Unexpected Guests
Saturday, November 5, 2005

"Kaylee comes through, you and your sister'll get off on Whitefall"--Mal, "Serenity(pilot)" A short drabble about what might have been.


Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to Joss Whedon. I'm only borrowing them. ___________________________________

It was a dispirited band that made its way back to the settlement. Three were dead, their bodies draped over the cart, atop the goods that had been where Malcolm had said they were. The others were injured from the gunfight, and Patience's horse had cracked one of her ribs. Nevertheless, they had the food supplements, and had paid far less than they were worth. Three men dead were three men more than Patience could afford, and losing out to Malcolm was a bitter pill, but she took comfort in having gotten him in a bad position and taken him for a hard bargain. They crested the ridge, and before them extended Mitchell Valley, the settlement of Mitchell curled up in the foothills around the stream that flowed down to Red Lake and the edge of her territory. “Home again,” she muttered from the passenger seat of the truck. “Least you don't have to walk,” Henry said, clutching his head. “Is that a complaint?” Patience snapped back. “'Cause we'd all be riding if you hadn't gotten yourself knocked out before the fight even began.” “Not my fault,” Henry protested. “Man came from behind me. I never had a chance.” “Forget it,” Patience said. “We've got the food. Don't let it happen again. If that hwun dan ever comes back here again,” she added. A small crowd gathered on Mitchell's main street to welcome the procession. Thirty or so people, a good half the town. Worried faces peered out from under hats and bonnets as they saw the bedraggled and diminished nature of the band. Patience stood up on the truck and raised her hat as she passed. “We got the food!” she shouted. Always good to highlight the good stuff. Goodwives Elliot, Dunson, and Cartwright would not be having a good night tonight. She made a note to send a few hands to them to help them this winter. The truck approached her office, the town's only two-story building, and halted outside. Dismounting, she stormed through the crowd, leaving the others to explain the day's events. Her deputy, Davis, rose as she entered the building. “How did the trade go?” he asked. Patience scowled. “Well as could be expected. The men are fools. Got the goods, though.” “There's a man and a woman here to see you, Patience,” Davis said. “Visitors? Really?” Patience asked. “I had them wait inside,” Davis explained. “They looked kind of lost. Well-dressed man, Central Worlder from the looks of him, and the woman seemed sickly, a mite.” “You know we ain't got the surplus to take in sick,” Patience replied, walking toward the back door, “Especially with three men dead today.” She pushed open the door and found the woman sitting in her rocking chair, arms clutched around herself and muttering, while the man knelt before her, trying to take her hands. “I ain't interrupting anything?” Patience asked. “'Cause this is my office.” The man rose awkwardly, and stammered. “Patience? Captain Reynolds told me to come find you.” “What's he want now?” Patience asked, scowling. “He's kicked my sister and I off his boat,” the man said, “And said if we were to live here, you were the one to see. I'm a doctor, I'm sure you have need of one here.” Patience shook her head, smiling. “The cheek of that man. Well, anyone ain't good enough for Malcolm's boat's a friend of mine, I reckon. What's your names?” The man extended his hand in greeting. “I'm Simon Tam, and this is my sister River.”


Sunday, November 6, 2005 9:21 AM




"mal. bad. in the latin." - river

Sunday, November 6, 2005 10:10 AM


But the Jaylee 'shippers will protect me *hides*

Sunday, November 6, 2005 10:23 AM


Imaginative little tale. I like this description:

“They looked kind of lost. Well-dressed man, Central Worlder from the looks of him, and the woman seemed sickly, a mite.”

That pretty much sums them up.


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