Blue Sun Rising - Part 2
Tuesday, May 3, 2005

How does Simon know Wash's sister?


Standard disclaimers apply. Firefly, Serenity, and the original characters are not mine. This was written for fun, not profit. Two new characters are mine, but Joss can have them if he wants because they really want to come out and play.

Archiving: Just let me know where.

Rating: PG for mild language

Pairings: All bets are off. Okay, not all bets….


Wash and Simon turn and look at one another, mouths open, confused looks on their faces. Kaylee stands behind them, equally confused and a little stunned.

Jenny is sitting on the floor, slumped against the bulkhead behind the cockpit. She looks like hell. Her clothes are torn and bloody, she's cut and bruised. Her left leg is propped up on her large backpack, obvious swelling in her knee and ankle. She looks up at Wash and Simon, who are starting toward her, a hint of confusion passes across her face, and then she smiles.

JENNY: (Taken back just a bit, tinged with pain, but sort of enjoying the moment and the looks on their faces.) Hello ge-ge, … hello Simon. (then back at Mal, who is standing over her, looking as confused as everyone). When you said you had a doc on board I wasn't expecting a "real" one. I should have known you'd only pick the best for your crew.

Simon grabs his bag from Kaylee without even looking at her. He and Wash rush toward Jenny and everyone is talking over each other.

MAL: (Confused) It's a long story, but I'm sure not half as interesting as how you know our medic. SIMON: (Personal, not professional) Jenny, oh my God, I never thought I'd ever see you again. What happened to you? (Examining her wounds) Did they beat you with something? WASH: (Very concerned) Sweetie, nî shòu shäng le. What happened? Who did this too you. Where’s Tom?

JENNY: (Loud, but kind) BEE-jway! Please.

Everyone stops and looks at her.

JENNY: (Voice breaking, tearing up a bit. Her speech reflects her pain) Someone took Tom. I have no idea who or where. I'll tell you what I know, just let me catch my breath, and (smiling at Simon) I think I could use a hand full of painkillers.

Simon smiles back at her. Working quickly he begins assembling the stretcher under her. Jayne steps in, cuts Simon off, and picks up one side with Wash on the other. Everyone is ignoring the “elephant in the room” for the moment.

JAYNE: Whadaya do, wrestle a bear?

JENNY: (Amused and appreciative) You should see the other guy.


Jenny is on the table. Everyone but River is standing in the room or around the doorway talking. There is a cacophony of confused, questions voices. Wash is holding Jenny’s hand. Simon is carefully cutting her clothes away from her wounds, moving the cover sheet as he works to protect her modesty. Jayne is staring a bit.

SIMON: Please everyone, I need room to work. All the stress and confusion isn’t helping Jenny. Captain, Wash, Kaylee, if you could stay. I need everyone else to leave please.

JENNY: (Sipping water.) Thank you.

Mal steps forward and looks down at her, smiling.

MAL: You feeling well enough to tell us what happened?

JENNY: (This is inter-cut with visual-only flashback scenes, glimpses, of the activities she is describing) About 10 days ago Tom was trying to upload a story and our source box went down. The village we were in is technology-free. He was working on a deadline, so he borrowed a horse and rode to New Lancaster to upload from a public box. It's a two-day round trip. When he didn't come back by the end of the third day some of the villagers and I rode out looking for him. We found some of his things and signs of a struggle a couple of miles from town. One of the men rode the rest of the way into town on his own to see if he could find him. Came back with a tale of some law enforcement activity and rumors that someone fitting Tom's description had been hauled in and taken off planet. These people are trying to keep a low profile so I gave them back the horse and walked into town, trying to lay low. I saw my face immediately on a posted bulletin and hid. That night I recorded the message I sent to you, Wash, and took it to the public box. I ran. I've been hiding during the day and running at night. I've been buzzed by a couple of short-range shuttles. Not Alliance, locals.

SIMON: How were you injured?

JENNY: (Sheepish) Umm, that would be the running at night. I stepped in a rabbit hole, rolled down an incline, and found the only barbed wire fence I've ever seen on the whole damn planet. I left a pretty good DNA sample if they try to track me. I hid in the woods, and now I'm here. Wash, thank you for the beacon. I just wish Tom had one too.

