AIB 35: The Killer and the Whore
Monday, September 21, 2009

Teeth and scales seem like a good way for two enemies to bond or at least, realize they are both being fairly petty.


Angelle's mine, the rest belongs to Joss.

Hunh? expression used to describe a thought of surprise, as in suddenly realizing you have just been proven wrong or shock at something actually going a way you didn't first figure would. Used by men a lot when they see a woman in a position that they never thought of or when approached by one with a gun they never saw coming. At this moment, though it was the only thing I could think of to say.

Imagine if you will, the proud form of Serenity...her cool metal shining in the light of the rising sun making even the small imperfections of her hull seem to disappear. A gallant silhouette framed by the yellows and oranges of morning...with a six foot scaly tail coming out her backside or down her open ramp if it makes you feel a little better.

There are moments in life that I will always remember vividly....the day my daddy left for the war, the moment Nick died, Mal asking me to marry him, and now, this...the time I was taught a Gator could in fact fit most of the way inside of Serenity, probably all the way, but most Gators don't care for enclosed spaces. Still, and no offense to the Firefly, but she looked like a sardine can with one of her contents trying to escape. Sorry, that was really bad.

So...once I had assessed the situation aka tried really hard not to fall on my ass laughing, white spots all over the tail of the monster inside Serenity let me know this particular beast was a fully mature female we all called Suga. At first, it was Baby Suga, but once she pushed over half a ton, Baby just didn't seem to fit. Her name comes from the fact the white little dots cover her body like someone sprinkled her with the sweet spice. Unfortunately, unlike her name, Suga was one of the meanest females we had stumbled upon.

"Inara!" I yelled loudly as Suga's tail thrashed a bit, agitated that she might have to go inside the darkness to get her prey. Normally, the big female would have left the ship alone, Inara being too small for an actual meal, but it was baby season for the Gators and big mama was getting a horde ready for when her babies arrived.

"Angelle...I can't get out." She sounded scared and well, who could really blame her. A monster that size does one of two things for most. Either you wet your pants in pure fright or you're stupid enough to try and pet it. I wouldn't recommend the latter.

"Just stay where you are. She won't go in after you." It was the only thing I could think of saying at this point, being that I didn't have the strength to pull something the weight of Suga out of the ship and even shooting her wouldn't do much good. Once the big lizard had her mind set on something to eat, well, there was only one way to get her to chase something else. Damn it, why did I have to get out of bed this morning?

Reaching up to my wounded arm, I took my knife and with a quick slash, cut the perfect stitches to reopen it. Blood welled up as I grit my teeth in pain. Sometimes, I almost wished I wasn't so gorram nice. Waiting for a good flow to begin, my legs carried me as close to the tail as one wanted to be, and I flung my hand out so the blood running on it splashed on Suga's tail as well as on Serenity.

Have you ever hear the expression 'turn on a dime', well, I am hear to tell you, I have never seen a Gator pulled herself out of a tight space that fast. Alligators of the 'Earth that was' were rumored to not be able to walk backwards, which in my opinion is a load of hogwash, but here on the Bayou, they don't only walk, they can run.

Her long snout emerged, a piece of something cloth like hanging from her teeth and it only took me a minute to realize it was part of one of Inara's dresses. "Inara, are you okay?!" I yelled again for the Companion, still keeping my eyes on the monstrosity about to become my only problem.

"It tore my dress before I could get up on the catwalk and her tooth scratched my leg, but I think I'll be okay."

"Good. Get on the horn and call for help."

A bit of quiet followed and then another yell. "What are you going to do?"

Suga now was all the way out of Serenity and fixing her long form on me. She was bigger than I remembered, having reached sexual maturity. Ivory teeth made her even more menacing and at that moment, I actually was second guessing what I had just done. "Just do what I say."

We stared at each other for a few and this monster of the deep, her speckled hide glimmering in the sun. She was beautiful, one of my favorite females of the ones I had relocated away from the village. I knew that it was only because of her babies that she stopped to take a look in the ship and maybe a bit of curiosity. I mean free meal in a can....who wouldn't?

