Tales of the Rangers - Chapter 1
Sunday, May 9, 2010

New "Maxverse" story arc. Takes place both in the future and about a month and a half post Guardians. Starts with a story, transitions to a wedding. then a proposal leading to Reavers...


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood ” and “Guardians” Read those first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

AN: First chapter in this arc... Takes place both in the future and a month and a half post Guardians.


Tales of the Rangers


Chapter One


“Tell me a story, Momma,” the little boy said as he plopped himself down on the couch beside his very pregnant mother.

“What kind of story, Hobie?” the mother asked.

“How you and Daddy met.”

Xue Li Washburn-Baxter smiled at her five year old, “I've told you that story a million times...”

The blonde haired little boy rolled his eyes and then huffed in frustration, “Fine...” he pouted.

Before the pout could progress to a full out tantrum, Hobie was distracted by the front door opening.

“Daddy!” Hobie cried out as his father entered the small cottage the small family called home when they weren't in the black.

Scott smiled at his son and scooped him into his arms, “How's my boy today?”

“Shiny, Daddy,” the boy replied.

“Have you been listening to your Ma'?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy,” Scott Baxter replied as he took off his gun belt and hung it from a hook on the wall. He stepped over to the couch and leaned over to kiss his wife, “how are you feeling, boa-bei?”

“Fat,” Xue replied, “And I think your daughter has been taking dancing lessons from River invitro. I swear if she kicks my kidneys one more time...” Xue's triad was cut off by another kiss from her husband.

“I love you,” Scott said as he pulled away.

“You better, buster. Since you knocked me up again.”

“Ha, ha,” Scott grinned as he sat next to his wife, “You're just mad because River won't let you work, eight months pregnant...”

“There is that, Husband,” Xue agreed.

“Story, Momma...” Hobie said. Trying to get things back on track. Scott tickled his son, causing the boy to giggle and squirm in his arms.

“Story?” Scott asked.

Xue nodded, “Wanted to hear about how we met again.”

“That old story?” Scott replied. The smile on his face hiding the pain he felt inside when he thought back to when he had been a slave.

After almost ten years, Xue could still see the pain in her man's eyes, “How about another story, Baby,” she said, “How about how we found your cousins?”

“Which ones?” Hobie asked.

Xue chuckled slightly, “Alissa and Mike.”

“Okay!” Hobie agreed as he settled into his fathers arms.

“It all began about eight years ago...” Xue began.


“Kaylee, you are so beautiful,” Beth Frye gushed as she looked at her youngest in her wedding dress.

Kaylee pinked up slightly.

“I totally agree,” Reagan Tam added.

“You're jus' sayin that,” Kaylee replied.

“Nonsense, Kaylee,” Inara said with a sweet smile, “You are radiant.”

Kaylee grinned at her Maid of Honor, “Thanks, Nara.”

River, Kaylee's sister Jenny and Jess nodded. Xue simply grinned.

“We all set in here?” Thomas Frye asked as he came into the room the girls were using to get ready.

“Almost, Daddy,” Kaylee replied.

“Shepherd is waitin. Might we get this shindig on the road afore your intended passes out at the altar,” Tom grinned.

Reagan and River both giggled.

Kaylee took a deep breath which was kind of hard thanks to the corset top of her dress, “I'm ready.”


Simon was sweating and it wasn't because the church was hot. He was going to marry Kaylee today.

And he was more scared now than he had been breaking River out of the Academy.

“Doc, will you relax?” Mal whispered next to him.

“Sorry,” Simon replied as he ran a finger under his collar.

Mal smirked at the younger man, “Kaylee ain't gonna leave you hangin. Girl's been dreamin o' this day ever since you seat foot on Serenity.”

Simon looked at his best man and nodded, “I know that in my head...”

“Aw hell, Simon,” Jayne grinned from his place beside Mal, “Just say the words and you'll be fine. Nothin to it.”

“Then why don't you say them with my sister?” Simon snarked back.

Jayne sputtered and Mal grinned.

