Discovery - Chapter 4
Thursday, January 14, 2010

The crew learns more about the new Browncoat movement and on Londinium, The New Blue Sun CEO takes a trip.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit. I own none of these characters.... I just play with them a little.


Crossover between Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly. A continuation of my previous Fanfic, Rebirth.


AN: For Jameron4eva, since he pleaded so nicely...




Chapter Four


Cassidy Robards sat in shock. The story the nineteen year old had just listened too was almost unbelievable.

“You ain't pullin my leg, are you?” she asked.

Mal shook his head, “Nope.”

“Robots... that look like regular folk..”

“Left over from the exodus,” Mal continued, “some are just bein used as muscle... others as assassins.”

“Like the one came after me,” the redhead said, shuddering slightly, “And killed Robbie.”

“Yes,” River replied, patting the girl's shoulder. Cassidy smiled sadly at the brunette. Mal noticed a look of something flash across Zoë's face.

“Guess I'm right lucky you folks were in town.”

“Food is ready,” called Reagan from the kitchen. Cassi's eyes brightened slightly at the thought of real food.

At the far end of the table, Jayne grunted, “How come you is cookin tonight, Reagan?”

“Cameron is busy,” Regan Tam replied.

“Who's Cameron?” Cassi asked.

“My twin sister,” River replied quickly.

“Twins?” Cassidy grinned, her eyes brightening.

Jayne smirked. He had pegged the young redhead as sly right off, “I wouldn't get yer' hopes up girly. Cam is a might frigid.”

“Jayne! That ain't nice!” Kaylee admonished as she entered the galley, Simon in tow.

“Since when is Jayne nice?” Simon asked rhetorically.

“Simon...” Reagan began.

“Sorry, Mother.”

“Family boat I see,” Cassi observed.

“Pretty much,” Mal replied, “Simon and River came on first, then the rest o' the clan. Then Simon there married my mechanic.”

Kaylee smiled and gave Simon a peck on the cheek.

“Speaking of married,” Zoë began, “Where's Gabe?”

“Working on the ship's books with Inara,” Reagan replied, “I better go get them.”

“No need, Dear,” Gabriel Tam said as he entered behind Inara. He strode over to where Reagan was and kissed her on the cheek, “Smells wonderful”

Reagan smiled. She had never cooked before she and Gabriel went on the run from the Alliance. She knew the basics and she had been tutored by Inara and Cameron. She now split the cooking chores with her cyborg 'daughter'.

Inara slid gracefully into her seat next to Mal, “I'm glad to see you are feeling better, Miss Robards,” Inara smiled.

Cassidy tried not to drool. Between Inara, River, Kaylee and the First Mate, Zoë. There were some right pretty women on the boat, “Thank you, Ma'am,” she replied.

“Just call me Inara, please.”

At that moment, Cameron strode into the room and took her seat next to River, “Sorry I'm late.”

“No worries, Cam” Mal replied. He turned to their guest, “So... what's your story Miss Robards?”

Cassidy swallowed her food and then looked a little sheepish, “Ain't much to tell. My uncles and daddy were Independents. Daddy was killed at Du-Kang... left me alone with Momma. She died last year.”

“What was your father's first name?” Zoë asked.


“Wuo de ma,” Mal breathed.

Zoë shook her head, “Paddy Robards was your daddy? Sgt. Major Paddy Robards?”

Cassidy just nodded.

“Your father was a good man,” Mal said solemnly, “Knew him... Zoë and me...”

“Small 'Verse,” Cassi said after a moment.

“Indeed,” Gabe replied.

“What got you in lockup?” Zoë asked.

“After that Miranda business came out on the broadwaves... some o' us started questionin what was goin on. Started speakin our minds. Then we heard o' the 'New Browncoats' formin up. Me and some friends signed up.”

“Doing what?” Mal asked.

“Mostly passin out pamphlets. Organizin political rallies and the like. Ain't taken up arms as of yet.”

“Best not,” Mal growled, “Ain't gonna work. Already seen that once.”

“Don't be too sure,” Cassi replied, “New Browncoats got members on every world... even the core.”

“Are you trying to get recognition as a political party?” Gabriel asked.

“For the moment,” Cassi nodded, “Takin up arms is just the fall back. No need for fightin if we don't have too. Not that I wouldn't be adverse to that my own self.”

Mal sighed, this girl reminded the Captain of his own self at the same age, “Back to you getting locked up...”

“Right,” Cassidy replied, “Anyway, I was postin some flyer's for a meeting and some Purple Belly grabs hold o' me and drags me off on charges of 'inciting insurrection and promoting terrorism. Kept me in lockup for near two months. A couple o' the guards took displeasure in my rejection of their affections since I'm sly... tried to beat it outta me.”

Reagan gasped and Gabriel's face hardened. Once again, the regime he had supported so staunchly had reared it's ugly head.

“How'd you get out?” Jayne asked.

“Judge released me. Said there wasn't enough evidence to hold me. I hadn't been outta the jail for three hours before that... thing tried to kill me.”

