Guardians -- Chapter 2
Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little more crew interaction before arriving on Whitefall.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


Continuing on the storyline I started with “New Blood” Read that first so you will know who is who and what has happened in the 'Verse.

Warning: This storyline includes 'gasp' fem slash. It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

AN: Just some fluff before the action starts.




Chapter Two


“What's our ETA, Ni-zi?” Mal asked as he entered the bridge.

“Be on Whitefall in eighteen hours, Cap'n,” Xue smiled.

Mal matched the teenagers smile, “You're startin to look mighty comfortable in that seat.”

“Serenity talks to me,” Xue replied.

“Talks to you?” Mal asked as he settled into the co-pilots chair.

“It's like... I become... part of the ship when I fly. I just get into this place in my head and I can almost see gravity and force vectors. How to surf the ship on the energy of the 'Verse... it's... hard to explain,” Xue sighed.

“Kaylee says she can hear Serenity's engine when she's hurtin. I reckon that sense you got o' the 'verse is why the Academy was after you. I'm thinkin you got that ability from your Ba-ba. Wash could do things with Serenity that she shouldn't have been able to do.”

“I wish I could have known him,” Xue said sadly.

“I wish you could have too, Xue...” Mal trailed off.

“Even though she's with Max, I can still tell Mom misses him when she talks about him.”

Mal stood and stepped to the teen's side, squeezing her shoulder, “We all do, little one... we all do.”


Bobbie Williams was still adjusting to civilian life. She'd been 'Gunny' for five years and 'Sargent' for many years before that. She hadn't been simply 'Bobbie' since before she joined the Marines. She had fought and bled for a government that killed it's own people as a science experiment. Her patriotism had been on shaky ground ever since the Miranda wave. The now famous 'Academy Papers' scandal had broken the back of her trust in the Alliance government.

When Admiral Harken had mutinied, she stood by his side to keep the loyalists from retaking the Magellan. She was seen as a hero in the eyes of the new Commonwealth that had arisen after the fall of the Alliance. She didn't feel like one.

That's why she had retired and taken a job with the newly founded Commonwealth Rangers.

After a lifetime of Oppressing the people she thought she had been defending, Bobbie decided to take a more direct approach to helping people.

“You look to be in deep contemplation,” Inara said as she entered the galley.

Bobbie smiled slightly and sighed, “Might say that. Just thinking about all the things that I thought were true and then trying to integrate it with what I actually know are...”

“Welcome to the club,” Inara replied as she gathered the materials to make tea, “I was a Registered Companion when I first came aboard.”

“Really?” Bobbie asked.

“House Madressa. I grew up on Shinon.”

“I figured you were core but not that core,” Bobbie smiled.

“It has been an... adventure, I'll admit. But I wouldn't change very many things.”

“I could say the same.”

Inara sat down and poured a second cup and slid it to the former Marine, “What made you join the Rangers?”

“All the time I thought I was helping people in the military... I wasn't. I thought this might be the chance to... redeem myself.”

Inara smiled a knowing smile, “I know that feeling myself.”

“Is it true what I heard. The Captain was a smuggler and a pirate?”

“I prefer the term, Gentleman Bandit,” Mal said as he entered and headed for the coffee maker. After drawing a cup he kissed Inara on the top of her head, “Telling stories about me, Bao-bi?”

“Only a few,” Inara smiled.

“Good.... hate to be ruinin my reputation...”

Inara giggled and Bobbie smiled.

Mal looked at the former Marine, “You were in the war, right?”

Bobbie nodded, “All the way through. Started as a private and worked my way up to Sargent...”

“Same here,” Mal replied.

“We were both at Serenity too,” Bobbie observed.

Mal's face tightened slightly but his words were lighter, “I apologize for any lead I may or may not have thrown your way...”

“Same here,” Bobbie replied as she saluted Mal with her teacup.

Mal grinned and raised his coffee mug.

“Now that the Alliance has fallen, what will happen to your annual U-Day brawl, Mal?” Inara asked.

Bobbie snorted, “You're one of 'those' Browncoats?”

Mal grinned, “Yep... troublemaker. That's me.”

Bobbie nodded, “Need to start a new tradition.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Mal agreed.

Inara winked at Bobbie as she sipped her tea.


“You know,” Kaylee began, gazing at her engagement ring “You should ask Zoë.”

Maxine rolled her eyes, “Too soon for that, girl... if ever. Sides, most planets outside the core frown on sly folks getting married.”

“Ain't like that on Meadow...”

“You tryin to arrange a double weddin?” Max teased as she handed the mechanic a wrench.

“It'd be shiny!” Kaylee replied with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, but which one o' us would wear the wedding dress? Me or Zoë?”

“Me or Zoë what?” asked the First Mate as she entered the engine room.

“Nothin, baby,” Max smiled.

Zoë grinned, not believing it for a second, “Mind if I borrow my Ai-ren for a bit Kaylee?”