“Don't be pickin on him too bad,” Robert Frye said from his spot further down the line. The Sheriff had been recruited to be in the wedding party on the grooms side since it seemed lately that most of Serenity's crew was female. It was also why Bester was on Simon's side of the party as well. Still reeling a bit from his disowning, Scott Baxter rounded out the grooms side of the wedding party.

“Will you shut up,” Zoë whispered from her seat in the front row. Next to her, Maxine just nodded. Next to the two women sat Gabriel Tam who nodded in agreement.

Just then, Beth Frye and Reagan Tam made their way down the aisle to take their seats. Gabriel took his wifes arm and smiled. It had been a long time leading up to this day.

The shepherd took his place behind the altar and nodded to the organist. Soon the strains of the classic wedding march began. All eyes in the church turned to the front of the building.

First down the aisle was Xue, smiling in her pale yellow dress. As she took her place across from Scott, she grinned at her step moms. A row back, Roberta Williams grinned at the girl and gave Xue a discrete thumbs up. Beside her, Mia Slater smiled.

Next down the aisle was Jessie Clark. Followed by Jenny, River and then in her role as maid of honor, Inara.

All the women wore pale yellow chiffon mid length dresses and the men in dark suits. As she took her place on the altar, Inara smiled at Mal. He really did look good in a suit.

The music changed and at the head of the aisle stood Kaylee on her father's arm. Simon's mouth opened in shock. Forcing Mal to close it for him.

Kaylee's dress consisted of a white beaded corset top blending into a matching chiffon skirt that flowed into a long train behind her. A thin veil covered her face and a tiara of flowers was woven into her hair.

Simon thought she was the most beautiful woman in the 'Verse.

Tom and Kaylee reached the altar and Tom handed his daughter off to her soon to be husband.

The shepherd smiled, “Dearly beloved. We are gathered her this day to join Simon Tam and Kaywinit Lee Frye in the bonds of holy matrimony. Who gives this woman?”

“I do,” Tom replied, smiling.

“Very well. Marriage is...”

Simon zoned out as the shepherd said his words. His attention was focused solely on Kaylee as she stood with him. She likewise gazed into his eyes, a wide smile on her face.

Simon was roused from his trance by an elbow from Mal, “Doc...”

“What?” Simon whispered.

The shepherd grinned, “I said... Do you, Simon take this woman, Kaylee to be your lawfully wedded wife. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. For however you both shall live?”

“I do,” Simon said with more than a little emotion in his voice. Reagan was openly crying as was Beth. Even Maxine wiped away a tear. Zoë just seemed to be blinking a lot.

The shepherd turned to Kaylee, “Do you, Kaylee take Simon to be your lawfully wedded husband. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. For however you both shall live?”

“I sure do!” Kaylee grinned.

The Shepherd looked to Mal, “The rings, please.”

Mal held out his hand, holding the pair of wedding bands that Simon had picked out.

Simon picked up Kaylee's ring. He looked deep into her eyes, “Kaylee. I have loved you ever since I first set eyes upon you. Love was something I didn't think I would find when I was on the run. You made a difficult time both bearable and a time I will cherish. You were always there for me. Even when I did put my foot in my mouth. Kaylee, this ring symbolizes my love for you.” Carefully, he slid it on her finger.

Kaylee blinked back tears of her own and smiled, “Simon. I thought you were the most swai thing I'd seen in near on forever. As we got to know each other. Even though you riled me up sometimes. I knew I loved you. And I want to spend the rest o' my life with you.” with her words, Kaylee slid Simon's ring onto his finger.

“By the power invested in me by God and the Commonwealth of Worlds, I pronounce you, Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Simon smiled and lifted Kaylee's veil. Their first kiss as husband and wife was both tender and passionate. The crowd broke out in applause.


The reception was one of the largest parties ever seen on Meadow. It seemed everyone was there. From government officials to family. A large tent had been set up in the church yard for the occasion.

A local band played while people danced. Even Zoë and Max took a turn around the floor together. A few people gave them a strange look but didn't say anything. Even in a dress, Zoë looked like she could mop the floor with anyone there.

“Quite the party,” Admiral Robert Harken noted.