"Hello, Suga." I spoke moving backward toward the water, hoping she might decide I wasn't worth her time after all, even with the blood pouring down my arm. Hey, one could hope....right?

"You really are a pretty girl. Must have a good brood of babies ready to hatch, huh?" She didn't seem to even acknowledge that I was talking to her, but then most of them weren't really that smart, mostly an eating machine almost too big for its own good.

Her tail thrashed hard against the grass spitting mud over me as well as her, it burning as the wet ooze fell into my gaping wound. She was confused why I wasn't running or screaming, a trait I had learned when going up against the lot of them I had as I am sure she had learned that we usually run and scream. Maybe it would buy me the time I needed for help to arrive.

Suga wasn't baffled long though as her long snout lunged for me, my legs carrying me away from her as teeth closed down on air. "Not so fast, Bitch. You want to eat me, you're gonna have to work for it."

Her response was to take another snap at me, which I dodged and then saw Inara standing at the ramp, with a very scared look on her face and her dress almost completely in shreds. “Close the door!”

“But, you're out there.”

“I won't be for long if you don't listen to me.” I shouted back at her and suddenly the light came on in her head.

“I'll hit it on the count of three.” She smiled and I watched her reach for the button. Suga rolled causing me to lose my balance, but only for a second. “One...two....three.”

There was no way Suga was going to let me around her so I did the next best thing. With a snap, she bit down on a piece of wood near my feet, missing me as I jumped on her snout hoping against hope that I hadn't just signed my death warrant. She moved throwing off my steps, but as I proceeded down her body in a dead run, the Gator seemed almost taken by surprise. Sadly though, it didn't last long, her long tail raising to take a swipe at me when I dismounted off her back and headed toward the closing ramp.

With a jump, I slid in, Inara grabbing me so that the heavy door didn't finish the job on my arm. We lay there as the comforting metal click echoed in the darkness. Suga slammed into the ship, but even as big as she was and as mad, the half ton beast was no match for the enormous weight of Serenity. I thanked the stars in heaven for that.

“How long before you think help will arrive?” Inara spoke after we both aloud our hearts and lungs to calm themselves.

“I don't know, but knowing Mal...soon.”

“Then, let me be the first to tell you how stupid that was to risk your life to save mine. You could have been killed. Look at the blood on your clothes and down your arm. Mal is gonna kill us both....”

“Are you finished?” I replied turning my head to the side to look at her..

She glared at me. “Not yet...” Her brown eyes softened. “Thank you.”

“Thank me when we get out of this.” A slam on the door made us both jump.

“Think she'll get bored and leave.”

I pulled myself up and then stood, shaking my head. “The way you and I pissed her off...not likely. She's a rather evil bitch, if you get my meaning.”

Heading toward the infirmary, I could sense Inara following. “You could have let me die. Ain't like I've been much of a friend.”

“Daddy taught me better than that, 'Nara. Besides, Mal still holds some feeling in his heart for you.”

“You could have just told him you didn't get here in time.” She reached for some disinfectant and then a needle and thread.

“And let Serenity get all bloody and stuff.” I smiled as the Companion poured the stinging solution on my arm, the pain made me yelp. “Second time this has been done.”

“Serves you right for risking your life for me.”

“Hey, blood is hard as hell to get out of the cracks, you know.” I felt her put the sharp needle into the skin and I bite down on my tongue gently.

“I could tell you stories of things in the cracks of this ship.”

“I'd like that.” I smiled despite the pain and she returned it.

“You know, so would I.” And that's how the killer and the whore found they actually like each other after all. Now....would someone please save us?!


Monday, September 21, 2009 10:47 AM


Loved this! Boy that was close. If ever a 'Gator was misnamed it's Suga. One little thing though, Inara never says *ain't* and at the end the two discovering they actually like each other? Gorramit, that made me shudder with alarm! Really happy to have to have another chappy up so soon. Thanks. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, September 21, 2009 11:20 AM


I fixed it, Ali! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009 11:19 PM


No! Too soon to have them all chummy. But I like the fight with Suga (I agree with Ali - a total misnomer if ever there was one!), although Mal's not likely to be happy to see the damage one huge 'gator is likely to be doing to the outside of his ship trying to get in!


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