Primary Expedition (1/3)
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jayne and River run into each other in the last place he ever expected to see her.


Title: Primary Expedition (1/3) Author: GoddessofBirth Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Rayne Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: I make no money out of manipulating these poor characters.

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Jayne sat at the bar of the brothel with a whore – Gina – wrapped around his arm. He was aware the crew thought he had somewhat of an obsession with sex, and he openly admitted they were right. But it really wasn't anymore of an obsession than the one he carried for guns, or violence, or working out until his muscles burned from the strain. The truth was that he was an extremely physical man who found enjoyment from any number of earthy activities.

Sexing with whores was a win/win proposition as far as Jayne Cobb was concerned. He found release without the worry of entangling alliances, the prostitute got paid, and he always, always made sure she experienced as much pleasure as he did. He'd been around the block enough times to know when even a veteran professional was faking it, and he took great pride and delight in reminding them that real, earth shattering, shiver inducing, eye crossing orgasms still existed in the 'verse. He usually didn't have to visit a whorehouse more than a time or two before the whores starting jockeying among themselves for a position in his line.

He had just downed the last of his whiskey and had stood in preparation to head upstairs with Gina, when he saw the side door open and watched as the last person he ever expected to run into in a brothel slip into the room. The gorram moonbrain danced across the polished floor, wearing one of her brother's god awful wardrobe choices that not only were made for a woman three times her size, but were of such loud and contrasting colors that they would be headache inducing in a lesser man.

Jayne was enough of a connoisseur of women to know exactly what the feng le was hiding underneath all those layers of clothes, and not just because he'd seen her pop out of that cryo tank like a naked jack-in-the-box. Working together, fighting together, had offered enough opportunities for unintentional brushes of hands across not exactly appropriate body parts, as well as the occasional full body press up. So he was well aware that she had matured and rounded out nicely over the last few years. Still, he noted it in more of the absent minded way he cataloged all female flesh, than with any real attraction or intent to explore further.

He watched as she scanned the room, noting with approval the tell tale lump of her gun hidden beneath her sweater. Good girl. He thought at first that Mal must have sent her to find him, but then her eyes settled on him. She briefly waved, without so much as blushing at Gina's hands taking hungry possession of various impolite portions of his anatomy, and then continued her perusal of the room. What was she doing here? He was fairly certain her brother would be experiencing a full out epileptic seizure if he knew his precious little mei mei was standing in the middle of a house of flesh bliss, and if he was honest with himself, Jayne wasn't exactly comfortable with the notion, either.

As he watched, River caught sight of the madam of the house and flitted over to her. They conversed briefly in low tones and then Jayne's jaw dropped as the owner pulled back a curtain and a long line of boy whores paraded out and stood in front of River for her inspection. She paced back and forth in front of them, her hands clasped behind her back like a miniature Alliance General. Jayne groaned and slapped his forehead with the palm of the hand not resting on a bit of curvy female flesh. He really did not want to interrupt his plans for the evening, but he had a feeling that if it was ever made known that he had allowed this to happen underneath his nose, without attempting to stop it, it would somehow all become his fault. And then he would find himself sitting in the airlock yet again, an experience he was not keen to repeat.

He carefully removed Gina's hand from where it had been busily working at the fastenings of his cargo pants and smiled at her apologetically. 'Hold up a second. I gotta take care of a situation.' She pouted prettily and he almost changed his mind about interfering. But at the last second he sighed and strode over to where River had paused in front of a tall, brawny man.

'What cha doin', ni zi?'

She didn't even bother looking up from her perusal of the man. 'Would have thought it fairly obvious.'

He crossed his arms over his chest. 'Well, you know I'm slow. Why don't you explain it to me.'

She rolled her eyes and glanced up at him, ticking off points on the fingers of her right hand. 'Purchasing man flesh, getting sexed, fornication.' She smiled brightly at him. 'Like Jayne!'

He shook his head roughly. 'Not like Jayne, Crazy.'

She smirked at him. 'Simon often laments that I am a miniature Jayne.'

'Pretty sure he's talking about the fightin' and shootin', girl, not the whorin'.' Then, his curiosity got the better of him. 'You do this often?'

She shook her head. 'Primary expedition.' Then, she turned her back on him and returned to eying her options.

It took him a second to figure it out. 'Primary...?' He choked. 'You mean you're lookin' for a first time?'

She huffed and nodded, clearly annoyed at his continual interruptions.

'Hell, girl, you lookin' for that, you oughta go to 'Nara. I'm sure she's got some old friends that would do you up proper like.'