Wash is pretty much beside himself, dithering around and getting in Simon's way.

MAL: Wash, Inara’s going to check with some more of her contacts on the cortex. What do you say we see what she’s got for us to work with and let Simon take care of Jenny.

WASH: But Mal…

SIMON: Wash, unless you want to help Jenny into the shower and scrub this blood off of her there isn't much for you to do. (To Jenny, his tone more playful) No offense, but you are really filthy.

WASH: Are you planning to bathe my sister?

SIMON: (Smiling at Kaylee) No. That's why I asked Kaylee to stay.

Kaylee smiles back at him, and moves to help Simon get Jenny off the table. They walk her gently to the shower room in the passenger dorm.


Inside the door Simon hands Kaylee a bottle filled with a particularly vilely-colored liquid.

SIMON: Use plenty of this. It's going to hurt, but Jenny (touching her cheek - a move Kaylee observes), you're a veritable petri dish of bacteria.

He turns, closes the door, leaving them to it.


Mal and Wash are still there, conversing in low tones. Simon walks in, methodically throws away bloody clothes and dressings, and begins sterilizing the table. Mal and Wash are observing him, silently curious. It finally gets to him and he turns to them.

SIMON: What?

MAL: Would you care to tell us how you know Dr. Carlisle?

SIMON: (Calm, blank, giving nothing away) She was one of my instructors at the Medacad.

WASH: Wode tìan, that's right. I forgot she taught a couple of classes there. The anthro department farmed out their newly minted PhDs to teach intro courses to the bright, young, future doctors. Poor thing. It drove her nuts to have to teach all those students who really didn't want to be there.

SIMON: (Slightly defensively) Actually, she was one of the best non-medical teachers I had. I had a previous interest in cultural anthropology, and her intro course was so good I decided to study Medical Anthropology as my required academic elective.

MAL: And that would put you on a first name basis?

SIMON: She was on a first name basis with everyone in the seminar; there were only six of us.

Kaylee and Jenny appear at the door during the end of this exchange. Jenny, wrapped in a clean sheet, is swaying.

KAYLEE: I hope I got her clean enough. She couldn't stand up no more.

Simon moves quickly to help Jenny back onto the table. He's very solicitous, which is not lost on any of them.

JENNY: (In pain, but with a wry smile, speech a bit clipped) He failed to mention he was my best student at the academy, the only one with a mind as well as a brain. (Gritting her teeth in pain as she straightens her knee) He helped me edit that year's seminar papers for the Journal of Medical Anthropology , since he was the only one who could actually write.

MAL: (To Simon, suppressed amusement) Which would explain why you got on so well with the folks on Jiangyin.

JENNY: You were on Jiangyin? Good God, they kidnap people there.

SIMON: So I discovered.

MAL: Boy nearly got himself burnt at the stake. JENNY: (Trying to suppress a laugh) Little problem switching from theory to practical application Dr. Tam?

SIMON: (Embarrassed, but enjoying her attention) An understatement.

River has slipped into the Infirmary, unnoticed.

RIVER: It was my fault. They thought I was a witch. He was trying to save me.

SIMON: Jenny, this is my sister, River. River, this is Dr. Carlisle from the Medacad.

WASH: Otherwise known as my mei mei Jenny.

JENNY: So this is the girl all the fuss was about. I'm so pleased to meet you.

RIVER: (Very formal and courteous, but with a little grin) And I'm pleased to meet Wash’s sister and Simon's friend. He really liked your classes. He used to write to me about the things he was learning.

Simon blushes slightly, which is not lost on Kaylee, who has been watching him the whole time.

SIMON: (Quickly changing the subject) Okay, it's blood and bandages time, everyone out! (To Jenny) What hurts worst? (To Kaylee, as she is walking out) Can you please stay and help me?

KAYLEE: (Buoyed by the request and the smile he gives her) You know I ain't one for blood, but I'll do what I can.

SIMON: You’ll do fine.

JENNY: Knee and ankle are way worse than any of the cuts.

Simon gently probes Jenny’s knee and ankle with his fingers as Kaylee looks on.

