Cargo: Chapter 4
Thursday, October 13, 2005

River Finally gets awnsers, but she might have liked it better before. Not so funny this time guys. Rating is for violence. Hope ye like


The Tavern was dimly lit, but daylight was still at high noon, so it was not needed. You could see the dust floating in the sunbeams from the windows, the happy people drinking, and Jayne trying to impress a pretty face. After the Alliance ambush on Stomak, Mal decided to go the the closest planet with a bar. River was thinking about the past week. Who was this boy? Why was he so nice to her sometimes, but tried to kill them all at others? Why was the Alliance waiting for them on Stomak? Why had they not been followed? And where the hell was she going to get more candy? That stuff is only on a couple planets. Her thoughts were interrupted by Jayne getting a drink poured down his pants by the attractive young woman. Suprisingly, he liked it. After convincing the bartender that she really was 23, River got herself a shot to reflect on. While deep in thought, utterly oblivious to the world around her, she heard someone talking to her. Can’t they see she was trying to concentrate on- “Y’know, you don’t look old enough to be drinkin' that.” River looked up, and was astounded to see the boy sitting across from her. He gave her a wide smile, and pulled another alcoholic beverage out of nowhere. They just sat and stared at each other for a long while. Then he broke the silence. “So, what was up on Stomak?” he asked, trying to start a conversation. “I thought thought you would already know...” River replied cooly, not losing her nerve this time. “Your the physic River, not I.” He looked absolutely innocent. “You spy and seem to be everywhere on the ship,” she shot back, still maintaining her calm. He smiled. “Touché’. I was not present at the cargo bay at the time though. Putting back everything and cleaning up the confetti on the catwalk without you all seeing me was hard enough.” She thought she had seen someone up there, but she wasn’t sure. “Why do you hide from the rest of the crew, just not me,” she asked, hoping to break him wide open. Even if he resisted, which he most definitely would, she would get past his mental defense array. “Simple...” he explained. “I like you.” It took her a second for this to sink in. “Yes, River, i am madly in love with you,” he continued in a sarcastic voice. “Take me away to a lonesome planet and let us make crazy lo-” “Shut up!” River said, confused. She felt something. Something was, wrong. Then, a bustle outside, a familiar voice,, and Simon came bursting through the door. “HELP!” he screamed. “Help! Captain, River, Anyone!” Simon saw River first. He ran over to his little sister. “River! Somethings going on back at Serenity! Kaylee, she screamed! I couldn’t get through the door. Something is blocking it. The lights went out. I couldn’t do anything!” He was almost to the point of tears. River instantly looked at the boy. “You,” she whispered. “You did this!” The boy shook his head, and Simon looked confused. “River, who are you talking to?” Simon asked. River pointed to the boy, but Simon still looked as baffled as ever. “I have a mental shield up.” the boy explained. “I am bending the light so he cannot see me. WHY do you think this is my fault?” River wanted to say ‘because your doing it,’ but she realized he was talking about the ship. “You were the one that was smoking! You were the one that knocked me out! That sped up the ship.” His brow furrowed. Then his eyes widened. “You tried to kill us all!” “River...” the boy whispered panicked like. “You don’t like me, you are working with the Alliance or something!” “River!” he said, a little more decidedly this time. “You think you can mess with my mind, but I am ok no-” “RIVER!!!” he yelled. She finally shut up. He looked very afraid. “River, I don’t smoke,” he explained slowly. “What?” River asked, confused. “I do NOT smoke,” he said one more time, grinding the fact into her head. All of a sudden, she could see into his mind. He had only found her unconscious, he did not smoke, and- he closed his mind to her. She thought for a second of what all this could mean, then stared at him with scared eyes. “Oh guay” They both ran out of the bar, bowling Simon over. Outside, they realized mal had the lock to the mule. Instead of going back through, they kicked an old man off his power glider, and were on their way. Even though the ship (at this speed) was a good ten minutes away, the boy quickly modified the pulse engine. It was so efficient that river had to swing back around and pick him up again. They reached the ship in a good minute. Bursting into the cargo bay, River and the boy jumped off the new and modified chair, and ran to the engine room. Upon approach, they found that the actual entrance was sealed off. “Aye ya!” River swore. “This is the only way in.” The boy got a gleam in his eye. “So one would think!” he told her triumphantly. He walked over to the stove. “Serenity is a piece of crap, to say the most,” he explained. “All the power comes from the main turbine in the engine room.” He broke a small section off the wall off neatly. “And since this is a smugglers ship, this will also have some hollow walls.” And he preceded to clime right into Serenity. River stared, realizing he knew something about the ship that she did not, but then a hand came into view, signaling her to follow him. It was cold inside the wall. Not much air was circulated through here. She saw movement up ahead and followed. Soon she saw the boy, crouching at another concealed opening. As she got closer, she saw Kaylee. Upon further inspection, she saw she was chained up to the stable side of the engine. A small electrical current was pulsing through her hands. Her face was frozen in pain. River heard no thoughts. Then, she saw it. A shadow. It was talking to her. A hand on her face, and she woke up and started screaming again. He turned the electrical current off. This caused a light to come on. River was staring at an old man. He was smoking a black cigar, and was dressed in black. His face seemed to be lightly pleased with Kaylee’s pain. His sunken eyes seemed devote of mercy. The most disturbing this though, was his Jet black hands. “One by one, no... sun,” River whispered, not even realizing it. She was looking at what she recognized from the thoughts of Mal, Zoë, and Jayne, as the desk clerk from the funeral store. He was one of them. He had been on Serenity the whole time. “Oh God,” the boy whispered. She remembered he was there to. She looked over, thinking to see the cocky smart-ass of a fighter that she had come to know. Instead she was looking at his true age. He was about 16, and very afraid. He seemed to have shrunk. She looked back at the disturbing scene happening below. Kaylee was awake now, and the man was whispering to her. “Now, my helpless little worm. I have had my fun. I feel it is time to go finish my job.” He took out a small stick. Suddenly, the boy tightened. A rage appeared in his eyes that River thought naught possible. He leaped down out of their hiding spot and crashed into the man, breaking the device. Unfortunately, the old man was not as feeble as he appeared to be. With one decisive and quick jab to the boy’s chest, he crippled Rivers new-found friend into a worthless heap. He then picked him up over his head and threw him as easily as he would a tennis ball. Half way through his flight, the boy caught a large pipe on the ceiling, and went smashing to the ground, along with a small, pink tubish item. When River saw this, she flinched. As her mind attempted to probe the boy’s mind, it found nothing. It was different though. She could hear him, but he said nothing. He was not blacking her. With a reason to fight, she jumped out of the hiding spot as well. Catching her enemy with a rounding kick in the neck, she felt that would kill any being. She was wrong. The man turned around with a look, not of anger, but of happiness. She attempted several more attacks, but he blocked them all (With some effort i might add. River seems to be a little better than the boy). The man let out series of confusing assaults that winded River before she could scream. Once on her knee’s, the man picked her up by the throat. “You have been a veery naughty child,” he seethed, extending his words. “But now everything will be put in it’s place. Goodbye, little girl.” His gripped Tightened around her throat, and she could do nothing about it.


sorry to leave you all hanging, but i have waa-aay too much Homework to do. The exciting conclusion will be here by Latest SATURDAY! Please leave feedback! Thanks!


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AAAAAACK!!! NO!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!? *shakes tranquility. HARD.*

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good news... half way done! try to get it on by tonight. sry XD

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lol, good use on suspense :P


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