Tales of the Rangers - Chapter 10
Sunday, July 11, 2010

We see a little more of the BDH's future as well as Bobbie trying to adopt The kids. The crew have also been spotted by an old nemesis.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood ” and “Guardians” Read those first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now. Same goes for my depiction of a Polyamory relationship.

AN: Takes place both in the future and post Guardians. This chapter starts out with a little bit bigger portrait of what our BDH's are up to in the future.


Tales of the Rangers


Chapter Ten


“Night, Dad,” Xue said as Wash stood up to leave.

“Night, Sweetie,” he replied, placing a kiss on the top of his daughters head.

“Thanks, for dinner, Wash,” Scott added.

“My pleasure. Night all.”

Scott dropped himself onto the sofa beside his wife as Wash closed the door, “He offer you the job with the school?”

Xue nodded, “He did.”


“I said I'd think about it...”

Scott made a face, “Honey...”

“I like being a Ranger.”

“I know you do, Ai-ren. But this is temporary until the baby comes and you're back to battery. You know River has her hands full both flying and being Captain of Serenity.”

“I realize that,” Xue replied, “And I do like teaching...”

“So, what's to think about?”

Xue glared at her husband before smiling, “I'll wave Dad in the morning.”

Scott leaned in and kissed Xue, “Love you.”

Xue smiled softly and returned a kiss of her own, “Love you too, Husband. Speaking of bed, Our daughter is wearing me out.”

Scott nodded knowingly. Xue's pregnancy was draining on her, “I'll help you to bed. Then I need to finish my studying.”

Xue grinned, “My husband the lawyer....”

“When I pass the Bar, then I will be.”

“We'll make a good team. I'll arrest them and you can prosecute.”

“Sounds like a plan...”


Halfway around Meadow in the burgeoning city of West Lakeside, Zoë Washburn shook her head and stood from where she had been squatting next to a body laid out in a back alley, “Estimated time of death?”

“Six hours... give or take,” replied the local police department's investigator.

“No blood,” Zoë commented as she looked around the crime scene. Several technicians were taking captures and looking for any evidence.

“Thinking she was killed somewhere else and dumped,” the detective replied.

Zoë nodded, “Looks like. Any ID?”

“Mary Chung-Yu. Age twenty. Bound three times for prostitution. No convictions.”

Zoë nodded. It was perfectly legal for a girl to work as a whore in a brothel. But working the street was both dangerous and a crime (albeit a minor one) on Meadow, “Why did you call the Rangers in on this?”

The detective looked embarrassed, “We need the help. This is the fifth murder of a street whore in eleven months. I think we've got a serial killer.”

“Reckon you do,” Zoë agreed, “I need to head back. Wave me with everything you have on the other murders. I'll have my team look at it. I'll be back to you tomorrow.”

“I appreciate it, Colonel Washburn.”


Zoë landed her small flyer on the pad behind the house she shared with her Husband and Wife. It was a unique relationship but they had made it work. As she exited the small craft, she spotted Wash stepping onto the patio. Even in the dark, his Hawaiian shirt was visible

Wash pulled Zoë into his arms as soon as she was in range, “How was West Lakeside?”

“Muggy,” Zoë replied, “lot closer to the equator.”

Wash nodded, “Why did they need you?”

Zoë sighed, “Murdered street whore. Fifth one in less'n a year. They're thinkin they got a serial killer.”

Wash frowned, “Not good.”

“Nope,” Zoë agreed, “How was dinner?”

Wash grinned slightly as he and Zoë strolled into the house, “Xue's tired. Just like she was with Hobie. She was telling our grandson about how you all bumped into me, Mike and Allissa on Mir.”

Zoë smiled and kissed Wash's cheek, “That's quite the tale for a five year old.”

“She edited out all the gory parts. Put Hobie to bed before we got to our wedding to Max.”

“Yeah. Like that's not a gory part of the story...”


Simon blinked his eyes open. He could feel the cold metal of the deck against his back. Kaylee leaned over him. A concerned look on her face. A moment later, a smirking Mia leaned over the young doctor.

“Feeling better, Simon?” Mia asked.

“What happened?” Simon asked as Mia and Kaylee helped him to sit up.

“You fainted... Boob,” River teased from where she knelt by Simon's feet. A low chuckle could be heard from the rest of the crew.

Simon shook his head slightly to clear it, “Pregnant?”

River nodded.

“How do you know? It could be something else...”

River rolled her eyes, “Morning sickness for one...”

“Could be food poisoning...” Simon said, grasping at straws. Maxine growled at him.

