Cargo: Chapter 9 (Child friendly)
Friday, October 21, 2005

I child friendly version of chpt 9... i got waaay too carried away w/ the original...


Simon had just finished testing the... stuff for River. He thought it worked, but he needed to test it. Simon was in an interesting mood. The normal adventure team was going out today, so he thought he should see how it worked on one of them. Jayne's cup was sitting in the open, so Simon decided to line it with some of the milk-like liquid he had made, but forgot to put on gloves. Oh well, Simon thought. He would just wash them off afterwards. About five minutes later, Jayne came in, poured a little powdered milk into his cup, and drank. Since Simon hadn’t put that much in, he didn’t think it would do much. Jayne didn’t seem to be affected. Even when the crew left, he was still acting normal. Maybe Simon hadn’t put enough in. Simon was very, very wrong. About ten minutes later, the mule came back with a very flustered Mal and Zoë. “Aw, Mal. Why we comin back?” Jayne asked, a pout on his face. Mal turned on him. “WHY!?? Jayne, we are back because you tried, and succeeded, to *kiss* me! That is why!” Mal seemed to flinch. “But you looked so... well... Oh God mal, you looked HOT!” Jayne said as easily as if he were talking about pie. Zoë seemed wronged too. “Zoë... are you Ok?” Simon asked, worried he may have done more bad than good. Zoë looked at him. “He didn’t go for me first. He went for the captain...” She sounded almost insulted. Simon sighed. “Captain?” he asked Mal, who was now beating Jayne over the head. After successfully knocking Jayne down, Mal turned to Simon. “Yes?” He was breathing heavily “Is there a hotel or someplace to stay in town?” Mal nodded his head yes, then looked up. “Why? What are you suggesting!?” Simon realized how wrong that sounded at this moment in time. “Ok... let me explain.” Everyone was listening as he told he ‘he’ had found out about River’s condition. He left the boy out of it. When he was done, Mal was just staring ahead. Simon thought this to be caused of one of two things. 1) he was afraid to leave his ship in the hands of a hormonally stressed super geniouse who could probably figure out how to bypass the landlock, or 2) he was trying to ignore Jayne's fingers, which were now walking up the side of his shoulder. “It will were off for him in a matter of about an hour,” Simon reasured Mal, who looked like he was about to cry. “An hour of Jayne hitting on me?” He looked at Simon with a look full of 20% hate, 75% fear, and 5 percent... Well, er. He never really used that last five percent of his brain much. “Did this get in anyone else's mouth?” Zoë asked, giving a sympathetic look at Mal. “No. I washed my hands right after I put the stuff in Jayne's cup.” This was not Simon's day. “Ohhh SIIIIMON!” It was Kaylee, running up from the engine room. “Simon! I figured out how to fix it!” she was saying. “I put your picture on the front!” Sure enough, she held out her pink tube, and on the front was a picture of Simon. “Lets give the crew a show!” She fell into his arms. It was then he realized she was only wearing a top and a dress, not her usual jeans or jacket. “Wanna see what's under this?” she asked, lifting up the skirt in a hinting manner. Simon crossed the color spectrum. “Um, Kaylee, we should probably get you back to the room...” Simon said, trying to look forward. He remembered having to move and apple out of the sink before he washed his hands- Kaylee’s apple. “Oh no! I want to do it right out here. Always wanted to have sex in the cargo hold. So open, so kinky!” She smiled, and he dragged her back to the bunks. Zoë went to give Mal a look, but found him being tackled by Jayne. “Anytime you want to step in here, Zoë!” Mal was saying, pinned by Jayne. “Yes sir,” she replied, but did nothing. She wanted to see this... The boy did too. He was hanging up on the bottom of the catwalk, marveling at the doctors skill. They should be out by tonight, and that meant River would be alone. Even though he had told the doctor he was leaving, he knew he couldn’t. River was going to do anything for pleasure, and that meant anything. Pain, flirting on the cortex, giving away valuable information, ripping apart Serenity, escaping and raping someone... ANYTHING! He had to stay behind and try to help her through this, but not get involved. If she knew there was another person onboard, she was going to flip out trying to get to him. Or her, but he was pretty sure no one else would stay behind. Three hours later, they were all packed up on the mule. Simon went to give River the medication, explaining to her that he would be back in two days, and for her not to hurt herself. As he closed the door to his room he felt scared. Even though the boy could not read minds, he could kinda feel them in