My Serenity Bamboo table lamp
Saturday, August 29, 2015

I just completed my build, bamboo table lamp. And it works, I’m surprised my own self. I did add a few extras to the table, which are also used in the series



Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:14 AM



Almost makes me want to make sumthing out uv wood.

Thursday, September 17, 2015 9:01 AM


It wasn't that hard to make. The wiring is my least skilled area. I just used an old Christmas 3 candle holder light ($5 off ebay), so already wired. I just had to cut them down a bit and fit them into the bamboo holders. If you watch the show closely it appears there were about 3 different lamps, one the lights were spread apart more, one closer together and another were the lights are short and stubby. I liked this version best

Sunday, September 20, 2015 3:40 PM


Its interesting how the props arent alwayz the same. They are often junk, and get treated accordingly, then they need it agen, so haf to make it agen.


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Catalyzers signed by Jewel
At a recent con I took two of my cats for her to sign. She was in awe, saying she never signed one much less seen one since the show. What she wrote was perfect, even had her assistant take a pic of her holding the broken one, than sent to here twitter and instagram. which you see here That's me in the cowboy hat, she took a shelfie

Four types of Catalyzer's
Here re the four different Catalyzers I built. The first two on the left were recently signed by Jewel as you will see in next picture. But if you watch the show there are two more I could make. When pictured still on the engine It appears they still have the old military labels on them. The other in "Out of gas" when Mal is carrying the new part to the engine room in a few frames the top section is not cut down (where the copper top is) I have to cut approx. an inch off to fit the cap (like all of theirs) except in this scene his has the copper top but it rest much higher.

2002 FIREFLY - Cargo Crate Press Kit (Almost complete)
But I finally got one and with help from others, working on stickers for the crate. I just need to find the old Firefly flask (not Jayne's from loot crate)a VHS tape and a few other small things. But mine did come with the light-up ink pen.

Jayne's hold out pistol
I finished my Jayne's holdout pistol from "Jayne's Town"

Updating my Lassiter screen face plate
Thanks to Kurtyboy I was able to update the face plate. I have two of these, one like it appeared in the show and a cleaned up version as they cleaned up the one after the show (it really was a rental from a prop shop). Mine had a good photo used for the screen but now I have buttons, the correct lines in the screen and a numerical counter display. In the picture you will see some tape still on the new one, it was just holding it in place at the time of this pic.

Niska’s Spider Torture Device
Thanks to Joatrash I was able to complete my Niska’s Spider Torture Device.
It’s still drying in pictures, I need to antique the copper part, clear coat it all and it’s done. As you can see I’m still not the greatest picture taker or my garage lighting doesn’t do it justice. But you wont see a lot of these out there

Working and non-working cortex devices
I had built two Dobson Cortex Devices, but both were pictured as working. I got a new printer for my birthday (yesterday) and decided I needed to make one in the “Unable to connect” version. Sorry about the glare

My comical version of "Jayne" the Man-ape gone wrong
You wont see this 8 footer everyday! I built it for other reasons but couldn’t pass this up.

Yes, Simon was right! Jayne, The man ape gone wrong thing, without the training! And now we have proof! With his Cunning Hat, rifle sling & MP5, Boo and his knife

Serenity Wall Mounted Communications Device.
It looks much better in person, sorry garage doesn’t have the perfect lighting to capture the appearance. But now she is done and added the emergency air mask beside it, for a special touch. I redid the background lighting and it looks much better

My Simon’s encyclopedia build
My Simon’s encyclopedia build.
You wont see many of these floating around. Just need to find the note book first. Symnova organizer, plastruct plastic grid sheet and translucent acrylic rods, Sony Clie styluses, etched brass sheet, aluminum and brass rods/tubes and machined parts.