“Setup,” River said suddenly, “Killed in custody. Cassidy would have become a rallying cry. Shot in a bar... just an unfortunate happenstance.”

“Think you're right, Albatross,” Mal replied, pondering what Cassidy had said.

“What are you thinking, Mal?” Inara asked.

“Just ponderin, Darlin”


After Simon examined Cassidy's shoulder again and giving her several doses of antibiotics and some pain killers, She was sent home with her cousin, the sheriff. The girl seen to, Mal closed the ship up for the night.

Regan and Gabe had adjourned to their shuttle for the night. Likewise, Kaylee and Simon had headed for bed. River followed suit. Jayne was lifting weights in the bay. Cameron was on the bridge, still trying to crack the firewall on the chip Mal had removed from the triple eight in the bar. Inara was in she and Mal's bunk, working on the books.

After checking the rest of the ship, Mal strolled into the galley and found Zoë sitting at the table, a bottle in front of her. Without a word, Mal grabbed his coffee mug and took a seat opposite his first mate.

Zoë reached out and poured a stiff shot into Mal's mug before refilling her own glass.

“Somethin's tellin me you got somethin on your mind, Zoë...”

“Your powers of observation are as sharp as always, Sir.”

Mal snorted once and then took a slug from his mug. The alcohol burned as it went down, “Good stuff...”

“Thirty year old scotch. Gabe gave it to me for my birthday last month.”

“Nice present...”

“It'll do,” Zoë replied still staring at the tabletop.

“What's buggin you, Zoë?”

“I ain't sure, Mal...”

The Captain leaned back in his chair. Zoë almost never called him by his name. Usually it was reserved for when he royally screwed up.

“Must be mighty profound if'in you're callin me by my name.”

“I think River has a crush...”

Mal's eyes popped wide, “Albatross? On who? That redhead, Cassidy?” Zoë shook her head.

“It ain't Jayne, is it?” Mal asked with a shudder.

Zoë chuckled softly, “Ain't Jayne, Sir.”

“Then who...”

“Me... Sir. I think.”

“You?” Mal asked incredulously.

Zoë gave him a seething glare, “And what did you mean by that?”


Zoë's face softened, “It's okay, Sir.”

Mal found his voice again, “What makes you think, Albatross is crushin on you?”

“Way she's been lookin at me for one. Then when we was at the spa... she was awful nervous when we rubbed up against one another in the tub...”

Mal shook his head, “Rubbed?”

Zoë rolled her eyes, “Not like that... you got a smutty mind, Sir.”

Mal smirked at his best friend, “Ask Inara about that...”

“Please, no...”

Mal chuckled and Zoë followed suit a moment later.

“What else has been makin you think River is crushin on you?”

“She's been staring at my pi-gu... and she as much as told me, the academy made her like women and men both...”

“What do you think about that, Zoë?” Mal asked seriously.

“Don't rightly know, Sir... you know my... history...”

Mal nodded. Back during the war. Zoë had been known to take both men and women to bed when she felt the urge. Nothing serious. Just a quick roll in the hay so to speak. The kind of nearly anonymous sex that young people who didn't know if they were going to be alive the next day partook of.

Mal had to admit, he had done some of the same. Never with Zoë though...

“I think you know what's botherin you Zoë,” Mal said after a minute.

“When that girl smiled at River and touched her at the table tonight... I kinda felt somethin.”

Mal nodded slowly. His feelings as Captain fighting with his feelings as Zoë's friend, “I'm thinkin you need to have a sit down with River.”

Zoë took another drink from her glass, wincing slightly as she swallowed, “Not sure where to start...”

“The beginning works.”

“She's just a kid...”

“River's done blossomed into a right beautiful young woman.”

“I have noticed that, Sir.”

“And you're feeling guilty.”

“About what, Sir?”


Zoë glared at the Captain. Bringing up her late husband was playing dirty and Mal knew it.

Mal took another drink and continued, “You're thinking that if you try to be with anyone else, you'll be betraying Wash... am I close?”

Zoë glared at her Captain. Dammit when he was right.


“Maybehaps you should talk to Cam. She knows River better than anyone except for maybe the Doc. And, she's lost someone too.”

Zoë nodded, “Maybe I'll do that...”


“What have you got to show me, Mr. Gray?”

The scientist nodded nervously. The New CEO of Blue Sun was personally examining every program that Special Projects was working on. The news that project Oracle had been axed by the CEO days previously had run through the special projects division like wildfire.

Dr. Edward Gray didn't want his program to end up like the Academy did.

“We ran across data in the Alliance archives describing a method of transporting matter across both distance and time.”

Caroline Weaver nodded, no emotion visible on her face. Of course, the liquid metal Terminator would have to have emotions first to show any, “Continue...”

“Using that information. We were, over the last year and a half, able to construct what we call a Time Displacement Unit.”

“I see. Has it been tested?”

Gray nodded, “We have been able to send living matter both forward and backwards in time. Only a few hours to be safe. Also, over a distance of several hundred kilometers.”

“Excellent,” Weaver replied, a fake smile on her lips, “What have you considered using the equipment for?”

