Quest - Chapter 30
Monday, August 30, 2010

Back after a long hiatus. The SLA tries to attack the Alliance Embassy in Boston. They just didn't figure on River and Rachel.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


AN: This chapter is kinda short. And it only took me since April to write it. I seem to have lost focus with my Allanverse series. I think that this will be the concluding arc. I should be able to wrap things up next chapter.


Quest - Chapter Thirty


Zoë stood in the entrance to the embassy kitchen watching as her husband and daughter put the finishing touches on breakfast for everyone. A huge stack of pancakes, a pan full of scrambled eggs, sausage and the rest. She cleared her throat.

“Mornin, Mom,” Sara smiled.

Zoë stepped into the room and kissed her husband before hugging Sara, “Mornin. Kinda looks like the old days in here.”

“Sara and I making breakfast?” Allan asked.

“Yep,” Zoë agreed.

“Allan. What are doing, cooking? You are a guest!” Trudy stated firmly as she walked into the kitchen, Robert at her heels.

“Sara's idea,” Allan grinned.

“Daddy!. Don't you go blamin me for your idea,” Sara replied.

Allan chuckled, “Guess I've been found out. Better round everyone up. It's ready.”

The smell emanating from the kitchen quickly drew Simon and Kaylee along with Clay and Becca. Rosie and Owen were noticeably absent.

“Where's Owen and Roseanne?” Allan asked as he sat at the table.

Becca snickered, “Still sexin I think.”

Simon shot his daughter a glare while Clay just rolled his eyes. Kaylee grinned, “We'll save em' some. Like to be hungry.”

“Probably,” Sara agreed, “Now Dad.... what's the deal with Altair?”

As they ate, Allan filled his daughter in about the deal he had forged with Altair Shipbuilding. A deal that would make Sara and Becca very wealthy in their own right. As the inventors of the First Generation FTL drive system.

Sara was already wealthy. Both from her trust fund and her own patents. Not to mention being Allan's daughter. Becca wasn't nearly as well off as Sara. Not that she had grown up poor. Simon made good money as a surgeon and Kaylee had a small repair business on the side.

And everyone who had been a member of Serenity's crew had enough stock in Blue Sun to keep them living off the dividends for the rest of their lives.

“What about the weddin?” Kaylee asked her daughter.

Becca smiled, “We're still thinking about doing it here on Earth. Even though we can go back without riskin the pregnancies. Want to do it someplace warm though...”

Allan grinned, “I know just the place.”

“Where's that, Husband?” Zoë asked.



“Hurry up, Dad!” Rachel called over her shoulder.

“Don't gorram know why we're walkin in this go-se,” Jayne grumbled as he stepped around another slush filled puddle.

“I think it's pretty,” River smiled up at her large husband.

“And it's Earth, Dad,” Jesse added.

Derrick just smiled as he strolled hand in hand with Rachel. Ignoring the glares he was getting from Jayne. As they rounded a corner, both River and Rachel jerked to a stop.

Mother and daughter shared a look and suddenly drew pistols.

“What?” Jayne asked, pulling his own gun. With a quick hand signal to his son, Jesse who had been bringing up the rear. He moved to cover his parents and sister.

“Threat to the embassy,” River began, “Bomb.”

“Where?” Derick asked.

“Not sure...” Rachel began, “Still looking... THERE!”

A small cargo truck slowly drove by the two couples. A Sinic woman behind the wheel.

Rachel brought her pistol up smoothly and promptly shot out the vehicle's right rear tire.

The van lurched on the slippery pavement and bounced off a parked car. Sliding to a stop in the middle of the narrow street. The driver exited and quickly made her way around the van to look at the now flat tire.

Gun hidden in the folds of her skirt, Rachel ran up, “Are you okay?”

The young woman scowled, “Tian xiz shou you de ren dou gai si,” she muttered before glancing at Rachel. Mei looked at the young woman before her, a little closer. Slightly built, dark hair and an open and concerned expression on her face. No threat.

“I'm fine,” Mei said in heavily accented English, “But I'm going to be late...”

“Hòulái bǐ nǐ huì juéde,” Rachel snarled as she brought up her pistol.

