Cargo: Chapter 16
Saturday, December 3, 2005

What does the crew do when they find out about Wash? They go shopping, of course. Sorry for the whole lateness... been really busy and had writers block. Not a good combo


Zoë was close to falling off her chair when Eis said this. Mal however... “Gorramit, who put that table there!” he gasped as he righted himself upon his seat again. “So, you are to tell me that Wash is still breathin’?” Eis smiled. “I do. He is not, however, lying in his grave next to Shepherd Book and Mr. Universe.” Jayne grunted, picturing a very bored Wash in the coffin over on Jedot’s Moon. “And where will he be then?” Zoë asked, remaining surprisingly calm. Eis could still here the confusion, surprise, and excitement in her voice. The boy took a deep breath. “The same facility that my sisters body is in. That’s the payoff people. We give my sister a proper cremation, you get your beloved pilot back.” The silence was the weirdest part. There was happiness, shock, and disbelief all in the simple silence. Zoë was to first to speak. “So, where is this facility?” *** And now, we pause for a brief look into the mind of Zoë: ################################## noway,noway,noway... He is telling the truth... WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHH!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHHE! (>^^)> (>^^<) <(^^<) o o * U #####(shocking!)################### This concludes the look into Zoë's mind... Thank you ***

Zoë's face was showing no emotion. Almost everyone in the room was still. River, however, was giggling. Mal couldn’t figure out why... “The only problem is...” Eis continued. “The compound is not in the solar system, I fear to say. Rather, somewhere very far away.” Mal looked like he was about to speak up. “No, Mal, I will not be talking in rhyme the whole time.” Mal put his and down, and looked mildly disappointed. River started a new fit of giggles. “It is on a planet known only by the name of AFOUT. Alliance Facility Of Underground Testing. A good two month journey. Anyone who is-” all of them raised their hands. Eis smiled. “-Not willing to go-” all put their hands down, “...Should not raise their hands.” Just glares now.