“Simon,” River began, speaking to him like she had done when they were children when she knew she was right, “I had a one day gap in my birth control meds thanks to the kidnapping of our parents, two months ago. I have morning sickness and...” River paused, “I can feel something with my mind... here,” River finished as she placed her palm against her lower abdomen.

Simon's mind was reeling. His baby sister was going to have a baby? Jayne's baby? Could she even properly care for an infant? River was better, most assuredly but she could still have her off days...”

River frowned at Simon, hearing his fears and doubts in her mind as loudly as if he had spoken them. “Brother boob,” she said, “Simon. Just be happy for me... us.”

Simon then realized that everything that had just run through his mind had most likely just run through his sisters mind as well. He also realized that he was about to become an uncle. And his parents, grandparents. He could just see the top of Gabriel Tam's head exploding when they got the news. River grinned at her brother as his mind accepted the news.

“Congratulations, Mei-mei,” Simon smiled at last. River hugged him.

That was the catalyst for the rounds of congratulations to flow from the crew. Even Mal had kissed the top of River's head and shaken Jayne's hand before turning serious.

“Might need to make a few changes around here,” The Captain began as they all gathered back around the table.

“What kind of changes?” Jayne asked as he held River to his side, his happy grin fading.

Mal caught the hint and winked at River who beamed back at him, “What I'm meanin, Jayne is we need to kinda baby proof the ship a might.”

“We'll have months to do that, Sir,” Zoë added. Looking wistfully at Wash. Maxine caught the look as well. She nodded.

Bobbie and Mia shared a look as well. Bobbie took a deep breath and decided that this was a s good a time as any, “Captain?”

“Yeah, Bobbie?”

“This may not be the best time... but. I... we've,” Bobby amended, looking at Mia, “become pretty attached to Mikey and Allissa. Kids have been through a lot and I just can't...” the former Marine Gunnery Sargent trailed off.

“You want to adopt them,” Inara finished for her.

“Yeah...” Bobbie breathed out. looking at Mal. Under the table, Mia squeezed Bobbies hand in support.

“On or off ship?” Mal asked.

“That's up to you, Sir,” Bobbie replied.

Mal frowned. He had come to rely on Bobbies steady hand and experience in their new roles as lawmen. He didn't want to loose her. Same for having the medical backup for Simon with Mia aboard. He had figured out the two women had come to a crossroads in their relationship since they had both come out of Bobbie's bunk that morning.

Mal took a deep breath and looked over at Inara who was smiling slightly.

“I reckon the paperwork at Children's Services will take a might longer doin an adoption rather than leavin em' off?”

“Hours, probably” Inara replied.

Mal looked at his pilot, first mate and cook, “You three willin to postpone the nuptials a couple of days while we rework some things?”

Wash was nodding as was Maxine, “Yes, Sir,” Zoë replied for all of them.

Mal took a deep breath. He looked around the table and grinned slightly, “Change in plans. Inara, You and Bobbie will head for Children's Services as planned. Take Jess along to keep an eye on the little ones. Jayne, get with Kaylee and see what we gotta do to put a bigger rack in Bobbie's bunk.”

“Bigger rack?” Bobbie asked.

“Gonna need Mia's room for a nursery o' some kind. Thinkin o' that. Kaylee? Look to findin some kind o' sound proofin too.” Mal looked at Mia, “That is iffin what we saw this morning weren't no one night stand tween you and Roberta.”

The two women shared a look. Bobbie's cocoa skin darkening and Mia turning bright pink, “Wasn't for me,” Bobbie said as she smiled hopefully at Mia.

“Me either,” Mia said. Bobbie smiled wide at the statement.

“Right then,” Mal replied, “Jayne. You and Kaylee will see to getting a bigger rack set up in Bobbie and Mia's bunk. Jess, you'll go along with Bobbie and Inara to keep an eye on the little ones.”

“I want to examine River, as soon as possible.” Simon added.

“Reckon that can be done afore we head out this mornin,” Mal said.

River nodded and smiled at the Captain. He smiled back. Then Mal looked Jayne directly in the eye, “Jayne. Afore that child is born. I expect to see a ring on Albatross' finger. Dong-ma?”

River frowned at the Captain while Jayne looked nervous. Mal continued, “I promised your Daddy, I'd take care o' you, River. That is part o' this.”

River rolled her eyes and then smiled at Mal, “Yes, Captain Ba-ba.”

Mal made a face while Inara and Kaylee giggled. Wash, Max and Zoë laughed out loud. Even Jayne grinned slightly.