“Shenme?” Mei said as her eyes crossed on the muzzle pointed between her eyes.

“I dislike anyone who threatens my family. Particularly if they are from the SLF,” Rachel growled.

Mei's eyes went wide. She tried to reach for the remote trigger for the bomb in her pocket. Rachel poked her forehead with her gun.

“Don't even think it. I'll know as soon as you do.”

Before Mei could even reply. She was grabbed roughly by Jayne while River gently removed the detonator from Mei's pocket.

“Nǐ wèishéme zhème hèn?” River asked. Mei's eyes went wide as she realized that both of the Anglo women spoke very good Chinese. Even if their accent was a little strange.

“Shuí shì nǐ tā mā de?” Mei snapped.

“Someone you shouldn't mess with,” Jayne replied.


With a some kibitzing from Allan, Becca and Sara. The Boston Police Department's Bomb Squad was able to diffuse the device secreted in the back of the van.

Allan had been in shook. The explosive power in the truck had been enough to not only destroy the Embassy and the building across the street but also severely damage every building for a three block radius.

Once in custody. The woman. Now identified as Mei Chung Lei. Refused to speak to investigators. They were also having trouble locating a translator since she refused to speak English.

Mal was furious. It had been a near thing. Allan was nearly as upset but tempered it with the knowledge he had from the previous visit to Earth. Still. It put a serious damper on their planned joyous Christmas celebration.

The Diplomatic Protection Service tripled the security on the Alliance Embassy. With two bodyguards in tow. Allan and Zoë found themselves at the Republic of North America's Bureau of Investigation's headquarters building, downtown. Looking through a one way window at the handcuffed Mei.

“What has she said?” Allan asked.

“Nothing in English,” the lead agent replied.

“I appreciate you letting us give this a try,” Allan replied.

“I was... uncomfortable. Letting a foreign national. Particularly one from another planet. In the middle of this investigation. But the President insisted...”

Allan smiled slightly at the man, “I'm not quite a foreigner, Agent Beck. I was born in Vermont.”

“Oh...” the agent replied.

“And my wife here is not only fluent in Chinese. But has both a history in law enforcement and... as a type of freedom fighter herself. Zoë might be able to get through to her.”

“Rather punch her lights out,” Zoë grumbled.

Agent Beck smiled slightly, “Join the club,” he paused for a moment, “The President stated you might have another... venue for getting information?”

Allan glanced at Zoë before he spoke, “Not like you are thinking. That information will be used to corroborate what we may or may not find out today. We do need to keep a few secrets. The President as well as General Reed and the Sec-State know the details. That's all I can reveal at this time.”

“Need to know. I understand, Dr. Bryant.”

“Zoë?” Allan asked.

“Lets have a chat,” She nodded.


Mei sat in the chair. Her hands cuffed in front of her and a chain running from those to a set of leg irons. She had been strip searched and dressed in a plain orange jumpsuit. Her eyes rose from the surface of the table she sat at when she heard the door open.

“Hello, Mei.” Zoë said as she entered and sat down opposite the young woman.

Mei was silent. But her eyes glared at Zoë.

Zoë looked deep into the eyes staring back at her. Mei realized she wasn't going to win a staring contest with this dark skinned woman.

“I'm not a cop... well here on Earth anyway,” Zoë began.

Mei just sneered at Zoë.

“And I know you understand English just fine...”

“Nǐ zìjǐ qù tā mā de biǎo zi,” Mei snarled.

“Hé xiǎo nǚhái yīnggāi bǎochí mínjiān de shétou,” Zoë replied, nonplussed.

Mei's eyes widened.

“Yes. I do speak Chinese. It's as common as English is back from where I come from. So why don't you tell me about the SLF?”

“Fuck you...”

“Least you can swear in English,” Zoë smirked. Mei just glared.

“And by the way. A tactical team is hitting the little safe house in Dorchester you think is secret,” Zoë continued.

Mei's eyes opened very wide, “How did...”

She cut herself off as the door opened again. Revealing the dark haired older woman who had helped to capture her.

“Because, I can read your mind,” River said as she stood behind Zoë.