the normal ions of the air. Kinda like wind. But Simon was a hurricane. As he tossed his bag onto the mule, Inara put on down. Simon went to pick it up for her, but she shook her head. He opened it up, and quickly closed it again, trying to dispel the thought of his sister... uhh. He looked up at the catwalk, the boy decided to give him some hope. Quickly, he dropped his shield and nodded at Simon. Simon understood. Was a little afraid that the boy had just flashed out of nowhere, but understood. And then Serenity started getting smaller. *** The boy hopped down, made sure the doors were locked, then took the bag to Rivers room. She was already starting to get delirious. And doing... others things when he got there. “River?” She looked up, put a towel over herself, and went over to him. “Finally! I thought you would never get here!” she said, a little bit of a squeal in her voice. She was sweating horribly. “I am afraid.” “Don’t be,” the boy assured her. “River, I have to go. It is too dangerous for me being here. I will be closely, so if I hear anything going nuts, I will find some way onto the ship. Please be careful.” She nodded, but he knew she was afraid. God, she looked sexy like that. He closed the door, left Inara’s bag outside, and went into the secret catacomb of tunnels that Serenity had formed over the two weeks. It was funny really- Mal had had this ship almost two years now, and he still didn’t know that there was a safe tunnel system throughout the entire ship. The boy had extended it slightly to accommodate humans more easily, and sealed off some other entrances. Damn he was good. All he ad to do now, was wait. Of course he had a video camera at the ready, just incase there was something really, really cool happening! Something happened, really cool or not is up to you, about four hours later. River came walking into the kitchen, completely naked, with more than one item being held by her. Both her hands were free. River skipped around, sat down, sighed, and got back up again. She repeated this for a little while, before... setting down the objects she had been ‘carrying’. The boy gave a nervous gulp as she opened the refrigerator door, and took out several fresh vegetables. “Oh God,” he whispered under his breath. The camera was laying unused at his side. *** River was having the best day of her life. She had never been able to do ANYTHING like this before. Even when she was completely insane, she never did anything like this. She barely ever even touched herself down there, but today was different. Today was... good! It would be better though if the boy was here. That would be amazing! Oh, yes. So much she could have done with hi- “Ow!” The carrot poked her in the eye. She ad missed her mouth. It hurt, but she liked it. She wanted more. But then she heard something. A whisper. The boy! “Oh goody!” she squealed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. He must have not gotten out. Or, he was waiting for her. ‘Shit!’ the boy thought after he realized she heard him. She was now looking around. Her abilities would be increased by the hormones, and that meant he would need to power up his shield. He couldn’t hold it that long at the proximity he was in. He would need to get as far away from her as possible. He went to turn around in his tunnel, but was still looking at River’s open body. God she was hot. He knew he was supposed to be helping her, but he just couldn’t look away. She had smeared something all over herself so she was all shiny now. Then he hit the low ceiling, which gave off a gong-like sound. “SHIT!” he said very loud. He looked back at River, but she was gone. Good. The cargo bay would probably be the first place she would look. That gave him just enough time to get down and medita- “Peekaboo!” River’s head appeared right in front of his spy hole into the kitchen. The boy screamed like he just saw a Reaver- A very hot, naked Reaver. “Come down and play!” She coaxed him. God. Too close. WAAA-AAAY too close. he could feel himself getting more and more tired... *** The boy looked around the engine room. He had lost her. Thank the heavens. It was almost 24 hours after he had struggled to get away from River’s currently smutty mind. It was cat and mouse then. He would hide, and gorramit, she would always find him again. He never had enough time to recover from blocking her. He was so tired. He needed rest, but if he started sleeping, she would start on him while he was unconscious, and that would not be very fun. Well, it would be at first, but after three hours he would just kinda- STOP! God, he needed to get his mind straight. She would sense him quicker. He still had to endure about 30 more hours of this. River had only managed to actually get to kiss him once though. And that was on his foot. And she was more like biting him, which was kinda- GOD! He hit his head off the vent, which made another reverberating sound. “Gotta stop doing that,” He muttered to himself. As he jumped up back into the small wall crevice, he heard the engine room door open. “Oh sexy,” came in a dreamy voice. “Where are youuuu?” He leapt up and into the kitchen, it it was too late. There was no chance for him. She ran with the speed of a... not so tired person. River pounced on the boy with a smile on her face. “Found you!” she mused. He groaned. 