Tales of the Rangers - Chapter 8
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just some more day to day shipboard life as Wash adjusts to being a free man again.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood ” and “Guardians” Read those first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

AN: Takes place both in the future and post Guardians.


Tales of the Rangers


Chapter Eight


“Why did Gramma Max want batteries, Grampa?” Hobie asked.

Scott snorted once and Xue rolled her eyes, “Uhhh...” Wash trailed off.

“Did they have toys that needed them?” Hobie asked. His face as innocent as a five year old could be.

Wash turned red while Xue giggled. “Eat your pizza, son,” Scott said with a grin.

“Were they shiny toys?” Hobie said as he picked up another slice.

Wash snorted once and then lost the battle and began laughing. Seconds later, Xue and Scott joined him.

“What's so funny?” the five year old asked.


Zoë sat at the table sipping her coffee as she watched her husband and her fiancé work together in the kitchen. Wash had been one of the better cooks on Serenity. Shepherd Book had been the best. Kaylee and Jayne were fairly accomplished in the kitchen and of course, River cooked like she did everything else. Spectacularly if a bit weird.

Wash had told her he spent time as a teenager flipping burgers in a diner (and had been fired) but he still did better than Zoë herself could and everyone, including Mal was better than Simon.

Zoë grinned as Wash and Max became more comfortable with each other. Wash was cracking jokes along with the eggs needed for the biscuits while Max stirred the gravy concoction she was working on.

“What are we making again?” Wash asked.

“Sausage gravy over biscuits,” Max declared.

“Smells good,” Wash said.

“Just gonna be the gravy if you don't hurry up with those biscuits,” Max chided.

“Work, work, work,” Wash grinned as he began to mix the batter. Zoë smiled again.

It just might work out after all.


After supper, the crew split off to their usual evening haunts. Wash headed for the bridge with Xue. River and Jayne retreated to their bunk while Scott and Jess did the dishes. Mal and Inara were in the cargo bay enjoying some quiet time over a few glasses of Kaylee's engine wine. While the mechanic herself had headed for the engine room to prepare the ship for landing in a few hours.

Simon went to help her. Not that he was any good in the engine room but everyone knew that turning wrenches was the last thing on his mind.

Bobbie and Mia retreated to the common area and infirmary respectively.

Serenity was due to land on Athens around midnight, ships time. And every one was taking it easy before arriving.


Bobbie was curled up on the sofa with a book outside the infirmary when she heard a noise. Looking up she saw the small form of Allissa standing there in her nightgown, holding her tattered teddy bear by one arm.

Before leaving Mir. Bobbie had retrieved as many of the children's things as she could from the housing unit where they had been found. Mostly some clothing, diapers for Mikey and Allissa's teddy bear.

“What is it, Sweetie?” Bobbie said as she smiled at the little girl.

“Can I sit with you?” she asked.

“It's little girls bedtime,” Bobbie observed.

“You're a girl and you're still up,” Allissa observed. Once again, Roberta was struck at just how intelligent this little girl was. She seemed to be as smart as some seven or eight year olds. Simon had said that Allissa reminded him of River at that age.

“Well, I am a girl,” Bobbie smiled as she patted the sofa next to her, “But I haven't been little for quite some time.”

Allissa nodded and clambered up on the sofa. The girl clutched the bear to her chest, “Momma ain't comin for us... is she?”

Bobbie nearly dropped her book. They had hoped to delay telling the little girl about her mother's death until she had been placed with social services on Athens. It Looked like that plan was out the airlock.

Bobbie took a deep breath and shook her head, “No sweetie. She isn't.”

“She went to heaven?” Allissa asked, “Like Daddy did?”

Bobbie felt her heart breaking. She had grown up in a loving if strict home on Belepheron. Her parents were still alive. Her father a retired Marine Master Sargent and her mother a teacher. Blinking back a tear, Bobbie looked at Allissa, “That's right.”

“Then who's gonna be my new Momma?”

Bobbie gulped, “I don't know.”

Allissa seemed to be in deep contemplation for a moment then she smiled, “Could you be my new Momma?”

Roberta Williams. Former Alliance Marines Gunnery Sargent. Now a Sargent in the Commonwealth Rangers was dumbstruck. A woman who had walked into the Academy with a grin on her face and a rifle in her hands was suddenly as scared as she had ever been in her life.


“I think you'd be a good one.”

Bobbie looked down at the smiling face of the little girl who had lost everything in her life except for her little brother, “Well... Alissa I'm not sure that...”

Allissa held up her little hand. Counting off on her fingers, “You take care of us. I know you like us and I think you would be a good momma.”

Bobbies mind was racing. It was true. She did care for the little girl and her brother. She and Mia other than Xue and Jess had been the children's primary caretakers since they had been found on Mir.

But she was a cop now. Living on a ship that seemed to get more crowded every day. But... she wasn't tied to Serenity like the rest were. This was just an assignment. One she loved. But it wasn't like she couldn't ask for a transfer... Transfer?

“Well?” Allissa asked.

Bobbie smiled, “Let me think about it, okay?”


“Let's get you off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow,” Bobbie smiled as she picked Allissa up.

