Firefly AU Chapter 3
Sunday, October 7, 2018

On the bridge Mal and Zoe were talking. "Who's going with you tomorrow to met Badger?" Zoe asked. "Jayne," Mal answered leaning against a railing. "Badger gets twitchy when Jayne's around."


Simon knew that he made the right decision getting River away from the Blue Hands and the Alliance Company. He had quickly given up his solo career along with selling everything including his keyboard just to get them to Persephone.

Simon had gone to his father when he had started hearing allegations of drug abuse. But his parents were still happy that she had been picked from her whole class for the Blue Hands.

On the bridge Zoe and Mal were talking.

"Who's going with you tomorrow to met Badger?" Zoe asked.

"Jayne," Mal answered leaning against a railing. "Badger gets twitchy when Jayne's around."

The next morning Mal and Jayne were walking through the dusty streets of Persephone.

They reached Badger's place and went into a dimly lit, cluttered store front.

"Well, well, well Captain Mal. Thought you'd forgotten 'bout ol'Badger," Badger said from his seat behind his round table.

"No, not forgotten. Jus' had to straighten out somethings," Mal said looking around the place. Thought he saw some music sheets but he wasn't sure because of the dust on them.

"Heard that you'd jesu Bester," Badger said with a smirk. "So, where are the rest of your "Browncoats"?"

"What's the gig Badger?" asked Jayne starting to lean forward over and above Badger.

"Alright, alright. No need to get tetchy," said the smaller man. "It's a gig on Greenleaf. A celebration of some sort but since you're missing a member, I'll cut my share down to 45%."

"I was thinkin' 25%," Mal said.

"Mal, Mal. I could 'ave given this gig to any of my other clients but I thought of you and your crew first," said Badger in his accented English.

"Still thinkin' 25% even with a new member," Mal said.

"Good on you," Badger said. "I'm sure he'll be more reliable than Bester was."

Mal thought about walking about but Book had cornered him before he left Serenity. Telling him what they could do with the money.

"We'll take the gig," Mal said.

"Good," Badger said handing Mal a piece of paper with the particulars on it.

Simon was checking on the keyboard he had used in his and River's audition. Kaylee was watching him when she asked, "So, you ever play in a band before?"

"No," Simon answered absently. "I was working solo."

"What made you decide to join a band then?" Kaylee was getting curious.

Simon turned to look at Kaylee and said, "My sister."

Kaylee remembered seeing an ad on the cortex featuring the Blue Hands and a young female singer when she asked, "Your sister was part of the Blue Hands group?"

Simon stared at her for a moment then said, "Yes."

Mal and Jayne came back to Serenity. They gathered everyone in the galley and Mal said, "We have a job gentlemen and ladyfolk." flashing the piece of paper Badger had given him.

"Shiny," Kaylee said.

"Where?" asked Wash.

"Greenleaf," Mal answered.

"Bumpy ride," River said and everyone looked at her then to Simon, who didn't know what to say.

Wash then got up from the table and headed for the bridge.

"What else did Badger say?" Zoe asked.

"It's a celebration," Mal said as he handed the paper to Zoe.

"Music anything but Reaver," Mal said while Zoe read the brief note.

"Easy to do," River said absently. "Don't like loud."

"You ever play Greenleaf?" asked Kaylee. "Don't remember if the Blue Hands ever have."

River went quiet and Simon said, "No."

After a bit they felt Serenity lift off and Wash's voice saying, "We shall be leaving atmo momentarily."

Serenity climbed into the blue skies of Persephone then once outside atmo, Wash hit thrusters.

"You know Badger's note is kinda short on details," Zoe commented as Mal sat at the galley table.

"That's Badger for ya," Mal said.

"Music must be simple," River offered from her corner of the galley.



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