Tales of the Rangers - Chapter 11
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Someone grabs Roberta and Inara. The thicken plots...


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood ” and “Guardians” Read those first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now. Same goes for my depiction of a Polyamory relationship.


AN: Takes place both in the future and post Guardians.


Tales of the Rangers


Chapter Eleven


Jessie was scared. She had lagged behind Bobbie and Inara as they exited the Children's Services offices. She had spotted a cute boy and had paused to speak with him for a few minutes. Inara had given the teen a stern look but followed it with a smile. Inara knew that Jessie was feeling a bit left behind since Xue's boyfriend was still on Serenity and the only boy she had shown interest in was on Shinnon.

Bobbie had chuckled slightly and admonished Jessie to be as quick as she could. She had smiled back and agreed.

Now Jessie wasn't sure if hanging back had been a good thing or not.

She had exited the lift to see four men lifting the unconscious (she hoped) bodies of Inara and Bobbie into a waiting hover van. She had cried out and drew attention to herself and two of the men had started out after her.

Jessie ducked behind a parked hover car as the wave of energy from a stunner passed over her head. The energy blew the windows out of the hover.

Jessie scrambled behind another car, desperately tugging open her fanny pack to get to her gun. All the while, screaming in her mind to River for help. While still trying to keep moving and out of sight.

So far Jess hadn't heard a mental reply back. That also frightened the teenager. She didn't know if she was too far away or others had done something to River as well. Everyone was supposed to be off ship by now.

“Come on out, Blondie!” called out one of the men, “We ain't gonna hurt you... much.”

Jess felt the reassuring grip of her pistol as she got her pack open. Maybe there was something to using a regular holster like Xue did all the time.

As quietly as she could, Jess eased off the safety like Jayne and Zoë had taught her. She was trapped in a corner of the parking garage hiding behind a piece of maintenance equipment.

“Sid! Hurry up!” called one of the men at the waiting hover van.

“Just a sec, Demetri! Soon as we get Blondie here...”

Sid's words died on his lips as he rounded the floor scrubber Jess was behind as a nine millimeter bullet crashed through his forehead and out the back of his skull. The gunshot echoed in the enclosed space.

The now dead man's partner swore and rounded the scrubber and shot Jess with his stunner before the shocked teen could recover enough from taking a life to try and shoot the second man.

Jess slumped unconscious from the stunner. The big man reached down to grab Jess when his world went dark.

“Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng,” said the redheaded woman who now stood over the unconscious thug.

Sarah McShane, aka Saffron Reynolds or Bridget Montgomery or Yolanda Haymer adjusted her grip on her cane. The eagles head top piece leaving a rather impressive dent in the thug's head who had been trying to kidnap a teenaged girl.

Sarah ducked down with a grunt as a gunshot flew in her direction. She snapped up the blonde girl's gun and returned fire. Shattering one of the windows in the van.

Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, the gunmen piled into the van and sped away. Sarah noticed that the ID numbers on the rear of the vehicle had been covered.

“Damn,” Sarah muttered as she painfully knelt to check on the girl. She was still recovering from the injuries she had received at the hands of slavers on Whitefall. Hence the cane she carried.

Sarah had been walking to her ground car after a physical therapy session at the hospital. She had stepped out of the elevator and into the middle of a gunfight. The men all screamed 'hired muscle' to Sarah. That meant the girl might be from money and perhaps there would be a reward for saving her. Sara never turned down a chance to make a little coin.

Laying on the hard concrete, Jess moaned.

“How you feeling, Sweetie?” Sarah asked.

“Uhhhhh,” Jess moaned again.

The distant sounds of sirens told Sarah that the local law was on the way. She also thought she could hear the distant wine of a shuttle.

Jess suddenly snapped awake. Her eyes wide with fear, “Get away from me!” she cried out.

“Shhh, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you,” Sarah said, trying to calm the girl.

“Bobbie, Inara!” Jess cried out.

“Inara?” Sarah said, her eyes widening in surprise, “Inara who?”

“Inara Serra,” Jess said as she tried to sit up, “Those men took her and Roberta!”

“Oh, go-se,” Sarah muttered as the sounds of pounding feet on concrete reached her ears.


“Rutting hell!” Jayne thundered as he ran across the parking garage deck, River a step behind him.