3...2..1... *** Serenity was quiet for the first time in forty-eight hours. It had been exactly two days since the crew abandoned the ship, and the boy got his own hell. He finally found rest in the only room River wasn’t going to look in- the infirmary. “He knew she wouldn’t go in because of the trauma she had gone through with Simon. He was sleeping in the anesthesia cabinet, just incase. An alarm went off. The boy stirred. God, had it already been 10 hours? He got up, and remembered where he was at the last minute. His head hit the top of the cabinet, but he had thought ahead and put a large box of something heavy on top to absorb any sound made. In the last part of the day, River had almost grown violent. She still hadn’t had an orgasm yet, which was very impressive. VERY impressive actually. She knew he was onboard, and was saving it all for him. He was afraid now. The physic energy that would be caused by it would be almost overwhelming. “I know you are here somewhere!” he heard her shout from above. The lock of all doors would end in two hours. He just needed to stay away from her that much longer. He had been rested now, and he could produce a shield to stop her from reading. Or so he thought. When he tried, he found all his abilities were useless. Then he understood. He was quite literally living in Rivers mind. She had grown so powerful from not having her desires filled, she had just encompassed everything. Rendering his mind blocking techniques useless. It would take all his energy to just hold it for a minute, let alone two hours. He decided to try the cat and mouse effect again. He leapt out of the closet, out the infirmary, up the latter, and into River. “Hello sleepy!” she said. “Are you ok?” He noted concern in her voice. He sighed. She was back to normal, crisis adverted. “Thank God your normal!” He hugged her. She patted him on the back. “Sweetie,” she said in a little bit different tone. “I am just patient now.” His eyes opened wide as she cracked his back. He found to his horror that he was still conscious, but couldn’t move... *** Mal decided to go back early. He rounded up the crew, got on the mule, and went out. The small hovercraft went a good 10 mph slower with six people on. It went even slower with all the food, supplies, and money they had stolen over their two night stay. About half way back to Serenity, Mal felt a wave of... something wash over him. He thought he might have just drank too much whiskey last night, but he looked back, and saw that everyone else had fallen over too. He swore he also heard a scream... *** River was enjoying this, but the boy wished he could just stop living. The burst of physic energy that radiated from River was so astoundingly great, he was sure people in the surrounding towns all just wet their pants. River fell off the boy, unconscious. “River?” the boy croaked. “River?” She didn’t move. He nudged her with his foot, feeling now retuning to his body. “River!” he now shouted. She mumbled. He struggled up to River, who was hovering into consciousness. “River? Can you hear me?” She nodded, and pulled him down into a kiss. He realized that he could freely block her now, which was the first thing he did. She moaned in protest. He just kept kissing her. Then they heard the cargo bay doors open. “Shit!” the boy said, and quickly rearranged the light around him, but continued the kiss. Mal’s face became visible through the opening doors. He took in the picture of River kissing nobody inpeticular, very sweaty, and moaning loudly. Mal walked back out of Serenity. The boy decided that Simon wouldn’t mind helping his sister getting her to her room, broke the kiss with River (much to her dissapointment) and wlaked into one of the vents.


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Well this was confusing, hilarious and sort of 'way out there'. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

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I am wondering if i can just delete the other one... I was getting way to into the story, and i don't really like it... If nobody rates it soon, this is going to be the real chapter nine...

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um, *gulp* this is the the, uh, "child friendly" version?



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