Guardians -- Chapter 7
Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just some family fluff after all the action on Whitefall. The crew takes a breather on Athens before heading for Meadow. Also someone close to them is plotting something.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood” Read that first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

AN: Just some fluff... for a while anyway.




Chapter Seven


Serenity lifted smoothly from the surface of Whitefall, River and Xue sharing the flying duty. Officially, Xue could not fly the ship solo until she was sixteen unless it was an emergency. A loophole that had come into existence when she had scored her kill against the slaver frigate.

River had to grin slightly as she felt the thoughts from the other inhabitant of the bridge, Scott Baxter.

The young man had never been off world before his being taken by slavers and had wanted to see the takeoff from the bridge. It also let Xue show off a little bit for the handsome boy.

Thanks to Simon's ministrations, Scott's bruises were fading and River admitted that a few years ago, she would have found him quite attractive. But since she had Jayne...

Xue wouldn't have any competition for his affections. Even though Jessie thought Scott was quite swai, she had her eyes set on Admiral Harken's nephew, Jeff.

Scott had several long talks with Inara. After being sold into sex slavery for use by sly men, the obviously heterosexual, Scott was having some very conflicted emotions.

Even Zoë and Max agreed that flirting with Xue would do the boy a world of good in feeling like a man.

Jayne had also taken the young man under his wing. Instruction in the finer points of hand to hand combat, firearms and other 'Manly' subjects.

Meanwhile, Mal had a serious problem laying in his infirmary. A problem he intended to set to rights.


Mal stepped into the small room to find an awake but sleepy Saffron. Mal still winced at the raccoon eye bruises the redhead had after having her face broken. Simon had reset the woman's broken nose and her left arm lay in a sling. Another figure eight wrap held her collar bone in position while the bone menders did their work.

Saffron's greenish blue bruises contrasted sharply against her pale skin.

Mal cleared his throat slightly, “You awake?”

Saffron opened her eyes slowly to look at her rescuer, “What do you want?” Saffron croaked out.

“Just seein how you're doin is all,” Mal replied.

Saffron chuckled and then regretted it as her broken ribs protested. Her face twisted into a grimace with the pain.

“Need me to get the doc?”

Saffron shook her head, “I'll live”

“You're good at that,” Mal smiled.

A slight grin came across the woman's face, “I guess so.”

“Gonna be on Athens in a few hours... Simon set you up a private hospital room for you to take your ease in.”

“Then what?”

“Up to you,” Mal began, “For a change, you're the crime victim here. And you stood up for them girls with your own self. That ain't nothin in my eyes.”

“Don't want your pity...”

“Ain't pity. I think you know me better than that, darlin. Call it... begrudging respect.”

Saffron's eyes went wide, “Did you just say respect?”

“That I did.”

“Bet that took some work to get out,” Saffron smirked.

Mal shook his head, “Remember what I told you after the Lassiter heist about what I thought o' you?”

“Before or after I took your gun and clothes?”

“Before... my words were a bit unkind after you left me in that desert.”

“I don't doubt it,” Saffron replied, a slight grin appearing on her battered face, “But I do remember that. Although I take offense to the crazy part.”

“We'll agree to disagree on that,” Mal replied with a smirk.


Mal changed tactics, “River done told me you might have something to say to me about your past... Sarah McShane from Londinium.”

“Cao...” Saffron/Sarah growled, “She's a reader, isn't she?”

Mal nodded slightly, “She is. And I trust that remains between you, me and River. That ever becomes public knowledge, ain't me you gotta worry about... girl took out over forty Reavers with her bare hands once. Best you keep that in mind.”

Sarah's eyes went wide. The stories she had heard were true. Coming to a decision, she nodded, “I won't say anything.”

“Good,” Mal replied sternly.

“I'm not a rim girl,” Saffron/Sarah stated.

“Figured that... Inara thinks you got Companion training.”

“She's right. Londinium training house in Manchester. I got kicked out though.”



Mal was confused, “Politics?”

“My father's politics... namely his stance on independence.”

Mal's eyes went wide. He had been wondering why the name McShane was sticking in his craw. Angus McShane was a high ranking Alliance General who resigned and joined the Independents because he thought that the rim worlds would do a better job ruling themselves.