Allissa suddenly yawned. Causing Bobby to smile, “Yep... bedtime.”

As the former marine carried the child back to the passenger dorms, Mia leaned out of the infirmary where she had been the entire time. She heard every word.

Mia sighed and turned back to her work getting the inoculations ready for the morning. Particularly for the children.

So absorbed in what she was doing, Mia nearly jumped out of her skin when Bobbie cleared her throat behind her.

“Cao!” Mia swore.

“Sorry,” Bobbie replied.

“No you weren't,” Mia snarled back.

“Maybe a little,” Bobbie smiled.

Mia sighed, “What do you want?”

Bobbie looked hurt at the tone in Mia's voice. The former Marine wanted Mia badly. They were friends. Shipmates but Bobbie wanted more. And Mia knew it.

“You heard all that?” Bobbie asked. Tossing her head in the direction of the sofa.

“I did.”

“What do you think?”

“I think the Captain is gonna shoot you if you take those kids in.”

“I don't have to stay on Serenity, you know,” Bobbie observed.

“So... you'd leave?”

“If I had to. That is if and only if I took Allissa and Mikey in.”

Mia nodded, “I would too.”


“I mean... leave. If I had to.”

Bobbie smiled, “They got to you too.”

Mia nodded, “Allissa asked me the same thing when I gave her her bath earlier. She's got those puppy dog eyes...”

“Yep,” Bobbie agreed.

“Always wanted kids...” Mia trailed off.

“I'm sensing a but in there somewhere.”

Mia nodded again, “Ever since... what happened to me. I just can't... I love sex. But I can't imagine a man touching me again. Makes my skin crawl. I kinda need that though to have kids...”

“There's other ways,” Bobbie said as she took a step closer to Mia.

Mia rolled her eyes, “I am a nurse. I know that...”

Bobbie grinned, “Sorry.”

Mia suddenly realized that Bobbie was right in front of her. She could almost feel her body heat, “Tian xiaode...”

Before she could even think twice, Mia kissed Bobbie... hard.

Surprised, Bobbie stood there for a moment before months of pent up desire coursed through her. Lips locked together, she pushed Mia back against the counter, Both women's hands began to wander all over each other's bodies...


Mia and Bobbie jumped apart like a pair of teenagers caught by their parents. Outside the Infirmary stood Zoë, arms across her chest.

“I... we...” Mia stuttered.

“Uhhh...” Bobbie muttered.

Zoë did her best to keep a stern look on her face. If not for the little kids and three teenagers aboard, she wouldn't have said anything. But it had looked like clothing was about to be shed in a very public part of the ship, “I suggest that you two adjourn to Bobbies bunk iffin' you want to keep that up...”

“I... we...” Mia began.

Zoë held up her hand, “I know how it is. Now go. I'll check on the little ones.”

Bobbie looked at Mia and saw the passion in her eyes. She smiled slightly, “If you want to...”

“I... yes,” Mia breathed out.

“Get goin,” Zoë ordered.

Bobbie took Mia's hand and led her out of the Infirmary and up the stairs. They froze when Zoë spoke again, “About gorram time...”


Xue yawned in the co-pilot's seat. Wash looked over at her, “You okay?”

“Tired,” Xue admitted.

“I can land you know,” Wash grinned.

“I'm good,” Xue replied as she took a long drink of something carbonated, sugary and highly caffeinated, “Once this kicks in...”

Wash chuckled slightly and turned his attention to the rapidly approaching planet of Athens, “Trying to show your old man up?”

“Captain's orders,” Mal said as he stepped onto the bridge, “No offense, Wash but you are kinda rusty.”

Wash tried to look hurt but the grin on Xue's face told the real story. She wanted to show off for her father.

Wash sat back in the pilot's seat and huffed theatrically, “Whatever...” he then grinned at Xue.

The concept that he was father was still having trouble getting around his brain. Wash still considered himself a kid at heart. And now he had a teenaged daughter. A thought struck him, “When's your birthday, Xue?”

“Two weeks,” Xue grinned, “Sweet sixteen.”

Wash's eyes bugged out, “Ai-ya...”

Mal chuckled, “You okay there, Wash?”

“Kinda feeling old, Mal.”

Xue rolled her eyes and reached for the overhead mike, “Athens Orbital Control, this is the Ranger Transport, Serenity. Inbound to Athens City.”

“Copy, Serenity. Uploading your course to your navsat. Weather in Athens is nine tenths cloud at one thousand meters and overcast at three thousand. Thunderstorms are in the area.”

Xue frowned, “Copy Athens. Serenity out.”

Mal looked over at his junior pilot, “You up for this?”

Xue nodded and took another swig of her soda, “Shiny.”


“Tian xiz shou you de ren dou gai si!” Mal swore as he picked himself up off the floor.

“Mal... watch your mouth around my daughter,” Wash growled.

“Heard worse outta' hers,” Mal countered.

“Sorry, Captain,” Xue said, “The storms are making it kinda bumpy.”

“Kinda bumpy?” Mal said, “It felt like we crashed!”

