Serenity Promo Cards
Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last-ditch attention getters as we head into the home stretch... What could you do with these?



Sunday, September 25, 2005 2:35 PM


The wallpapers/posters that I made to attract the attention of Star Wars / Star Trek / Babylon 5 fans

Star Wars:

Star Trek:

Babylon 5:

were fine for bulletin-board or office-door use, but I woke up thinking about something smaller that I could just drop and leave places--video stores, book stores, theaters, malls, libraries, desktops, wherever.

I took the Star Wars and Star Trek wallpapers/posters and redesigned them as leave-behind promo cards. Everyone knows Wars and Trek, even if they aren't science fiction fans, and the images always seem to get a rise out of folks. I can print these 3 images (6 cards) to a page.

Sunday, September 25, 2005 4:50 PM


I like this! But could you make it alittle smaller so i could put it on myspace to avertise the movie! Don't worry i promise i will give you credit!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005 7:20 PM


Credit is a non-issue, but I'm not sure what you're after. Simply reducing the size would be easy, although the descriptive text on the Star Truck card won't take much reduction without becoming unreadable. You mean like a web image, not a print image? Without "Take Me" on them? Individual images instead of the joined image? How much smaller in height, percentage-wise?

Monday, September 26, 2005 3:24 AM


big damn sci-fi!!!



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If you look up "unflappable" in the dictionary...

My daughter's current mantra: "Nick Fury lies. Nick Fury lies. Nick Fury..."

Keeping the Light: Holiday Window of the Ever-Hopeful
Mallory and the rest of her die-hard flan family wish you Serenity in this season, wherever you can find it! (And don't forget to send haken and a little paypal cheer every once in a while :o)

Wallpaper for the Terminally Hopeful
OK, I’ll admit that it’s a bit discouraging that the Serenity cast options for a sequel ran out in October, and I know that the line between hope and despair (hope and delusion?) can be a fine one. But when I examine my amygdala-stripped feelings, I find that I’m still nowhere near that line. Perhaps the trouble with having done the impossible is coming to expect it. Until Buddha brings me a sequel, I’ll have to settle for gifting the Collector’s Edition this Christmas. Ooooh, shiny black boxes!

ThereWillBeAnother_Sequel_wallpaper_1152x864.jpg – Based on Serenity mesh by Treybor (Sean Kennedy)

Those Left Behind Wallpaper
One of the lost uploads, reloaded. A wallpaper-sized version of Adam Hughes' cool cover art for Those Left Behind (paperbound): ThoseLeftBehind_AdamHughes_wallpaper_1152x864.jpg Let me know if you see or upload a good scan of the new art for the hardbound edition!

Dear Buddha T-Shirt Iron-On (1.7 MB)
"Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and a sequel." We wanted to make these to take to Flanvention but couldn't quite squeeze them into the December schedule. Got them done for Christmas, though. The mini image in the corner shows what it looks like unreversed. Cut inside the line for a symmetrical iron-on. Happy New Year!

Browncoat Nebula Wallpaper
It seems unlikely that Serenity would be anywhere near the Cone Nebula, but the colors seemed to have a Browncoat feel to it. Happy New Year!

So long, Wash
Never actually posted this less elegant variation on my daughter's "leaf on the wind" idea. The first draft had the leaf between Wash and Serenity, and it looked like Serenity was bursting from his chest. Boy, was that wrong. Happy New Year!

Wash Revisited
My daughter was so wrecked after seeing the movie Sept 30 that she decided to put off a second viewing until she could recover. To make herself feel better, she hunted leaves around campus to find one the right shape to pair with Sean Phillips' Serenity cover on her wall. It must have helped because she saw the movie six more times. At the Flanvention we told Alan Tudyk about the leaf before he signed a copy of the image. He said, "That's sweet. I guess there's only one way I can sign this." So he wrote, "I'm a leaf on the wind -- Alan Tudyk." That made my daughter feel A LOT better. The image here is a variation on her original, with Alan's face added. Happy New Year!

Serenity Fly-By of the Galactica
I guess "ragtag fleet" is really a catch phrase from the original Battlestar Galactica. Oh, well... maybe some fan of the current BSG can suggest something better. - One of a series of proselytizin' wallposters. Happy New Year!

Serenity Revisits the Deathstar
Somehow I failed to use the Star Wars font for this wallpaper, so I'm replacing the original with this version. - One of a series of proselytizin' wallposters. Happy New Year!