“Y'all got work to be doin. Best be getting on it,” Mal ordered.


Several hundred yards away, a very expensive spaceborne yacht sat. The ships owner reclined in an expensive leather chair located in the ships main lounge. His wrinkled hands slowly turning the pages of a book. He looked up from his reading when one of his men approached, clearing his throat.


“Sir.. There is a ship docked nearby. It is one of the ones you told us to keep a lookout for.”

“Which ship is this?” the old man asked.

“It's a Firefly. Serenity.”

The man set down his book quickly and stood much faster than his apparent age would have normally indicated.

“Serenity, you say? This is exciting news.”

“I thought you would be pleased, Sir.”

“Pleased? Yes I am. Very pleased. Keep a close eye on the ship, yes? I want to make the Captain suffer.”

“Understood, Sir,” the underling replied.

Adeli Niska smiled, “This is what I want you to do...”


Wash, Zoë and Mal strolled down the street, heading the six blocks from the port to the planetary administration complex and the Marshals service offices.

“Ready to join the living, Wash?” Mal asked as they walked along.

The pilot chuckled, “That I am.”

Zoë smiled and put her arm around her husband, “Been a long time comin.”

Mal nodded, “That is has,” Mal paused, “What role you wanna take on, Wash?”


“I can bring you on as Ranger support personnel, Like Kaylee, Mia and Simon are. Or I can swear you in as a Ranger. Just one who flies the boat.”

Wash glanced at his wife, “I'm not sure, Cap'n.”

“We can switch you back to the other anytime you want. Just want to know what paperwork I gotta file.”

“I got no idea on how to be a lawman,” Wash replied.

“Think that makes you any different from the rest o' us, Husband,” Zoë chuckled.

“There is that,” Wash agreed.

“Pay is the same,” Mal added.

“Pay? You mean we actually get paid?”

Zoë chuckled at her husband, “Yes, Dear. We get paid. Commonwealth gives us all a rather nice salary, pays for the fuel and repairs to Serenity and a budget for consumables like food.”

“That would explain the real coffee and food that isn't molded protein,” Wash grinned.

“That it does,” Mal chuckled.

“Bein a Ranger means you get to carry a badge and have arrest powers. That's about the only difference,” Zoë added.

“Inara's a Ranger... right?”

Mal nodded proudly, “She is.”

Wash grinned, “Guess you better pin the badge on me, Mal.”

Zoë smiled and kissed her husband's cheek, “I'm proud o' you.”

Wash grinned as the trio entered the skyscraper that held the Marshal's offices.


Bobbie parked the Mule in a space in the underground parking garage of the huge medical complex in Athens City. It also housed both the orphanage and children's services offices in addition to the state of the art hospital.

As the Capital of the entire Georgia system, Athens had the best in technology. And it was all new. Built over the last twenty years by the Alliance. Thirty years before, the world had been just an agricultural planet. Now it was nearly as built up as Persephone or Hera.

Inara and Bobbie hopped over the side of the mule while Jessie handed down Mikey and Allissa, before joining the older women herself.

Bobbie held Mikey in her arms while Inara and Jess walked holding hands with Allissa. The little girl looked up at Inara, “This is gonna make Bobbie our new Mama?”

Bobbie smiled as Mikey nuzzled her neck, “It will, Sweetie.”

“Shiny,” the little girl smiled, “Is Jess gonna still be our babysitter?”

Jessie chuckled, “Sure thing. Xue will help too.”

“Good,” Allissa declared.

“Eightieth floor,” Inara said as they reached the lifts, hitting the button to summon one.

Unnoticed by the group. Four men waited in the shadows. Jessie didn't notice them due to the constant mental white noise generated by the thousands of minds nearby. That combined with her inexperience with her reading, she missed their stalkers.

The door to the lift opened, before the men could close the distance. The doors opened and the women and their charges stepped inside. The door closing behind them.

“What now?” one of the men asked his leader.

“We wait.”


Six hours later. After an examination of the children by the department's own physician and them spending time with a child psychologist. The process had moved on to Roberta herself.

The children's services agent looked over the top of her glasses at Bobbie and sighed, “What is your current employment?”

Bobbie scowled at the woman, fingering the badge on her jacket, “I am a Sargent in the Commonwealth Rangers.”

“I see. Planet of residence?”

“I am originally from Belepheron but I currently reside on a ship. It's part of my job.”

The screener clucked her tongue, “That is... unfortunate.”

“What is?” Bobbie asked.

“Space is very dangerous. Not to mention the utter lack of educational opportunities.”