River sneered as she spoke in mocking tones. 'Proper. Polite conversation, clean sheets, tea and dumplings. Civilized, sanitized, masked humanity – I do not want proper. Sweat and heat, sliding flesh and scraping nails, earthy and base – I want improper. I want real

Jayne's eyes popped. He agreed with her, of course. It was the reason why, even if he had the money, he would still choose whores over the Guild. But hearing those words come out of her mouth, while watching her eyes go the tiniest bit hazy as she thought on the approaching act, caused a tightening in his belly he was all too familiar with. He forced himself to refocus.

'Still, Moony, this ain't a place for you.'

She sighed, finally fully disengaging from her selection process and turning to look him full in the face.

'Jayne, you have to agree that my opportunities for a meaningful selection are slim. The only reason any of the crew, aside from you, copulate at all is due to coupling. Simon to Kaylee, Mal to Inara, Zoe to Bill. I considered a random encounter, but felt here was wiser, where there are mandatory inoculations, registrations and security. Yes?'

When the word random left her mouth, Jayne felt a low rumble growling out of his chest. The whorehouse was definitely a better option. Still...

His eyes darted around the room, expecting Simon or Mal to pop out at any moment. Gina was standing by the staircase, waiting expectantly. Martha was still on hand to take River's payment upon selection. He swallowed, his throat suddenly dry.

'You know, there are other options.' She caught the tail end of his intentions and cocked her head to the side, studying him.

'You are offering your services?'

Was that what he was doing? He wasn't sure, really. He just knew that on some level the idea of River being sexed up by a boy whore was offensive to him. Maybe he was only bothered by the thought of the ship's darling experiencing her first time under the hands of somebody who was only looking for credits. He knew he had the know how and patience to do right by her, to give her the initial experience that every girl should have, but few did, even those raised on normal worlds in normal circumstances. He took one more look at Gina - fun-loving, experienced, uncomplicated Gina - who was now impatiently tapping her foot on the floor. Then he turned back down to River, who was looking at him in wide-eyed question. He may have been a simple man, but he wasn't stupid enough to think she would come without complications, even as a one time thing.

He cleared his throat. 'Guess I am.'

She was silent for a long moment, and he had the certain feeling he was being weighed and measured. He was sure he came up wanting in several areas. Finally she nodded.


At that one soft word he let out a breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.

Then she questioned, 'But where? The ship would not be appropriate.'

That was for sure. If he thought not stepping in here would have booked him an appointment with the airlock, getting caught initiating the girl would result in Mal just straight shooting him.

'Nah, they rent rooms here, too. Come on.' He felt strange with the girl standing by his side as he approached the madam. He pulled out his wallet. 'Martha, need to get a room.'

Her eyes flicked back and forth between Jayne and River. 'Well, now, Jayne, I ain't sure I can do that.'

He was confused. 'Why? You got empties, saw the sign out front.' He caught Martha looking at River. 'Hey, now, she's all legal. I don't do that go se.'

Martha threw back her head and laughed, a rich, lusty sound. 'Oh, Jayne, boy, I don't care what you do in your spare time. 'Sides, I wouldn't have agreed to sell her time if I was worried 'bout her age. Naw, the way I see it, I'm takin' a loss by lettin' you use my place as a meet 'n greet. Price of the room ain't near what I woulda made with you buyin' Gina and the little one here payin' for one of my boys.'

'Meet 'n greet? Wha -?' Jayne was mildly insulted. 'This ain't no romantic encou -' He cut off when he saw River smiling at one of the boy whores who was giving her the eye. He grumbled softly as he counted out his credits and handed the large stack to Martha.

'Here's the cost a Gina, one a them boys, and the room. We good now?'

Martha grinned at him before reaching behind the desk and removing a key. She tossed it to him with a wink 'Top of the stairs, third door to the left. Always a pleasure doin' business with you, Jayne.'

With the purchase made, Jayne turned to look at River, feeling the weight of his actions resting on his chest. The men had filed off, and she had returned her full attention to him. He took her hand, which suddenly felt very small and fragile against his calluses, for all that he knew the strength it held. She smiled at him in trust and then turned and led the way, weaving through various leering patrons, past the now scowling Gina and up the staircase. At the room she stopped, leaving a space for Jayne to step in front of her and unlock the door. He turned the key and opened the door, all the while trying not to wonder why he was the one feeling like he was about to experience a first.


Saturday, July 17, 2010 9:48 PM


We-hell now...Jayne's decided to be all noble-like, huh?


Mighty fine piece of writing you've laid down here, GoddessofBirth, if only for just how spot-on you've presented our beloved mercenary here. Between Jayne's inner monologue about being a physical person, eager to experience sensations galore, and his reactions to River's comments about having her first time be with a Guild Companion or a random John Doe? It was honestly like reading a novelization of a later season episode (that we never got to see, gorramit)!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 2:31 AM


I am enjoying it. I agree, very well written Inner Jayne.


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