Firefly AU Chapter 4
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"She does and she always has," Simon said. "That was why she was picked out of her whole class to join the Blue Hands." "Quite an honour," Inara said. "That's debatable," Simon commented. "Yes, I've heard some things to," Inara admitted.


Later Jayne stopped Kaylee in the corridor as she was going to the engine room.

"Hey, how come you asked about the Blue Hands?" Jayne asked.

"River used to sing with 'em," Kaylee said.

"Really," Jayne said as he began racking his brain for anything he might have heard rumour wise. Kaylee left him standing there as she walked away from him.

When Jayne saw Wash heading for the galley half an hour later, he snuck onto the bridge to check the Cortex.

Jayne easily found the entertainment feed then he went looking for a newsfeed. He had to go back a month where he found a notice that the Alliance had put out. It talked about the female singer of the Blue Hands going missing and her name. The feed also mentioned that everyone was looking for Simon as well. The story after that mentioned a reward for River or information leading to her return. A thousand platinum. Jayne's eyebrows went up and he whistled low before turning the dials to blank spots and turning off the cortex.

He was quickly leaving the bridge when Wash saw him.

"Did you want something Jayne?" Wash asked.

"Nope," Jayne answered.

"Sure? You don't usually come up here," Wash said with one foot on a stair.

"I was just curious."

"You? Curious? About what?" Wash asked.

"Can't a man get curious without anybody makin' a big deal out of it," Jayne said huffily continuing away from the bridge.

Wash shook his head and continued onto the bridge.

When they were a little more than a day out from Greenleaf, Mal decided to sit in the galley looking at music.

"Figure out what you're playing?" asked a light voice from behind him.

"Huh," Mal said without thinking.

"Honestly Mal," Inara said as she sat down next to him with a cup of tea.

He reached out and made to pick up her cup, when Inara slapped his hand.

"Ow! What you do that for?" Mal asked rubbing his hand from the sting.

"That's my tea and you don't like chamomile," Inara said smiling. "And you still haven't answered my question."

"Oh," Mal said. "What was it again?"

Inara made a face then asked, "Do you know what you're playing?"

Mal slowly nodded and said, "Yeah, I got something worked out."

Half a day out from Greenleaf and Mal began passing the playlist around.

He caught Simon going to the cargo bay and handed him the list. "You good with it?" Mal asked.

Simon read it over in front of him, nodded yes then continued to the cargo bay. His eyes were drawn to one song title as he turned on the keyboard. Seeing no one around, he started picking out the notes for "My Life."

River was sitting on a crate and she began moving her head in time with the music. Then she began singing.

Inara was coming to talk to them. She considered herself the unofficial Ambassador for all new band members.

"Hello Simon," Imara whispered as River wound through the rest of the song on her own.

"Hello Inara. I was just checking out Mal's playlist," Simon said as he listened to his sister finish.

"River has a beautiful voice," Inara said getting caught up in River's last notes.

"She does and always has," Simon said. "That was why she was picked out of her whole class to join the Blue Hands."

"Quite an honour," Inara said.

"That's debatable," Simon commented.

"Yes, I've heard some things too," Inara admitted.

"Yes," Simon said sharply. Explaining wasn't something he was comfortable doing and he wasn't sure he wanted to do that right now.

"It's okay Simon," Inara said not that she understood what Simon was driving at.

Simon nodded shortly as he moved on with Mal's playlist.

Inara moved closer to Simon. She had to admire his playing style. Every note and chord was perfect in pitch and placement. In time she knew that he would make a good fit.

"I'm sorry for interrupting you," Inara said starting to walk away from him.

"You don't have to go. It's my fault for being short," Simon said apologizing. "I can get very focussed."

"Don't worry about it Simon," Inara said. "This place can use a little more focus at times."



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