“That it is,” Mal agreed as the two former adversaries stood in the corner. Each holding a beer bottle.

“It seems a member of you crew has formed quite the attachment to my nephew,” The admiral grinned.

Mal nodded, “Jeff seems a decent boy. Glad we were able to get him outta that gorram academy. Jess has sure taken a liking to him.”

“How goes the Ranger work?”

“Kinda slow for the moment,” Mal replied, “Not that I'm complaining. Tween the slaving mess on Whitefall and Simon and River's folks getting kidnapped. A little downtime is welcome.”

“Hear, hear” Harken replied, clinking his bottle against Mal's.

“How are things with the new fleet?” Mal asked.

“Difficult. So many of the officers are hard line Alliance supporters. It has been a challenge to say the least.”

“Too many around like that Hwoon-dahn, Womack, I imagine.”

The Admiral nodded, “Too true.”

“And what are you two conspiring about?” Josiah Reynolds asked as he approached the two men.

“Nothing, Sir,” the Admiral replied. Mal's uncle was now a government minister and the Admiral addressed him as such.

“How are you, Uncle Joe?”

“Glad to get away from the Ministry, Mal,” Joe replied. Josiah Reynolds was now the Minister of Information. Due to his experience as a journalist.

“Tired of it already?” Mal asked.

“Ain't that. Just getting the old guard outta the place. Everything is secret to them. Instead of being transparent like the rest of us want.”

“Still a sight better than even a year ago,” Mal observed.

“Indeed it is,” Admiral Harken agreed.


Zoë and Maxine strolled arm in arm across the wide lawn behind the church. The sun was just setting, “Gonna be a nice night.”

“Yep, Zoë agreed as Max laid her head on her shoulder. Her free hand coming up to touch the leather cord around her neck.

“Copper for em',” Max said.

“Just thinkin about us,” Zoë replied.

“Uh,oh,” Max grinned.

“Not that way, girl,” Zoë replied with a smile of her own, “Just seein Kaylee and Simon up there today...”

Maxine sighed, “I know what you mean, Ai-ren.”

Zoë stopped walking and pulled Maxine into her arms, “I got somethin I wanna ask you Max.”

Maxine stood stock still. Gazing into Zoë's deep brown eyes, “Ask away.”

“I'm not sure how this all works... since, you know. Being two women and all but... Max I want to marry you.”

Maxine froze. Her heart had seemed to have stopped beating. After a moment she was able to speak, “You do?” she squeaked.

Zoë just nodded.


“Yes?” Zoë asked.

“Yes!” Maxine shouted as she spun Zoë around and then kissed her, “I will marry you.”

A few hundred feet away, three psychics shared a look and a smile. Jeff Huang, the Admiral's nephew, Jessie Clark and River Tam.

“What's so funny?” Xue asked. She hated it when River and the others would have mental conversations.

“Now you will have two mothers,” River smiled at the young pilot.

“Huh?” Scott Baxter said as he stood next to Xue. The pair had become almost inseparable the last few weeks. It seemed everyone on the crew had caught the teens making out at one time or another.

Xue smiled. She knew what it meant, “Mom finally asked, didn't she...”

“She did,” Jess replied, squeezing Jeff's hand.


“What is?” Bobbie Williams asked as she and Mia wandered over to where the others sat.

“Zoë proposed,” River stated.

Mia shared a look with Bobbie. The pair had become closer the last few weeks. Mia's resolve was faltering and Bobby had only so much patience, “Good for them,” the nurse replied.

“About gorram time,” Bobby chuckled.

Mia looked over at the dark skinned former Marine, “Yes.. about time...”


Two days after the wedding. The crew of Serenity was preparing to leave. Kaylee and Simon had spent two days alone in a remote cabin that Tom had rented for the couple. They were scheduled to return in a few minutes.

Mal stood at the foot of Serenity's ramp with Kaylee's father, “What are we gonna do about Scott?” Mal asked.

Tom sighed, “Boy is mighty helpful. Judge done approved his emancipation from his folks but at sixteen. He's a might young to be out on his own.”