The man was hung as a traitor after his capture at the second battle of Persephone.

“Your old man was Angus McShane?”

Saffron/Sarah nodded. A tear leaking from the corner of her eye, “Dad raised me. Mom died when I was little. When he switched sides, the Guild kicked me out of the training house. I couldn't get off Londinium because of the wartime travel bans. With no money I was forced to do what I had to. To survive.”

Mal nodded, “River was right... said I'd like you more after our chat.”

“Do you?”

“I'm thinkin so...”


River gently alighted Serenity into her designated landing spot at the Athens City main docks. An ambulance was waiting to take Sarah/Saffron to her hospital for the rest of her recovery.

As Simon supervised the paramedics moving his patient, Mal and Inara along with Zoë were met by the local commander of the marshals service.

After seeing his patient off, Simon took Scott out to purchase some clothing. The young man had been wearing nothing but borrowed clothing from Mal and Simon. Both men's shirts were too big and the youth had to roll the pants leg cuffs up so he didn't walk on them.

Xue had wanted to accompany them but knowing that Scott needed some time with another male, Kaylee recruited her to help with a series of checks on Serenity's systems.

Mal grinned slightly as he described what Sarah/Saffron was capable of to Major Johansen, the Marshal's local commander.

“Wu de tyen ah...” Johansen muttered as Mal finished describing some of the things Sarah was capable of.

“That's the gist of it,” Mal replied, “Woman is still listed as a fugitive but since a lot of the pre-Commonwealth warrants have been voided...”

“She is essentially a free woman once she is released from the hospital,” Major Johansen finished.

“Yep,” Mal agreed.

“She does have potential,” Inara added, “With her skills, she would make an excellent undercover operative for the Marshals or even the Rangers.”

“Doubt she'd take it,” Zoë commented, “But it's worth a shot.”

“I'll see what I can do once she is feeling better,” Johansen sighed.

“Good luck,” Mal grinned as he shook hands with the Major. The Marshal turned and entered his hover, pulling away from the old firefly.

Mal turned to his crew, “Figure we need a night off. Once the Doc gets back with the boy, we can make a night of it. I hear tell Athens City has some pretty good restaurants.”

Inara smiled and took Mal hand, “It does indeed.”

“This mean I gotta get dressed up, Sir?” Zoë asked.


Zoë rolled her eyes at her Captain but winked at Inara, “If I must, Sir.”


“Dr. Tam... I really don't...”

“It's quite alright Scott,” Simon said cutting the teen's protests off, “This isn't charity. There is a fund set up for crime victims like yourself.”

“I've never had clothes so fancy in my life.”

“Well we'll also make sure you have more rugged clothing for everyday wear. Tonight is a night off and the Captain told me we were going out tonight. You will need appropriate clothing to make a good impression on Xue.”

The teenager blushed.

Simon grinned at the young man, “I may be fairly dense in matters of the heart but you have been paying considerable attention to her.”

“Well... she is pretty.”

Simon grinned, “She is.”

“Okay... what should I get?”


“Dinner?” Xue squeaked.

“Yep,” Jessie grinned.

“And you're sure about this?”

Jess rolled her eyes and tapped her temple. Xue got the point.

“Simon took Scott out for some clothes. Max is already getting ready. Same for Zoë and Inara. Speaking of which, we have an appointment with Inara for hair and makeup as soon as we get showered.

Xue swallowed nervously, “O... okay.”


Zoë tried to hide the grin when she descended into her bunk to get ready. Maxine was standing in front of their new full length mirror, admiring herself in the new knee length emerald green dress she was wearing.

Low cut and showing considerable cleavage. Zoë tried not to drool. Instead she slid up behind her lover and wrapped her arms around her, “You look amazing, Ai-ren.”

“Bet you say that to all the cooks, slash gun hands you know,” Max grinned before turning to kiss Zoë.

Zoë groaned slightly. They had both been so tired with the mess on Whitefall that they hadn't had much time for each other. Zoë ran a finger along the deep V of Maxine's dress, “Could have waited, you know...”

Maxine shuddered slightly, “Can always help you get dressed,” she breathed.

