Tales of the Rangers - Chapter 9
Monday, June 28, 2010

Arriving on Athens. Wash Zoe and Maxine become closer while Mia and Bobbie do the same. River and Jayne make a big announcement too. Just a some fluff before the action starts back up.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood ” and “Guardians” Read those first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now. Same goes for my depiction of a Polyamory relationship.

AN: Takes place both in the future and post Guardians. More fluffy stuff before the action heats up.


Tales of the Rangers


Chapter Nine


Hobie began to yawn and Xue grinned at her little boy, “Bedtime, Hobie.”

“Not tired,” he replied, trying to hide a yawn.

Wash chuckled, “C'mon little man. I'll tuck you in.”

Hobie grinned, “Shiny Grampa.”

Wash swung Hobie into his arms and carried the boy towards his room. Leaving Scott and Xue alone for a moment. Scott didn't miss the wistful look on his wife's face.

“What is it, honey?”

Xue absently rubbed her swollen tummy, “He's so good with him...”

“Your Dad?”

Xue nodded.

Scott smiled, “He sure is.”

“I just wish....”

“That he had been around when you were five?” Scott finished for Xue as he put an arm around her.


Scott leaned in and kissed his wife, “I understand. And I kinda feel the same way. We live less than twenty miles from my folks and I can only see my Ma' when I bump into her at the store.”

“I know, Sweetie,” Xue replied. She still wished that her husband could see his family but Scott's hwoon-dahn of a father still considered Scott sly. Even though he was married to a woman with one child and another on the way.

Xue felt worse for Scott's mother. She had only seen her grandson once in person. And that was a random happenstance six months ago when Xue and Scott had bumped into Mary Baxter at the spring festival.

Xue's reverie was broken by her father quietly closing the door to Hobie's room, “Out like a light.”

“Thanks for tucking him in, Dad,” Xue smiled.

“Since I didn't get a chance to do that to you, I figure I gotta do it by proxy with Hobie.”

Xue suddenly blinked back a tear. Wash noticed it immediately and quickly kissed the top of her head, “No weeping. Can't have my bad ass Ranger daughter crying now.”

Xue sniffled once and then giggled, “Got an excuse. Mood swings...”

“Right...” Scott commented.

“That's it. You're shut off,” Xue commented.

Wash looked pained, “Too much information...”

Xue giggled again.

“Well. I best be off,” Wash began, “Your Mother will hopefully be back soon. Then we can get to some TMI activities ourselves,” he finished with a grin.

Xue rolled her eyes, “And with Max out on Serenity with River and Jayne, you get Mom all to yourself.”

“Call me selfish...” Wash grinned.

“Likely story. You love Max as much as you do Mom,” Xue replied.

Wash sighed, “You know what they say about redheads...”


Wash blinked his eyes open. He lay there for a moment to make sure it wasn't a dream. After over two years away from Zoë in the hell hole that was the Mir terriforming project. He wanted to make sure it was really her snuggled up to his side rather than some fellow prisoner named Bubba.

Wash turned his head and let out a little squeak. It wasn't Zoë curled up next to him. It was Maxine.

Eyes wide, Wash tried not to wake her as he looked around for his wife. A low chuckle caught his attention, “Sorry Husband.”

Zoë moved back around the bed and slid in next to Wash. She began to whisper in his ear, “Got up to use the head. Max is a snuggler. Soon as I got outta bed she latched on to you. I got a capture.”

Wash tried to keep from laughing but failed. Maxine suddenly snapped awake.

“What? Wash!.. I uhhh...”

Wash and Zoë both began to laugh.

“Very funny,” Max groused as she sat up in the bed. Wash tried not to notice that Maxine was very close to him and nearly naked. Particularly when Zoë also sat up and kissed Maxine in apology.

The involuntary groan from Wash caused Maxine to start giggling. Zoë leaned down and kissed Wash, “Down boy.”

“Something ain't down,” Maxine observed with a grin.

Wash growled and covered the crotch of his boxers with his hands, “Not funny.”

“Sorry, Dear,” Zoë apologized.