The mechanic grinned, “Sure thing... I'm all set for the moment. Thanks for the help, Max.”

“No problem Kaylee,” Maxine replied before giving Zoë a quick peck on the lips, “What's up?”

“Nothing much,” Zoë replied as Max followed her out of the engine room, “I just wanted to talk to you for a spell... about us.”

“Here?” Max asked, looking around the aft corridor.

“Our bunk.”

A sly grin on her face, Maxine said, “Lead the way.”



“Gorramit! Can't an old woman like me get a nap in?” Patience muttered as she leaned back her hat, “What?”

The man tried to not look nervous as he addressed his boss, “Just got word... seems the Commonwealth is sendin a bunch o' these new Rangers here to Whitefall.”

Patience sat up straighter in her chair, “Lawmen?”

The young man nodded, “Yes'em.”

“This puts a whole new spin on things, don't it?”

“I thought so.”

“Any idea when they's comin?”

Sometime tomorrow. Not sure what kind o' ship they're usin.”

“Probably some high tech core built boat. Keep an eye out down the docks. Tell the boys to watch close. We'll show them so called Rangers who's boss around here,” Patience said with a grin.

“Should I warn the markets?”

Patience shook her head, “Nah. Probably only sending a couple o' men. The boys can handle em'. No sense in runnin off our best customers.”

“Yes Ma'am,” the young man replied.

“Now scamper off while I ponder on this a spell,” The old woman said as she leaned her chair back against the wall of the general store and tipped her hat back over her eyes.

Realizing he had been dismissed, the man turned and ran off to tell the Foreman Patience's orders.


As soon as her feet hit the deck in their bunk, Max pulled off her shirt. She was fumbling with her belt when she heard Zoë chuckle behind her.

“What?” Max asked as she undid her belt.

Zoë put her hands on her hips and grinned at her lover, “I didn't ask you down here for sexin...”

Max's hands stopped and her face adopted a puzzled look, “Shenme?”

Zoë sighed and stepped in front of Max, “I wanted to talk to you about us...”

Maxine's face lost all color, “What... what's wrong?”

Zoë suddenly realized what Max might be thinking. She grinned, “Relax Bao-bi. Ain't nothin like that.”

Maxine still looked confused. Zoë leaned forward and kissed her, “I been thinkin a lot about us. And how I came so close to loosin you...”

“I'm fine, Zoë. All healed up,” Max nearly whispered.

“I know. I... I ain't loved many folk in my life... in the relationship way. I used to carry a charm that Sera gave me. Wash.... well. I never wore a wedding ring till he died,” Zoë said as she held up the ring on her left hand. Slowly she worked it off her finger, “Time I moved on a might.”

Maxine shook her head, “Zoë... you don't have to take that off because of me.”

“It's time.”


Zoë reached into her dresser and removed two pieces of dark leather cord. With deft fingers, she tied one in three loops around her throat, “When he was alive, this is what I wore to symbolize our marriage. Haven't worn it since then.”


“Let me finish,” Zoë said as she fingered the cord, “This symbolizes my love for you...” she held up the second cord, “And if you accept this. This one will symbolize your love for me...”

Maxine was flabbergasted, “Are.. are you asking me to... marry you?”

Zoë grinned, “Not in the formal sense... I just...”



Maxine grinned this time, “I want to show the 'Verse that you're mine.”

With a nod, Zoë looped the cord around Maxine's throat. Tyeing it off just like her own, “I love you.”

Maxine pulled Zoë into her arms. Kissing her soundly, “Love you too.”

“Now we got that settled,” Zoë grinned, “Best you be getting outta the rest o' them clothes.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” Max smiled as she dropped her pants on the floor. Zoë began disrobing as quickly as she could to catch up.

On the bridge, River grinned at Jess, sitting in the other seat, “No peeking... You don't need sex-ed that badly.”

The teenager giggled.


Never the most observant man on some days, Mal noticed the cord on Zoë's neck as soon as she walked into the galley. Kaylee was cooking this night, giving Max the night off.

“Ain't seen you wear that in a while, Zoë.”

“Reason for it, Sir,” Zoë replied.

“What might that be?”

“Hey Cap'n,” Maxine said as she walked into the room, “Kaylee... you need a hand?”

“Wuo de ma,” Mal whispered as he noticed the matching cord around Maxine's throat, “Zoë... tell me you didn't.”

The First Mate's face darkened, “Ain't nothin official... Sir.”

The way Zoë bit off the sir let him know that he'd stepped in it, “I ain't meanin anything like that, Zoë,” Mal began, “I just wanted to be able to give you away is all...”

Kaylee grinned at Maxine, recalling their conversation earlier in the day, “Nice save, Cap'n.”

Zoë still scowled at Mal, “Who said you were givin me away...”

“I... well...”

Zoë couldn't keep the scowl on her face any longer and broke out into a grin, “Relax, Mal. I ain't pissed at you. Time comes we get to that point... I'd be honored to let you give me away.”

