Sunday, November 28, 2004

This is the third and final part of The Schism series. This story is slightly longer (but not much) than the previous two instalments. I’m not really a horror fan, but I’m drawn to telling these kinds of stories in the Firefly universe. A huge ‘big up’ goes to Amdobell and SoulOfSerenity for supporting what was originally just a one off story. No sequels would have been considered without your kind comments guys. (I’ve had a lot of fun exploring this story arc.)


DISCLAIMER: The Firefly characters and locations featured in this work of fiction are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. I'm just borrowing them for a while. (No breach of copyright intended.)

WARNING: The following piece of fiction contains mature themes of graphic horror and violence that some Browncoats may find offensive.


They had picked up trouble en route to Orpheus. Big trouble. The kind that spreads like a rash and they couldn’t stop the itching. An hour had passed since Mal had failed to contain the problem. He didn’t want to leave the ship and suffered the penalty for his dignity. Now Jayne and Zoe were trapped behind a boiler, guns cocked towards the doorway. “Get down!” Jayne hit the deck as Zoe took aim at the engine room door. Sparks flew off the walls as she missed the shot. A low, angry growl receded along the corridor and into the connecting stairwell as her target fled towards the infirmary. Zoe cursed indistinctly in Mandarin then lowered her weapon. “Was that ruttin’ necessary?!” Jayne grumbled. Zoe slotted more rounds in her shotgun and snapped the chamber back into place. “Yes.” she replied. Jayne scrambled to his feet, looking a mite disgruntled. “Jien tah duh guai!” Zoe closed the door and looked through the glass onto the other side. “I think we’re safe for now.” Jayne snorted, “You think?” Zoe glared angrily at him “Would you like to check outside?” Jayne frowned and muttered something under his breath. “What the ruttin’ hell are we supposed to do now?” he asked. Zoe slowly eased the door back open and aimed her gun out into the black. It was empty. “We take back the ship like Mal ordered.” “I ain’t going back out there!” Jayne hissed. Zoe raised an eyebrow “What’s the matter Jayne. Ji?” Jayne glared at Zoe “I ain’t chicken!” he grumbled. Zoe carefully stepped out, watching for movement in the shadows. She signalled to Jayne and they made their way along the corridor. “Why did we head for that gorram planet anyway?” Jayne moaned. “Quiet.” Zoe ordered. Zoe stopped in her tracks. Jayne stood quietly as Zoe listened intently. Her eyes lingered along the overhead piping. She edged forward, checking every corner with her flashlight. She froze at the foot of the stairwell. “Wo de tien ah!” Zoe vomited onto the floor. This was a sight she couldn’t bear to stomach, despite her best military training. “Gorram it! Keep moving. Ain’t no time for being sick!” Jayne hissed. Zoe pointed to the body lying at the foot of the stairs. Jayne shone his flashlight into the dark. It was covered in blood and hard to identify from where he was standing. He stepped a little closer until he stood directly above it. He looked down, shining the flashlight onto its face. A chill ran across the back of his neck. It was Wash. “We have to help him!” Zoe demanded. Jayne swung round “No ruttin’ way! Gorram Reavers have him now! Ain’t no use to us if he’s dead!” Zoe slammed Jayne against the wall and pressed the tip of her shotgun against his face. An angry, determined look filled her eyes. “Do it! Or I will kick your ass out the next airlock we find!” Zoe eased her grip around Jayne’s collar. He nodded warily and followed her orders. Jayne carefully dragged Wash’s body back up the stairs and lay him in the middle of the floor. Zoe leaned over to check his pulse. He was still breathing. Wash stirred, looking up into Zoe’s eyes. “Hey honey..” he wheezed. A smile broke through the tears running down Zoe’s face “It’s okay.” she reassured. “Try not to move.” Suddenly a noise came from above deck. “Gorram Reavers!” Jayne snapped. ” Take care of Wash. Don’t want the two of you slowing me down. Don’t do nothing stupid while I’m gone neither.“ “No.” Wash protested. “Go on without me. I’ll be fine.” “I’m not leaving you.” Zoe declared. She squeezed Wash’s hand and looked into his eyes. He nodded, understanding his wife’s reasoning. Zoe hugged him gently and eased her husband to his feet. She turned to Jayne, slinging her shotgun over her shoulder. “Go on ahead. We’ll be right behind you.”



Inara watched as the shuttle door slowly creaked open. She screamed as a Reaver entered her quarters. Her screams caught the creature’s attention and it hissed angrily, lunging towards her. Every muscle in Inara’s body froze. She couldn’t move if she wanted to, and she definitely wanted to. Badly. Her eyes fixed onto the Reaver’s face and she found that she couldn’t look away. A gunshot came from beyond the doorway, blowing its left arm clean off at the shoulder. Inara cried out as the Reaver lurched forward unfazed by the sudden loss of its limb. Another gunshot rang out and the Reaver’s chest exploded. Inara shielded her eyes as blood splattered across the room. Another gunshot followed. Fleshy lumps rained down in a shower of blood as its head vanished completely from its body. Inara watched as the Reaver ‘s carcass slumped to the floor. Jayne stood in the doorway with Vera proudly resting on his shoulder. “Gorram it! That’s gonna leave a stain!” he quipped, looking at the blood stained interior. Zoe stepped through the doorway carrying Wash on her shoulder. She gave Jayne a sideways glance. “It looks better in red.” Inara sat on the floor looking down at her bloodied dress. She giggled, unable to control the tears now rolling down her face. Zoe edged forward, surveying the scene “Are you okay?” She held out her hand and pulled Inara to her feet. Inara nodded and looked around her shuttle. A scream came from somewhere within the ship. Zoe’s head whipped round, causing Wash some mild discomfort. A look of concern crossed her face as she recognised its owner. “River!”



River swung around startled by the touch of someone from behind. It was another Reaver. She carefully edged backwards, planning an escape route in her mind. The creature sprang forward and grabbed her by the neck. River sobbed. She couldn’t breath. The creature’s grip was overpowering. Her legs buckled and she collapsed onto the floor. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying on her back. A white light filled the room. The sharp odour of disinfectant lingered nearby. River sighed. Her brother had rescued her again. She sat up in bed, ripping the oxygen mask away from her face. Her attention suddenly switched to her surroundings. She looked around the room. Several bodies lay in a form of stasis nearby. The walls were replaced with glass panels, and there was a faint buzzing of machinery. She opened her mouth and found that she couldn’t speak. A million thoughts raced through her head. Only one managed to break through the chaos in her mind. She wasn’t aboard Serenity. A blue gloved hand gently touched her arm. River’s eyes filled with tears. River could comprehend the situation but didn’t understand. The blue gloved man leaned forward and whispered softly into her ear. “Welcome home.”


Sunday, November 28, 2004 11:46 AM


OOooh, creepifying and scarily good! Glad you are still writing and anxious to find out what's going to happen next. Well done and *xie xie ni*, Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, November 28, 2004 2:34 PM


What do you mean, third and final?!?!? You can't just leave the story there! And here I was thinking that I was the king of evil cliffhangers. Great story, but now I want more!

Sunday, November 28, 2004 8:13 PM


Final? Ah, come on... this begs for more!

Thursday, September 15, 2005 8:43 AM


my hand is round my throat, my eyes are huge and my eyebrows are reaching for my hairline...



Thursday, May 18, 2006 6:59 AM


Gorram spectacular writing Cosmic! You've got the gift, that's for sure.


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