Wash grinned at Xue as she flew. She was doing as well as anyone he had ever seen, “This is a class three storm, Captain. Any worse and we'd have to divert to another port.”

“Well. Give me some warnin next time!”

Xue rolled her eyes and shot a grin at her father. Wash smiled back. 'Yep. Definitely my daughter if she can simultaneously wind Mal up and navigate a thunderstorm,' he thought.


Serenity settled to the ground gently. The still hot hull steaming in the pouring rain. Wash looked over at Xue, “I am impressed.”

Mal nodded, “Same here. Now get yourself off to bed, Xue.”

The girl sighed, “Not tired now.”

“Bed!” Mal and Wash said at the same time.

Xue pouted and rose from her chair. A string of mandarin following in her wake as she left the bridge.

As soon as Xue was out of earshot, Mal turned to Wash, “Well?”

Wash grinned, “Girl's gonna put me outta a job.”

Mal matched Wash's smile, “Nahh. Zoë'd shoot me.”

“She's had no formal training?” Wash asked.

“Just some on the job lessons from River.”

“Xue's Jen duh sh tyen tsai?”

“Simon had her do an IQ test. Doc wasn't all that happy. Xue scored two points higher than he did.”


“Must have been her momma was smart. Sure as hell didn't get the brains from your side o' the family.”

Wash growled before Mal began to laugh. A moment later, Wash joined him.

“Missed you around here, Wash,” Mal said sincerely.

“I missed you guys... even Jayne.”

Mal nodded, “You can use my bunk. It's mostly an office now but the bed is still in there.”

“Thanks, Mal.”

“Least I can do...”

Kaylee's voice crackled over the internal com, “She's all put to bed, Wash. Got her on shore power.”

Wash hit the button on the com, “Copy that Kaylee... night.”

“Night, Wash...”

“Guess I'll be headin off to Nara's shuttle. Good night, Wash.”

“Night, Mal,” Wash replied. As he began putting Serenity to sleep.

After a few minutes work. Wash had the ship mostly shut down. Slowly he made his way down the stairs to the foredeck. Just as he was about to kick open the hatch to Mal's bunk, Zoë's opened. Spilling light into the hallway.

“Where are you going, Husband?”

“I... I just thought You and Max were sleeping together.”

“We are.”

Wash stood confused in the hallway, “Shenme?”

“Get your pi-gu down here, Husband.”

Still confused, Wash followed Zoë down into the bunk. He noticed that most of his clothing had been brought out of storage and was stacked in the corner. Maxine sat on the edge of the bed. Wash tried not to stare at her since she was wearing just a tank top and very short, shorts.

“Here's how it's gonna work,” Zoë began, “Nights like this where everyones needin just sleep. Ain't no reason for you to sleep somewhere else.”

“Honey I...”

“Shut it Wash.”

“Shutting, Dear.”

Zoë tried to hide the grin forming on her face, “Same goes for you, Max. I intend to hold onto the both o' you for decades to come so you both best get used to the idea of having to share me and our and I emphasize, OUR space. Dong-ma?”

“Dang-ran,” Wash replied. Maxine just nodded.

“Good. Now, get ready for bed, Husband,” Zoë ordered as she suddenly began to strip.

Wash tried not to ogle his wife but she was his wife and he had the right. And so was Maxine.

Zoë rolled her eyes as she pulled on a baggy t-shirt that hung just below her pantie clad bottom, “You'd think neither o' you has seen me naked before...”

Wash chuckled and Maxine grinned, “Well... never with someone else in the room.”

“What about that time Mal walked in on us?” Zoë grinned as she sat on the bed.

“That didn't count.”

Wash grinned as he took off his shirt, “Mal walked in on you two?”

“Back when I was living in the dorms,” Maxine smiled.

Wash smiled, “How did he react?”

“Kinda turned red,” Maxine replied, “Then commented that he was glad I was a natural redhead.”

“You are?” Wash grinned.

His reply was a well placed pillow thrown by Max.

“Bedtime, Children,” Zoë smiled.

Zoë slipped under the covers. Max spooned up in front of her, leaving room for Wash to spoon up behind Zoë.

As they got comfortable, Maxine turned out the light. After a moment, Zoë spoke, “Husband?”

“Yes, Lambytoes?”

“Put that gorram thing away...”

“I can't help it... I was in prison a long time...”

Maxine snorted once and then began laughing. Followed quickly by Zoë and Wash.

“This is gonna go well...” Zoë muttered as she fell asleep. The sandwich filling between the two people in the 'Verse she loved the most.



Jen duh sh tyen tsai = really is a genius


Sunday, June 20, 2010 2:42 PM


Meshing very well... While I am Seriosly Jonesing for some more Allen'verse, I will be MORE than happy to read whatever you post.. something about beggars and choosers, or something.. :) This is a great Arc and it keeps growing like it has a life of its own.. Write on..

Yes Please!! May we have another???

Monday, June 21, 2010 1:45 AM


Okay, maybe I was wrong. I think perhaps this odd three-way relationship is going to work! And I'm glad - I like all your OCs, but am so glad Zoe has Wash back. As for Alissa trying to arrange a couple of new mommas ... love it.


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