“What did you expect? Here I am nearly naked in bed with my incredibly sexy nearly naked wife who I haven't seen in over two years and may I say, a very fine looking also nearly naked redhead who's as hot to trot for the aforementioned wife as I am...”

“He does have a point,” Max observed.

“What's that?” Zoë asked.

“You are incredibly sexy,” Max said with a grin.

“See,” Wash began, “We're agreeing here. What are we agreeing to?”

“That Zoë is incredibly sexy,” Max replied.

“What Max said,” Wash added.

Zoë sighed and then grinned, “What am I gonna do with you two?”

Wash and Max shared a grin then Wash spoke, “Rock, paper, scissors?”

“For what?”

“First dibs...”

Maxine's breath caught in her throat. Wash was treating it all like a joke but she could see the passion in his eyes. Passion for Zoë and maybe a little lust in her direction. She was used to seeing that. Max knew she was very attractive to men. She also knew that many men fantasized about being with two women at the same time. Hell, Zoë had told Max about Wash wanting to try that with her back when she and Zoë had first gotten together.

Now she didn't know what to do. If Max had been into men, she would have found Wash attractive. Not in the bulging muscles way of men like Jayne. But more of the regular guy who doesn't think he's all that good looking and therefore is that much more attractive.

That was it. Wash wasn't bad to look at. And he loved Zoë with everything he had and only wanted to make her happy.

Just like Maxine did.

Max took a deep breath. She looked at Zoë and then at Wash. Her own words came back to haunt her at that moment. Threesomes get complicated.

“Do they ever,” Max whispered.

“Shenme?” Wash asked.

Maxine smiled slightly, “Tell you what. Let's just see what happens. Dong ma?”


River sat up in bed suddenly. Eyes wide, she rushed for the fold out lavatory in the corner of her and Jayne's bunk. Head over the sink, what little food in her system from the previous nights dinner came up.

Even before she had started to vomit, Jayne was there holding her hair back, “Bao-bei?”

“Swirling... coming up... not possible... took precautions...” River began to babble.

The babbling frightened Jayne. River had been as sane as he for nearly two years. Now she sounded like she had when River first came outta the cryo box the Doc had put her in.

Another dry heave wracked Rivers body. Then she relaxed against Jayne, “Sorry...”

“Fer what?” Jayne asked as he pulled his girl into his arms. Not caring that they were both as naked as they could be. They were nearly always naked when in private in their bunk.

“Took precautions. Nothing is ever one hundred percent. Parasite but not. Can I love enough?”

“Baby girl, your scarin me here,” Jayne said.

River's stomach settled and she was able to focus her mind. She took a deep breath. Placed her hands on her abdomen and opened her mind. River's eyes opened wide in shock.


“Yeah, baby girl?”

“She is... I mean... I... I think... I'm pregnant...”

Jayne's eyes widened in surprise. He lost his balance where he had been down on his haunches next to River, landing on his behind, “Pregnant?”

River nodded. Her face hidden behind a curtain of hair.

“Really pregnant?” Jayne squeaked.

“I think so. I can feel... something... here,” River replied as she placed her hand back on her lower belly.

Jayne reached out and touched River's hand where it still lay on her belly, “We're gonna have a little Jayne?”

“Or a little River,” she giggled. The initial confusion and fear in Jayne's mind was slowly morphing into love and happiness.

“Get dressed.”


“Cause I ain't draggin you through the ship naked to see your brother.”

“Don't need to see Ge-ge...”

“Yes you do. We're gonna make sure and then you're gonna take it easy.”

River pouted, “Not a gorram doll. Won't break.”

Jayne leaned in and kissed her, “I know you won't, Darlin. Just wanna make sure everything is okay. Dong-ma?”

“Are you happy about this Jayne?”

River wasn't trying to read Jayne but it was hard. She felt many conflicting emotions but the one foremost in his mind again was fear. Not for River's safety but that Jayne Cobb could be a good father.

“Kinda a shock is all,” Jayne muttered, “Got no idea how to be a daddy...”

“You will have seven months thirteen days approximately to become familiar with the job.”


