EY: Coming Undone
Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early Years...before Serenity and the crew...Cat does what she does best...hunting, but there is something in the air that ain't quite right...


based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon -------------------------------------------

The grass teased her long bare legs, fangs glistening in the moonlight. She was naked, but Cat didn't mind. It was the way she had been created and eventually it would probably be the way she would die. Besides, wasn't she a beast just like the one she was hunting?

Something in the bushes ahead of her stirred, causing her instincts to go into high alert. She cocked an ear to hear the grunting a mother boar and her three little ones. They weren't yet old enough to leave their mother and Cat decided to let them be. After all, she could smell more in the air around her.

Her body had begun its transformation, her extra set of ribs snapping into place with a sickening sound similar to bones breaking. Body stretched and teeth sharpened as her fangs grew dipping below her lip. She took a deep breath catching the scent of a big male boar, is searching for a female that was upwind from them both by a half mile or so. Its heat stench making it a bit hard for Cat to get a peg on the boar, but as her green eyes began to glow, she spotted the enormous pig, definitely one that would feed the entire troop, especially with the extra few mouths the commander and party added.

Slowly, she crept, one foot in front of the other, minus the boots that had weighed her feet down. The pig raised its head, her eyes spying the long tusks on the snout of the monstrous beast. Claws flexed in her hands, body molded itself to each shadow as her skin actually seemed to darken

The boar tossed its head her way and at first she thought it had spotted her, but instead, the massive critter turned back toward where he smelled the female. She smiled between her fangs and scrunched down preparing her legs to run. Closer...closer...and Cat was within a few feet, body exploding out of the brush and the chase was on.

Her muscles moved without thought, second nature and instinct taking over as they both ran into the open field. The big boar moved quickly, but not enough to keep the fast and efficient Cat from his heels. Spinning, he changed directions and headed toward her, his tusk catching the meat of her calf.

She didn't wince or even stop as the wound bled for a moment, before closing and healing as quickly as it had happened. The boar just stood for a second, not sure what it was looking at before deciding its best bet was to run. Hopefully, this new predator would wear out before he did.

Cat pounced as he passed her, the two falling to the ground, sticks scratching as they struggled. Her claws sunk into the rough skin, piercing it rather quickly as she held it tight. Rolling as they struggled, Cat poised to take a bit out of the jugular, fangs ready to deal the death blow.

The boar squealed as she worked her way up its huge body, heart pounding in her ears feeding the beast's dark desire to kill. It might have been a clear kill had when she was almost ready to strike....the big pig turned and Mal's face was staring back at her.....

Cat screamed....her body jolting awake as a hand went to her mouth. "Shhhhh..." A calming voice echoed in her ear and it took everything in her not to bite down on the hand. Mal's eyes stared back at her as he finally released her mouth.

"What the hell?" She growled at him and he shrugged.

"You were struggling with the covers." He pointed at the pile of military issued blankets, two of them in complete shreds. "Bad dream?"

"You could say that." Cat turned away from him, face red in embarrassment. It had only been a dream, she repeated, even though the hunt had felt so very real.

A hand touched her shoulder, soft as it slid down gently caressing her arm. "We all have them. More so now that we've seen the things we've seen."

His touch felt so good, yet Cat could still see the haunting look on his eyes as she.."Mine are different. Be the reason I don't sleep."

"Wanna talk about it? 'Bout time for me to relieve young Bo from watch duty." He sounded almost ashamed. "Could use some company."

"What are you all doing my job for?" She growled finally standing as her muscles flexed and something snapped in her chest. Thankfully, someone coughed about the same time drowning out the noise.

"Figured after all that we went through...well, Zo and I decided you needed sleep. That was a big boar you chased down for us." The boar...of course, it felt real. She had done it earlier.

"I don't need rest." She snarled at him, not really meaning to, but she didn't want them caring about her. It was bad enough he had come after her with the Reavers. "You all will get yourself killed thinking too much about me."

"Ain't sure where you came from, Darling, but here we are a unit and each of us are part of the other so either you get that through your pretty little skull or you do what you came for and be done with it." He had never raised his voice with her, not the way he had just done. It took her by surprise. She might have replied to him, but as she turned, it was his back walking away that she saw.


"I don't know what it means to belong." She spoke behind him, Mal turning...watching her sit down beside him on the fallen tree trunk. A big fat beetle scurried out of the way of her long rifle, the one she had first been seen with.

"It's warmin', a bit like home." He commented never once staring at the gun. She had come to kill him and had stayed to help, now she wasn't sure what to do.

"Home?" She asked.

"Place where you live, your loved ones are. Kind of like being in a warm blanket, all nice and from the cold air outside." He moved to push a stray hair from her face. "Kind of the way I feel 'round you."

Cat didn't exactly know what to say to that. Home was as foreign as the feelings that moved around in her belly every time she was this close to her Sargent, especially when his blue eyes held that kindness, belief in her that she never could rightly place.

"I'm not to be trusted." She spoke, eyes closing as his fingers slid down her face and running gently along her jawline.

"You said that." He whispered, moving closer as she tried hard to keep on track with what she was going to say.

"I'm afraid I might hurt you." She could smell him, the roughness of the war, the blood on his uniform he had tried hard to scrub off, but most of all, she could smell the arousal she caused in him.

"Haven't yet." He leaned to take her lips with his, softly at first and then, with more passion. Pulling away from him, she licked the taste of him from her mouth.

"You don't know what you're doing. Don't know what you're messing with." She moved to leave, but felt his hand on hers.

"Where will you go?" He spoke as she shook her head. "And what's there once you find it?" "Knowing that I won't be able to hurt you...that you and Zoe will be safe." He stood, taking the rifle from her hands and setting it against the tree.

"All concerned about Zoe now?" He smiled and Cat felt something tug at her heart.

"She did come to rescue me." She tried to fight his closeness again, but her body seemed to refuse each and every command. His strong arms slid around her as she took another deep and intoxicating breath. "You smell so good."

"Really? Sweat and blood..." He began to sway as Cat laid her head on his shoulder.

"And gunpowder and earth and.." She continued to name off each and every smell...some causing him to chuckle as they continued swaying to a soundless tune, the moon being the only witness as the two enjoyed the comfort of each other. ===========================================

AN: Dedicated to my fans and fellow writers...who are just completely and totally awesome...

I raise my glass to you all....


Friday, November 13, 2009 12:47 PM


Two silhouettes under moonlight, in embrace, stars above.


Saturday, November 14, 2009 12:26 PM


Loved this, my friend. Nice for Cat and Mal to get a quiet moment together. I hope Cat doesn't leave in the mistaken notion that it is the best way to protect those she has come to care about. As always, you rock! Ali D :~(
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009 1:35 AM


Substitute 'family' for 'unit', and Mal is doing what he's always done, and that's drawing folk under his wing. And Cat is learning that it's okay to be looked after, just as it's okay to be the one looking out for her team, *her* family. And I really like that you're taking this slow, because both of them have issues they need to work through first. Good stuff.


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