Cargo: Chapter 8
Thursday, October 20, 2005

The boy reaveals himslef to somebody other than River... (sry for accidentally putting this in wrong cat last time... XD)


The infirmary was quiet. Simon was working. He had just finished organizing a new set of hypodermic needles (with over 20 new sizes and shapes!) that Mal had given him. Mal then disposed of the very blunt ones Simon always used when giving him his treatments. Simon sighed contentedly. The tubes and needles shined. Very impressive. He turned around to look at the box and read over again how to adjust the sharpness level with a push of a button. After scanning the manual, he went ot go try, but when he turned around, he saw a boy standing in the infirmary. Simon, upon further investigation, saw the boy using his brand new needles as darts on the small pin board across the room. It seemed he was focusing on a picture of the medicine he was using to help River, as each dar- Needle hit it every time, even if it was seemingly falling. “What's up doc?” the boy asked, never taking his eyes off the board. Simon flinched as one bounced off for one, and landed silently on the floor. That was enough. Simon could take this kid. He didn’t look too strong. Simon had been working out and River had been helping the past few days. He was faster, stronger, and he was also... In a headlock now... well, I did not see that coming! Sure enough, right after Simon lunged forward, the boy spun around, flipped over the chair to land neatly behind Simon, and get him in a perfectly executed headlock. “Not much, eh?” the boy finished. He smiled a friendly smile, and let up on the grip. Simon breathed... “I really don’t want to hurt you, ya know,” the boy explained. “I am trying to help you... well, not exactly you, but your wonderful little sister.” Simon perked up. What was this maniac doing with River? “Ok, I am going to let you go, you are NOT going to hurt me.” Simon nodded. The boy let him go, and he attempted to move. He strained so hard, but he just could get anywhere. “Oh... you thought I was asking? Nononono... I was simply informing you.” Simon hung his head, but it didn’t go anywhere. “Now, you will be able to in three, two, one....” Simon fell to the floor in a heap of shock and... more, shock. “Lets talk about River,” the boy proposed. “What about her?” Simon asked, getting up. The boy smiled. “You see, River is not normal. I am sure by this time you have figured this out. You should also know she is getting better. Ever since Miranda, a huge load has been lifted off her mind. However, there is something happening right now. Do you know what hormones are, doctor?” Simon nodded. “Good. If you didn’t I would have to kill you. Anyway, River’s body at this time is making a LOT of hormones. When I say a lot, I do not mean she is simply wanting to masturbate all the time.” He stared at Simon, who imeadiently dismissed the thought of his sister ever touching herself. “As you know, she was at a strange place. Well, this place did more than mess with her mind. It messed with her person too. And I do not mean in her head. Some of the side effects from the operations increased and created new hormones. These new hormones are worse than the old ones. She is going to go into a state of utter bliss and confusion whenever she is, to put it crudely, horny.” The boy smiled at the word. He was enjoying every minute, mostly because Simon had so many faces to covey shock. “When she gets these urges, which will be quite often now, she will do anything for stimulation. She will try to seduce anyone nearby. Mal, Jayne, Kaylee, and even you. There will be no boundaries. If she does not get it willingly, she will precede to rape the closest person with extreme, kinky measures. I have seen it many times before.” Actually, he hadn’t. He had undergone it in his second month on his little ship, which barely had running space. He had to make a couple stops on surrounding planets to... fill his desires. He later learned about it on the numerous educational items in the ships personal cortex. “How do you know all this?” Simon asked, trying, and failing, to keep an even voice. “And who are you?” The boy smiled again. “A friend. Now, I am going to need your help if we wish to keep your sister a happy little innocent teen.” Simon raised an eyebrow. “Well, ok...” the boy sighed. “But you get what I mean, right?” Simon nodded. “Good. Now, I need you to tell me something. You may not want to answer it, but it is River’s and the rest of the crews safety.” Simon nodded. “I need you to make me a drug tat will simultaneously release all the hormones into a persons blood stream.” Simon almost gagged. “Your saying you want a medicine that will...” “To put it crudely again, make one horny, yes. But now just horny. It needs to make them so turned on, the wind could give you an orgasm.” “B-but, why? What would that do-” then he got it. “No. No way! that could kill her. And who would she do it with?” “I dunno... I will definitely not be around when it happens. Physic sex is too intense for me,” he explained. “You will warn the crew, put Serenity on a mandatory lock down for a good three days, and when you come back she should be over it.” Simon was still concerned. “I am still confused. who will she do... IT when we do this though.” A glint that said ‘he he he’ came into the boys eyes. “I’m sure she could barrow some stuff from Inara and Kaylee. An if she gets bored with those, Serenity has a whole lot of interestingly shaped bumps on it.” Simon really did almost faint. He could not just imagine his sister bouncing up and down on the railing... Well, actually, he could. That’s what made him finally faint. Simon woke up alone. The boy was gone, and no one else was in there. Thus, the “alone” part. He got up, and found his hypodermic needles right were they were before. It had just been a dream. “Thank God!” he breathed out. Then he stiffened. Sitting on the far side of his needle box, was a condom. He picked it up, and on the back was writing. “Might need this for *tonight*” he read aloud. The memory of Kaylee getting tired of birth control pills entered his mind...

Author's note: Please don't ask me where this is going... Even I do not know! %)


Friday, October 21, 2005 6:09 AM


y'know, when i read stuff like this, i usually scream "PERVERT!!!" but that was just funny!!!

anonymous is right, go on my son!!! oh god. *slaps self for being so crude*

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logging in... helps. sry...

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 1:15 PM


LMAO freaked out Simon is dead on...


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