“We can get dressed at the same time,” Zoë said as she slipped the shoulder of Maxine's dress off. The satin fabric pooled at the redhead's feet.

“Since you asked so nicely...”


“Bobbie?” Mia called out from her room.

The former marine set down the book she had been reading and stood. Crossing the common area she headed for the passenger dorms, “Got a problem, Mia... tzaogao.”

Mia was standing in the center of her room. Her dress open at the back. It was a rather simple yet fairly short 'little black dress' and Mia was having trouble reaching the zipper at the back.

Bobbie tried not to notice the black lace of Mia's bra visible on her back or the curve of her spine. The dark skinned woman fought back the urge to pull that zipper with her teeth.

Mia blushed slightly, “I can't reach...”

Bobbie eyeballs snapped back into her head and she nodded. With shaking hands, Bobbie quickly zipped up the back of Mia's dress. Inwardly she cursed herself. She could walk into a firefight without batting an eyelash. Zip up the busty nurse's dress and she turned to a puddle of goo.

Mia, suddenly realizing what might be happening blushed even deeper, “Sorry...”

“No... no need to be... sorry. Just that...”

“You think I'm pretty...”

Bobbie gulped, “Uh... very much so.”

Mia nodded and smiled slightly, “Thank you.”


The two women stood staring at each other for a moment.

Bobbie broke the silence, “I'll just... you know... get...”

“Ready. Thank you for the help with the zipper.”

“Anytime...” Bobbie replied before cursing at herself again. Her chocolate complexion darkened slightly and the former Marine turned on her heel and nearly sprinted from Mia's room.

“That was interesting...” Mia whispered.


“lookin good, Kid,” Jayne smirked as he took a look at the young man.

Scott smiled slightly. He was still a little nervous around the big man. Jayne had been helping him over the last few days but after what the teen had been through, he wasn't sure that there wasn't an ulterior motive.

It was if Jayne had read his mind, “Ain't got no inclination towards you, Scott. River's all I can handle and then some. And I don't swing that way nohow. You been through a lotta go-se the last little bit.”

Scott nodded and the tips of his ears pinked up, “Sorry”

“Nothin to be sorry 'bout. You been put through the wringer, Son. Bound to make all kinds a messed up feelins. Meanwhile, I'm glad Doc didn't make you dress up like too much of a wuss,” Jayne finished with a grin.

Scott was wearing black dress pants, a maroon dress shirt and new boots, “Thanks... I guess.”

Jayne chuckled, “Don't worry, Boy. Xue's gonna like you just fine.”

Scott blushed. Jayne grinned slightly, “Nothin to be worked up about. Girl's right pretty. However there's some pro-priatee's need sayin. I think on that girl and Jessie as kin... and she is Zoë's step daughter. Zoë can kick my pi-gu so you best keep that in mind.... Dong-ma?”

“Dang-ran,” Scott nodded nervously.

“Relax, Boy... just somethin needed sayin. I s'pect Mal and Zoë might say somethin too. In the meantime. Have some fun tonight.”

“Yes sir.”

Jayne grinned and left the boy to stew.


The crew gathered in the cargo bay while Mal looked over his crew and guests. Sighing slightly, he seriously considered that his crew was too damn pretty to be safe.

He himself was probably the least dressed up. His usual tan trousers, a decent shirt and boots. Inara was in the hot red silk dress that usually made him weak in the knees. The Captain repressed a shudder, knowing what that dress would look like later, pooled at Inara's feet.

Maxine was in her rather tight and low cut green dress while Zoë stood next to her in skin tight black pants, a rose colored shirt and her usual boots. Kaylee was in a strappy turquoise dress with purple flowers on it. Beside her, Simon was in in his usual black pants, white shirt and navy waistcoat.

Mal groaned when he saw River come down the stairs in a denim miniskirt, red top and a black leather jacket. Jayne just grinned at the expression on the captain's face when he saw River. The big man himself was actually dressed nicer than Mal for a change. Charcoal pants and a nice button front dress shirt. Jayne had also limited himself to just a single gun too. Everyone except for Simon, Mia and Scott was either discreetly or openly armed.