Mal was talking to Eis in the kitchen. Everyone else had gone to bed. “What will we need?” Mal asked. He needed a shopping list. Eis seemed to think for a little bit. “Food...” he said at last. “Food, and Jayne.” Mal thought that this was too simple. “Listen, we are about to siege an Alliance stronghold of top secret weapon and corpsified bodies bein’ messed with,” Mal explained. “And while Jayne is Jayne, I think we are going to need some more than that.” Mal continued to stare at the boy. “I only like the best food,” he smiled. When Mal wasn’t amused, he went all serious again. “Ok, fine. Be Captain Tightpants. But that is really all we need. If you really want the list, here it is.” To Mal’s surprise, Eis actually handed him a list. Mal started reading aloud. “Food supply for three months; RNH Cloaking signal scrambler; CKW-22 external ship cannon; two 55mm JorsenBrand™ rocket pods; ten NoBrake™ bulletproof jackets; ten SC hearing aids-” Mal stopped. “Now why the hell will we need hearing aids for?” Eis pulled out a piece of paper. “Sesso Corps’ hearing aids are the simplest to modify. If we want to get past the “Color Guard”, so to speak, we will need to frequence out the little ebola sticks they have. We can do this with these hearing aids.” Mal nodded, all of the information completely going over his head. He skimmed over the rest of the list (which was surprisingly long) and then looked at Eis. “So, basically, we need the common everyday goods, some bulletproof vests, and a lot of guns. Got that much. What I am not gettin`, is what I am thinkin’ to be somewhere around $300,000 galactic credits, or, in equivalents to what we get pain with, about one and an big chunk of one 1 MILLION coins. Lets see here, carry the one, it comes out to...” Mal gave a sarcastic thinking look, “WAY too much. We’ll be needin to drop a couple groceries off of the shopping list here, deary.” The young boy looked very serious, and nodded. “Unfortunately, I have already done that. That list was twice as long before, but I have managed to drop a great deal of things...” Mal looked stunned. “What in the gorram hell else could have been on here?!” Eis brought his hand to his mouth and assumed a thinking position. “Well, there was the rocket launcher, railgun, more rocket pods of different yes, accino space suits, emp laucher (we still should get that), ionizing welder, oh wait! We need an auto pilot for the shuttle too!” Mal’s head hit the table. “Ok...” Mal sighed when he lifted his head up again. “Just tell me how we are going to pay for all this.” *** “You sure ‘bout this Jayne?” Mal asked, standing outside a big chrome-like building with River and Eis. Jayne was eyeing everyone. “Yeah Mal. It may look all high-tech, but the security people are a bunch o’ sissies. It’s the system we have to watch out fer. Just cut power and they’ll be helpless.” River, however, nodded. “New power generator inside the store. Saved them money, so they stopped taking commercial power. We need to take out the power generator.” “Which is protected by the security system, I figure,” Mal finished for her. Things just could be “No,” Eis and River both said at the same time. They then pointed to a large box protruding from the building. Even though it was surrounded by an electric fence a good 50 ft away from it, there didn’t seem to be any other security measures. Apparently, they didn’t think people would try and rob one of the outer rims largest weapon facilities via taking out the power generator... go figure. “Well, in that case, be righ` children.” Jayne casually walked over to the closest place in the fence, and reached inside his jacket pocket. He withdrew a long tube from within, and then did a mock stretch. somehow, he manages to reach the tube through the electrified fence, and aim at the bulk of the 10 ft high box. After a brief second, he shot two explosive packs right onto the wall. Jayne then started laughing and withdrew the metal tube too clumsily, and caught one of the electrified chain links. He instantly froze, wild grin on his face. “One minute kids,” Mal said amusedly to River and Eis. “I have to go pry daddy off of the fence. *** “Ok Jayne... can you feel your finger?” Mal asked while stuffing another piece of the fast-food into his mouth. They were sitting inside the large gun shop inside the building, a couple customers walking in and out. Jayne gave him a skeptical look. “Yes for the last time Mal!” he said under his breath. “That fence wasn’t supposed to kill, and the gun insulated me from it. Jus` took me by surprise, is all.” “Then press the gorram button,” Mal responded. Jayne grumbled, then nodded. Mal picked up his radio. “Zoë? Have you gotten the hovering down yet?” After a couple seconds of static, Zoë responded. “Yes sir. I give my baby credit, flying this thing is... interesting.” “Hey, I can fly it too” Mal shot back at the first mate through the com. “Anyway, just wait about 10 minutes till after you hear the boom and meet us here on the roof.” “Yes sir.” Mal looked at Jayne and nodded. Jayne, with a very Jayne grin, pressed a large green button. Suddenly, there was a boom- a very big boom. Smoke came in at the opposite end of the store, and everyone else started going out any exit they could find. The group got up immediately and went to the power cart they had rented. *** Zoë could always fly Serenity in space. It wasn’t that hard in space. Planets were another story. The firefly was waving back and forth, up and down, and every other physically possible way. Zoë was a little overwhelmed. “Would you like some help?” Inara asked, having some experience with flying the shuttle. “Naa, I think I've have got it down...” “Along with the two trees and numerous birds we have hit,” Inara stated, worry in her voice. “Zoë, we are going to be late.” And with those words, Zoë handed the controls over to inara, who started piloting with... better skill than Zoë. *** “And here she is,” Mal wondered as his beautiful ship came whooshing down. “Good girl Zoë.” River Looked up at Mal. “She’s not piloting, you know.” Mal sighed. “Yup! That’s why I’m proud of her.” As the ship came to a nice hover overhead, the bottom cargo doors opened up, and a winch came down. Jayne came around the corner of one of the shelves with yet another armload of weapons. “Got s’more things we migh’ need,” he explained, laying out more munitions. “Ok Jayne, that’s enough. We might have to make two winch trips, which would not benefit time. “Well, if we are gonna make two, which I think we should, we are gonna hafta fill up that second load just as much as the first.” And with that, he went around the corner again and started pulling a very large package behind him. “This here will do everthin` ya want it to. On sale from the original asking price, 65 thousand GC. C’mon Mal...” Jayne turned and hugged the box that was a good two feel taller than him, “She’s adorable.” Mal sighed. As much as he didn’t want to... “Fine.” Jayne almost made the disturbing squeal sound again, but stopped when he remembered the last time. “Ok, Kaylee, we are going to have to take two trips. I think our poor winch aint gonna take this load’s weight.” There was a seconds pause. “Um, capn’,” Kaylee’s voice came through. “‘Nara says we may have a problem...” There was another pause, then she continued. “Yup, we have a problem. We have about five minutes before we are some meanies are gonna wanna shoot at you and us. She says she has a better idea...” Suddenly, Serenity fell out of the sky, bring the roof down all across the store. The cargo bay opened, and Kaylee was there, waving to the newly knocked down crew. After Mal recovered, he went got up and started quickly pushing the motorized buggy onto Serenity. Jayne started pulling his package, the other two were just grabbing random things off the shelf. After they had all gotten onto the ship, Jayne stole Mal’s radio and started talking to Inara. “’Nara... I need you to start skimming the ground real quick all through here. Try an’ work your way to the right, then zoom outta here.” The ship started moving forward at just enough speed so that the cargo bay doors acted as a shovel, picking up the shelves of merchandise. Several large packages started coming onto the ship. “Thas good, now take us outta here!” Jayne then turned around to find Inara standing right in front of him. “I would suggest closing the doors if I were you. River has an attendancy to-” Serenity jerked up, sending all the goods backward onto the catwalk. Mal closed the cargo door just in time. The ship then leveled out, and started accelerating to the sky.


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Another great chapter.


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