Undying - Chapter 1
Monday, August 2, 2010

Firefly/Highlander crossover. Set 18 months or so post the BDM and ignores the events of Highlander: The Source. On Persephone, Duncan Macleod meets the crew of a certain firefly. Leading to a major change for one of the crew.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They all belong to their respective creators. I'm just playing with them a bit.


I've been fighting off this plot bunny for some time now and I finally lost and wrote this. The show I loved the most before I discovered Firefly was Highlander. So I guess this crossover was inevitable.


A Crossover between Firefly and Highlander: The Series. Ignores the events of Highlander: The Source. Post BDM in the Firefly 'Verse.




Chapter One


Duncan hated parties like this. The rich and well to do of Persephone flitted about, ignorant to the real 'Verse outside their palatial homes and of course, grand balls like this one.

There was more wealth in this room than even he had accumulated in his over nine hundred years of life. Not to say, Duncan Macleod wasn't well off. He just didn't flaunt it. Well, not like the dandy's attending the Summers Eve Ball here in upper Eavesdown.

The Highlander's eyes swept the room. His eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary. That was his job. Macleod Security Consultants had been hired to make sure everyone had a good time and no one walked off with the silver.

Most of the women in the room were dressed in the latest Persephone style. Dress that both reminded him of the Victorian and Elizabethan times back on Earth.

He sighed and took a sip of the sparkling mineral water in his hand. He caught a nod from one of his men. No threats spotted so far.

A loud giggle caught Duncan's attention. A young woman. A girl really with long dark hair and large brown eyes was smiling as she slowly danced by herself to the almost unrecognizable chamber music. Since the Exodus, Human culture had blended so much that while he knew the melodies, the arraignments had changed so much that he was hard pressed to identify weather it was Chopin or Beethoven he was hearing. Or was it Xau Chen? He could never tell.

The girl he was watching suddenly stopper her graceful steps and focused her attention on an older man in the crowd. The smile faded from her face for a moment before being replaced with another, colder smile.

Concerned, Duncan made to follow her across the crowded dance floor. Suddenly a tall, dark skinned woman in a flowing and quite slinky black beaded dress bumped into him.

Knocked off balance for a moment, Duncan smiled, “My apologies...”

“No harm done,” the woman replied, “My fault.”

Duncan looked around but realized he had lost sight of the girl he had spotted.

Looking back at the woman before him, Duncan almost missed it. The telltale slight buzz in the back of his head. This woman was a potential Immortal.

Smiling, Duncan took her hand and kissed it, “Duncan Macleod, at your service.”

“Zoë Washburn.”

Duncan held his smile outwardly. This woman smiled back but it didn't reach her eyes. He knew a warrior when he saw one. And this Zoë Washburn was a warrior through and through.

“Care to dance?” Duncan asked.

She hesitated momentarily before smiling back, “I'd love to.”

As they glided around the floor, Duncan kept his eyes out for the young woman he had spotted before. He also realized that his partner was looking for someone as well.

Before he could see who she might be looking for, the sudden loud buzz in his head announced the arrival of another Immortal at the party. Duncan shook his head slightly to clear it. The low grade buzz he was getting from Ms. Washburn and the stronger one from the new arrival threatened to give him a headache.

“Anything wrong?” Zoë asked as they swept around the floor.

“Nothing,” Duncan smiled.

“Atherton Wing and Escort!” called out the usher.

Both Duncan and Zoë's eyes focused on the new arrival. On Wing's arm was a beautiful woman with black curly hair. Despite the air of confidence she wore on her face. There was terror in her eyes.

Duncan's eyes narrowed. He had heard of Atherton Wing. A relatively new Immortal. Only about a hundred years old or so. He fancied himself quite the swordsman.

That was the problem with the post exodus Immortals. The one's who had not migrated from Earth. They didn't try to follow the rules of the game very closely. And Wing was one of the worst.

Duncan was shaken from his reverie when Zoë stopped moving, “I'm sorry. I suddenly don't feel very well...” she began.

Duncan smiled, “ I understand. Perhaps another time?”

“Perhaps,” Zoë smiled.

Before she could turn away, Atherton Wing and his escort suddenly appeared in front of the pair, The man held out his hand, an evil smile on his face, “I don't believe we've met. I am Atherton Wing.”

Duncan nodded, “Duncan Macleod.” Duncan had dropped his Clan Macleod line decades ago.

