Cargo: Chapter 3
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

River finds herself in akward, confusing, and disturbing positions. Sry... still a short chapter. Please be patient. Longer one will be NEXT!


The cargo hold was filled with the noise of hard work, determination, and Mal ever Arguing with Jayne. “I am telling you, we do not need that!” Mal was almost yelling at Jayne, referring to the gun that blew his boot apart. “Aw, c’mon Mal. It was lonely. She needed somewhere to go!” Mal gave Jayne a skeptical look. “Let me see it,” Mal ordered Jayne. Jayne Reluctantly handed the gun over to Mal. Mal looked over it, held it, and gave it back to Jayne. “Why does it have three triggers?” Jayne smiled. “Well, y’see, “he explained. “This ere fire the main gun. This actives a handy grapple hook thing, and thishere is the grenade launcher.” Jayne hugged the gun, and gave a look to his captain that that was screaming ‘Duh..’ Mal reluctantly agreed and let Jayne on his way (after banning him from laughing like that ever again...). As River watched them zoom off into the distance, she knew the boy would appear again. She was ready this time. There was a gun in her back pocket. She didn’t have to wait long. She felt the familiar disturbance of air behind her on the catwalk. She looked up and saw him standing there, still trying to get the candy open. She smiled. “I do believe that that is the first time I have seen you smile in my presence,” he awed sarcastically. “Then again, I think it is the first time I have seen you smile...” Then river pulled the gun. He froze. “Now, answer my questions, or die,” she commanded, feeling completely in control. But, to her astonishment, the boy smiled. “Wowy wow! you really don’t get out much,” he mused. “Listen, you need to think of something more catchy or threatening, or something. That was just fun-” River pulled the trigger, having enough of this. But, it was just not her week. There was a loud bang, but it was not loud enough. And instead of just red, she saw blue, and yellow, and green... “Another thing that would be good... check and make sure your weapons never say ‘novelty toy’ on the blind side.” River turned the gun over, and sure enough, in small yellow printing, it said ‘Novelty Toy. Caution- Emits small pieces of paper and a mild explosion. Use under adult supervision’. She looked at disbelief at him. He was holding the pistol, but the safety was on. He threw it at her. “Now, try and shoot me.” Without hesitation, she raised the gun. She pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. He preceded to hold up the clip as well. “Damn...” river whispered under her breath. “DAMN!!!” That was her intercom. “River, we are have a not-so-shiny situation back here. I think we may have to end out appointment.” It was Mal. She heard gunshots in the background and Jayne saying something about his beautiful rifle. She looked back up at the boy, but he was not there. Just the clip sitting on the railing. River rushed up to the bridge. After takeoff, she realized she had no clue were she was going. Then the boy sat down into the copilot seat. “River Tam has no clue where to go," he stated in a commenty-type voice. "Can she pull it out of nowhere?” He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “A little more left,” was all that he said. She followed his advice and sure enough, about 30 seconds later, a town came into view. “By God she has gotten it!” he continued. “She now has spotted her targets! Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen, our three heroic heroes are running away. From Alliance stogies no less! How did they get here? Oh my, that’s a nasty look! Anyway, she is now going down... very, fast.” The boy suddenly seemed to have somewhat of a fear. River smiled pleasantly and continued the succeed dive. The boy looked at her like she was mad. “Is she mad?” he asked, in a normal, but still third person tone. At the last minute, she pulled up, skimming just feet over the heads of the perusers. It happened so fast none of the Alliance speeders could pull out. One rammed into the ground and was engulfed in its own flames, and the other just kinda stopped... None of the men (accept the ones who had been smart and saw the huge ship diving towards them and bailed out) were conscious. River set the ship down lightly, and opened the cargo-bay door. A very dusty Mal, Zoë, Jayne, and mule hovered in. River looked over at the boy, but he had yet again disappeared. Instead, Kaylee was walking up. “Hi River!” she said cheerfully. River was still kind of stunned. “Hey, the new toy the capn bought me-” this brought River into another period of shock... “It just don’t seem to give the right tingle,” Kaylee continued, completely oblivious to River’s discomfort. “I mean, it can take me all the way, but summpin just don’t seem right.” She looked at River. “Do you think I might be sly?” River coughed, and walked off the bridge.


Thursday, October 13, 2005 10:37 PM


DEAR GOD KAYLEE!!! keep SOME kind of mystery 'bout your person!!!! *attempts to burn memory from brain*

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 12:45 PM


LMAO, Kaylee... Kaylee :) What *have* you been doing...? LMAO


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