Bobbie fumed, “There are already three teenagers on the boat. All are being tutored.”

“By whom?”

“The ship's, Doctor, Pilot and my fellow Ranger, Miss Serra. Who you met earlier.”

“What are their qualifications to teach?” The woman asked.

Bobbie growled and then composed herself, “Dr. Tam is a certified genius. The pilot is is younger sister who, I might ad earned a degree in physics at age twelve.”

The screener tried to keep a stern look on her face, “And Miss... Serra is it? What are her qualifications?”

Bobbie smiled slightly, “Inara is a retired, Registered Companion. Before her current position, she was the Deputy House Priestess in charge of education at the training house on Aphrodite...”

The screener's face fell. Having a Companions guild certified educator certainly trumped the education argument. She tried a different tactic, “What of the dangers of space? Pirates and the like?”

Bobbie smirked slightly, “We arrest pirates. Every member of the crew is a sworn Ranger except for the teenagers and our medical and engineering staff.”

“Medical. That brings me to another point. Health care for the children.”

“We have a board certified trauma surgeon and a registered nurse aboard with a specialty in emergency and obstetrics medicine,” Bobbie countered. Inara had prepped her for the interview.

“I see...”

“Anything else?” Bobbie asked.

“Personal history,” the woman began, “Marital status?”


“Sexual orientation?”


“No children of your own then...”


“Previous occupations?”

“Master Gunnery Sargent, Alliance Fleet Marines.”

The woman looked suprised, “Parents?”

“Mom's still alive on Belepheron.”

“I see. Anything else to add?”

Bobbie looked the woman in the eye, “Here's how I see it. I know your job is to make sure kids like Mikey and Allissa don't end up in the hands of slavers and other scum. Or with some molester. Believe me I know that. That said, I have a solid work history and...”

“Your sexual orientation worries me,” the screener interrupted, “How do I know you will maintain the proper... distance when it comes to caring for a child, not your blood relative...”

Bobbie shot to her feet, a mask of rage on her face, “Nǐ tā mā de biǎo zi!” Bobbie snarled, “If we were in any other setting, you'd be on the floor right now!”

The screener leaned back in her chair and smirked at the former Marine, “That's the response I wanted to hear.”


“These are dangerous times. The transition of the government from the Alliance to the Commonwealth has been... interesting to say the least. The rules are a bit more stringent now. Your military service, Ms. Williams, would have been enough to guarantee the adoption before. Now, we have to make sure after what happened with the Academy.”

The woman continued, “Alissa is very bright. I would say she is a genius herself. A child like that would have been a prime candidate for that horrid academy on Osiris. And the cover of an Alliance soldier or Marine looking to adopt would have been the the perfect front for that.”

Bobbie smirked slightly, “Sister. Let me tell you something about the academy. I was one of the people to kick in the front door of the place and rescue the kids held there. That girl who came with us, Jessie. She was almost a student there herself. The pilot I mentioned? She was a student there. I gather you know the name River Tam from the news waves?”

“I do...”

“River is the pilot I'm talking about. And I can assure you that on Serenity, there isn't a single person who wouldn't lay down their life to protect those kids... Dong-ma?”

The screener leaned back in her chair and steepled her fingers, “You make a very convincing point. Very well. I will forward your request for the adoption of Allissa and Michael Paulette with a positive notation. The process takes seventy two hours. During that time, the children will stay here with us. Is that acceptable?”

Bobbie took a deep breath, “It is.”

The woman stood and held out her hand, “Excellent. In three days, you will be Mike and Allissa's parent and guardian.”

A wide grin split Bobbies face. She couldn't wait to tell Mia., “Thank you, Ms. Lee.”

“Congratulations, Ms. Williams.”




Sunday, July 11, 2010 1:04 PM


LOL, about Mal wanting a ring on River´s "Wing" before the birth of the child

Sunday, July 11, 2010 1:23 PM


Awesome,Brian. Like the reference from above. Not sure how much I like Niska showing up...that's never a good thing.

Monday, July 12, 2010 6:18 AM


Hadn't you killed off Niska before now? Ah, well, no time like the present! Excellent chapter, BTW. And just the hint of something painful and dangerous to come. I'm talking about the wedding, of course ...

Monday, July 12, 2010 7:00 AM


Soft on the outside and Fluffy on the inside.. Niska... met the real Zoe after Allan (Allenverse / Birthday I think) was captured and rescued, and who here cant say its always a grin when Niska gets something torn off or blown off or breaths vacume?? I for one cant wait to see whats in store for the little maggot.. :)

Yes Please!!! May we have another???


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