Mal ran his eyes across the younger members of the little group. Jess was wearing Jeans, a white top and a light jacket. Xue was dressed in a denim skirt, tank top and a sweater. Mal thought she looked nice.

So did Scott. The young man was trying not to obviously look at the young pilot and failing miserably. Despite herself, Zoë tried not to grin.

Last out were Mia and Bobbie. Mia in her black dress and Bobbie in black jeans, a purple t-shirt and charcoal leather jacket. The two women were laughing about something.

“Now that we're all here,” Mal began, “Got us a table at a nice restaurant a little ways away. After we eat, I was figurin on lettin the younger ones take in a holo-movie at the Cinerama. That is iffin someone wants to be chaperone's.”

Xue and Jess rolled their eyes while Scott looked nervous. Mia saved the day, “I'll go with them.”

After a moment's consideration, Bobbie spoke up as well, “Ain't been to the movies in a while. I can go too I guess.”

All but Inara missed the slight smile that crossed Mia's face.

“Shiny,” Mal said, glaring slightly at Scott, “All set. Now lets go get some eats.”

With that, the group tromped off into the early evening of Athens City.


“Reagan... will you relax,” Gabriel Tam sighed as his wife resumed her pacing of their cabin on the small transport they had hired.

“I'm just... nervous. I want Kaylee's parents to like us.”

Gabriel stood and pulled his wife into his arms, “Darling. If Kaylee is any indication of her parents. There won't be a problem. Besides, you got along well enough over the cortex.”

“Face to face is different. I mean.. theres are real people. Not the high society types we are accustomed to. I don't want to appear to be a snob...”

“Dear. A snob is never what you will be. That's my job.”

Reagan chuckled slightly, “I'm sorry Gabe... I'm just so...”

“Are you nervous about meeting the Frye's or that you and Kaylee's mother have been plotting to spring a surprise wedding on our son and their daughter.”

“There is that,” Reagan admitted with a slight smile, “I just hope that Kaylee likes one of the dresses I bought her.”

Gabriel smiled, “They are lovely. I'm sure Kaylee will love them all.”

Reagan sighed and kissed her husband. Ever since they had been reunited with their children. The abyss between her and Gabriel had narrowed to nothing more than a slight bump. It was like they were newlyweds again. Unlike most couples in their social circle. Theirs was not an arranged marriage. Gabriel and Reagan had married for love. That's perhaps why they had two biological children rather than some of their so called friends having to resort to surrogates or even the whispered tales about the illegal adoptions of kidnapped rim children. They truly were lucky.

“It will be good to see Simon and River again,” Reagan said after a moment.

“It will,” Gabriel agreed, “Now if we can only convince Jayne to do right by our daughter...”

“They're in love, Gabe... don't go pushing the marriage issue. As long as River is happy. That's all I care about.”

“I know... but Simon did ask Kaylee...”

“Since when did River ever do what was expected of her?” Reagan teased.

Gabriel sighed in defeat, “You're right.”

Reagan's replay was cut off as the ship shuddered and alarms began to sound. The ship shook a second time and Reagan screamed just as the lights went out.




Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:12 PM


ok.. You have some of THE Most believable OC's that just finely mesh with our BDH's. Alarms, Lights out, Rivers Mother in danger??? Hang on to something.. I think this story just went into 3rd gear..
Wonderful stuff here Top3%...

YES Please!!! May we have another???

Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:39 PM


What ever is about to happen to the Tam seniors it does not sound good, please do not kill them.

and just a little suggestion if you like, perhaps there should be held a propper burrialcermony for Angus McShane, that he should now actually be seen as maybe not a hero, but a man of Peace, well actually a hero, along with any other officers there might have had the same view of the independent at that time, and therefor been executed for treason. could be a way for Saffron/Sarah McShane to regain her honnor so to speak, could possibly make her consider being a Marshal or Ranger. just and idea

Sunday, October 4, 2009 2:09 AM


I love the way Jayne is actually better dressed than Mal! And I agree with Maineaxe - you have an excellent set of OCs, and I care what happens to them. Now, Regan and Gabriel ... slavers? Reavers? Pirates? Update soon, please ...

Friday, December 11, 2009 12:53 PM


wow they all clean up really good


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