Firefly AU Ch. 7
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

After half an hour Jayne rolled from one side to his back. Simon could see that much in the dark. Simon sighed in relief but the quiet didn't last long. Jayne started snoring again.


The audience clapped again the got up to leave.

Mal's group headed back for their hotel.

Wash and Zoe had a room, Mal was sharing with Book, Inara would room with Kaylee and River watching over both girls. This left Simon and Jayne sharing a room.

As soon as Jayne laid down he started snoring and Simon knew that sound would become the bane of his existence.

After half an hour Jayne rolled from his left side to his back. Simon could see that much in the dark and there was quiet. Simon sighed in relief but the quiet didn't last long as Jayne started snoring again.

"Diyu," Simon thought as he listened to Jayne snore. Covering his head with blankets muffled some of the sound.

The next evening Mal made sure that everyone had their instruments ready and Jayne groused, "I'm always ready Mal."

They watched from backstage as the audience came into the venue, like the night before.

"Wonder if we'll be first?" Kaylee wondered out loud.

"Don't know mei mei," Mal said as their competition arrived.

Mr. Langham went out on stage and the audience applauded as he put the microphone to his lips. "Our first group tonight tours all over the outer planets. Please welcome Mal and the Browncoats." He clapped as he moved off stage.

Mal and everyone settled with their instruments and Mal started a three count.

They launched into their first song. Mal liked classics and he watched the audience start to get into the music. It was a slow and easy piece.

The audience drifted away for him as he got into his playing and singing. And before he knew it the song was over and the audience was clapping.

Langham came back out on stage clapping and saying, "Let's hear it for Mal and the Browncoats!"

They took their bows and got off stage as Langham continued, "Our next group is Chun."

Chun came out and quickly got ready to play. Their song started and it had a good drum beat Wash noted but not much else in his opinion.

When the song finished their was some good applause.

Langham went back out and reintroduced Mal and his group.

The audience clapped a little louder again at the end of their second set.

Chun came back out for their second set.

Mal stood in the back wondering what was going to happen. They seemed like they were pretty even.

Langham came back out after and said, "This battle ladies and gentlemen is a tie. Both bands live to play another day."

Book sighed in relief for Mal.

On the way back to their hotel Book said, "That's a relief."

"It is," Inara agreed.

"Too close to call," River said.

That night Simon considered taping Jayne's mouth shut while he slept.



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