“Old family?” Wing asked, smiling.

“Very,” Duncan replied. His voice like ice.

“Excellent,” Wing replied with a sly grin. If they hadn't been in public and he'd had his sword. Wing would be missing his head about now.

“And this is?” Duncan asked, indicating the woman on his arm. She at first had seemed fearful but had relaxed slightly.

“No one of consequence,” Wing replied icily. Duncan noticed that Ms. Washburn's face hardened at Wing's comment.

“Inara!” said a new voice, “It is so lovely to see you again.”

The woman on Wing's arm smiled, “Sir Warwick. How good to see you again.”

Inara's smile widened when she noticed the very young woman on the Lord's arm.

“A little young for you, Isn't she?” Wing asked.

“My Niece,” Harrow nearly growled.

Wing nodded. Clearly disappointed at being unable to initiate a rumor about Harrow.

“Inara,” Harrow began, “It is strange to see you on Atherton's arm again... after what happened last time.”

Inara's mask fell for a moment. But she quickly recovered, “The situation has changed.”

The tone she used rang all of Duncan's alarm bells. He turned to the Harrow, “We haven't been introduced. I'm Duncan Macleod.”

Harrow nodded. A slight smile crossing his lips, “Ah yes. The man who is in charge of security for this little party.”

Duncan nodded, “I am.”

“Good,” Harrow replied. Shifting his gaze to Wing, “I know you are holding Captain Reynolds, Atherton. And that you used coercion to make Inara attend tonight. Tell me where he is and you might get out of this without being bound.”

Wing's mouth dropped open, “How dare you make such an accusation!”

“Don't try to play me boy,” Harrow growled, “You had the Captain kidnapped and threatened to kill him if Inara didn't consent to becoming your personal companion...”

“I did no such...”

“You're with the Guild?” Duncan asked. Interrupting Wing's tirade.

“Retired,” Inara said quickly.

Duncan had noticed that both Ms. Washburn and Lord Harrow's “Niece” seemed to be tensing for action.

“Seems strange,” Duncan began, “That a retired Companion would consent to such extortion.” Duncan bit off his last words.

“I have been more than fair. Reynolds beat you in that duel. And he let you live. I'm giving you this chance to walk away. If you do not release him. And Ms. Serra. I will be forced to call the authorities...” Harrow snarled.

River saw it coming but she was in the wrong place to do anything about it. She called out a warning but it was too late.

Wing pulled a small derringer from his vest. It was all composite and looked like it was designed to defeat the gun scans at the doors.

As Wing aimed at Harrow's chest and pulled the trigger, River tried to pull the nobleman out of the way and Zoë stepped in front of the shot on pure instinct.

Blood blossomed on her chest when the bullet struck home.

“Zoë!” cried Inara as she crumpled to the ground. The ballroom erupted in screams at the sound of the gunshot.

Duncan reached out and knocked the derringer from Wing's hand. Before he could do anything else, a petite foot attached to the girl Harrow introduced as his Niece, snapped out against Wing's temple, knocking him to the floor. But not unconscious.

Duncan's men were on Wing in an instant. Wrestling the rich man to the floor and snapping on restraints. All while he howled and screamed protests.

Duncan dropped to the floor next to where Inara was cradling Zoë's head in her lap.

“Zoë, hang on,” Inara pleaded.

She coughed up blood, “S'okay, Nara,” Zoë whispered, “Me an Wash'll be t'gether now...”

“No, Zoë you're going to live. Who else will keep Mal out of trouble?” Inara pleaded to her friend.

“Spect you an... River'll do that... well enough...” Zoë coughed.

“Medics are on the way, Sir,” one of Duncan's men stated.

Duncan blinked to clear his head. The buzzing in his head was getting stronger. Zoë was dying. And soon she would be reborn as an immortal, “Move her to the library! Ma-shong!”

The security men lifted the now nearly unconscious Zoë and spirited her away. Inara following, “Lord Harrow?” Duncan asked.

“Go, Lad. I'll see to this mess.”

Duncan started out after his men. He had to work quickly. It had been centuries since he had been with another Immortal during their first death. And this one occurred in public and with what looked to be close friends in attendance.

“Not to worry, Highlander,” the young woman beside him said, “We will understand Zoë's resurrection...”

Duncan froze in his tracks...


