Firefly AU Prologue
Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mal found Bester in amongst the instruments with a girl.


Mal found Bester in amongst the instruments with a girl. Seeing them half-

naked, stopped him and made him holler, "BESTER!!!"

Bester's head snapped up and he hit his head on the underside of the

keyboard they were under.

"Hey Mal," Bester said scrabbling out from under said instrument with a

drop cloth wrapped around his lower half.

"What have I told you about bringin' girls into our instruments

room?" Mal asked angrily, mindful to keep his eyes off the girl dressing

as quickly as she could.

"Musicians make her hot," Bester said with a big grin on his face.

"I don't care. You are suppose to be fixin' your keyboard for our next

gig," Mal said.

Kaylee came over to the two men after dressing and said, "I can fix it."

"You can?" Mal asked.

"Sure, it's an easy fix," Kaylee said going back over to the keyboard.

She picked up a screwdriver that Bester had left on the floor, took

the loose piece she had noticed earlier and put it back in place with a

a couple of screws that were on the keyboard.

After seeing that Mal asked, "Now, why in the seven hells was it takin'

you three days to do that?"

"I woulda fixed it but...," Bester started.

"Last time Bester. You are fired. Get your gear and clothes and get

away from my group. Would you like a job, Miss...?" Mal said.

"Kaywinnith Lee Frye. But most everybody calls me Kaylee," Kaylee

answered with a big smile on her face.

"Well?" Mal asked again.


"What else can you do besides repair keyboards?" Mal asked.

"I can do vocals but only backup," Kaylee said and she had to have the

biggest smile Mal had ever seen.

Bester had finished dressing and went to grab the keyboard that Kaylee

had repaired. Mal saw him and said, "That stays. I bought it."

Bester's hands went up and he quickly left the room.

Book soon saw Bester hurrying to get off Serenity with his clothes in a duffel bag.

Once he was in the cargo bay, he asked, "What happened Mal?"

"Bester's been fired," Mal answered.

"Oh no," Book said shaking his head.

"He's been tol' half a dozen times and he wouldn't listen. So, I dun it.

This is our new back up singer Kaylee Frye. Kaylee this is our manager

Book," Mal said introducing the young woman to Book.

"How do you do Miss Frye," Book said shaking her hand. "You can call me

Shepherd as I have to ride herd on this bunch."

"Please call me Kaylee."

"Book'll get you situated with quarters and some other introductions," Mal

said as he watched the pair leave the cargo bay.



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