Firefly: After Miranda Part 5
Sunday, August 7, 2011

Serenity lands on Whitefall and like normal things do not go smooth.


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- 5 -

Serenity arrived at Whitefall and touched down ten miles outside the town of New Creek. Soon after both of her shuttles left for their destinations.

New Creek was setup like so many other towns on some many other rim worlds. The town had a single center street lined with simple buildings of all shapes. General stores, bars, and the local law enforcement filled those buildings. Behind them stood the small homes of the residents that did not live farther out on the numerous farms and small ranches of the surrounding area. At the north end of the street stood the town church. The center of Serenity’s job, the orphanage, was to the south of the town, located just over a small hill. It was near there the first of Serenity’s shuttles landed.

The orphanage resembled an old Spanish Mission from the Earth that was. The main building was three stories of adobe bricks and looked as if it could accommodate fifty or more. Extending out from the main building was a two story wall that enclosed a large area of land within it. The only way in was the large double wooden doors of the main house. It was from there the knock came.

The door was answered by a small elderly man. Outside stood a young man and women that looked wholly out of place on a world such as this.

“Can I help you?” the elderly man asked as he studied the two of them. The dark haired woman was dressed in a most luxurious red dress trimmed in gold. The young man a dark suit which was obviously tailored to fit.

“Yes sir, my husband and I are looking to adopt. We have been lead to believe this place may have children in need of good homes,” explained the young woman.

The elderly man stepped out from behind the door, “We do have children that need homes, not sure if your home would be the type they need.”

“What do you mean?” the young man asked.

“The good lord tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then it is for a rich man to enter haven.” The elderly man said once again looking over the couple. “You definitely look rich to me.”

The women smiled, “That would of course mean we could give a child a good life.”

“We are not so much concerned with this life as we are with after it,” said the elderly man stepping once again behind the door. “I take it you are not Christians, or at least not true Christians.”

“No, we are Buddhists,” the woman responded.

“Well then, that settles it, good day,” the elderly man responded as he shut and locked the door.

Simon turned to Inara, “That went well.”



“Can I help you young man?” the elderly women asked from behind the counter.

“Maybe,” Mal replied as he looked around the general store. “New in town and I’m looking for a place to worship.”

The women moved from behind the counter and headed over to a pile of boxes, “Well, the town’s only got the one church.”

“May I?” Mal asked pointing at the boxes

“That would be a kindness,” the women smiled. “My name is Emma; you can just place them on the counter.”

“Pleasure to meet you Emma, names Malcolm,” the Captain replied as he started to move the boxes.

Emma began unpacking the first box he placed on the counter, “So interested in the church, if I were you I would go to the service this weekend before becoming a member of the preacher’s flock.”

“Sounds like you don’t care for the man.” Mal commented as he placed another of the boxes on the counter.

“Don’t get me wrong, Preacher Evans is a fine man, respectful and kind. His preaching is just a little to hell fire and brimstone for me. Sometimes seems as if he is more interested in the next life then how folks live this one.”

“Might you know where I can find Preacher Evans, I have a mind to talk to him?” the Captain asked as he put the last box in its place.

“I don’t reckon I know where the Preacher goes during the day. Billy might,” the elderly women said saying his name as if Mal was expected to know him.

“Billy?” he questioned.

Emma smiled, “Take it you haven’t seen Billy yet, he helps around the Church most days, he might know where the Preacher is at.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Mal nodded, “how will I know Billy?”

“You will know him when you see him.” Emma replied with a sly smile.

Mal walked out of the general store and looked up and down the street for Kaylee and River. Not seeing them he pulled out the com, “Kaylee where you at?”

“Flirting with a young sheriff’s deputy,” River’s voice replied a moment later. “She not really interested, but he is.”

“Don’t need all the details, I’m heading to the church, will meet the two of you later. Remember no trouble.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Mal headed up the street, the church not far away. The town folk all seemed nice enough. He had only gotten a few strange looks for being new. Overall, not too many people seemed to take notice. He started to wonder what exactly made Billy stand out. He soon got his answer

“Whoa!” Mal said to himself as he came around the corner of the last building and the church came into view. Next to the church standing in front of a partially built cinderblock wall was a giant of a man, in a pair of denim overalls with no shirt underneath. Mal watched from behind the man as he picked up a cinderblock with a single large hand and spread mortar on the block and the wall with the other. Mal slowly approached hopping Billy was not going to be angry for having his work disturbed.

“Morning, you Billy?” Mal asked.

“Yup,” the giant replied continuing his work, not bothering to turn around and look at Mal.

“I was told that you might know where Preacher Evans is.”

“Yup” Billy replied quickly picking up another block.

“See, I’m thinking about joining the church and would like…”

“I didn’t think Browncoats believed in God,” Billy said cutting the Captain off. He then slowly put down his trowel and turned to face Mal. His brown hair was cropped close to his head, showing a bit of receding hair line. Shrapnel scars ran from his right ear down to his square, clean shaven jaw. His left shoulder was cover in a large scar. He must have been at least a foot taller than Jayne and that much wider at the shoulders. Electric blue stared at Mal from deep set eyes.

“Not all of us,” Mal responded as he spotted an ominous tattoo on the giants left arm. An omega symbol pierced by a jagged knife, the words “Unus Pro Multis” where written at the base of the omega.

“Perhaps, some parts of that war would force people to find God,” Billy commented, “such as the valley.”

“Waiting for week for help while people die around you can do that.” Mal said morbidly.

“Huh, tell you what. The preacher should be back just before supper. You come and see him then…mister?”

“Reynolds, Malcolm Reynolds.”