Tears were running down Inara's face. Zoë had been laid on a large sofa in the sprawling estate's library. The warrior woman was barely breathing. The retired Companion turned to where River and the man Zoë had been with were both standing, “Where are the medics? Where's Simon?” she cried.

“This needs to happen,” River nearly whispered, “All will be fine.”

“River!” Inara cried, “Zoë will die!”

“I know. And even if it had happened in Serenity's infirmary. With Ge-ge ready. He could not have saved her. You need to have faith. Zoë will always be with us,” River replied.

Duncan looked nervous, “Perhaps you should leave, Ms. Serra? Is it?”

“I am not leaving!”

Duncan was about to insist when River laid her hand on his arm, “You are not the only one with secrets, Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod.”

Duncan snapped his head to look at the girl at his side, “How did you...”

Inara opened her mouth to speak but stopped when River spoke instead, “I am a reader. See into the truth of things. I see you. The many many years. Inara has accepted my gift. She will accept Zoë's as well.”

“Oh Buddha!” Inara cried out, “She stopped breathing!” Inara leaned down to start CPR but River pulled her friend and the woman she considered almost a mother to her, away.

“Just wait...”


A few moment's later, with a gasp. Zoë took a deep breath and sat up suddenly. Her head pounding and buzzing, “Oh good gorram. My head is killing me...”

Inara fell onto her backside in shock, mouth agape. “Told you to wait,” River said with a smile.

Zoë suddenly remembered what had happened and looked down at her chest. The bullet hole had been right next to her heart. With wide eyes she saw a small blue spark as the wound healed over. Not even leaving a scar.

“What the hell?”

Duncan sighed, “Welcome back.”

“Back? Back from what? I got shot.”

“You did,” Duncan replied.

“I thought I was dead.”

“You were.” Macleod said gravely, “But you got better.”

Zoë put her hand to where the bullet had hit her, “How?”

“I must be going mad,” Inara whispered.

“The how is a very long story. And must not leave this room,” Duncan said, an edge in his voice.

“What about Mal?” Inara asked. Slowly snapping back to reality.

“We need to go get my captain. Stories can wait,” Zoë said as she got to her feet.

“I really think...”

“Mr. Macleod. I appreciate the help here but we need to get going,” the still wide eyed Zoë said.

“He can help,” River stated.

“What?” Zoë and Duncan said at the same time.

“I know where Captain Ba-ba is. Well guarded but with the Highlander along. All will be well.”


Zoë's mind was in a turmoil. She knew for sure that she had been dead. She stepped in front of the shot meant for Harrow without thought. Being a bit reckless had been her norm these last eighteen months or so since Miranda. And the death of her husband.

As she had faded away, she felt at peace. Thinking that perhaps she and Wash would be together again.

Now that looked to be impossible.

Taking a deep breath, Zoë stepped out of the small lavatory in the back of Shuttle two. She had changed out of her blood stained party dress and back into her 'working' clothes.

River was piloting while Inara sat on one of the passenger seats, still in shock. The man, Macleod sat opposite her.

Zoë crossed her arms across her chest, “So... Mr. Macleod. Care to explain this dyin thing?”

Duncan nodded once and then smiled slightly, “First off. How do you feel?”

Other than a buzzin in my head fine. Actually. Better than fine.”

“That 'buzzing' you feel is because of me. We all feel it when there is another immortal in close proximity.”

“Immortal?” Zoë exclaimed.

Duncan stepped forward and indicated that Zoë should sit. Reluctantly, she did next to Inara. The Companion reached out and touched Zoë's arm. As if to assure herself that Zoë was actually still alive.

“How is this possible?” Inara asked.

“No one is quite sure,” Duncan began, “But the most we can figure is it is... mystical in origin.”

“You said immortal. I died,” Zoë stated.

“You can still die. Just that you will get... better. Except if someone takes your head.”


“There have been Immortals for thousands of years. From before written history. Ever since the first of us walked the Earth. We have followed a code. The Game is what we call it.”

“Game?” Zoë asked.

Duncan sighed, “The Game is a contest. At some time there will only be a few of us left. When that happens. It is called the gathering. The last Immortals will engage in single combat until only one is left. There can be only one. That Immortal will then become the most powerful being in the universe. And Mortal.”

Zoë shook her head. It sounded like a faerie tale to her, “But if these Immortals can't die. How will there be so few?”

“That's another part of the game. Over the years. We fight. We can only truly die if someone takes our head. And our power. Once another immortal takes another's head. The victor will experience a 'Quickening' and the knowledge, memories and power of the fallen is transferred to the winner.”