“Our first thought was to use it to travel forward to the future to obtain both information and technology. Unfortunately, anything non-organic will not travel through the gateway.”

“I see,” Weaver replied, trying to sound impressed. It was difficult since she had been transported both forward and backward in time on several occasions herself.

“We also have come up with a theory that if we could send a person back in time, we might be able to prevent several occurrences.”

“Such as?”

“The Unification War for one. We could send an assassin back to take out key Independent organizers well before they could raise the Independent Army.”

Inwardly, Weaver scoffed at Dr. Gray's idea. It had been tried before and had only made things worse... or better, depending on what side you were on. When you changed one thing in the time stream, another alternate time stream was created.

“How far back can you go?”

“It depends on the power input. From what we were able to determine from the spotty records, the entire output of a late twentieth century nuclear power plant was only able to send someone back a few decades at most. That is to a 'blank' location.”

“And now?”

With current power and computer systems? Theoretically, we could send someone not only back in time several centuries but over vast distances. The distance is actually the easy part. That is if there is a working TDU at the destination. We can 'lock on' to it's temporal signature.”

“So... theoretically, you could send someone back to Earth that was.”

“Certainly. If there were an operational TDU there.”

“What about bringing someone from that era to this time?”

“Difficult if not impossible... using that hypothetical scenario.”

“Explain the difficult...”

“Since the power and computers systems are not up to the task, and we could not transport current day technology back, there is no way to return,” Gray replied quickly.

“I see. How big of a power unit and computer would you need if you could send one?”

“The computer is easy. It is about the size of a textbook. The power unit is the difficult part. I suppose that if you were able to tie it into a big enough power source on the other side, a man portable fusion power unit would be ideal I should think. Placed in line from the afore mentioned nuclear power plant, there should be enough power.”

“Do you have such units?” Weaver asked.

“We do... but like I said, only organic matter can be sent through.”

“I understand. Thank you for explaining. Please gather your staff. I wish to thank all of them for your hard work.”

Dr. Gray smiled, “Certainly, Ms. Weaver. I can have everyone here in a few minutes.”

“No rush, Dr. Gray. I have all the time in the 'Verse...”


Word traveled fast throughout Project Chronos' staff. It took less than an hour to assemble the entire group together in the lab. As soon as the staff had assembled, Ms. Weaver began to address them.

“First, I applaud your fine work on Project Chronos,” the Terminator began, “And I express my thanks.”

The gathered scientists and technicians smiled and shared a look.

“Dr. Gray?”

“Yes, Ms. Weaver?”

“Using the situation we talked about before. Who on your staff would have the skills to both operate the time displacement equipment on this side as well as modify a similar unit in the past to allow a return to the here and now?”

Dr. Gray looked puzzled for a moment but replied, “Susan Mao.”

“Is Ms. Mao here?”

“Here ma'am,” said a petite Asian woman with long dark hair pulled into a tight bun at the back of her head.

Weaver smiled, “Excellent.”

Before anyone could react. Silver spears shot from Weaver's arms skewering Dr. Gray and another man. As the assembled staff began to scream and run for the exits, the liquid metal terminator known as Ms. Weaver cut a bloody swath through the group.

When it was all over. Two figures stood. A petrified Susan Mao and Ms. Weaver.

“Come, Miss Mao. We have work to do.”

The young woman stood in shock, “What...”

“We have work to do.”

“You killed them!”

“I terminated them.”

“What are you?” Susan cried.

“A terminator. This is what I do... when necessary. Now, come with me if you want to live.”

“Where... where are we going?”

“Earth... about four hundred and eighty years ago.”

Eyes wide with fear and surprise, Susan Mao followed Weaver into the test chamber. Staring in wonder as her 'Boss' absorbed both the time control unit computer and the two hundred pound portable fusion generator into her body.

“How are you doing that?”

Weaver stared at the young scientist, “I am made of a liquid metal poly alloy. I can mimic any shape or form. However to travel using the TDE I must be in a human shape with a facsimile of living flesh over my exterior.”

Susan looked at the redheaded... thing in front of her. Since she had 'absorbed' the generator, it looked like Weaver had suddenly gained a significant amount of weight. The Terminator's 'clothing' had adjusted to match. Instead of a slim woman weighing perhaps one hundred thirty pounds, Ms. Weaver looked like she weighed around two hundred.

She still wore the impeccable business suit she had before. It just had gotten bigger.

“Undress,” Weaver ordered.


“Undress. Your clothing will not go through. If you would like to have something to wear when we return, I suggest you leave your things here.”

“You have done this before...”

“Many times.”

Ten minutes later, in a flash of light, Weaver and Susan Mao disappeared from the lab.

Fifteen minutes after that, a flash of bright light and crackle of energy displaced the air in the room. A spherical bubble appeared in the center of the chamber. In seconds the light went out revealing three naked figures. One was the now thin, Caroline Weaver. The second was a disheveled and very frightened Susan Mao. The third figure was a young man in his early twenties.

A young man named John Connor.




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