“I think I am about one and a half months along. That would coincide with the one day gap in my birth control shot and our marathon lovemaking session after we rescued my parents...”

“That was some night...” Jayne grinned.

“Also the onset of morning sickness. And that I can feel... something with my mind.”

“No matter. You gotta get dressed so we can see your brother.”

River let her mind focus on her brother and made a face, “Occupied with Kaylee...”

Jayne grimaced, “What about Mia?” he asked.

River smiled, “Basking in the glow of the Warrior...”


“Roberta and Mia have... sealed the deal.”

“Bout ruttin time,” Jayne grumbled with a grin.

“And it is early yet. We will consult with Brother boob after breakfast... If I can keep it down.”

“You sure you're okay?”

River smiled, “I am. Come back to bed with me.”

Jayne kissed her once, “Ain't gotta ask me twice.”


Mia awoke with the unfamiliar feel of another person in the bed with her. Not only in the bed but laying on top of her slightly. She smiled slightly, remembering what had happened the night before.

Bobbie stirred, “Mornin...”

“Morning,” Mia replied.

Bobbie moved up Mia's body slightly and kissed her. Mia kissed back but not enthusiastically. Bobbie pulled back and looked Mia in the eye, “You okay?”

“Sorry,” Mia smiled, “Still getting used to kissing girls.”

“Got plenty of time to get used to it... don't we?”

Mia nodded, “I think we will.”

Bobbie kissed Mia again and got a much more enthusiastic response the second time.


Kaylee and Simon walked into the galley to find it empty. That was highly unusual since Maxine tended to be an early riser.

“Where is everyone?”

“No idea, Boa-bei,” Simon said as he began to set up the coffee machine.

Kaylee batted his hands away, “Uh, uh, mister. That sludge you make will keep us up for days...”

Simon tried to look hurt but instead grinned slightly, “Whatever you say.”

“Morning!” Maxine said brightly as she walked into the room.

“Morning, Max” Kaylee replied, “Where's Zoë?”

“Be along in a minute. Wash too.”

A moment later, Jess arrived with Mikey in her arms while Xue carried Allissa. Scott brought up the rear.

“Anyone seen Mia?” Jess asked.

“Not yet,” Max replied.

“Strange... she wasn't in her bunk this morning...”

Maxine tried to hide a grin, “Think she bunked with someone else last night...”

“Who bunked with someone else?” Mal asked as he and Inara entered arm in arm.

“I think Mia was with Bobbie last night,” Maxine replied.

Mal dropped his head and began to mutter. “Good for them,” Inara added with a smile.

“Gorram love boat,” Mal added as he took his seat.

“G'rram!” Mikey parroted. Causing all eyes to focus on the Captain.

“What?” Mal asked.

“Got little ones here, Cap'n,” Kaylee admonished.

“Bad word,” Allissa added.

“And right you are, Ni-zi,” Mal replied. Smiling at the little girl, “Shouldn't a said it.”

Mal was rewarded by a smile from the little girl. He looked around, “Where's Jayne and River?”

“Arriving!” River replied. He voice chipper.

Jayne took his usual chair while River settled into his lap.

“Now all we need is Bobbie and Mia.... and Zoë and Wash.” Mal commented.

“We're here,” Wash said as he and Zoë entered the galley. The First Mate and Pilot moved to give Max a hand with the breakfast preparation. Everyone noticed how close all three stood together. Not to mention the satisfied smile on Zoë's face.

“I don't wanna know...” Mal muttered.

Xue moved to help her parents... Parents. She had three now. That thought made her smile.

A moment later, A giggling Mia entered, followed by a widely smiling Bobbie.

“Morning you two!” Kaylee Grinned, “Did ya' have fun last night?”

Both women froze like deer caught in a set of headlights. They shared a quick glance.

“Congratulations,” Inara said. Breaking the tension.

“Uhhh, thanks, Nara,” Bobbie replied.

“Bobbie, up!” Allissa requested.

The former Marine complied by swinging the little girl up into her arms, “Sleep good?”

“Uh, huh...” Bobbie beamed at the little girl.

After everyone had settled into their seats and Max finished the food, Mal began his 'morning briefing' as he liked to call it.