It was late when everyone was finally able to gather for Christmas dinner. Zoë was tired from the interrogation of Mei. The young woman had broken when River began to reveal thing that only Mei herself had known.

The young woman had wanted revenge. Revenge for what she considered the murder of her Brother and Father.

River had also found out that Mei was actually an orphan who had been taken in by the founder of the Sinic Liberation Front. River described what the girl had been taught since she was just a toddler. She likened it to her own brainwashing forced upon her by the Academy.

On that somber note. The reunited families tried their best to get back into the Christmas spirit.

After the fully catered meal. Jayne took his place as the designated Santa and began handing out presents.

“Here ya go, Sara girl,” Jayne grumbled with a smile as he handed over what was obviously a new guitar.

“Thanks, Dad,” Sara smiled at her father as she laid eyes on the replica, black Gibson Les Paul.

“I know most of your music gear was destroyed on Quest,” Allan replied.

Sara looked sad. It was finally hitting her that her ship. Her first true command was gone. Quest had been a home. For her, Jeff, Becca, Rachel and the rest of her crew. Now it was all gone.

The tensions of the day didn't damper the Christmas spirit too much. Before long, Jayne, Allan, Sara and Clay were playing their guitars as they all sang Christmas carols into the night.


The next day found Allan, Sara and Becca examining the large crates in Tranquility's cargo bay. Crates that contained the components needed to instal the FTL Drive in Sara Jane.

“Damn, Dad,” Sara grunted as she got back to her feet. At almost two and a half months, Sara wasn't showing yet but she did seem to be a bit low on energy, “I can't believe I didn't think of routing the plasma discharge through a superconducting torus to focus the reaction and open the portal to hyperspace.”

“Try being me...” Allan grumbled, “Now that I look back on things, I should have figured this out a long time ago. Like before the exodus.”

“How long to install?” Sara asked.

“Derick has helped with three installs. With him helping, we can have Sara Jane outfitted in a few days.”

“Shiny,” Sara grinned.

“That leave enough time to get prepped for the wedding?” Allan asked.

Becca smiled, “Just got a wave from Commander Olsen this morning. He'll be getting underway in the Flores. Bobby is heading for Boros to pick up Clay's parents and Mei-mei. Should be here in a few days.”

Sara looked at her Father, “Heracles got an FTL too?”

“And Challenger,” Allan grinned, “And Jeff has his own FTL Firefly too. Named it Endeavor.”

“Dad, what are we gonna do with two ships?”

“I think Jeff is going to give it to Emma. I've already set aside the funds to finance the start up of her shipping company.”

“What shipping company?” Becca and Sara asked simultaneously.

“The one she is going to found after graduation,” Allan replied with a smirk.

“Does Emma know about this?” Sara asked.

“Not yet,” Allan smiled.




Hòulái bǐ nǐ huì juéde = Later than you would think.

Nǐ wèishéme zhème hèn? = Why do you hate so much?

Shuí shì nǐ tā mā de? = Who the fuck are you?

Nǐ zìjǐ qù tā mā de biǎo zi = Go fuck yourself bitch.

Hé xiǎo nǚhái yīnggāi bǎochí mínjiān de shétou = And little girls should keep a civil tongue.


Monday, August 30, 2010 12:00 PM


Please don't write off the Allanverse. Even if it goes on the backburner, I like it too much to loose it. But it's your creation, and whatever you put down on the page - or screen - I'll read.

Monday, August 30, 2010 1:08 PM


Agree with Jane, don't lose this. It's way too good. I love the original characters in this verse almost as much as I love the ones from the show. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 6:57 AM


I have to make it a clean sweeeeep.. What ever endevor you choose to continue, I would feel like something was missing if the Allanverse ended. I too feel that this is good enough to be, if not a major motion picture, then a reserection of a well known and loved series. AND.. While I hate to play the guilt card.. you DO have a responsibility to feed the addiction of the fans you have ensnared. SO.. with an optomistic attitude, I look forward to reading much more Allanverse ARC's in the future, albeit, less frequently than your other fine and familiar works.
Whew.. verbose aint I??

As always.. Yes Please!! May we have another??


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