Several security guards and local cops surrounded a groggy Jessie and what looked like Saffron. The cops turned to face the newcomers. The Sargent called out, “Identify yourselves!”

“River Tam and Jayne Cobb of the Commonwealth Rangers,” River said as she and Jayne got close.

“River?” Jessie called out.

River quickly moved to the girls side, pulling her into a hug, “Shhh. It's okay. I saw everything...”

“I thought I was alone... I didn't hear you back,” Jess sobbed into River's shoulder.

“I'm sorry, Mei-mei. I didn't hear you at first. Simon was examining me...”

“What the hell happened?” Jayne asked the Sargent.

“This is a local matter, Ranger,” the man replied.

Jayne growled, “Not when it involves members o' our crew.”

“It was a kidnapping...” Sarah said quietly from where she stood off to the side. Flanked by a pair of police officers.

River looked up at the redhead and frowned, “The Captain is going to be very mad.”

Jayne looked around, “Where the hell is 'Nara and Bobbie?”

“That's who was kidnapped,” Sarah/Saffron replied.

Jess suddenly cried out, “I killed him!”

“Shhh sweetie,” River comforted, “It's not your fault.”

“I felt him die...” Jess sobbed.

Jayne looked the Sargent in the eye, “This is now a Ranger matter. Two o' our People have been taken. Makes it our deal. Dong-ma?”

“I still...”

“This is now a Rangers case,” River nearly growled, “You will assist us as necessary. Please contact your forensics team immediately.”

The gray haired Sargent looked down at the young woman who looked younger than his daughter, “Now see here, Missy...”

“Lady said we was was in charge,” Jayne growled, “Now you gonna co-operate or do we gotta call your boss?”

The Sargent paled at the glare he was receiving from the big man with the big gun. These new Commonwealth Rangers had 'Verse wide jurisdiction and the government muscle to back them up.

“Fine...” the Sargent replied.

“What about her?” A second cop asked. Indicating Saffron/Sarah.

“She's with us,” River declared.


“Why are we stopping here?” Wash asked.

“Cause we need to pick up the new wedding rings,” Zoë said as she dragged her husband inside the jewelry store.

Mal just grinned slightly and followed the pair inside. He also had a reason to visit the store. An order he had placed over the cortex just before they left Meadow was ready.

Mal walked over to the engagement ring case and signaled the saleswoman over, “Name's Malcolm Reynolds. I think you have something for me?”

The woman smiled, “Yes, Mr. Reynolds. It just came in this morning,” she replied before heading into the back room.

“Sir?” Zoë asked as she and Wash moved over to the Captain's side.

“Must be goin feng-le,” Mal muttered.

“Mal.... are you getting an... engagement ring?” Wash asked.

Mal glared at his pilot, “What if I am?”

Wash grinned. He knew he had hit the target if Mal was getting defensive. “About gorram time, Sir,” Zoë said, a slight smirk on her face.

Mal grumbled something obscene under his breath but cut himself off as the saleswoman returned, “Here you are, Sir.”

Mal took the offered box and lifted the lid. Beside him Wash whistled in appreciation, “That's some rock, Mal.”

“Inara will love it, Sir,” Zoë added.

“Ya think so?” Mal asked.

“I think I'd marry you for a rock that big,” Wash laughed. Mal grinned at him. He had so missed Wash's humor.

“Sorry, Wash. I don't swing that way.”

“Damn. I guess I'll have to settle for my wife and her fiancé.”

Mal made a face, “No details...”

Zoë chuckled as Mal swiped his credit chit to pay for the ring, “You get what you wanted?”

“We did, Sir,” Zoë replied.

“Good...” Mal began to reply before his com cut him off, “This is the Captain...”

“Mal,” Jayne's voice began, Almost hesitant in it's tone “'Nara and Bobbie got snatched outta the hospital parking garage.”

“What?” Mal thundered.

“Four thugs. Jess was behind em a ways. Ambush. Girl got one of em and a.... bystander knocked out another. River's gonna take a stroll through his brainpan soon as he's awake...”

“Where are you?” Mal asked.

“Third level o' the medical center's parkin garage. Havin some problems with the local law.”

“We'll be there quick as we can, Jayne.”

“Copy that...”

Mal shut the com off and stared at it for a moment before smashing it to pieces on the floor.

“We'll get em' back, Sir,” Zoë stated. Barely containing her own anger.