“Got lots to do today afore we have to head for Athenos tomorrow,” Mal stated.

“So soon?” Kaylee asked.

“Can't be lallygaggin around, Kaylee,” Mal replied.

“But... we got a weddin to plan.. don't we?” Kaylee pouted.

“We don't want nothin fancy,” Kaylee,” Zoë said, “Just a simple ceremony with the magistrate..”


“It's okay, Kaylee,” Max smiled, “I don't need any big shindig.”

“Still need to do some things beforehand,” Wash added.

“Reckon we do. Ain't gonna let this go on without some kinda celebration though,” Mal added, “But we can save the plannin for that till later.”

“Shr ah, Cap'n,” Kaylee replied.

“Mia, Doc. Reckon you two can head for the hospital. Get the med supplies restocked?”

“Of course,” Simon replied as he glanced at the nurse who nodded, “Mir depleted many of or supplies.”

“Reckoned as much,” Mal acknowledged, “Kaylee. See to fuelin the ship and any parts we're needing. Take Xue with you. Reckon with Wash back aboard. You can get her a little more trained up on the engine side of things...”

Xue, sitting in the lounge with Scott and Jess frowned.

“Don't give me that look young lady,” Mal replied to Xue's glare, “I know you love flyin. And I ain't takin you off the pilotin roster. Just want to get some backup for Kaylee trained up is all.”

“Yes, Captain,” Xue replied.

“It'll be fun, Xue,” Kaylee smiled. A smile did work it's way back onto the teens face.

“Inara... Can you see to speakin with social services?” Mal asked. The sudden frowns on both Bobbie and Mia's faces was evident.

“I'll take Bobbie with me. Might help the transition,” Inara began, “The children are quite attached to her.”

“Thanks Inara,” Bobbie replied.

“Mia and I will swing by as well,” Simon added. “The social services offices are in the same complex as the hospital.”

“Good enough,” Mal replied, “Jayne. Get with the Local Commonwealth Garrison. Get Serenity's weapons replenished. I know we went through plenty o' ammo for the rail gun and a few missile rounds too.”

“I'll see to it, Mal,” Jayne replied. Being the ship's expert on weapons. He was responsible for maintaining the ammo supplies for not only personal weapons but the shipboard systems as well.

“Max. Take Jess and Scott with you to see to the reprovisionin.”

“What about Wash and I, Sir?” Zoë asked.

“We're heading for the Admin center. Gotta get Wash's paperwork updated. River. I want you guardin the ship.”

“Yes, Captain,” River replied as she and Jayne glanced at each other.

“There a problem, Albatross?”

River looked to Jayne who nodded slightly. River swallowed nervously and then addressed everyone, “Jayne and I have an announcement...”

Kaylee tried to hold back a squeak since she thought that Jayne might have proposed to River. Instead she was as shocked as everyone else by the words from the little Pilot's mouth.

“I'm pregnant...”

Stunned silence permeated the room. Except for the thump as Simon slid from his chair to the floor in a dead faint.




Monday, June 28, 2010 9:18 PM


"Except for the thump as Simon slid from his chair to the floor in a dead faint."

i got one reaction to that: HA!!

i'm liking the characters more and more. keep it up.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 2:45 AM


Never fail to amuse, delight and entertain.. Simon..You would think that by now he would be able to the occasional spikes in BP.. but evidently not.. LOL.. Max/Wash/Zoe are a menagerie of what if's, maybe's and why not's.. Loving every line top3%
Write on..

Yes Please!!! May we have another???

Thursday, July 1, 2010 6:29 AM


it just hit me who you could possible have the Crew take care of, have them pass by Jiyangiyn(is that spelled right) perhaps even have them land, for some reason, and Have River run into the brainwaves of the leader of the little comunity of superstitious people, due to River sensing a Witch burning is about to happen, and then find out some more bad about the leader(here i am thinking of River about to reveal that the leader had killed the earlier leader)

Thursday, July 1, 2010 9:16 AM


And it's working. I love Simon's reaction most, though. Surprised Mal isn't right next to him ...


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