“Come see him then Mr. Reynolds. If you’re really looking to worship in peace, we have no problems. If you are looking for something else…well, don’t think I have to say any more,” Billy said picking up his trowel.

“I reckon you don’t,” Mal said as he back away from the large man and headed off to find Kaylee and River. He knew things had just gotten more complicated.



Kaylee and River slowly walked down the wooden walkway which ran in front of all the buildings on the main street’s east side. They were supposed to be getting information on the town and its people. Instead Kaylee was more interested in looking in all the shops. River on the other hand was getting information; she just didn’t need to speak to anyone.

“Oh, look at that!” Kalyee exclaimed grabbing Rivers arm. The store next to them had a western style men’s suit in its front window. “I bet Simon would look right pretty in that, don’t ya think?”

“Maybe,” River replied concentrating on other things.

Kaylee spun walking backwards to maintain her gaze on the suit as they passed it, “Well bet it would even fit him…” with a thud she backed into something.

“Pardon me, ma’am,” a kind voice said from behind her.

Kaylee regained her bearings and turned to see a handsome, blond headed young man standing before her. “Oh, I’m sorry,” She smiled taking in the young man and the gold star affixed to his chest. He looked every bit the frontier lawman right down to his brown Stetson and silver revolver.

“I haven’t seen you ladies around before, are you new in town?” the young man asked.

River was going to answer but Kaylee cut in before she could, “Just got in, getting a feel for the place is all.” River huffed but Kaylee continued, “I’m Kaylee and this here is River.”

“My name is Skip, but most people call me Skipper, it is very nice to meet you both.”

“Well,” Kalyee smiled, “certainly a pleaser to meet the town sheriff.”

“I’m not the sheriff, ma’am, just a deputy.”

“Please, call me Kaylee.”

Behind her River rolled her eyes.

“Okay, Kaylee,” Skip smiled back at her. “If you like I have a map of the town with all the local business and ranches marked,” he continued pointing back into the sheriff office where he had just come from, “we could go over it.”

“I would like that, Skipper…am sorry, Deputy Skipper.”

“Just Skipper is fine, Kalyee.”

“Kaylee where you at?” the Captains voice came over the communicator attached to Kaylee’s belt. She grabbed it and handed it to River and followed the young Deputy inside.

“Flirting with a young sheriff’s deputy, she not really interested, but he is,” River responded.

“Don’t need all the details, I’m heading to the church, will meet the two of you later. Remember no trouble.”

“Yes, Captain,” River responded and headed into the Sheriff’s office to keep Kaylee out of trouble.



Mal docked the shuttle with Serenity and immediately left without a word. Kaylee and River followed close behind still seeking answers on why they left town in such a hurry and why the Captain had remained silent the entire way. The three of them were greeted by the rest of the crew in the cargo hold.

“Something wrong, Sir,” Zoe asked seeing the look on his face.

“You could say that,” he said as he took a seat on a nearby storage crate and rubbed his forehead, “I meet Billy, one of the preacher’s friends.”

“Who’s Billy?” Jayne asked, cigar stub hanging from his lips.

“A gorram giant, who happens to be ex-special forces, alliance special forces” Mal answered.

“He told you that?” Simon inquired.

“Didn’t have to; the omega tattoo on his arm tipped me off.”

“Wuo duh ma!” Zoe swore.

“What, his tat goin’ beat someone up?” Jayne smirked.

Zoe affixed her stare on Jayne, “No, that tattoo means he was elite special forces, the kind that get used when things have to get done and you don’t care how.”

“So, he’s still just one man.” Jayne replied.

“He’s one man like River is just one girl,” Mal replied annoyed.

“So what do we do now Cap’n?” asked Kaylee.

“Don’t know…how did it go at the orphanage?” Mal asked looking at Inara and Simon.

“Not well,” Inara answered.

“We didn’t even make it in the door.” Simon added.

“Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan,” Mal responded.

“As soon as the one man laid eyes on us he knew we were not the sort of people they were looking for. Apparently being wealthy… or looking like you are, is a sin.” Inara explained.

“That, and we did get the door slammed in our faces when you mentioned we where Buddhists.” Simon added.

“Ruttin’ hell, that should be enough to prove them folk don’t care ‘bout no kids.” Jayne commented.

“Thing is we still need to get a look inside.” Mal corrected.

“I say we just load up, take out the church goers, and rustle up them kids. Just do it quick like ‘for the law or tattoo guy gets wind.” Jayne exhorted.

“Jing tsai, shoot people in front of children and then expect them to come with you.” Inara replied annoyed at his idea.

“Don’t have to shoot ‘em…much.”

“Inara’s right, Jayne, we go in like that and those kids will scatter, scared out of their minds. We’d never get ‘em on the ship.” Zoe added.

“So then, what do we do?” Simon asked.

Mal stood up, “I reckon we need a couple that doesn’t look all rich and fanciful to get inside. Since only two people here have not been to town, we’ll have to send our new happy couple.”

Jayne smiled and looked over to Zoe, to which she replied, “I can hurt you,” without looking at him.


Sunday, August 7, 2011 5:46 PM


Yeah I don't see Zoe and Jayne pulling that off well. I see a dead Jayne and a bloody Zoe if they try.

Monday, August 8, 2011 4:39 AM


Oh my, things are building up. I'm not sure how Zoe and Jayne will take to play-acting the part of prospective adoptive parents, but somehow I can see Jayne giving it a shot. Thanks for adding the more obvious scene break symbols, it helps a lot.

Monday, August 8, 2011 4:47 AM


Well, Zoe's at least got the motherly part down.

Sunday, November 6, 2011 8:03 AM


Update 11-06-2011

Corrections and a bit of a rewrite.


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