SIMON: I need four of the freeze packs from that cabinet.

Kaylee retrieves the packs and activates them.

SIMON: Great, now I'll hold Jenny's leg up and I need you to pack her knee and ankle. I want to get the swelling down so I can get a good scan.

Kaylee carefully wraps the packs around the affected areas. Simon puts Jenny’s leg down and begins cleaning and dressing the wounds on Jenny’s face, and then working his way down her body. She is basically nude under the sheet. Kaylee is handing him clean gauze as he works.

KAYLEE: (Trying to be cheerful despite the fact Simon's hands are all over Jenny) I'll bet you were surprised to see Simon out here in the black.

JENNY: (Looking at Kaylee) Surprised to see him on Serenity yes, but not surprised to see him working with people who really need it. Being a doctor always seemed to mean more to him than prestige. (Looking back toward Simon, smiling) I just thought it would take longer for him to get over the whole “core surgeon” thing and figure out where he belongs.

SIMON: (Caught off guard by her observations, speaking without thinking as he works) Ahhh, we seem to have left out the part where River and I are wanted fugitives. I'm not here voluntarily Jenny. The Alliance was torturing River in that school. I managed to get her out and the only reason we're on Serenity is because it’s relatively safe. Emphasis on relatively. We are basically stuck here whether we like it or not.

Kaylee looks very hurt at this, which Jenny notices.

JENNY: (Gently to Kaylee) Does medical treatment around here run to hot tea?

KAYLEE: (Glad for an excuse to go) I can make some. (To Simon) Unless you need me to stay?

SIMON: Not right this minute. Tea would probably be good for all of us. (To Jenny) You’re pretty dehydrated.

KAYLEE: ‘Course. I'll go rustle something up. You must be really hungry.

JENNY: Yeah, but I can wait for dinner with the crew. That is if the doctor will let me climb the stairs.

SIMON: I think we can arrange something. (Smiling down at her) Or you could stay down here and we can eat in the common room.

Kaylee looks even more hurt and concerned as she exits.

JENNY: I see being on the run hasn't improved your suave manner with the ladies.

SIMON: (Wry smile) Yes, well, I do seem to have a knack for finding just the wrong thing to say around Kaylee, but at least I’m consistent. I though I was getting better at it, but apparently not. (Softer smile) It’s not as easy as talking with you.


Kaylee is carefully arranging cups and things on a tray. Jayne is sitting at the table, cleaning Vera. He notices how somber Kaylee looks.

JAYNE: Playin’ nurse?

KAYLEE: Just tryin’ ta help. (Pause) Jayne, do you think you could help get Jenny up here for dinner? That is if Simon says its okay.

JAYNE: You mean carry her? Sure.


Kaylee comes down the stairs with a tray. She stands outside the infirmary with the tray clutched in her hands watching them, but unable to hear the conversation. They are close and smiling, animated. Simon pulls Jenny into a sitting position and gives her a gentle hug, stroking her hair. It’s something Kaylee has seen him do with River hundreds of times, but the look on his face is different. Jenny pulls back a little and kisses him on the cheek, making him grin. Kaylee takes a deep breath and moves toward the door, making enough noise to be noticed. Simon looks up, blushes, steps away from Jenny, and smiles tentatively at Kaylee.

KAYLEE: (A little too bright) I made herb tea so you can relax. I talked to Jayne, and he said he'd carry you up to the dining room if you're feelin’ well enough.

Simon looks a little disturbed at the thought. Jenny looks pleased.


Tuesday, May 3, 2005 5:11 PM


Uh oh, trouble in paradise methinks. I hope Simon isn't going to break Kaylee's heart. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, May 8, 2005 12:25 PM



I've been so sick these past couple of days that I haven't been able to make it out of bed. Now that I'm feeling better and have been able to reconnect with my computer, I can't believe what I've been missing.

I'm really loving your development of this story. I really love how you tied in Jenny to Simon's old life. I'm sensing that maybe there is something more to them than just an instructor/student relationship.

Also, your Kaylee/Simon interaction is well done. It's very on character. I just hope this story isn't leading to Kaylee with a broken heart.

Keep up the excellent work!


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