“Get everyone else back to the ship. Might not be after more than just Inara and Roberta,” Mal ordered.

“I'll drop you on the way back to Serenity,” Wash said as he led the three of them back outside to the ground car they had rented.


Mal erupted from the elevator. Zoë a step behind, “Report.” Was all he said to Jayne.

The big man took a deep breath. He'd never seen Mal this mad before. Not even when he'd nearly shot him out the airlock after Ariel, “Jess said she saw four men loadin 'Nara and Bobbie in'ta a hover van. Hwoon-dahn's spotted her and tried to get her with a stunner.”

As Jayne paused for breath, River continued, “Jess was able to shoot one of her assailants. Killing him...”

Mal looked to where a sheet covered body lay on the cold concrete of the garage floor, “She's okay? Where is the Ni-zi?”

“She is being checked out in the Emergency Department,” River continued.

“Anyone with her?” Zoë asked.

“Bunch a cops,” Jayne replied, “And your former blushin bride...”

“Saffron?” Zoë asked while Mal's jaw dropped.

“Helped to save Jess,” River added quickly.

“What about the one you said got knocked out?” Mal asked.

“Also in the ER. Has a skull fracture from Sarah's cane,” River said.


“Saffron's real name, Zoë,” Mal said. His visage changed slightly, “Get every ship in port landlocked. 'Cept for Serenity.”

“Already done, Captain,” River reported.

Mal nodded while his mind raced. He looked to where several local cops and crime scene techs were still working, “Anything, River?”

She shook her head, “I will have to wait until the man Sarah knocked out awakens. And Bobbie and Inara must still be unconscious since I cannot feel them.”

Mal frowned, “Lets go see iffin' the son-of-a- bitch is awake...”


Adeli Niska wasn't pleased. Not only had two of his men failed to return from their mission. They had taken one of the wrong women. From reports on the cortex, Niska had learned that Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra had become an item. The second problem was that the dark skinned woman who now lay unconscious in his yacht's torture room was not Zoë Washburn but anther dark skinned woman that he didn't know.

He turned to one of his underlings, “Find out who she is,” he ordered. Indicating the still form of Bobbie.

“At once, Sir,” the man nearly trembled. Niska had been so incensed by the failure that the old man had taken a knife and gutted one of the returning retrieval team. Leaving the man to bleed to death while his partner and brother watched. Promising the surviving sibling that he would not enjoy his chat with the boss later.

As the man hurried away, Niska called out, “Hold please... tell the Captain I want to leave immediately for Ezra.”

“At once, Mr. Niska.”


Mal stormed into the Athens City Hospital ER like a force of nature. Anyone who had eyes could see he was mad. Anyone who knew him knew angry didn't cover it. Zoë shared a look with Jayne. They hadn't seen Mal this angry since they had found Shepherd Book on Haven.

'Heaven help whoever did this because I'm not holding back either,' Zoë thought.

“Sir... you can't go in there!” called out a nurse as Mal simply walked through the doors to the treatment area.

Zoë turned to the woman, “Commonwealth Rangers and yes we can.”

The nurse stood in shock as the two men and two women simply walked into the treatment area proper.

Mal stood still in the middle of the bustling area looking around until he spotted a collection of local cops. Mal stormed off in their direction, “Who's in charge here?”

A man in a suit looked at Mal, “I am.”

“And you are?” Mal asked. His limited patience nearly at an end.

“Captain Antonis Angelos. Athens City Constabulary. And you?”

Mal lost a little of his fire, “Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Commonwealth Rangers.”

The suited man nodded, “Captain...”

“You find out anything?” Mal said. Cutting off the man.

Angelos frowned slightly but understood. He'd be the same if any of the men or women under his command were in similar peril. “The man is from off world. Has a short but rather brutal criminal record. Last known address was Ezra.”

“Ezra?” Mal asked. A sinking feeling suddenly forming in the pit of his stomach.

“Yes. On some Skyplex there...”

Mal and Zoë shared a look while Jayne swore under his breath, “Niska,” Mal nearly whispered.

“Adeli Niska?” Captain Angelos asked. A bolt of fear running through his own frame. The name Niska was well known in the Georgia system.

Mal nodded as his knees suddenly got weak. The thought of Inara in that man's clutches...

