Cargo: Chapter 6
Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Continuing adventures of post Serenity River. Some strong sexual humor and less discreate spoilers... you are warned!


Mal. Confusion, fear... uh-oh... River was looking out towards the approaching mule, trying to get a feel for what was going to come next. From Simon, she got worry and concern. From Zoë, it was mostly the thought of her face on a gravestone, and Mal had more anger than anything. Jayne... well, she never really got much from him. The mule zoomed up into the cargo bay, and Mal was out of the seat before it stopped moving. This wasn’t wise on his part, as while if he would have completed this stunt, it would have looked suave and attractive. Unfortunately, he tripped over a hammer and fell flat on his face. River almost could feel waves from his anger and annoyance. He tried to get up, but fell right back down. Now she felt a lot of pain too... like she hadn’t gotten enough of that in the last ten minutes. Mal started to talk into the grating of the floor. “RIVER! I want to know WHY you toppled a poor old man off his shiny hover chair and started going at a speed even Serenity would envy!” River tried desperately to keep a straight face. This gave off her usual face that looked like she was going nuts. Simon got mad at Mal, went over to River, and started comforting her. River decided to give up the charade of being messed up for now. She broke out laughing, the first time she had in a while. It felt good. Felt like a long wind of events spilling through the cracks of Serenity’s walls. Mal did not find it so pleasant. “I want to know WHY you are laughing! Where’s Kaylee?” At the mention of Kaylee, River’s short-lived holiday came to an end, remembering the disturbing events that had just taken place. “Ok,” she informed him. “Just sleeping. Will wake up soon. Thoughts are coming back.” “Good!” Mal said, then did a double-take. “What do you mean sleeping?” Now was the part River had dreaded. She wanted to keep the boy’s existence secret- for now. But how was she going to explain all this? “Kaylee. When I came here, the man was torturing her. Doing horrible things. She was sleeping.” The same question flashed through everyone’s mind. Man? Well, all except Jayne. His was more along the lines of “Can I shoot it?”. “One by one, no sun...” she dawdled on, trying to sound insane. It seemed to work for Simon, but Mal and Zoë weren’t so easily tricked. “Why are you talking all funny again all of a sudden?” Mal asked. “Almost seems like you are trying to hide something...” River decided that words would do no good. She led them all back to the engine room. There, they saw the man with the black hands, and Mal, Zoë, and Jayne imeadiently recognized him as the funeral store clerk from Buoleban. Zoë looked worried. “He musta stowed onboard somehow, sir. That would explain the slower speed.” Mal nodded his head. “And I will bet,” Mal bargained, “That this sunnofa gun,” he got closer to the corpse, “Will be exactly like out two blue partners.” Mal ripped open the dead bodies shirt, revealing a slick black chest and neck. Jayne snickered. “Almost looks like the bastard is wrapped in a gorram condom,” he stated. All heads turned his way, and he shut up. “Either way sir, they will know he has died. We need to drop him off somewhere no one will be able to find him.” River gave them her ‘oh, cmon’ look. She pointed up. “Hell if we are keepin im on the top of the ceiling or something” Jayne said, slightly scared. River, once again, gave the look. “She means space you moron,” Simon explained, but river still shook her head ‘no’. “Are you all dumb?” she asked. Jayne shrugged. “Put him inside the airlock when we takeoff. He will be sucked out in atmo and go burning back to the surface. Whatever is left will go squishy when it reaches land.” “Ok, that’s what we do.” Mal ordered. “One question though... Weren’t you just loopy a minute ago?” River cursed herself for slipping up. “Perhaps I am what you do not know,” she said, quoting the boy. Then she walked away. That seemed to do it. She reached her room without any more events happening, only to remember that she had to take the ship off the planet first. For one of the first times since the happenings on Miranda, she missed Wash. River drowsily got up from her bed and started walking to the door. Suddenly the ship lurched up, and started taking off. Mal was piloting. Thank God. But then, she heard him thinking about how creepy it was to be holding the man in his hands. He was not guiding the ship. But then, who was? She quickly made her way to the helm and saw the boy at the controls, whistling a tune she did not recognize (This was weird, seeing as River knew almost every song in the verse). “Your ok...” she stated with a little suprise. He looked down, and then back up at River. “Why, yes... yes I am!” He went back to piloting the ship through atmo. River heard a sound that resembles a loud whistle and knew they had dropped off the body. “You have quite a lot of talking to do,” River told the boy. “Incase you haven’t noticed, i talk a lot anyway...” She almost smiled. She would have, but she was trying to decide whether to hug this boy or kill him. It seemed he had either saved her life and Kaylee’s, but brought this all upon them too. Ying and Yang. Huh. “Just tell me everything I want to know. Please.” The boy looked amused. “Manners! Finally, a girl who doesn’t say die!” River sighed, and the boy took on a more serious note. “Ok, fine. You win. I guess I do have a lot of explaining to do.” She gave him a satisfied look, and he continued. “Think back River. Think back to the first days of the Academy. Think of the normal classes you had.” River thought back till when she was eight again. So long ago. “Now, try and remember faces. Try