“So... whenever one of these... immortals meets another. They have to fight?”

Duncan shook his head, “No. Only if challenged. I have several Immortals who are close friends of mine.”

Zoë and Inara shared a look and Inara spoke, “How is it that Zoë is one of these Immortals?”

“Tell me, Zoë. Where were you born?”

“On a ship.”

“Are you sure about that?”

What do you mean?” Zoë said harshly.

“Do you have any siblings?”


“As far as I know. All Immortals were foundlings. Orphans. I was. Raised by adopted parents until I was killed for the first time. I was then cast out because they thought it was witchcraft.”

“How old are you?” Inara asked.

Duncan chuckled, “Very old.”

“You're from Earth that was?” Zoë asked.

Duncan nodded and smiled, “I was born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1592.”

Inara's jaw dropped. Zoë's eyes just widened. “You're nine hundred and twenty seven years old?”

“In that ballpark,” Duncan shrugged.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Zoë replied.

“Because you'll need this information to survive. Immortals are just like regular people. Some are good. And others... are not. Like your friend, Atherton Wing.”

“He's one?” Inara exclaimed.

“he is,” Duncan nodded.

“So.. how do Immortals fight?” Zoë asked. Suddenly realizing that she just might be what Macleod said she was. Growing up, People always said she hadn't looked very much like her parents.

“With a sword... or other edged weapon.”

“Hence the decapitation part,” Zoë said dryly.


“I can hold my own in a fight or with a gun. But not with a sword...”

“I'll teach you.”


“You will need to learn the rules of the game.”

“There's rules?” Zoë asked.

“Yep,” Duncan replied, “Rule one: Don't die.”

“That's pretty obvious.”

“Rule two: Holy ground. No fighting... ever. It's neutral territory.”

“Holy ground?” Inara asked.

“Any temple, church, cemetery... you get the idea.”

Zoë nodded, “What else?”

“No interference. For example. If I were to challenge Wing... and I plan to. You could not interfere until the fight was over.”

“Wing's mine,” Zoë growled.

“You're not strong enough yet,” Duncan stated.

“Cap'n beat him.”

“Your Captain is a mortal. Wing probably got overconfident. He won't make that mistake knowing he's fighting another Immortal.”

With a clunk, The shuttle docked with Serenity, “We're here,” River stated from the pilots chair.

Zoë snapped back into the present, “River, go fetch Jayne. Then we're goin callin on those who have got the Captain.”

River nodded and moved quickly out of the shuttle. Zoë turned to Inara, “You up to flyin Serenity if need be?”

Inara nodded, “I am. Just bring Mal back to me.”

For the first time since they had left the ball, Zoë smiled, “We'll get him back.”

Zoë then looked at Macleod, “River said you could help. Any good with a gun?”

“I prefer a sword but, yes I know my way around a gun.”

Zoë looked at the small bag at Duncan's feet, “What's in that?”

“A few things. A change of clothes, my sword...”

“I'll get you a gun. Come on.”

Smiling slightly, Duncan followed Zoë out of the shuttle. Wondering if Zoë was going to cause him any trouble over the next few hundred years.




Monday, August 2, 2010 8:33 AM


Interesting.. VERY interesting... I can see where you lost sleep wrestling with your bunny... and eventually lost.. Wing.. his demise is always a grin. Imortal Zoe... Not as good as Imortal River.. But we'll see what you have up your sleeve and see if you can pull another hit outta your hat!!
I like it... so far... :)

Yes please!! May we have another??

Monday, August 2, 2010 11:29 AM


Well now...gotta say I see why you wrestled with the bunny for a while, Briglad, if only for the potential exploration of Zoe's psyche when she has a chance to clue in to the fact she's not gonna see Wash for a very LONG time unless she lets the first Immortal she meets (other than Duncan) lop off her head. And Zoe doesn't strike as that kind of person :S

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 2:53 AM


Very intruiging. And along with the others, I see your wrestling problem. Maybe Wash is going to be reincarnated somehow? I don't know much about the Highlander world beyond the Christopher Lambert original.

Still, looking forward to seeing Duncan deal with Wing, and Zoe deal with her own problems.

Monday, August 30, 2010 8:25 AM


I like this. Nice to have a Firefly/Highlander crossover. And Zoe an immortal? This should be cool. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"


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