and while they're not perfect, I'm pretty pleased with the overall effect :o)

'Play' Money
I was playing around with some Bhutanese currency in Photoshop and made these quick and dirty 'Alliance Credit' denominations, just for fun, or to use in a Firefly LARP sometime in the future.
As I said, this was just quick and dirty, so all the bills have the same serial number - I didn't have a high enough quality scan to cleanly remove them. For a quick, fun project I'm happy with them.

Kiss Me
More playing in photoshop. All the images in this pic are from screencaps (thank-you ) but they ended up with a very artsy look to them, as if they were digitally drawn or something, which I thought was kinda cool. I've brought Mal a little closer, and tilted his head toward Inara, and put the shuttle in the background, just for fun.

If I can't be writing, at least I can still do something firefly and creative...

Breaks My Heart
It's been ages since I played around in Photoshop, but I was fooling around and decided I liked this. It even inspired me to write a poem. Here it is, if anyone cares ;o)

I’d like to stop this moment, hold it in time
Remember what it felt like for our hands to entwine
Wishing I could be a part of your world
That I was meant to be here as we twirled
But every guarded touch and every longing glance
That guides us through the steps of this old and tired dance
Breaks my heart a little harder
Makes my heart a little darker
And as every piece gets smaller
Every edge so sharp and bitter
There’s nothing left between us
But the silence that we’ve nurtured
And all I want to do is take you hand
Hold you in my arms and drink your lips like wine
But all along I’ve known you can’t be mine

My 'Fighting Elves' Jayne Shirt
Here's my most difficult silk screen yet... and m new favourite shirt!
The picture doesn't really do it justice, the red is much stronger in real life, and shows up much better against the orange shirt, but the camera seems to distort it... Maybe I should try scanning it...
Anyway, took quite a long time, as I had to wait between each colour for dry time, and I had to do the white circle twice because the black went all wonky on me... didn't do the black outline of the characters etc, I knew I'd never be able to get it right...

My first four T-Shirts
Here's a collected shot of the four shirts I've had a go at silk screening. Each used a slightly differnt method, with different results. By #4, I'm using clear plastic for my stencils, which have made lining up each colour layer much easier.
This is too much fun!

My home-made Serenity Shirt
Here's a close up of my silk screened Serenity T-shirt I made just the other day... it ain't perfect, but it's got character ;o)

A very SPECIAL Gift
My second Gift Tag...

Big Damn Package
My first Gift Tag for the Browncoat contest...