“Back in the Alliance days,” Zoë began. Her voice even. Hiding her own anger, “We had a couple of run ins with Niska.”

“I'm guessing you all weren't always cops,” Angelos said.

“Good guess,” Jayne rumbled.

River spoke up, “Captain. I believe we should check the port for any ships with either Ezra registrations or destinations filed.”

Mal dropped into a chair, “Yeah... you do that, Tross.” Mal said as he pulled the engagement ring he had just purchased out of his pocket and flipped open the lid. Staring at the diamond, “You do that...”


Wash was pacing around the cargo bay while Kaylee tried to comfort a sobbing Mia. Wash looked over to where his daughter and her boyfriend were cleaning their guns. The pilot shook his head and muttered, “Spending too much time with Jayne...”

Simon walked into the bay, the pistol on his hip sticking out like a sore thumb, “Any word?”

Wash shook his head and absently fingered the new badge pinned to his pilots vest. His own pistol snug in a shoulder holster, “Nothing yet.”

“Captain's gonna be mad...” Kaylee trailed off.

“I don't think mad is a strong enough word, Kaylee,” Wash replied. Simon nodded in agreement.

“Jess is okay?” Xue asked.

Simon nodded, “I just spoke with the hospital. She was hit with a stunner but she'll be fine.”

“I get my hands on the hwoon-dahn's who hurt her...” Xue trailed off as she saw the look her father gave her when she swore, “What?”

Wash chuckled slightly, “Sorry, Ni-zi.”

Xue set down her pistol and nearly ran to her father, “Inara and Bobbie are gonna be okay... right?”

Wash pulled Xue into a hug, “I hope so, Daughter... I hope so.”


Bobbie's eyes snapped open. Her Marine training immediately kicked in and she tried to get up. Unfortunately she was strapped down to a table.

“Struggling will get you nowhere, Miss,” said a heavily accented voice.

“Who the hell are you?” Bobbie snarled.

“I am Adeli Niska. Tsk, tsk. Such a fierce woman. So much like Mrs. Washburn...”

“Who?” Bobbie asked.

Niska lost his facade of civility and roughly grabbed Bobbie by her short hair, slamming her head hard against the table. She saw stars, “Don't play game with me, yes? I know you come from Serenity.”

“You are a dead man,” Bobbie growled as her vision cleared.

“I think not. But your Captain Reynolds. He will be. As will Mrs. Washburn. And the rest of his crew. Eventually. I am going to take my time. I intend to enjoy this.”

Bobbies next retort died on her lips when she turned her head to follow Niska's movement around the room. Laying strapped to a table nearby was the still body of Inara. With an evil smile. Niska picked up a large knife and drew the backside of the blade down the front of Inara's shirt. Glancing at Bobbie, He moved the knife to Inara's neck.

“Keep away from her or so help me I'll carve your heart out with a pair of chopsticks!”

Niska chuckled, “Not to worry. I have no intention of harming Mr. Reynolds woman without his presence.”

Bobbie relaxed slightly until with a quick flip of his wrist, the sharp knife sliced away the long single braid Inara had tied her hair into. Bobbie swore at the old man.

Niska grinned as he held up the nearly three foot length of hair, “No real harm anyway.”

Niska spoke something in a language Bobbie didn't know and a man entered from somewhere behind her, “Send this to Serenity,” Niska said in English as he handed over the braid.

The man quickly nodded and left. “Now, Back to you. What is your name?”

“Rut you!” Bobbie replied.

Niska reached out and took hold of bobbies left pinky, “What is your name?”

Bobbie stared the old man in the eye, “Pok-guy!”

Niska snapped the finger back and Bobbie screamed.




Saturday, July 24, 2010 4:43 AM


Niska has*%$......

Saturday, July 24, 2010 3:45 PM


This character just needs to slowly, painfully and with extreem predjudice, die. Good stuff Bri..

Yes please!!! May we have another???

Saturday, July 24, 2010 3:47 PM


oh dear god, please do not have him be to rough on Inara, or any of them for that matter

Monday, July 26, 2010 2:37 AM


Inara in the hands of Niska is going to involve bloodshed, probably (hopefully) his. The trouble is, I think he's going to be hard on Bobbie first. Don't keep us waiting too long to find out what happens, dong mah?

Monday, July 26, 2010 2:53 AM


This character = Niska.. :)


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