A grin formed on the Captain's face, “Shiny... so. Is this an engagement or some such?”

“Some such,” Max smiled as she took a seat next to Zoë. It's just a... declaration of sorts.”

Kaylee squealed and ran over to hug Max and Zoë, “I had a feelin! This is so shiny!”

Zoë and Maxine shared a look that said volumes. Just then, Bobbie entered the room.

“What did I miss?”

“Zoë and Max done got engaged!” Kaylee squealed.

A smile came across the former Marine's mocha face, “Congratulations.”

“It's not really an...”

“Thanks, Bobbie,” Maxine said, cutting Zoë off.

“We need to celebrate,” Kaylee said to no one in particular, “ Think I'm gonna bake a cake.”

Max began to stand up, “Kaylee...”

“You sit your pi-gu down, Missy. This is for you and Zoë so don't think your gonna cook tonight.”

“Guess she told you,” Bobbie chuckled.

“Yep. Best stay outta her way when she gets on a tear like this,” Mal added.

“Fine,” Max sighed as Zoë kissed her on the cheek.


“Exciting news,” Jess said as she brushed out her hair before bed.

“Yes,” replied Xue absently.

“Ain't gotta be a reader to see some thing's bothering you...”

“Ain't like that. I'm happy for Mom and Max... it's just...”

“You're afraid that you'll get left behind?”

“No peeking,” Xue admonished.

“I'm not...”

“Likely story.”

“Well, maybe a little. That's not the point. You just found a new family after not really having one. Can't blame you there.”

“At least you have your real Mom!” Xue snapped.

“Yeah, I do,” Jess said quietly, “But like you. I lost my Dad. And unlike you. I knew him. Loved him...”

Xue dropped her eyes, “Sorry.”

Jess smiled, “It's okay. You were an orphan. You're entitled to be ticked off at the 'Verse.”

“Still an orphan...”

“Not any more. You've got a stepmother who loves you like you were her own. Her fiancé feels the same. You've got uncles and aunt's coming out of the woodwork and... a sister... if you want one?”

Xue looked up at Jessie. Saw the faint glimmer of hope on the blonde's face, “Mei-mei.”

“Jie-jie,” Jess giggled.

“Always wanted a sister,” Xue said smiling.

“Me too...”

“Me three,” River said from just outside the girls bunk.

Xue yelped, “River!”

“Sorry, Mei-mei,” the pilot said as she glided into the room.

Xue grinned, “It's okay. But you need a bell or something.”

“Captain says that all the time,” River grinned in reply.

“You wanted a sister?” Jess asked.

River nodded, “I only had an annoying older brother!” she said in a loud voice.

“I heard that!” answered Simon's voice from the direction of the infirmary.

“You were meant to!” River called back as the two teenagers giggled.

River grinned, “You two are okay sharing a room? The Captain wanted me to ask.”

“We're shiny, River,” Xue replied.

The pilot nodded. Simon's old room had been renovated into a holding cell when the ship had been on Osiris. The other dorm room was being used by Bobbie while the second tier rooms were now used for storage.

“Good. Well, I'm on watch in a little while. Get some rest. It will be an interesting day tomorrow.”

“Night, River,” Jess replied.


River walked slowly by the infirmary where her brother was organizing supplies in case of violence on Whitefall. Nodding to him once, River continued her stroll around the ship. The Captain and Inara were snuggled together in the Shuttle, Kaylee was still tinkering in the engine room, waiting for Simon to finish before they too went to bed. Bobbie, Maxine and Zoë were conversing quietly in the galley and Jayne...

River grinned as she felt her man's mind. Quickly she moved towards the bridge. Upon entering, she slid the door shut and locked it.

“Read my mind, baby girl.”

“And it's such a dirty mind too,” River grinned as she settled into Jayne's lap.

The big man moaned as River wiggled in his lap, “You'd tempt a saint, girl.”

“Good thing you're not one,” River said huskily.

“You lock the door?”

“Of course.”

Jayne grinned, “Time to get to business...”




Monday, September 7, 2009 2:39 AM


Lovely, super fluff. I love Max thinking she and Zoe were going to be making out, when in fact it was something far, far more important. At least they got to make out afterwards! Everyone's settling in so well, and I can't wait to see Patience's face when she see's exactly who's wearing the badge ...

Monday, September 7, 2009 5:49 AM


Poor Patience.. Apoplexy is going to look SOOOO good on her.. she has no idea who's coming to rock her little verse..This is a great build-up to the eminent shock and Ahhhhhhhh!!!! After her(Patience) stroke, will there be any gratuitous violence or will River and Jayne have to go kill Something to... blow the froth off... so to say?? Will Bobbie ever find that special someone?? I don't know about you.. But Im staying tuned.. :)

YES Please!!! May we have another??

Friday, December 11, 2009 11:35 AM


ohh the love


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