“I agree.” I'd take him with, but space is kinda tight. Besides. The way he and Xue are gettin on, well...”

Tom chuckled, “I know what you mean.”

“What is so funny, gentlemen?” Gabriel Tam asked as he walked up. The core businessman looked strangely out of place dressed in jeans and a button front shirt.

“Not so much funny as puzzlin,” Mal began, “Not quite sure what to do with young Mr. Baxter.”

“I see your dilemma, Captain,” Gabriel replied, “I may have a solution.”

What may be that?” Mal asked.

“Scott seems quite intelligent. He has some skills that would be useful. And he needs a place to be until he is ready to strike out on his own... correct?”

“Yep,” Mal agreed.

“I propose this. Scott can go to Osiris with Reagan and myself. We have the room at the estate for Scott. He then can look into any educational or vocational training that fits him while having a stable base of operations.”

“And being able to see Xue from time to time as we go to and from the core on missions,” Mal added with a knowing smile.



“I didn't know you went ta school on 'Sirus, Daddy...” Hobie said.

“For a while, Hobie but don't interrupt your Mother. She's on a roll.”

Xue smirked at her husband and continued, “Then Mom came running down the stairs...”


“SIR!” Zoë yelled as she pounded down the stairs into the cargo bay, Maxine on her heels.

“What is it, Zoë?” Mal asked, wondering why his First Mate was so worked up.

“Reavers, Sir. Just got a mayday from the terriforming station on Mir. Reavers are hitting them right now.”

“Gun-hoe-tze-bee-dio-se!” Mal swore, “Awful far in, ain't it?”

“My thoughts too, Sir”

Mal looked out through the door to where a smiling Kaylee and Simon were slowly strolling up to the ship, “Kaylee! Doc! Move your Pi-gu's. We gotta emergency!”

“What is it' Cap'n?” Kaylee said as she trotted up the ramp, Simon in tow.

“Reavers over on Mir. We gotta go, Mei-mei”

Kaylee's eyes shot wide but she nodded, “I'll have Serenity up in a jif, Cap'n.”

Simon's face paled but he nodded, “Is Mia on board?”

“Everyone's here with you two.”

“I'll start prepping the infirmary.”

Mal nodded as Simon sprinted off. He turned to Tom and Gabriel, “Gabriel, we'll get Scott to you on Osiris. Tom, get the alert out to the locals. Some Reavers might break off and head here.”

Both men nodded and moved away from the ship. The sound of Serenity's turbines began to build, “Zoë?”


“Get everyone armed up. Scott and the girls too.”

“Got it Cap'n” Max replied for the both of them.

Mal moved to the com next to the door controls, “Tross, get us in the air!” he ordered as he closed the ramp and inner doors.

“Zoë... with me to the bridge. Max. Make sure everyone's ready. Ain't but a forty minute run to Mir from here.”

“Shr-ah, Cap'n” Max replied as she headed for the weapons locker.

Her face grim, Zoë followed Mal up the stairs as River and Xue lifted Serenity from the surface of Meadow. Enroute to the planet's second moon, Mir.




Sunday, May 9, 2010 7:18 PM


I like it. From the fluff of Kaylee's wedding to the imminent action, this takes in everything. And I love Simon taking a moment from being the groom to snark Jayne!

Sunday, May 9, 2010 9:37 PM


i almost forgot about this 'verse. good way to remember it. looking forward to the next one

Monday, May 10, 2010 1:21 AM


And the hits just keep on coming.. with allen and maya, almost forgot about max... almost...:) buckle up travelers, the read may get a little bumpy from here.. Love'n it!!!

YES Please.. May we have more Rangers???

Monday, May 10, 2010 2:23 AM


Way to go Briglad, now not sure, but is Admiral Harken the seemingly young looking Captain/Commander of the AIV/Flying City in the episode Bushwacked

Monday, May 10, 2010 3:18 AM


Most have said it all, but looking forward to where this story is bound to go. Enjoying it!!

Monday, May 10, 2010 4:02 PM


Just jumping in here. Seeing where it takes me. Looks like rapids ahead.


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