and remember the people who were younger than you.” She did as she ws told. Her mind wondered through the last happy days of her life. The faces she had seen, the enemies. The younger kids who always used to seem so much more than a year smaller than them. Then she remembered one face out of all of the. A boy. He had a little face and the cutest smile. River always like him, even though she only ever saw him once. Then she made the connection. “You...” she whispered, shocked. “So you do remember!” the boy said excitedly. “Excellent. Now we can get onto the details. After they split us up, they took you on the path to find and tone which ability would fit you best. You took the road A2. Highest level of combatant, Physic. The letter represents special training, number your ability. Even though you think you only saw me the first day, I insisted on following you. The councilors thought it would be a fun experiment, trying to fit someone in with a crowd they did not belong in. I always kept in the back of the classes, out of your sight, as I thought you would think I really wasn’t that good at the conventional learning you went through.” River decided to interrupt him. “But I don’t remember any conventional learning...” she argued. “And how do you know about the classes, and all this while I do not.” The boy set the auto pilot, and turned his full attention towards River. “I will get to that. Anyway... After a good month of failing admirably, the Councilors decided to direct me down my path... J4. Covert operations, telekinesis.” River realized what this meant. “You mean you can actually form an ionic form with your *head*!” He nodded. “Awesome.” River whispered. Then she had her doubts. “That would have taken more advanced technology. Prove it.” He looked at her. Nothing seemed to happen for about two seconds, then she felt something happen in a place she would rather not mentioned. River gasped. “Enjoying yourself?” the boy asked, obviously having fun. Rivers eyes were wide open, she was breathing hard, and she thought she might pop. She had never felt anything so... THIS! And then it all came to an end, but not late enough. River moaned. “Don’t STOP!” she almost screamed. He snickered, but looked tired. “Forming solid ionosphere's takes a lot out of someone. It is much easier to use them to block physic rays like yours, or bend light.” “So that’s how you keep disappearing so quickly,” River amazed. “Kinda. You see, in covert opps training, we had to learn how to use our natural abilities to hide. I was the only 4. The rest were either your type or hypnotists. When I was hiding from you, I usually just hid underneath rock, so to speak. Anyway, after being let go from you, I decided I didn’t want to be there anymore, so I wrote home to my sister to come pick me up at the end of the term. She never even responded. After that, I started catching on. Thinks weren’t as they seemed. The older kids would just disappear one day, never to be seen again. But they were still enrolled, I checked. I had a feeling my letters were not getting through. I decided to take things to a new level. One day, I asked my ship ed. teacher if i could go to the bathroom. I was 12 at the time. We were given free hallway privileges. Instead of the bathroom, i went ot the main office and said there was some kid choking in there because i rammed an eraser down his throat. The teacher had gone to get more books. That secretary woodshed out of the office so fast she didn’t even notice me going up to her transmitter. I sent out five words all over the system: “HELP BIG REWARD SUSAN WASHBURNE.” At the mention of the name Washburn, River perked up. “Washburne?” she asked. “Yes River... I am related to Wash. Zoë, you’ll get a kick outta this, is my second Aunt.” River almost fainted. She was not expecting this at All! “Susan was my older sister, daughter of Wash’s step brother’s daughter. Weird, ‘aint it. Anyway-” “Wait...” River interrupted him. “If you are not a physic, how do you know wash and Zoë?” He smiled a sad smile. “When you have been around this ship as much as I have these past couple days, you hear everything. ANYWAY, getting on with my tale... dammnit, were was I?” “Five words, choking kid... Weirdness...” “Ah yes.” the boy continued. “I sent out that and the coordinates of my planet for aproximently 1 minute. Then i turned it off, erased the history, and started acting nuts. When the secretary came back looking very confused, she saw me writhing on the ground complaining about homework. Never teach covert opps to prisoners.” He smiled. “That was the last time I thought about purposely acting weird.” River looked into his eyes. They seemed to be sunken in more than they had been just a couple hours ago. “Well, I’m agonna go sleep. Tell you the rest tomorrow sometime.” He got up from his seat, and walked down the stairs, out of sight. River turned back and looked into the black of space. “What are you hiding?” she whispered.

::YAWNS:: that was fun. More to come. If you guys want me to just not post in smaller segments, tell me and ye will get longer chapters! g’night!


Sunday, October 16, 2005 6:26 AM


OH SHINY SHINY DAYS!!!! this is great!! PLEASE don't write in small bits, write lotsanlotsanlots!!!


sorry, got a lil' bit carried away...


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Damn, I've really been enjoying this story. More please.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 8:56 AM


woot! kk. Didn't really have much time to do anything today (been working on a "serenity" tank skin for a game) so tomorrow, if i have a small amount of homwork, i will try to get more in. Thx all!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 1:04 PM


fun, *interessting* abilities... I've got to say...


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